Draco couldn't scream. He wanted to, because that was better for him mentally than the alternative, but he couldn't. So as Potter continued to pound into him, he felt himself slip, and give in slightly to his second urge. By the time Potter stilled in him, causing the pain to increase as his seed found it's way into what he hoped were only minor abrasions, tears were leaking freely down his face, and his lip was bleeding from several bights he had inflicted to keep himself from actually vocalizing his tears. Potter collapsed on-top of him, making it hard to breath and seemed completely oblivious, so Draco tried to get himself together. He was acting worst than a bloody girl.

Potter mumbled something, and kissed his shoulder in an affectionate way that made him shutter, before rolling onto his side and falling asleep. Draco took several deep breaths before hesitantly reaching behind him, he winced when he brushed his hand against his entrance, and when he brought his hand up so he could see it, it saw blood. He tried to sit up, planning to go to the bathroom to clean the mess up, but he found himself dizzy and feeling ill.

After several failed attempts he gave up the idea of actually washing up and instead focused on his magic. He could do this, he knew a few simple spells that would clean him up, and thanks to his grandmother, healing the wounds would be easier than a potion's exam. He took another deep breath, and with a wave of his hand, performed the necessary cleaning spells, but before he could start healing himself, Potter was suddenly awake, and he threw Draco onto his back and had his hands wrapped around Draco's throat, as he snarled "What the bloody hell did you just do?"

Draco for a long moment couldn't get the air into his lungs necessary to answer. Potter must have realized the problem because he ever so slightly slackened his grip, letting Draco suck in a breath and gasp out, "Cl..cleaning spell." When Potter loosened his grip a bit more, and seemed to take a calming breath, Draco reaffirmed in a rough but more clear voice, "It was just a cleaning spell."

Potter blinked repeatedly, and after a moment he let go of Draco's throat and leaned back, suddenly dropping his gaze from looking with Draco's own. Potter suddenly frowned, and he glanced back up into Draco's eyes and said, "You were crying."

Draco didn't know how to respond to that, he wasn't even sure if Potter expected a response so instead he simply focused his gaze on his hand, clenching in the sheets. He really wanted to just heal himself and then maybe get some sleep, but after how Potter reacted to his simple use of some cleansing spells, he didn't dare even attempt it. Potter suddenly gasped, "Shit, your bleeding."

Draco glanced up at Potter, wondering if he was talking about his mouth or his arse, and the second it was, based on Potter's gaze. Since his shame was already out there Draco sighed and asked, "If I use a healing spell are you going to flip out and attack me?"

Potter was wide eyed and he looked a bit horrified as he said, "I didn't… I thought you were trying to cast a spell on me or hex me or something. I thought maybe this whole thing was just… I'm sorry. I know some basic healing spells, I could…"

Potter reached for his wand and Draco said, "Honestly Potter, I'd much prefer to heal myself if you don't mind."

Potter dropped the hand that was reaching for the wand and said, "You don't trust me."

Draco shrugged, "And based on your reaction to a simple cleansing spell, you don't trust me either."

Potter looked frighteningly pale as he said to his defense, "You tried to use an unforgivable on me."

Draco rolled his eyes and said, "Yes and as I recall, oh yes, you killed me after, using one of my uncles spells. And you nearly just killed me again, should I be worried you are developing a pattern?" When Potter just turned paler, Draco sighed and said, "You know if you were raised in Slytherin, you wouldn't have sounded so insulted when you said I don't trust you. It's sort of an implied characteristic we are all use to."

Draco moved to the edge of the bed and put his head in his hands, Draco sighed and asked again, "So can I heal myself, oh lord and master?"

He wanted to slap himself the second the words were out of his mouth, even with all the lairs of snark it was a stupid thing to say. Potter glanced over at him and then suddenly called out, "Dibby!"

There was a pop, and then a house elf was standing next to the bed, it's eyes firmly closed so as not to see anything that was going on in the bedroom. The lips of Potter's mouth curved up a bit at that and he said, "Dibby, do you think you could put up some basic wards to prevent either myself or my guest or anyone else for that matter, from doing magic, until I say otherwise."

Draco felt his eyes widen and he gasped out, "Potter, if you don't want me to do magic, you could just ask, you don't have to have your house elf put up a fucking ward."

Potter smiled bitterly and said, "Yes, but what would be the point. You would give me your word, but we've already established that we don't trust each other."

The house elf was silent, then said, "The wards are in place, Master Harry Potter, is there anything else Dibby can do for you?"

Potter nodded, which Draco thought was stupid because the damn elf had its eyes closed, then he asked, "Do you think you could get a potion or something to heal my guest, he's been injured."

The house elf tilted his head to the side and asked, "Would you like an applied potion, or a simple healing draught?"

Potter glanced to Draco with a raised eyebrow, and Draco felt mortified as he muttered, "I'd need both."

Potter frowned a bit and said, " Did you hear him Dibby?"

Dibby nodded, then pop-ed out of the room only to pop back in, after only a moment, this time he had a goblet and a tube of sorts in his hands. Potter got off the bed and went and took the items from the elf, who promptly, pop-ed back out. Potter let out a snort, but then sobered as he turned and climbed back onto the bed next to Draco, and asked, "Alright, what order do you want them in?"

Draco rubbed at his eyes and said, "The draught will knock me out, so I need to…"

He grimaced and Potter said, "If you don't mind, I'd like to apply the potion, seeing as I'm the reason you need it, it is the least I could do."

Draco got the distinct impression that Potter was going to apply the potion no matter what Draco said or did so he sighed and considered his options. After a moment, Potter must have grown impatient because he began to pour out th oily potion that would need application. Draco grimaced and without really letting himself think it through, he reached out and grabbed the goblet Potter had set on the bed, and quickly downed it. Potter was still blinking in surprise when Draco was overcome by blackness.