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General POV

Damon was laying unconscious on the floor with Katherine kneeling next to him. She was trying to feed him a blood from a blood bag, hoping that he would wake up.
"Hey." Katherine said as she lightly slapped Damon's face. "Damon. Hey. Damon!" Katherine continued to lightly slap him until he started to wake up.
"What the hell happened?" He asked after groaning.
"He's gone." Katherine said to him. "He went to do the ritual. I'm sorry. I had to. He would have known that I was on vervain if I didn't do it."
"Do what?" Damon asked as he tried to move into a sitting position.
"Klaus. He made me call her to lure her out." She said to him. "He needed another vampire."
"Who did you call?" When Katherine didn't answer Damon, he grabbed her arm. "Tell me it wasn't Jessica." He asked with worry all over his face.
"Don't worry, she's safe." Katherine said as she helped him off the floor.
"How do you know that?" Katherine looked at him, thinking about about showing him where she was. "Where is she?" Damon asked in a threatening tone, which made up Katherine's mind. Katherine nodded her head towards where Klaus had put Jessica. When she saw Damon slightly calm down, she walked towards Jessica and Damon followed.

When Damon saw Jessica laying on the couch, he immediately became worried. He hurried to her side and bent down next to her. She was still out cold from the amount of vervain that Klaus had injected her with.
"I have to get her out of here." Damon said before Katherine stopped him.
"You can't Damon." Katherine said as she held his arm. "If you take her, and somehow Klaus survives, he'll find you and he will kill you."
"Nice to know you still care." Damon said to Katherine, momentarily looking at her before looking back at Jessica. "Should have used me." Damon murmured to himself, but Katherine could hear him. "Why didn't he use me?"
"He couldn't." Katherine said to him. "Damon, he said you were as good as dead."
"What does that even mean?"
"What does that mean?" Katherine asked, repeating his question with disbelief in her voice. "What is this, Damon?" She asked when she held up Damon's arm and rolled up his sleeve.
"It's a werewolf bite." Damon said as they both looked at it. Katherine looked at Damon with worry, even though he didn't see it.
"So that's what a werewolf bite looks like." She quietly said.
"Yep." Damon rolled his sleeve down
"It's not that bad." Katherine said before Damon looked back at Jessica. "So that's it? You're just... Going to die? What about Jessica?"
"Well, that depends. You know anything about a cure?" Damon quietly asked without looking away from Jessica. "Me, either." Damon let out a sigh before putting his jacket on.
"145 years and no last goodbye?"
"You don't get a good-bye." Damon said before walking towards the door.
"Then what about Jessica?"
"She doesn't need to see me die." Damon said quietly before Kathrine appeared in front of him.
"Don't leave mad." She said, knowing that he was mad at her.
"Us ending on up on good terms isn't exactly on my bucket list, Katherine."
"Klaus made me call Jenna to lure her out." She said. "There was nothing that I could do. I didn't have a choice."
"That's why I agreed with Jessica when she wanted to give you the vervain." Damon said to Katherine, remembering that it was Jessica's idea to give Katherine vervain. "So you had a choice."
"It was her or me." Katherine said, referring to the situation with Jenna. "I chose her."
"We helped you. You owed us." Damon said to her. "Now when Klaus dies, you're going to walk out of here without a scratch, Elena's aunt dies and who knows what's going to happen to Jessica. Somehow you're the only one that wins. How'd that happen?"
"I didn't let love get in the way."
"Enjoy an eternity alone, Katherine." Damon said before he started to walk towards the door again.
"What are you going to do?" Katherine asked, which made Damon stop.
"I'm going to offer myself as a replacement to Klaus." He said, but thought of Jessica.
"He won't take you. He saw your bite." Katherine pointed to Damon's arm. "He said that your blood is impure. I'm sorry, Damon. But Jenna's dead, there's nothing you can do about it." Damon started back towards the door. "What do I tell Jessica?" Katherine asked just as Damon opened the door.
"Lie." Damon looked back at Katherine when he was in the hall. "It's what you're good at." He closed the door and walked away.

Katherine walked over by Jessica and couldn't help but think of her. When they were planning to kill Klaus see actually saw Jessica as a friend. She did lie to Jessica, but Jessica wouldn't believe the truth at the time. Now that Jessica knew, Katherine didn't have to lie to her friend anymore.

