My past loomed over me,
like a constant dark shadow . . .

Hanna's blood is special. That's because
she's a dhampir—one of a group of creatures
born from a powerful blend of human and vampire
blood and destine to one day become a powerful guardian.
But Hanna can't help feeling there's some powerful secret being
kept from her, something dangerous that could change everything.
And now, with everything she once knew in question,
she'll risk it all for the truth.

WHEN HANNA IS AWAKENED IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT, and overhears a vital conversation between her parents and her uncle, she learns a terrible secret, discovering that her parents are not who she thought they were, and her life is not what it seems. Suddenly, Hanna's world is filled with lies, and she isn't sure what to believe.

Just when Hanna thinks her life couldn't become any more complicated, she witnesses the brutal murder of her parents. With only Logan—a fellow classmate—to rely on, the two are immersed into a dark underworld full of powerful secrets and immense danger, with only one way out. Now, hunted, with nowhere to turn, and unsure who to trust, they set out to discover the truth . . . or die trying.

Thrust into a world they no longer understand, with the stakes higher than ever, Hanna and Logan struggle to make sense of the menagerie before them while battling unknown forces in a race for survival, if only till the dawn.

Blood Doesn't lie . . .

"Do you recognize this?" he asked me. My heart skipped. "It was brought to me by
your mother, from your father. She made me promise to protect it with my life."

My eyes gazed down at the intricate golden lily inlay on the paper, then at the elegant
handwriting written in black ink over it. My name. And on the other side, sealing the letter,
a wax seal was pressed over a beautiful silk emerald ribbon. Imprinted into the wax—
the Ivashkov crest.

Love and Loyalty Run Deeper Than Blood