Stiles was just about to come, for who knew what time, he had quickly lost track, not the Derek was much help as every time Stiles thought he was coming back to his senses he would suddenly get a bit handy and then the wolf was back in control, not that Stiles was in any way complaining, dear lord the exact opposite actually. He was a bit afraid that if they kept this up for much longer he was going to die and go to heaven just to start the cycle all over again because this was the best he had ever felt in his life. Stiles was just opening his mouth to let out a string of creative praises or perhaps just some more gibberish, when suddenly his phone started ringing and both of them froze. The blue dimmed a bit in Derek's eyes and Stiles quickly said, "Snap that could be my dad, or it could be Scott's mom or… I need to get that Derek."

Derek growled put reluctantly released his grip on Stiles, allowing stiles to get up and fumble over to his desk so he could grab his phone and say just before the last ring, "Hello?"

There was a sigh on the other end, one that sounded relieved and then a familiar voice said, "Stilinski I have a bit of a situation on my hands here and since you're the local pack expert your going to help me."

Derek growled and said, "Don't you dare order about my mate like you are better than him or I'll break your neck Jackson!"

Stiles held up his hands and said, "Woah there alpha calm down, I'm sure Jackson didn't mean to sound like a total dick, it's just how he talks to everyone, nothing personal. Now Jackson, this isn't exactly a good time, so if this could wait till morning…"

That was when Stiles heard Scott's voice, "Please, please… it's so hot!"

Derek tensed and asked, "What did you do Jackson, he needs to be with his mate or he's going to go into madness, his wolf will completely take over and probably kill a lot of people."

Jackson groaned and said, "I didn't do anything, I was practicing and he fucking handcuffed himself to the stands, and shit… he's got some sort of pheromone or something, you're his alpha can't you tell him to go mess with Alison and leave me alone?"

Derek looked at Stiles and said, "Hand me the phone."

Stiles raised an eyebrow and said, "Nope, you totally got this conversation through me down pact, and that's my friend there so I kind of deserve to know what Jackson did to him."

Derek took a deep breath and then growled out, "Jackson, werewolf pheromones, when they are in heat, it only affects the wolf's mate, and Scott wouldn't have gone out of his way to get to the practice field if Alison was his mate, you just follow the scent till you find the one."

There was a long silence, except for Scott groaning and moaning, and then Jackson said, "I'm straight."

Derek smirked and said, "If that was the entire truth then you wouldn't be affected by the pheromones, if that was true you wouldn't be hard right now after likely just coming, and you definitely would not be smelling how amazing your mate smells if you were completely a hundred percent straight. Your wolf definitely thinks that Scott is your mate as well, and you haven't caught up yet."

Stiles could hear Jackson swallow and then Derek added, "Now unless you want to see Scott lose complete control and probably either mount you or kill you, I'd have intercourse as quickly as possible. Now Stiles, do me a favor and hang up that phone so we can get back to what we were doing."

Stiles tried to pick his jaw up off the ground as he hung up on the sounds of his best friend moaning like… like he had been moaning just moments ago. He set the phone down on his desk and Derek gestured for him to get on the bed. He took a deep breath and did as his mate said, he was kind of hopeful that Derek could get that image of Jackson and Scott out of his mind.

Derek smiled as he quickly pinned Stiles down again to the bed and asked, "Now where were we exactly?"

Yes, already the image was a distant memory as he bit back a moan and said, "You were fucking me into another orgasm."

Derek shuttered and then smirked, "I got to say, if I knew what you sounded like when you talk dirty then I would have done this a long time ago."

Stiles smirked and asked, "You would have put your big cock inside of me and fucked me until I came so many times I couldn't even count?"

Derek let out an excited rumble and the mood was back and they were where they had left off.