Chapter 20 - Graduation

Anthony was talking with Sharpe and T-Bone outside of a medical room where Alec was currently asleep and hooked up to some Neo-Earth medical equipment. Sharpe was the one doing most of the talking.

"We had to sedate him after he recovered from the battle," Sharpe said. "He began crying uncontrollably and was screaming that we should've killed him."

"Poor guy," Anthony said. "I guess seeing what he almost did got to him. Will he be alright?"

"Eventually..." Sharpe said. "Madam Prower even offered to provide counciling and treatment, since she tells me she had to provide that during the Robotnik wars." Sharpe then looked towards Alec and said. "I guess 'Project Gamemaster 2' is no longer viable..."

"Yeah," T-Bone said, "I even heard that, unless some way can be created to prevent this from happening, the teaching of psionics won't be allowed anywhere."

"Well...I have something like in mind..." Anthony said, "...and as such, Alec can still become Gamemaster 2 if he's willing, since his ability shouldn't go to waste."

Sharpe and T-Bone both looked at Anthony with confused looks. "What do you mean, Anthony?" T-Bone asked.

Anthony then began to explain what he had planned...


"You'd like to use the Larson Clan home for what?"

Anthony was explaining to Olaf Larson what he had planned. "I think the Clan home should be the place to go if anyone wants to study psionics. After seeing how well Jenna and Lars performed with their powers, they should have no problem in teaching others. Plus, they can also train others of Sir Eric's blood to become Gamemasters if the need arises. Naturally, I want your permission before I even think of doing this..."

Olaf nodded in understanding and thought for a short while. He then looked up and said, "Very have my permission."

"Good," Anthony said. "We can work out the details for that a little later..."

"Oh...speaking of Sir Eric's blood..." Olaf said with a note of interest, "I heard that Amy was somehow able to draw upon Sir Eric's powers. How is that possible?"

Anthony smiled and said, "I have a theory about that. Tell me...what's your definition of family? If you stick with the definition of people who are related by blood or lineage, then Amy shouldn't have been able to use them at all. However...if you use the definition of people who all care for each other and support one another, then the reason becomes apparent. Amy looks up to me like a father...and I treat her like a daughter at times. As such, there's a real bond similar to family, so Amy managed to use Sir Eric's powers through ME."

"Amazing..." Olaf said.

It was at that point that Jenna and Lars ran up to the two of them. "Cousin!" Jenna said. "Any news about Alec?"

"Yeah...he'll be fine, but he'll need some emotional help," Anthony said.

"No doubt...poor guy..." Lars said. "I wish there was a way we could help."

"Actually, there is..." Anthony said...and began to explain what he had planned for the Larson Clan home.


Amy stared at the mirror intently as she looked at herself. She had drawn upon her Descendancy Powers and saw herself in the Armor of the Gamemaster...and couldn't believe she could actually use Sir Eric's powers.

Mary was just as surprised, but at the same time was relieved that her daughter was safe thanks to these powers. She was worried though, mainly because she wasn't sure whether Amy would be tempted to go into dangerous situations as a result. He thoughts were interrupted, however, when she heard a knock at her front door. She left her daughter's side and answered it, seeing Anthony on the other side. He was carrying a small package.

"Hi, Mary. Is your daughter in?" Anthony asked.

"Yes, she's upstairs..." Mary said, "looking at herself in the mirror...seeing herself in the Armor of the Gamemaster."

"Yeah...there's a reason she's able to use Sir Eric's powers..." Anthony said, and then explained the theory he told to Olaf.

" seems you've done more for Amy than I've thought..." Mary said. "Still...I'm worried..."

"I understand," Anthony said, "but if it wasn't for her, we probably couldn't have stopped Alec. I owe her for that..."

"Alright," Mary said, and then led Anthony upstairs where Amy was still staring at her reflection. Anthony then walked up to Amy's side.

"Might want to save on those powers, Ames," Anthony said. "Mind if we talk?"

Amy reverted back to her original form, and her original armor, and turned towards Anthony. "Not at all. What did you need?"

"Well, I wanted to thank you for your help against Alec," Anthony explained, "and came up with the perfect way to do so." He then unwrapped the package he brought, revealing a smaller version of the Sword of the Gamemaster with its own scabbard.

"F-for me?" Amy said.

"It's only appropriate," Anthony said, and then smirked as he continued, " apprentice."

Amy smiled back and said, "Guess I won't need my Piko Piko hammer anymore..."

"Save that for MiSTs," Anthony said, "since Sonic still has a filthy mind."

Amy laughed and then stood still as Anthony helped strap the Sword's scabbard to the back of her armor. She then looked at herself, and after a while said, "Anthony?"

"Yeah?" Anthony said, and then found himself receiving a tight hug from Amy. He returned the hug and whispered, "Welcome to the Larson Clan...Gamemaster..."


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