A/N: Hey guys, well, this is a new fic. It will be a full length one, similar to The Mark, so I will generally alternate between updating this story and The Mark. This is my first venture outside of the Pokémon series, but I thought it was an interesting concept, so I decided to go with it. Also, I am not keeping with the character's actual game lifestyle, mostly because I've never played Fire Emblem and Ike is kind of the main character…So don't worry about it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

"Get back here, thief!" a man shouted, his voice long, low, and threatening. A scrawny man, about 130 pounds sprinted through the town square of a small village market. He was carrying a bag full of precious jewels. He had rushed into a shop, pulled out a small knife and grabbed every precious stone and piece of jewelry he could grab, and then bolted out the door. He looked back to see the fat, old shopkeeper on one knee, panting heavily as he tried to catch up with the flighty youth. The thief smiled at how easy it had been to hit this one.

The burglar then turned his head back to the old dirt road. His feet pounded heavily on the rocks as they poked and prodded his exposed soles. He had been on the run for so long; the pain was withered away to nothing by his toughened body and spirit. The man stopped for a second to catch his breath as the village was now at least a mile behind him. He looked in the bag and smiled giddily at the treasure that was inside; it gleamed with the pleasant indulges he would be able to afford once he fenced everything.

"Tsk tsk tsk," a voice said behind the giddy male. The thief turned around and was greeted by a sword at least his height and by another man at least a head and a half higher than he was. The swordsman was standing proudly next to his golden-bronze sword, which he had thrust into the ground. His navy blue hair was spiked slightly and waved a little in the soft breeze running through the grassy plain they were in. He wore a pair of massive blue shoulder pads that made him look even bigger than his already well-toned muscles did. His white pants went along well with the armor as they allowed him more free-movement. "I expected better from the so-called, Master Thief of Jewels." Ike, the man holding the sword, said sarcastically. He smiled and his eyes met the thief's, a dare to try to run.

The Master Thief bit back a curse. Ike had a reputation as being one of the best mercenaries in the business. He had reportedly taken the very life of his own parents because someone had paid him enough. His sword, Aether, was a legendary blade in its own right, combined with Ike's natural skill; this was the one time the Thief was not sure he was going to make it out alive. "I…I'm n-not afraid o-o-of you," the Master Thief stated shakily.

"I might believe you, if I didn't see your knees shaking like a little pussy!" Ike taunted, baiting the man, trying to make him have to first strike. "Come on, let's see that poison knife you are so famous for, or is that just another myth…you know, kind of like the myth about you having a dick!" He sounded childish, but Ike was having too much fun to really care about that, and, his tactic was working.

"I've gotten out of worse situations than this!" Thief shouted, mostly to encourage himself in the face of certain defeat. He pulled out his eight-inch knife, stained green and dripping with poison, and sprinted, crazily, at Ike.

With reflexes like a cat, Ike pulled his sword from the ground with one hand and blocked the incoming knife. The larger sword easily overpowered the small knife and Ike was nearly twice the size of the Thief. He smiled and snapped his fingers. He felt a sort of power run through his hand holding Aether as the brilliant blade suddenly was engulfed in what could only be described as Hell's flames themselves. The flames did a wild dance as the red and orange tips sprang free from the main body and fizzled out in the open air. Meanwhile, near the blade itself, blue and white fire waited patiently, silently analyzing their prey. Ike grinned and then shot forward with unexpected speed and slammed into the Thief, swinging his sword as he made contact. The blade sliced open the man like he was butter and the flames singed his skin and the gray rags he called clothes.

"AAAAAAHHHH!" Master Thief screamed as he felt his very skin melting from his bone. The pain was so intense, so searing, and so macabre that the man pulled his own knife, positioned it over his heart and prepared to stab. Ike was there first though; he put the flaming blade on Master Thief's chest, without the fire and stopped the knife dead in its tracks.

"No no no, you're my kill." With that, Ike slammed the Thief to his knees and with a mighty swing, decapitated him, staining the green grass a deep crimson. Ike's smile instantly disappeared. Now that his prey was dead, he could finally take off his guise of an insane killer, for it was just there to provoke fear in his targets. He collected the bad of gold and jewels, pulled a burlap sack out from a pouch on his chest and put Master Thief's head in it. He nodded, satisfied, and then nodded at a nearby bush. He turned towards the village and heard the tell-tale sign of a pack of wild dogs savoring the easy meal.


"These are yours, I presume?" Ike asked solemnly to the sobbing shopkeeper. He picked up the bag with what he thought was filled with the gold and stones.