~ 2 days later~

~Jessica's POV~

I slowly opened my eyes, but I couldn't see anything. My vision was blurry and my body was weak so I couldn't move to see where I was. As my vision slowly became clearer, my surroundings became more familiar. I groaned just as I heard some noise.
"You're up." I heard a voice say. I noticed that it was Katherine in the room with me. "He must have injected you with a strong amount of vervain." She said as she put something near my mouth. "It's a blood bag. You need to drink."
"I'm too weak." I barely said, which made her push the blood bag towards me.
"Then let me help." She said before putting a straw in my mouth. I knew it was from the blood bag, so I started to suck. Some of my energy started to come back, but I was still weak from the vervain that Klaus injected me with.
"How long have I been here?" I asked when I had enough energy.
"About two days."
"Is Klaus dead?"
"Would I be stuck here if he was?" I slowly tried to move into a sitting position, but it was more comfortable to stay laying down. "I'll get you another blood bag."
"Thank you."
"You're my friend Jessica." I slightly smiled.

As Katherine was getting a blood bag, I could hear the door open.
"Hello, Katherine."
"Stefan?" I asked as Katherine brought me another blood bag.
"Two days, I've been waiting." Katherine said to Stefan. "I'm supposed to be free of Klaus's compulsion by now. He's supposed to be dead."
"We ran into complications." Stefan said.
"Complications?" I asked, knowing how simple their plan was.
"Doesn't really matter. I just need to find him." Stefan said. "Do you have any idea where he might be?" I could tell that Katherine pushed Stefan against a wall and got him to be quiet. "Klaus, you're back." I rolled my eyes when the door opened, knowing that it was Klaus. "Look who decided to come for a visit."
"You just keep popping up, don't you?" I heard Klaus ask.
"I need your help... For my brother." Stefan said, which made me listen in more.
"What's wrong with Damon?" I asked Stefan.
"Glad to see your finally awake." Klaus said to me when Stefan didn't answer me. "Whatever it is, it's gonna have to wait a tick. You see, I have an obligation to my brother that requires my immediate attention." Klaus started to walk towards me, but I looked away from him. I didn't want to look at him at the moment knowing that he injected me with vervain.
"You understand how important family is, or you wouldn't be here." Elijah said as I slowly moved into a sitting position with my legs over the edge. "My brother gave me his word that he would reunite me with my own." 'If only Elijah knew' I thought, knowing the state their family was in.
"And so I shall." Klaus said before putting a dagger into Elijah's chest. It didn't surprise me that Klaus would do that, not with everything I knew about him. Katherine and I looked at each other before I looked back at Klaus, who had pushed Stefan against a wall.
"Now, what am I gonna do with you?" Klaus asked him.
"Don't hurt him." I said, slowly standing up.
"You're in no state to do anything about it." He said as he looked at me without letting go of Stefan.
"I wonder why." I sarcastically said to him before falling back onto the bed. 'I must still be weak' I thought before finally drinking from the second blood bag that Katherine had gotten me.

