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Between the future and the past tense
Lies the present and the distance
So you think we're never coming back
Scoring points for passion and persistence

Between the lines and the highway
Lies the danger and the safety
You never thought this was gonna last
I always knew you'd never take it back

I always knew (I always knew)


Hands and lips were trailing—sliding, gliding up Bruce's chest and down his neck. Hips gently rocking his own, just barely to the point that made him arch into those hips for more of that delicious friction. Tease is what ran through his lust filled head as the man swiveled his hips away, denying him that pressure he so wanted. He moaned as their lips were brought together in a chaste, teasingly slow peck of a kiss. God, how he wanted more!

Bruce felt drugged; way too relaxed to be with a man who knew what he was doing so well. He felt too relaxed to move his arms or open his eyes as he took in the view of his lively lover as he took a hold of that lithe body, encased his thick arms around him as he flipped him over and pounded into him so hard, so good.

When the man finally gave in and allowed Bruce that much wanted friction, his hands came alive at a snail's pace, one slowly crawling to his hip and the other to his ass. Giving it a series of squeezes, Bruce decided that it was perfect. Not too round, not too pliant nor firm. It was the fight size to fit perfectly in his hands.

The tell-tale grogginess of a wet-dream was slowly, yet rapidly, fading away. Hands and lips were on his body. His hands were on a strangers hip and ass and his cock was full of blood. What the almost actual fuck..? He tore his hands away from the body on top of him and went to shove the stranger's hands away as well. As Bruce pushed, the hands pressed closer to the firm torso and sat up, his body weight resting on Bruce's straining erection. Giggles filled the room as the millionaire opened his eyes, vision quickly coming into focus. Aware of his surroundings, Bruce knew not to let his batman persona come out or lower his voice to his Batman Gruff. He let his eyes widen drastically, actually kind of fearing that the Joker had figured him out.

"Y—you're the—wha—what do you want? Money? I—" The Joker, who'd donned his purple suit jacket sometime before molesting the poor man, threw his head back and cackled.

"Ya don' think 'm dumb do ya? Cuz yer actin' like ya do! I don' want yer money, what I do want, howe'er," he leaned forward to whisper into Bruce's ear, laying his body flat against the other,

"is fer ya ta give up tha façade, Batsy," Within an instant he was flat on his back with his head hanging off the edge of the bed with a hand around his throat. Angry Brucey! He was snarling,


"Kinda obvious," the clown smirked. "All tha' needed money fer yer nifty lil' toys an' gadgets. Ya were both close ta Miss Rachel Dawes an' detested that pesky Harvey Dent. An' tha lil' party ya had, who was tha only person lil' ol' me di'n't see there?" He lifted his hand and tapped Bruce on the nose,

"Ping! Bruce Wayne! Ya got tha same lips," he ran his thumb over the man's moist lower lip, "an' yer lil' layer is jus' off yer property."

Minus the lip comment it all seemed legit. Bruce sat back in shock, a dazed look crossing his face,

"I don't… the… the layer. How—"

"Tha titanium steel kinda gave it away. Bruce." A shiver, like a thousand spiders, crawled up and down Bruce's back and neck. His eyes widened, mouth slightly opening. He blinked and swallowed. He locked eyes with the Joker. He lost.

A tremor that resembled a hair-raising chill ran to and fro the Joker's body. His lips parted in a giddy smile, lips dry despite him running his tongue across them in an arch. His eyes widened with an ecstatic gleam. He blinked twice as Bruce locked eyes with him. He won.