The storeowner looked into the bag and recoiled in horror as he saw the thief that had stole from him looking up at him, one eye opened, the other shut. "NO! THAT IS THE…UGH….THAT STOLE MY STUFF!"

Ike looked at the bag calmly. "I'm sorry, my mistake, these are yours." Ike switched hands and placed the heavy bag of treasure in the miserable shopkeeper's hands.

"Thank you, Ike is your name, correct?" Ike nodded. "Well then, thank you kindly Ike. It woulda taken forever to catch this guy. What do I owe you?"

"Nothing," Ike responded, "There's a bounty on this guy's head, and a fairly big one, and so if there is some sort of Official around here, I can collect it there. Heard it's a pretty good sum too, so I won't be needing any sort of a reward."

"Oh, but you saved most of my stock, I can't let you leave empty-handed!" The old shopkeeper looked into the pouch and muddled about in the contents for a while until he threw up his free hand and complained, "I just can find anything that's good enough for a hero such as you."

"Then don't give me anything," Ike said, somewhat eager to get out and collect his gold. He would collect it and move onto the next best paying contract, alone, the same as always.

Suddenly, a look of happiness crossed the owner's face, however, Ike could see there was a bit of resentment for what he was about to do. "I will give you, not my best piece, but one of my favorites. I don't keep it out as I don't want to sell it to just anyone, but I think for a person who just saved my family and I a world of trouble, I think you deserve it." The old man ducked behind a small counter and pulled out a silver and gold chain necklace. The chain was made of gold and silver chain links, alternating one after the other to form a flawless pattern. Attached to the chain was a small diamond with a ruby heart in the center of it. The design was set in a golden casing and was about the size of a medium sized gold coin. It was the perfect size, large enough to be noticed, but small enough to not cause a distraction. The shopkeeper held the design to the sunlight coming in through a window and Ike now saw that it was also dotted with shining bits of amethyst. In the sunlight, the already gorgeous amulet now took on a striking beauty and was definitely one of the greatest Ike had seen.

"Sir, you are too generous," Ike commented as he fingered the gemstones. "There is no way I can accept this; besides, it must be such a huge blow to your profit."

"Actually, I won it off some bloke in a game of cards; the fool was terrible at it and kept betting until he was out of money. He finally pulled out this necklace; said it was his mother's but he didn't care. Lost the round and the necklace. I decided to quit then, but I digress."

After several more minutes of arguing, Ike finally agreed to take the necklace, if just so he could collect his money and return it later that night. Sighing, Ike pocketed the jewelry and stepped out into the village. It wasn't particularly large, but it had some charming features. Wood houses lined the edge of the square and several more dotted the area around it. A cobblestone path interconnected them all and then led up a hill up to a long building, make out of the same wood and stone that the others were. Ike guessed that was the Official's building and began to walk up the hill, Aether resting comfortably in its sheath and on Ike's back.

As he proceeded along the path, he ignored the shouts of the owners of shops he passed and watched as small children kicked a rock around, trying to outrun each other in hopes of being able to kick it further and further away. He finally reached the top of the surprisingly steep hill and opened the door slowly. He peered inside and saw what he was looking for. He stepped on the wooden floor, bits of grass poking up from in between the boards. A stone mantle held unlit logs on it, awaiting the cold night to come. Ike then came to a desk with a woman around her mid-thirties, sorting through stacks of papers, occasionally marking something with her quill.

"Hello, how can I help you?" she asked in the exact tone and words that she had used for other clients.

"I'm here turning in a bounty."

"Oh, that's different. Good, I've been looking for something to distract me for a bit. Now, who have we got here?"

"He called himself The Master Thief of Jewels," Ike responded, he knew how this all worked. Although he mostly was employed by normal people, a lot of people wanted criminals like the Thief dead, and the Officials often offered the best rewards.

"Oooh, he was a tough one to nab for a while there. Worked quite the bounty onto himself, didn't he?"

"Indeed he did."

"Okay, I can see you just want to go, so I'll go grab his paperwork and your gold and you can be on your way." The Official said, slightly disappointed.

"Take your time, I plan on staying here for tonight, if there is an inn around here," Ike explained.

"Down the hill, take a left, another left, and a right, and there you are!"

The official left the desk and went through a door. Ike heard a click from it and decided to take a seat on one of the many cushioned chairs around the area. Although the hall was fairly long, only a little bit of the bottom floor was open to the public. The top floor was where most banking and other tasks took place. The entrance to the long house was opened and a man dressed in a red shirt, cut a little bit low so that it exposed some of his chest hair, and black cloth pants; the dress of the courier service.

