Stiles had almost gotten use to Derrick pushing him up against walls and threatening his life. He had gotten use to it and although Derrick still scared the crap out of him, he was almost certain his threats were empty, that is until today. It was late and he had just gotten a call from his dad letting him know that he was going to be helping a neighboring county with a case and wouldn't be home for at least a couple of days but he was hoping to make it home for the weekend. He came up to his room and sat down at his computer to continue his research on werewolves for Scott, when he heard Derrick breathing. He jumped a foot and said, "God! Derrick you've got to stop…"

He didn't get to finish what he was going to say because Derrick had pinned him to the wall next to his desk, his hand was so tight on his throat it cut off his air supply and he gasped out, "What are you…"

Derrick growled, "Don't say another word or I'll rip your throat out! Do you hear me? Not another word!"

Stiles felt his eyes go wide in terror as he noticed the electric blue of Derrick's eyes that meant he was close to changing and how blow out his pupils were. Derrick loosened his hold on his throat enough that Stiles' gasped in a painful breath, and felt his whole body start to shake in fear. He had seen Derrick all sorts of angry but he had never seen him like this. He was almost transforming right before his eyes, his fangs lengthening as he growled menacingly. He leaned in and Stiles was sure he was going to go through with his earlier threat anyway and he closed his eyes and gasped in what he was sure would be his final breath, but then instead of ripping his throat out Derrick… sniffed him?

Stiles' cracked one eye open and was quite surprised when he saw Derrick actually sniffing his neck, his eyes closed and his face the picture of concentration. Before Stiles' could even process that little bit of information Derrick pressed closer to him, bringing them chest to chest as he buried his nose into the bare skin of Stiles' neck. Stiles gasped and without thinking he tried to push Derrick away as he gasped out "What are you…?"

Derrick snarled and in the blink of an eye, Stiles' found himself face down on the bed, his arms pinned painfully high on his back, he was sure if Derrick pushed even a bit more he would break and/or dislocate his arms. Stiles gasped, and bit his lip to keep from saying anything, because he had no doubt that if he let a single word slip out of his mouth, let alone a sarcastic remark, he would definitely be in a lot of pain. Derrick nipped at the spot between his neck and his shoulder, bighting hard enough to make Stiles wince but not enough to break through the skin and make him bleed. Stiles gasped in shock when Derrick kissed the spot he had just bit, gently as if to apologize for the stinging bight. He loosened his grip and the pressure he had on his arms before whispering in a desperate low growl, "Don't fight me, do whatever I ask and I won't hurt you, much."

Stiles gasped, not reassured at all and again he spoke without thinking, "I won't fight, I'll do whatever you want, please don't hurt me."

There was a moment of silence then Derrick asked in an almost normal, if a bit husky voice, "You'll do whatever I want?"

Stiles nodded his head and said, "Yes, whatever you want, please don't hurt me."

Author's Notes: So this is my first Teen Wolf fan-fiction piece, but I'm sure I will write many more, what do you think? Please Review!