So...yeah, hi! I just had this idea and I hope people enjoy it and maybe leave a comment or two. This is my first Homestuck story so forgive me if it's not very good. btw Somadina is Igbo and means "I should not be alone."


"I don't understand...wwhy does my blood color make me more important?"

A raspy hiss answered you as your lusus attempted to explain the structure and importance of the Hemospectrum once again, the tone of his hisses telling you that he was getting upset and you had better understand this time you little brat!

"No...I get that. Snakedad! It just doesn't make any sense! Howw can purple blood be more important than red blood? I's all blood but different colors."

You have to resist the urge to roll your eyes as the giant seasnake hisses about WHY blood color is so important and WHY purple is better than red (Something stupid about it being the color of royalty, who the fuck decided that? They could have easily chosen yellow or blue or red or another color.) and for the First Empress's sake WHY are you so thick?

"I'm not stupid! The Hemospectrum is stupid! Blood color is stupid! Not being able to spend time wwith my friend just 'cause he has green blood is STUPID!"

The next thing you know your lusus has smacked you across the face with his tail and knocked you over, your cheek throbbing in pain and your ears ringing with the sound of his hysterical hisses and shrieks, wondering if you're asking to be culled and you had better stop thinking that way right now before he decides to abandon you and find some other wriggler that has a functioning thinkpan.

Your name is SOMADINA, you are TWO SWEEPS old, and you are trying not to cry.

Your name is SOMADINA and you are now FOUR SWEEPS old.

You enjoy to READ and collect OLD BOOKS as well as search for a TREASURE said to be BURIED around your HIVE which MAY or MAY NOT exist. You hate your giant SEASNAKE lusus who doesn't hesitate to SMACK you around if you say something he declares is MORONIC. You also hate the HEMOSPECTRUM and think it's STUPID but you don't mention it out loud anymore after an INCIDENT when you were two sweeps.

Your blood is PURPLE which means that you are a SEADWELLER and are very high up on said hated HEMOSPECTRUM.

Unfortunately, you are currently being smacked around by some other seadwelling assholes that think you are too soft and a bit too friendly with Lowbloods.

What will you do?

Somadina: Abscond from the assholes.

That's what you've been TRYING to do for the last fucking half hour! But it hasn't worked so far since you are much smaller and younger than the three pushing you around and knocking your head against the walls of the Schoolfeed building for Highbloods in your immediate area, which is on land, ugh.

"What'ssss wrong? Gonna cry little ssssea ssssponge? Hahaha!"

The biggest one shoves you into a wall and you wince, rubbing one of your aching horns that has taken the brunt of many beatings in the past. You're faintly surprised they haven't broken, or at least gotten chipped yet.

"No, I am not goin' to cry. Wwhy wwould I wwaist my time cryin' to you stupid thugs wwhen I can keep both my pride an dignity intact?"

The only female in the group cackles and grabs your wrist which causes you to stumble as they drag you somewhere that is likely to be unpleasant. You should really work on keeping your mouth shut, it seems to get you in trouble most of the time.

"Just listen tOoooo his accent! He sOoooounds sOooo stupid!"

Clawing at the females wrist with blunt, broken claws you manage to bite your tongue before you can comment that she sounds like a dying, beached whale and really shouldn't be talking about stupid accents.

'Damnit! Let me go you school of stupid ovvergrowwn spikepuffbeasts!'

The third smacks the side of your head just for laughs and you see stars as they continue to drag you to what very well might be your doom.