"Is there an Ike in here?" the courier asked looking up the stairs and then at Ike himself.

"Here, sir."

"Ah, I've been looking all over for you. He reached into a leather bag that was slung over his shoulder and pulled out a box, sealed together by thin twine bindings. "Here you are, oh, and a note to go with it."

"Thanks," Ike said as the courier hurried out of the door to deliver more messages to other villages scattered about. Ike examined the box. It was made of balsa wood so it was lightweight and when Ike shook it a rattling sound told him that he shouldn't. He then looked at the card with curiosity. He examined the envelope carefully and saw that it had several words written on it. "Open this, before the box, and all with be explained."

As Ike was looking at the curious items, the Official woman came back out from the door and said excitedly, "I have just sent word that the Master Thief has been…dealt with, and you have been awarded this. Here's about 10000 gold, quite the nice sum, if I do say so myself."

"Thank you, now, it's getting a little late, so I'll head to the inn, stay safe."

"You too, sir!"


Ike had managed to find his way to the inn after getting a little bit turned around and taking a right instead of a left. Now, however, he was checked into his room and all paid for. He dumped his sword and bag down on the bed and threw himself on it as well, letting out a sigh of relief as he enjoyed the soft sheets and the somewhat rough feel of the straw mattress. Next to his bed was a small nightstand upon which the box containing the mystery item and the letter sat. Other than a small rug that looked like it hadn't been dusted or swept, the room was barren except for the window opposite the bed.

Ike sat up on the bed and reached for the envelope, flipping it in his hands several times before opening it. Inside was a letter with fancy, yet legible writing spelling out its message. Ike looked in the envelope for anything else, but there was nothing, so he began to read the letter.

"Dear Ike,

You have been selected to join what is known by many as the Super Smash Brother's Tournament. You have been invited to this year's brawl due to exemplary achievements in combat, and you should be proud as very few are ever selected. If you have not heard of the tournament, all will be explained at the headquarters located in a hidden area. Participation in this is completely voluntary and you may continue with your life as is, but if you wish to join, open the package that should have been delivered with this letter. Inside is what is known as a TELEPORTER. It will take you from wherever you are located to our headquarters. When you arrive, due to your universe's way of life, everything you see will most likely be overwhelmingly complex, but we will provide an experienced guide to aid you in figuring everything out. To activate the teleporter, merely hold it in your hand and wait for midnight, at which point the device will flash and you will be teleported along with anything you're holding to our main lobby, where my brother and I will be waiting with all of the new recruits to explain, in slightly better detail what is happening. Should you wish to decline our invitation, ignore the teleporter and continue on with whatever you're doing.

We hope to see you, sincerely,

Master Hand and Crazy Hand"

Ike looked at the letter and read it again, and again. "Could this be possible?" Ike thought out loud. He'd heard of the Super Smash Brother's Tournament before and had even gone to see a few fights himself. He knew about the separate universes and other people with different technologies and abilities, and even different races entirely existed. Almost every universe had a teleporter to the Arena, but very few had ever seen the actual area where combatants and whoever ran the whole thing went. "Wow, I guess all those years of merc work paid off."

Ike opened the box and saw what was rattling around. It was a small metal disc with the symbol of two hands preparing to fight on it. The center where a hole should have been was a spherical device. It was the color of sapphires and seemed to pulse warmly in Ike's hand. Ike flipped the strange device over and jumped a bit at what he saw. On the back was a black square with numbers in it. They seemed to give off an eerie glow all on their own. It took Ike a minute, but he sighed and smiled lightly at the digital clock. He had seen one when he went to watch the last fights. The time read 11:46, so about a quarter of a clock until he would be teleported, unless, of course, he decided against it.


11:59. Ike had been checking the small teleporter ever since he'd found out what it was, and time seemed to move forward at a snail's pace. He was already prepared. An excerpt at the end of the letter told him that lodging, clothes, food, and training equipment for all styles of fighting were going to be readily available. All he needed to take was an outfit with some sort of grandeur to show off to the masses, and a weapon if he so chose to have one. Ike had taken the old carpet from the hotel room, which had obviously been forgotten and cut a bit off with Aether. He put that strip around his head to form a headband and wrapped the rest of it around himself as a cape. Aether was strapped to his back, as well as a small charcoal drawing, but that was more for himself than any sort of fighting.