When I was done with the blood bag, I could feel more of my strength coming back, but the vervain in my system was keeping me weak. Katherine helped me move onto a chair that would give me a better view of what was going on. Klaus had Stefan in the middle of the room, with a stake pressed close to Stefan's heart.
"Do you feel that?" Klaus asked him in a whisper. "It's scraping against your heart. The slightest little movement and you're dead."
"Don't kill him." I said.
"He's just trying to help his brother." Katherine said, adding to me. It was bothering me that I still didn't know what was wrong with Damon.
"The witches said you had a cure." Stefan said to Klaus. "Make me a deal." Stefan moved his hands onto Klaus's shoulders. "Just give me the cure, and I'll do whatever you want." Klaus removed the stake and I started to go through everything that Klaus had ever told me to figure out what might be wrong with Damon. 'What cures does he have?' I asked myself. After Klaus poured some blood into a glass, he handed to me.
"You need your energy love." He said when I didn't take it.
"So now you care." I said, rolling my eyes as I reluctantly took the glass from him. I looked at Stefan, not wanting to look at Klaus.
"Trouble is I don't know if you'd be any good to me the way you are now." Klaus said to Stefan. "You are just shy of useless." Klaus poured another glass of blood. Katherine and I looked at each other before looking at Stefan. "I heard about this one vampire, crazy bloke, always on and off the wagon for decades." Klaus said as he bent down in front of Stefan with the glass in his hands. "When he was off, he was magnificent." Klaus stood up, but kept looking at Stefan. "1917, he went into Monterrey and wiped out an entire migrant village... A true ripper." Klaus looked back at me and I knew why. The year before Klaus made me forget, he tried to get me to control my hunger, but in my first few months I was a ripper. I liked it at first, but not as much looking back. "Sound familiar?" He asked when he looked back at Stefan.
"I haven't been that way in a very long time." Stefan said to Klaus, momentarily looking back towards me.
"Well, that's the vampire I can make a deal with. That is the kind of talent that I can use when I leave this town."
"Then take me." I said as Stefan stood up from the ground. "Give Stefan whatever Damon needs and take me with you." I could tell that Stefan and Katherine were looking at me as Klaus turned around to face me. "Stefan doesn't isn't the ripper anymore and you can't make him." Klaus looked at me with interest. "Just heal Damon from whatever happened to him." He stepped closer to me and and bent down to look at my face.
"You really love him, don't you?" Klaus asked me, but I felt that he was saying it more to himself. I did love Damon and I knew my feelings for Klaus, but I wasn't about to say anything in the current situation. When I didn't say anything, he stood up and stepped towards Stefan. "Katerina, come here." Klaus held out his hand and Katherine placed her hand on his. When Klaus bit her, I stood up and flashed next to them, even though I was still a little weak.
"No." Katherine said when I got to her side. I looked at her wrist and saw that she had a werewolf bite. "No... No. No. No." I looked at Klaus when he bit his wrist and he forced his blood on Katherine. Her bite healed and I put everything together. I looked up from Katherine's wrist to Klaus.
"You want your cure? There it is." Klaus glanced at Katherine.
"Your blood is the cure." Stefan said.
"Gotta love Mother Nature."
"So Damon got bit by a werewolf?" I asked Stefan and he gave me a nod. "Give Stefan some of your blood." I said to Klaus.
"Your are in no shape to make demands sweetheart." Klaus said to me.
"I'm not that stupid." I said, knowing how he could get. "I offered a deal to you. If you don't take it, I can walk out of here and you'll never see me again."
"You wouldn't get far with the vervain in your system."
"I wonder who put it there." I sarcastically shot back to him.
"You should be nicer to me Jessie." He said to me as he brushed a strand of hair behind my ear. "I'm the only one that can heal your precious Damon." Klaus whispered into my ear before turning to Stefan. "Now... let's talk, you and I." He put his hand on Stefan's shoulder and guided him towards the kitchen island. I looked at Katherine before going towards the couch, which Katherine also walked towards.

Katherine and I sat on two chairs watching Stefan. I had a feeling that Stefan would do anything to get Klaus's blood to Damon. 'If only Klaus would let me go with him instead of making a deal with Stefan' I thought as I realized how much Klaus has changed in a year. 'He had to live with me hating him and trying to kill him for a year.' I let out a sigh before finally drinking from the glass that Klaus handed to me earlier. Klaus bit into his hand and squeezed his blood into a vial.
"There it is." He said to Stefan as he looked at the vial. "You want to save your brother? How 'bout a decade-long bender? And I have big plans for you when we leave this town." I would have said something, but I knew that Klaus would just shoot down the idea.
"I'm not like that anymore." Stefan said to Klaus.
"Well, that's too bad." Klaus said to Stefan. "You would have made a hell of a wing man." Klaus started to pour some of his blood down the sink.
"Stop." I almost yelled, not wanting Damon to die if he wasn't already.
"Wait." Stefan said, which made Klaus stop pouring the blood.
"Now that's more like it." Even though I couldn't see it, I knew Klaus had a smirk on his face. "I want you to join me for a drink." He pushed a blood back towards Stefan. "Finish it." Klaus said after Stefan took a sip from the bag. "All of it. You do everything I say, and I save your brother. That's the deal."
"And what about me?" I asked, which made Klaus turn towards me.
"What about you?" Klaus asked as he took a sip from his glass.
"You know what I meant Klaus." I said, not calling him Nik. To me Nik is the side he had for our relationship, but he wasn't that. He wasn't acting like he used to, so I wasn't going to call him Nik. "What are you going to do about me?"
"I'm not going to leave you in Mystic Falls with Damon." He stepped closer to me. "You know I don't like to share."
"Then either heal Damon or I leave, no matter how weak I am." I said, trying to seem intimidating. Klaus gave me a small entertained smile before turning back to Stefan, who had finished the blood bag. He went back towards Stefan and threw him another blood bag. "Again." Stefan slowly and reluctantly drank from the second bag.

