Heroes of Arcadia - Learning Curve
by Anthony Bault

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Author's forward:

Wow...even when I thought I did bad, several of you liked my work! Hopefully I don't disappoint you with this work, which continues from the events of A Hero's Virtue and from the events in Echoes of the Mind's "Reality Shift - The Arcadian Chronicles", Renian MagnanImus's "Dimensional Rift", and Ashura Hedgehog's "Dimensional Champions", all of which you should definitely read. A small disclaimer: I know nothing about how clans really operate, Scandinavian based or otherwise. The Larson Clan in this case is purely made up, and thus I'll be winging it for the entire story. I won't even include an accent because I don't think Minnewegan will cut it. Hopefully, you enjoy it despite my lack of knowledge.

(P.S. That sound you hear is the fourth wall completely shattering!)



It was midnight in Mobotropolis, and a lone figure continued to toss and turn in his bed. Even though more than two months have passed since the events with the Dark Gamemaster, Anthony found himself unable to relax and get a good nights sleep.

It wasn't because of the Dark Gamemaster, Anthony was sure that was no longer a threat. It also wasn't because of the visit from those humans from that alternate Earth, one where he was a fanfiction hero. Nor was he worried about Rift Hunter attacks or the return of the Master. It was a more recent event...


"Anthony, come quick!"

Tails was running as fast as he could towards Anthony, who was heading towards Vista Point to relax. Anthony turned towards the two-tailed fox just as he skidded to a stop. "Tails, what is it? Is something wrong?"

"It's Mom!" Tails replied, out of breath. "She's about to have her baby and she and Dad wanted you there when she gives birth!"

Anthony didn't bother to ask why, but followed the young fox as they ran towards Bookshire's office. When they arrived, Elrond was pacing back and forth outside a room where Anthony could hear moans of pain coming from Elrond's wife, Sarah.

Rather than bothering the distraught father, Anthony turned towards Tails. "Tails...why did your parents want me here? I would think this was a private family moment..."

Elrond spoke up. "It's...you'll just have to wait, Gamemaster. All will be explained once..."

Suddenly the three of them heard a high pitched whimper coming from the other room. A baby fox's cry. Elrond beamed and watched in anticipation as Bookshire entered the waiting area.

"It's a boy, Mr. Prower," Bookshire exclaimed. "Go on in and see your new son."

Elrond and Tails started to walk in, and then Elrond turned towards Anthony. "Gamemaster, please come in with us."

Anthony was still uncertain as to why he was needed here, but did as Elrond said. As he entered he saw the entire Prower family gazing upon the newborn fox, and there were visible tears of joy on Elrond's, Sarah's, and Tails's faces. "Understandable," Anthony thought, "seeing as how the entire family could be reunited for this occasion."

Sarah then turned towards Anthony and motioned for him to come closer. "Gamemaster..." she started.

"Sarah, please...it's Anthony among friends," Anthony said.

"Very well then, Anthony. I suppose you are wondering why we asked you to come."

Anthony nodded. "I was rather curious. I would have thought you would want this to be a private family moment."

"Well, this is the first child born to Mobius since Robotnik's defeat, and I thought you would want to be present for this. Especially considering what we are naming our new child..." Sarah explained, then turned towards Tails. "Miles...say hello to your new brother...Anthony Prower."

Anthony's eyes widened larger than his glasses, and his jaw nearly dropped to the ground...


That was three days ago. Since then, Anthony has had a hard time sleeping as a nagging doubt began to creep into his mind. The child being named after him was somewhat symbolic...after all, he would need to pass on his knowledge and his powers to his child someday.

But...with the incident of the Dark Gamemaster, he was afraid. Would his child have a similar dark side within him or her? Did he dare condemn his offspring to that fate...and possibly condemn Arcadia to having their next Gamemaster be a killing machine?

He knew there had to be a way to ensure that the next in line to receive the Descendancy Powers have at least a chance at being the right one for Arcadia. He also knew...that he wasn't the only descendant of Sir Eric there had to be out there...

Getting up from his bed and putting on his glasses which he kept on his nightstand, Anthony walked over to a small desk in his room, turned on the desk lamp, and took out some paper and a pen. He then began writing...


"...and make sure this gets to its destination as quickly as possible." Anthony said, handing an envelope to Major Sharpe.

Sharpe looked at the envelope handed to him and then turned back towards Anthony. "Of course, Mr. Bault. May I ask what it is about...and why you waited until midnight to have it sent?"