*Beep Beep Beep!*

Ike whirled around, but remembered that the teleporter was in his hand and calmed down; he'd been slightly nervous that he would miss the teleport, and there went his chance. He took a slow breath and an electronic voice emerged from the disc. "Teleporting competitor…Ike…in 5…4…3…2…1."

Ike braced himself as he felt himself shoot up to the sky in a flash of green light. He could feel the wind rushing by him, his cheeks being thrown back against themselves, and Aether whipping harshly against his back. All he could see was a bright green light surrounding his whole body. Suddenly, his body began to drop and the wind now pushed everything up off of him. He reached behind him with all of his might and gripped Aether tightly, fearing that his famous sword would be lost to wherever he was right now. He looked down and saw the roof of a building appearing rapidly, and a giant spike was pointed right at him. He sent his prayers up to whatever God there was and prepared to meet it.


Ike opened his eyes and discovered that he was, in fact, not dead, but rather in a luxurious lobby type room. Hardwood coated the floor and dark red oak boards lined the sides of the room. A roaring fire was going in a stone fireplace. A stage was set up with many different people, animals, creatures, and a black figure that didn't look like it had any sort of depth and was void of any distinguishing features. On the floor with him stood a bunch of other people and creatures, including a tough looking military man, a marshmallow wearing armor and a sword, and a blue dog creature on legs. Ike looked back at the stage and saw a face that seemed separate from the rest. She had very dark blonde hair, almost to the point of being auburn brown, but you could tell she was blonde. She wore a pink dress and a small tiara/crown; shiny blue earrings fell down from pointed ears. Her eyes were dark blue and her skin was a little pale. She was stunning.

Talking to her was a slightly taller man, but only by an inch or so. His blonde hair was lighter than hers, but their eyes seemed to be the same in color. He wore a green tunic and khaki colored pants with thick leather boots on. His long, floppy hat was the same color as the tunic. On his back rested a long sword, not like Ike's, as it clearly only required one hand to wield, and a blue shield with strange designs all over it. His ears were pointed similar to the woman's. 'Must be a brother or a cousin,' Ike thought to himself.

A loud clap that rattled the windows in their frames and knocked a plant pot over silenced the restless crowd. The group looked up onto a balcony that overlooked the lobby area, and every new recruit that was on the floor gasped in shock. The mysterious Master Hand and Crazy Hand weren't just two people acting as the MC's of the fights, they were actual hands!

"Welcome, new members, and returning members, it is good to see you!" boomed Master Hand as he floated down, followed by his twitching counterpart. "I welcome you to the third Calling of The Warriors. We are proud to welcome you to our fine establishment!"

"I ENJOY BAKED ALASKA!" Crazy Hand shouted, beginning to zoom in between the stage and the pillars holding up a massive ceiling.

"I'm afraid you must excuse my brother. He is a little bit…how should I say this…off…"

"A LITTLE BIT? A. LITTLE. BIT? Brother, you are crazy if you think that I have not lost about 200 percent of my mind…SAMUS LOOKS SEXY!"

All eyes turned to a bright blonde woman on stage wearing a very skintight blue jumpsuit. She sneered at him and shot daggers with her eyes, hand going down to her clip where Ike saw that a gun was held. "Bastard…" she murmured under her breath and spat into a pot holding a few purple and pink flowers. She turned to the audience and commented, "Better quit staring boys, else I'm gonna rip your fuckin' guts out." Samus smiled as she saw several of the men, including Ike look at their feet nervously.

"Anyway!" interrupted Master Hand. "I'm glad that we all met Samus, but please wait to start beating each other until the fights actually start." Ike heard Master Hand take in a large amount of air into who knows where and exhale in a loud sigh. "Now that we've been…introduced….let's get down to more pertinent business. I'm sure that this is a little overwhelming for many of you, and I'm sure you have questions, so I'm going to give you a brief rundown of how things work around here, and then each of you will be escorted by one or two of our more experienced members to the different facilities around the area. Everyone with me so far?"

