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Just as he opened the door, Alex heard running feet behind him. Without thinking, Alex dashed up the stairs. He went three flights until he heard the crash of a door and feet stomping their way up the concrete stairs. Practically flying and pushing his leg muscles to their limit, Alex ignored the pain and crashed into a door which opened onto a roof.

Alex sprinted across it and reached the opposite side of where the staircase was. "STOP!" a voice shouted behind him. Alex turned around and saw Gibbs's red face and heaving chest burst out of the doorway. Alex turned back around and stood onto the edge of the seven story building looking down onto the busy street below.

"Make me." Alex whispered just loud enough for Gibbs to hear.

Alex looked down into the street and saw traffic slowing down due to the red light. Alex thought about his uncle for the first time in a year. Would he be proud? Alex mentally snorted. What would he be proud of; the fact that I threw my life away or almost died a billion times…that I killed a man?

A voice in the back of Alex's mind made its presence known. "Isn't that what you're doing right now?"

For the first time, Alex hesitated before doing something brash. He didn't jump headlong into trouble, or the street for this instance. Would my uncle be proud I killed myself?

Alex pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind and once again immersed himself into nothingness, not thinking about other people or the world around him, just focusing on his newest target…himself.

Leaning forward, Alex was jerked back to the present by a hand wrapping itself around his forearm. Alex felt the pain from his leg, shoulder, and chest and hid a gasp. Alex looked at the hand holding his arm and followed it to the face of Special Agent Gibbs.

Alex searched Gibbs's face for a hint of emotion, but the face was impassive. Alex lifted his chocolate brown eyes once more to Gibbs's own piercing blue. What he saw was not pity, it was compassion and understanding. Yes, there was anger, and a lot of it, but the former two emotions were foreign to him; they stood out more than any other emotion.

Alex turned his head away, not only in shame, but because he couldn't seem to bring himself to look into those eyes any longer.

Gibbs ran to the boy who was on the edge of the building looking down into the moving traffic below. Gibbs slowed down, he knew it was dangerous to approach an unstable person, but now he was approaching a teenager with his hormones gone wild.

When Gibbs had seen that the boy had ran, Gibbs felt pure anger and set off after the boy. For no doubt in his head did he think Alex was attempting to escape. Gibbs had burst through the roof door expecting the boy to be scaling down the building, but when he saw Alex staring down at the street below he yelled. Alex turned and whispered something that made his heart stop.

"Make me"

Those two words made Gibbs run harder than before. Like in slow motion, Gibbs saw Alex lean forward, but pause for a second. Gibbs took his chance. He sprung forward and wrapped his hand around the muscular arm. The arm gave a jerk, but Alex stayed on the building. Alex's head snapped around to stare into Gibbs's eyes. What Gibbs saw was not the normal guarded, impassive face that he had seen on the teen. It showed his emotions. What Gibbs saw was not anger for stopping the attempt at suicide, but sadness, unbearable sadness.

Gibbs snapped back to reality as Alex broke eye contact. Gibbs examined Alex, but did not see a cold-blooded man. He saw a teenager who was hurt, on the inside and out.

Gibbs guided Alex off of the edge of the building and closer to the door that would lead them to the inside of the hospital. Noticing the significant limp the boy had, Gibbs became aware that the stitches must have popped out during the chase and did something he would never normally do.

Alex stiffened as he felt Gibbs wrap his arm around the back of his legs, and an arm sneak across his back. The world turned horizontal as he was picked up. Even though being off of his leg was a relief, Alex began to struggle. He had not had human contact since Jack, no he would not think about her.

Why did she always sneak herself into his thoughts?

Alex heard a voice above him command, "Don't struggle or you will make your wounds worse."

Alex didn't know why, but he complied. He suddenly became aware of the dull throb in his shoulder and leg. Alex felt the tiredness consume him and he was faintly aware of going down stairs when he slipped into some well needed sleep.

Gibbs carried Alex down the stairs and through the halls to his room. He placed him into the bed and pressed the red button on the side of the bed to call the doctors.

A minute later two young nurses entered and went to hook Alex up to the various machines.

"He's just tired." Gibbs supplied.

The two nurses nodded while undressing Alex's wounds.

A nurse looked up at Gibbs.

"Did he run? His stitches came undone." The nurse questioned Gibbs sternly.

"He tried to run away, but he didn't make it to far."

The nurse narrowed her eyes at Gibbs, but chose wisely not to answer. Instead she said, "The doctor will be in shortly to make sure no further damage was done and to stitch him back up."On that last note, the two nurses swept out leaving the room in silence.

Gibbs looked back at Alex and saw that he was watching him.

"You're awake." Gibbs stated plainly.

Alex rolled his eyes. "You can't stay asleep long when someone prods your wounds, now can you?"

Gibbs could have smiled. The kid did have a personality. Maybe he would open up, just a crack, and Gibbs would see the true Alex. Not just a murderer.

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