I groaned as my phone rang loudly. Again. I checked the caller ID on my screen. Finn. That was weird. Finn never called me. I answered, guessing it must be Kurt borrowing Finn's phone and calling to apologize. "Hello?" I said, flatly.

"Um... Blaine, I think you need to come over here," Finn said. "It's Kurt."

"Kurt?" I sat up straight. "Is he okay?"

"No, not really he's kind of... unconscious," He told me.

"Unconscious? Oh my God, what happened?" I was already putting on my shoes and heading for the door.

"I'm not really sure," Finn said. "He went to the store to get soda and he was taking a while, but I just thought he'd gotten distracted by like... talking to somebody he knew or shoes or Vogue or... other Kurt-y things. But then Puck showed up and he was carrying Kurt and Kurt wasn't moving or anything. I thought he was dead. Puck said he was jumped by Karofsky..."

"Is he breathing?" I asked.

"Um..." He paused for a little while. "Kinda, but it sounds like it's a lot of effort for him..."

"Okay, I'll be right there," I pushed a hand through my hair. "Just... I dunno... um... like somebody hold his hand and just keep talking to him. And make sure he doesn't stop breathing or anything."

"Right. Okay," Finn said. "Be quick."

"I will. I've gotta go now, Finn. I'll be right there, I promise," I said, before I hung up.

I got into my car and just floored it. I was driving at least twice the limit, but I didn't care. I had to get to Finn and Kurt's house as soon as humanly possible. It took me a lot less time than it usually did. I got out of the car and slammed it shut, not even bothering to lock it. I ran to the front door and knocked before flinging it open.

"Blaine," Puck appeared in the hallway.

"Where is he?" I demanded to know.

"In bed, but Blaine..." Puck began again. I ignored him and ran down the stairs two at a time.

Kurt was lying in his bed, the covers tucked up under his chin. He was wet from the rain and pale from the cold. His face was cut up pretty bad and covered with blood. I swallowed. Finn was sitting beside the bed, one of Kurt's hands clasped between both of his own, talking total random garbage to him. "Oh my God," I whispered. Finn looked up at me and smile.

"Hey, Kurt, did you hear that? Blaine's here," Finn told him. "He came to make sure you're okay. I remember you mentioned you guys had a fight, but I called him and he came right away. Guess he's not as mad at you as you thought, huh?"

"Of course I'm not mad at him," I went to his other side and took his hand. I picked it up and kissed it before giving it a reassuring squeeze. "I love you. I love you so much." He didn't respond – he was still totally out cold. I swallowed and looked over to Finn.

"What kind of stuff have you being saying to him?" I asked.

"I dunno... just the kind of thing we normally talk about, I guess," He shrugged. "Glee club, mostly."

"Oh. Maybe... maybe we should talk about some of the things he loves to talk about," I suggested. "Like clothes and stuff."

"Oh yeah, yeah, right," Finn cleared his throat and thought for a moment. "Oh, I know. I actually really liked that sweater you had on yesterday. The uh... the blue one with the hood and the zip. You know it? It's like kind of a... light bluey kinda colour.'s like the same colour as blue printer ink..."

"Cyan?" I filled in.

"Yes. Yes, that's the colour I'm thinking of, cyan," Finn nodded. "I remember now because you had to tell me that cyan is a colour and not a tropical fish. Yeah, so I really like that cyan sweater."

"Turquoise..." Kurt mumbled. Finn and I both smiled at each other. Then Finn wrinkled his nose.

"Wait, what did you say?"

"Turquoise," Kurt repeated, his eyes fluttering open. "That sweater. It's not cyan, it's turquoise. I can't wear cyan, I'm too pale. It washes me out."

"Right. I'll remember that," Finn said. "C'mere." He pulled Kurt into a tight hug. "I'm sorry."

"Sorry?" Kurt hugged him back. "What're you sorry for?"

"This is my fault," Finn swallowed. "If I'd gotten off my lazy ass and gone to buy that soda myself, none of this would've happened."

"Shut up," Kurt said. "I don't blame you."

"Neither do I, I blame me," I said. "If I hadn't have been mad at you, we could've been together tonight..."

"I don't blame you either," He squeezed my hand. He took Finn's hand too. "It's nobody's fault, alright guys? Finn, you can't blame yourself because I could've just as easily refused to go to the store for you. And Blaine..." He turned to look at me then sighed. "You can't blame yourself either. This argument was just as much my fault as yours, and I guess I just need you right now."

"I love you," I stroked his damp hair gently.

"I love you too," He sighed. "You know you're irritatingly impossible to stay mad at?"

We heard footsteps on the stairs and the other guys appeared in the room. Puck was the first one to hug Kurt. Then he put his hands on Kurt's shoulders and peered at his face. "Are you okay, man?"

"Well," Kurt said. "I'm obviously not my usual self and almost everywhere hurts, but I don't think anything is broken so... yeah, I think I'll be okay."

"Have you called his dad yet?" Mike asked Finn.

"No!" Kurt shook his head. "We can't tell my dad about this, guys."

"Why not?" Sam looked confused. "You need to tell somebody this happened, Kurt."

"I know, and I will, just... we can't tell my dad yet," He said. "He'll go all psycho on Karofsky and do something really stupid which he'll get into trouble for, and I can't let that happen. I'll tell... I dunno. Somebody."

"I don't think we should stress him out, guys," Puck said.

"I agree," Kurt nodded. "In fact, if it's all the same to you, I think I'd like a little while alone just to clean myself up and see what all the damage is all over."

"Sure. C'mon," I ushered the rest of the boys out of the basement and up the stairs to the living room. It wasn't until we were well out of earshot of Kurt that I let myself cry.

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