"Well...the explanation will have to wait until I get a response, and then I can tell you everything," Anthony explained. "As for the timing...I've been forgetting about this particular responsibility for a while, and didn't think about it until this evening. By the way...what are you doing up so late, Major?"

Major Sharpe smiled slightly. "Same as you...I also have a project I've been holding off on, and have been burning the midnight oil getting it ready. Actually...it concerns Arcadia, but like your envelope here, I can't give any explanations until later when some details are brought to light."

"I understand...well, I'd better head back and get some shut eye. Good night, Major," Anthony said, then turned back towards the portal room.

As Anthony waked off, Major Sharpe placed Anthony's envelope in a priority mail pile, and turned his attention back to the file he was reading. As he drummed his fingers over the part of the file which read "Project Gamemaster 2", he thought to himself, "You may find out soon enough, Mr. Bault..."


Chapter 1 - Discovery

The next morning, Anthony walked towards Vista Point to start his regimen. Since the incident with the Dark Gamemaster, he began a regimen of meditation in order to help calm his emotions. He went to his usual spot near the edge of the cliff, drew his sword from the scabbard on his back, and stuck the blade point into the ground, keeping the sword vertical. He then sat in front of the sword and began taking long, quiet breaths, focusing on the sword in front of him and allowing his consciousness to expand beyond himself.

He felt his conscious open up to everything around him, and he psionically picked up everything from the slightest movements of wind to the thoughts of those moving nearby. To Anthony, it was a euphoric experience, and it helped to calm him as the sensations overwhelmed his being.

After an hour of this, he stopped his concentrations, stood up, and drew his sword from the ground and replaced it in its scabbard. He then walked over to a nearby tree on the Point, and sat against it. He was beginning to think the regimen was too relaxing...and that it and the lack of sleep he was having was beginning to make him sleepy. He decided to give in to the fatigue and closed his eyes to take a nap.

About half an hour after he fell asleep, a familiar pink hedgehog came walking up to Vista Point. Amy was hoping to find Anthony up here, since he had been keeping to himself since the defeat of the Master, and wanted to see how he was holding up now. She saw the human in question laying against the tree and stretched out in peaceful slumber.

"He looks so peaceful now," Amy thought to herself. "Hard to believe he was in mental anguish not that long ago. I should let him sleep, but..." Amy walked over to Anthony's prone body and sat next to it, being careful not to wake him up. She then bent over him and lightly kissed his forehead.

Anthony's eyes slowly opened and soon met the green eyes of Amy Rose. "Well...hello to you, too." Anthony said, sitting up and looking at Amy.

"Looks like that meditation you do was a bit too relaxing today," Amy remarked.

"Nah...I've just been having trouble sleeping," Anthony explained. "I guess the shock from seeing Tails's new brother named after me got to me a bit. Did you see little Anthony Prower?"

"Yeah! Mom and I visited Tails's family the day after the birth," Amy said, then giggled a little bit. "I think Tails was the most excited to be a big brother!"

"I don't blame him. I think part of that excitement was in the fact that the entire family could be reunited for that event. Even Sasha was drawn to tears over the event," Anthony explained. He then walked back over to and sat down at the edge of the cliff and looked down at the city below, Amy following him and sitting next to him. "Amazing isn't it? Not that long ago, that city was an industrial nightmare and a deathtrap combined...now, thanks to all five now six worlds, it's almost completely back to the way it was before Robotnik."

Anthony's musings were interrupted when he felt Amy hugging him. He then heard her say, "Thanks to you..."

Anthony smiled warmly at her and placed an arm around her, returning the hug. He then thought to himself, "Dang...she can sure turn on the cute sometimes..."

Amy then said, "I can turn on the what?"

Anthony paused, and then stared at Amy. "Um...Amy? I didn't say anything..."

"But," Amy said, "I thought I heard you say something about turning on the cute?"

Anthony blushed slightly. "Oh...I was thinking that when you hugged me just now. I guess I accidentally said it telepathically..."

It was at that moment that Link walked up and noticed the two of them. He thought to himself, "Looks like Anthony's 'daughter' found him first...I'd better leave them be..."

Amy then turned towards Link and said, "It's alright, Link, you can join us."

Anthony turned around quickly and noticed Link, not realizing he was there, even though Amy apparently did. "Amy...how...?"