A collective nod was all it took for Master Hand to continue. "Here at Super Smash Bros. Headquarters, we provide the place for you to train, eat, sleep, and organize different types of fights. You were summoned in what is known as "The Calling of the Warriors." It is an old tradition where people from many different universes and even different dimensions are called upon to fight for glory, fun, and occasional profit and the entertainment of fans in all of those dimensions. All of the fights are completely non-lethal, but you might take a beating in some. Swords are magically and technologically dulled whilst you are in the fighting arena and any sort of bullet or projectile is made unable to do more than hurt you a bit and push you back. When you want to fight, merely go to one of the many FOGs, or Fight Organizer System, located in the building. Select who you wish to fight and at both fighter's earliest convenience and willingness, the teleporters that will have been dispensed with take you both to your respective waiting areas. You will then have five minutes while the fields are being prepared to come up with some sort of a strategy. If you win, good for you, and if you lose, sucks for you, but that really doesn't matter. What does matter is how you fight. You will be ranked after every ten fights you have, and whatever score you're in will judge what category you will be in. For example, if…let's say Mario fought Luigi ten times, both of them would be given a score for each ranging from 1-10, or a cumulative total of 100 points. Even if Mario beat Luigi in every fight, if Luigi's fighting style was good and strong, but he had a case of bad luck, he could still score higher than Mario. There are four categories based on your average score. They are Basic Fighters, if your score is in the 10-39 area, Intermediate Fighters, if your score is somewhere in 40-69, Advanced Fighters, if your score is 70-89, and the final and most prestigious of them all, the Elite. You must score anywhere from 90-100 points every ten fights to stay in this category. Also, you are required to fight at least 5 times a month, but there is no restriction, and we only really change categories every 6 months. Other than titles and more respect, the rankings have very few perks other than which floor you are on. This floor has the worst rooms, albeit nice rooms, the second floor is slightly better, the third floor is even better, and the fourth floor is where the Elite sleep. The following members currently have the Elite status: Samus, Fox, Zelda, and Marth."

Ike perked up at the mention of one of his best friends. He knew that Marth had been selected, but he never found out if he, or Roy for that matter, had ever actually been in any fights. He searched the stage while the Crazy Hand started raving on about some random shit. He didn't see any trace of his friends, only a few other swordsman.

"NOW!" Master hand shouted, mostly to shut Crazy Hand up. "We will split off and explore the facility at you and your partner's leisure. Just be sure to be back in here before midday as we will have our Placement Fight to see where all of you, and I mean ALL of you place. Until then, returning competitors, meet up with the person you were assigned to now.


Ike moved over to a wall as a small crowd started to form around the new recruits. For now people were just getting introduced and acquainted. Ike took Aether off of his back and leaned against the wall, putting one foot on the wall and using Aether as sort of a cane. He looked around for anyone he saw on stage coming towards him. Finally he saw someone coming close to him and he gave sort of a half-smile at her. The pretty princess had apparently been designated as his chaperone. Someone called out to her and she turned so Ike took the opportunity to look down at his pants and whisper, "Stay down, boy!"

He removed himself from the wall and paced over to where the woman was turned. She whirled around to come face to shoulders with the man that she was to help. "Oh! Hiya…Ike?" she asked in a soft tone.

"That's me, and you are?"

"My name's Zelda, pleasure to meet you!" she responded, putting a gloves hand out to greet Ike. Ike took it and was slightly surprised to see how firm her handshake really was. "Well, now that the intro is out of the way, where do you want to get started?"

Ike shrugged and made a strange face. "I dunno; you're the experienced one here."

Zelda giggled and said, "Okay, let's start with this floor, the Basic Bunks and the Café." She nodded to a hallway to the left of the foyer. She took off, briskly and Ike hurried to keep up. As they entered the long row of doors and paintings, Ike saw that other than two children, one wearing a baseball cap, the other a young blonde and quite nervous looking child, he and Zelda were the only ones in the hallway. "Hey, Ness," Zelda greeted like the two were old friends. Ness, the one in the baseball cap looked up from a door and smiled.

"Hey Zelda, showing your buddy around too? I got my friend, Lucas here with me!"

"Nice to meet you, Lucas," Zelda said quietly. She extended her hand, but Lucas, rather than shaking it, ran off screaming. "What did I do?"

Ness sighed. "Nothing. He has some issues about meeting new people; I'd better go catch up to him. I'll see you later then!" With that, Ness began to sprint down in the direction where Lucas ran.

"Does this happen often?" Ike asked sarcastically.

"More than you'd think." Zelda replied just as sarcastically. The two laughed, but it was soon quieted and an awkward silence filled the hall. "Erm…let's get going, there's a lot to see and I'm sure you're going to want to eat something before we get started with the fights." Zelda took off once more and then stopped, abruptly at a random door. She turned the knob and pushed lightly, revealing a small, but well kept room. It was about the size of a small room in an average house. It was painted orange on the walls with red carpeting. A bed was pushed up against one wall, already made up with a blue comforter and white sheets. A small desk held what Ike remembered was called a computer and a lamp. A sole window let light into the room. "These are the Basic Bunks. Only a few of the fighters here are in these, but occasionally people have bad runs and come into these for a few weeks or so."