"I heard him say something about leaving us be. He even jokingly called me your 'daughter'," Amy explained, then looked concerned. "Didn't he?"

"I didn't hear anything!" Anthony said, then turned towards Link. "Link, were you thinking that?!?"

Link nodded, eyes widened by what Amy said.

Anthony then turned toward Amy, who was now wide-eyed and looking scared. "Wha...what's happening to me?" Amy asked.

"I'm not sure...but there's one way to find out!" Anthony said, then grabbing Amy and jumping off the cliff. "DEVICE ONE, ACTIVATE!!!" A hover platform appeared under Anthony and slowed he and Amy down as they descended. Anthony then changed the hover platform to his jet sled and rocketed off towards Bookshire's clinic, carrying a frightened Amy.


"There...that should do it..."

Bookshire was busy patching up Rotor's arm, which had been lightly burned by an electrical discharge. With Robotnik no longer a threat, Rotor found more time to devote to tinkering. Unfortunately...it also created more opportunities for mishaps...

"Now," Bookshire continued, "perhaps you'll be more careful while you tinker around in that shop of yours."

"Yeah...that, and I make sure I'm grounded better..." Rotor said sheepishly.

Just as Rotor was getting up, Anthony burst into the office and looked at Bookshire with a sense of emergency. "Bookshire...do you know where Sasha is? I have an emergency!"

Bookshire turned around and saw Anthony and a very frightened Amy hanging onto his hand. "She's busy giving Sarah Prower a post-pregnancy checkup. Is something wrong with Amy? Can I help?"

"Afraid not...I need to check something with Sasha and make a comparison with Amy. Amy's developed something...interesting."

"I see..." Bookshire said, then motioned towards another office. "She's in there."

Anthony nodded in thanks and quickly walked towards the office with Amy in tow.


Sasha was finishing up with Sarah to make sure no complications occurred during the pregnancy. Elrond was over to the side holding his new infant son in his arms.

"Looks like everything's okay, Aunt Sarah," Sasha said, finishing her spells. She then turned towards Elrond. "And the Gamemaster's namesake seems to be doing well as well."

Elrond looked down as Anthony Prower began to nuzzle closer into his father's arms. "He is indeed," Elrond said. "I'm even grateful our other son, Miles, was returned to us to see this event."

"Only appropriate you should name your new son after the man who reunited you," Sasha remarked. It was at that time that she heard a knock on the door, and the human in question walked in with Amy. "Speak of the devil," Sasha thought to herself as he came in.

"Sasha, I need your help," Anthony remarked. "Amy's developed a rather odd ability, probably as a result of the mind link, and I need your help to confirm something."

"We'd better leave then," Sarah said. "Are we finished?"

"Yes, Bookshire can take care of the records," Sasha said. As the three foxes left, Sasha turned back towards Anthony. "Now...what can I do to help you, Gamemaster?"

"First...call me Anthony, I don't like being called by my title by my friends," Anthony started. "Second, I would like to use my powers to scan your mind so I can make a comparison with Amy."

"Do you think she's developed one of my abilities?" Sasha asked, looking towards the currently worried hedgehog.

"Yes...but I want to make sure before I can act on this discovery."

"Of course...what do you need me to do?"

"Just hold still...my powers will do the rest..."

Sasha nodded and then sat down so Anthony could do what was necessary. Anthony then place his hands on both sides of Sasha's head and began to concentrate. After a while, Anthony stopped concentrating and moved his hands away from Sasha. He then turned towards Amy.

"Okay, Amy...now just relax and hold still," Anthony said, and then placed his hands on Amy's head in the same manner and began to concentrate again. It was at this point that Amy's mother, Mary, walked in.

"Sasha, what's going on?" Mary asked. "I heard my daughter was in here."

"I'm not sure, Mary..." Sasha remarked, "but Anthony thinks Amy might have developed something as a result of the mind link they shared."

As soon as Sasha finished speaking, Anthony stopped concentrating and then nodded in approval. "Just as I thought..." he said to himself, and then turned towards Sasha and saw Mary there as well. "Ah, Mary, good. This saves me the trouble of finding you."

"Anthony...what is wrong with my daughter?" Mary asked.

"Nothing is wrong, Mary, though you might be shocked at what I'm going to tell you..." Anthony said, pausing a bit before continuing. "Mary...your daughter has become a telepath."

Mary and Sasha gasped at this and became wide-eyed. Amy, after hearing what Anthony had said, immediately fainted.