"It's bigger than most of the rooms I've stayed in." Ike commented absentmindedly.

"Oh really? I've lived in a castle my whole life, and this would be the size of my servant's quarters." Zelda responded. She closed the door and began walking back towards the lobby as Ike followed her, rolled his eyes and thought, Great, now she's probably gonna tell me about how one time her roast pig wasn't hot enough for her.

However, Zelda remained silent.


"Welcome the Café de Smash!" Zelda announced to herself and Ike. The floor was paneled wood and a circular fireplace dominated the center of the room, its warm flames crackling kindly, welcoming people to come and sit. Dark wooden tables dotted the room, each with five cushioned chairs around them. Zelda walked up to a table and pulled out a chair for Ike. He took it and she sat down at one across from him.

A waitress walked up to the table and greeted them. "Hey Zelda, this your new guy?"

"Yep, he'll need to know what you guys have."

Turning to face Ike, the brown-haired waitress said, "Welcome to the Café de Smash, we serve pretty much anything you can think of, as long as it's within one of the dimensions you come from, so what's your preference?"

Ike turned to Zelda who nodded encouragingly and Ike responded, "Do you guys think you can make roast duck?"

"Oh good, you're easy; that robot guy over there that Mr. Game and Watch is with wanted cherry flavored, non-processed, synthetic oil. That doesn't even make any sense!"Zelda and the waitress, whose name, according to her nametag, was Sheila laughed while Ike merely smiled. "Alright Zelda, I know what you like and I'll just get you two some waters to drink or something." Sheila said and she was off and behind a door.

"She's not a competitor, is she?" Ike asked.

"No, she's just a waitress. The people who run the Café are all humans who like the pay here better than wherever they were before. It's pretty nice to have everything you want at your fingers isn't it?" Zelda questioned, her face not revealing any sort of arrogance or boastfulness.

Not like you'd know anything about not having that! Ike thought to himself, but his face was as stoic as Zelda's. "Yes, it's quite nice."

"So, while we wait, what did you do before you got here?" Zelda asked, trying to make some sort of small talk.

The question caught Ike off-guard. He hadn't expected a princess to ask about him! "I was a mercenary. I've been one since I was about 16."

"Lucky you."

Once again, Zelda startled Ike. "What do you mean, I don't really think anyone wants to become a merc, but it's what I need to do to make money."

Zelda sighed and explained, "My life in the castle is actually rather dull. You'd think I'd be ruling Hyrule, my home, or combating the forces of evil, or something like that. In reality, I'm stuck in a library, surrounded by my father's guards, studying magic, and trying not to bash my skull in from boredom."

"I have got to hear more of this story!" Ike said, now intrigued.

"Nope, I told you part of my story, now it's your turn!" Zelda teased, and then stifled a giggle.

Ike raised an eyebrow and laughed. "Alright, alright, but how much time before midday?"

Zelda looked at a digital clock on the wall and said, "About four hours; I think we have a little time, and besides our food is here!"

Sheila came out of the kitchen with two trays resting on her arms and two glass mugs filled with sparkling water. She arrived at the table and expertly placed the glasses in front of Ike and Zelda. She then put two covered, metal trays in front of the duo. "I hope you enjoy!"

She lifted the covers and then ran off, for Mr. Game and Watch was waving frantically. Apparently the robot, R.O.B. was getting mad that his oil tasted more like strawberries than cherries.

Ike stared at the plate of roast duck on his plate. His mouth watered as scintillating aromas wafted through the air into his nose. A small salad was on the side and mashed potatoes were in a small bowl. Zelda, who had a meager hotdog with French fries, burst into a fit of laughter. A small flush rose to Ike's cheeks and he asked, "What did I do?"

Zelda took a deep breath and composed herself, saying, "You look like you haven't eaten in years the way you drool over that duck. Ike blushed a little harder, and Zelda giggled with mirth. "And now you have a blush as big as when I beat you in the Placement Fights!"

Ike immediately picked up on the playfulness of Zelda's voice and the challenge she had just issued. "Oh you think you're gonna beat me? Well, you might be more experienced here, but just wait until you meet Aether!"

The two laughed and sat there for the next hour and a half, just talking away about home, family, and friends.

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