I nervously watched Stefan as he drank from a blood bag. He was on the ground, with a bunch of empty blood bags around him with blood on the floor. I was holding on to the arms of the chair I was sitting on, trying to hold myself back. My body was still weak from vervain and I was hungry, even though I had some blood. Katherine noticed and tried to get me a blood bag, but Klaus stopped her. She ended up sitting on a chair that was next to mine instead of the chair she was sitting on across the room.
"You're very cooperative." Klaus said to Stefan. "It's almost as if you're enjoying it." I didn't saying anything because I didn't want to risk losing control. Klaus tossed another blood bag towards Stefan.
"No more." Stefan said. "Not until you give me the cure." My body took control of my actions, sped next to Stefan, and took the blood bag from him.
"Someone's hungry." I heard Klaus say as I hungrily drank from the bag. "We still have to make a deal. It's your choice, Stefan." Klaus bent down in front of us. "You can either remain here living your life in Mystic Falls, or you can embrace what you truly are, leave town with me, and save your brother's life." When I was done with the blood bag, I tackled Klaus so his back was on the ground and I was looking from above him.
"Stop being a dick and cure Damon." I knew my fangs were down, but Klaus was looking at me with amusement in his eyes.
"What are you going to about that love?" He asked with a small smile. "You know you're not stronger than me." He placed his glass on the side and flipped me over.
"I've kicked your ass a couple of times." I said to him, which made him lean in. I was pissed at him at the moment so I didn't even move my eyes from his.
"You're in no position to do that now." He smirked and he rolled his eyes.
"That doesn't mean anything if you don't heal Damon." I could tell some anger flashed in his eyes. "I love him and if you don't heal him before it's too late, I'm going to walk out of here and you'll never see me again." I put emphasis on 'never' because I wouldn't want to see Klaus if Damon was dead. What I said made him quiet for a second before he slowly stood up from me. He picked up the glass and set it on the counter. I slowly moved into a sitting position and watched Klaus pick up the vial of his blood before going towards Katherine.
"Sweetheart..." He grabbed her by the neck and lifted her up. "Take this over to Damon and come right back." I knew Klaus was trying to compel Katherine, but it wouldn't work.
"You want me to leave?" Katherine asked Klaus.
"No!" Stefan practically shouted, thinking that Katherine wouldn't bring Klaus's blood to Damon.
"Yes and if I were you..." Katherine took the vial and sped out before Klaus could get another word out ", I'd hurry." Klaus said once Katherine was gone. There was a part of me that knew that Katherine would bring the blood to Damon but another part of me that wondered if she would.
"She'll never take it to him." Stefan said when Klaus sat down on a chair. Klaus just gave us a 'So what?' look and I rolled my eyes. "She'll never take it to him." I looked at Stefan, who was looking down at the ground.
"She will." I said, trying to comfort Stefan. I knew that when Katherine made a deal that was beneficial to her, like me giving her vervain, then she go through with her end.

Klaus had brought me and Stefan to a warehouse. I was leaning against some creates, still reeling from the effects of the vervain. I was looking at Klaus, who was looking down at Elijah.
"I suppose, brother, you've been reunited with our family." Klaus said to Elijah. I knew that Klaus had done the same thing to the rest of his family because he wanted them to be safe. He closed the coffin that Elijah was in and looked at the two men that were standing by. "Put him with the others. We're leaving town tonight." I couldn't help but think about Damon and that he might not see me again. My phone vibrated in my pocket, which made me surprised. I tried to keep a straight face when I looked at the screen.
'I love you' I mentally smiled when I knew it came from Damon.
"So... Did Katerina make it in time?" Klaus asked the both of us when he saw that we were both looking at our phones.
"You won't be seeing her again, you know." Stefan said to Klaus as I slipped my phone back into my pocket. I wanted to reply to Damon, but I didn't want to risk it with Klaus right in front of me.
"Because Jessica gave her vervain?" I looked up at Klaus, thinking about how I should have known he knew. He looked at me before looking towards Stefan. "I've been around a long time, Stefan. I rarely get played for a fool. Besides, she won't get far. You'll help me see to that." Klaus slightly smiled and I knew he had something planned.
"What is it you really want from me?" Stefan asked Klaus.
"All will be explained in time." Klaus said to Stefan as he glanced at me. "Once we leave this tragic little town."
"Then are we done here?" I asked Klaus. "Can we go?" If I couldn't see Damon, I didn't want to be in the town that he was in.
"Not quite. You see, I have a gift for him." Klaus said to me as he pointed to Stefan. He turned around and faced the crates that were behind him. "Come here, sweetheart." A girl started to walk out, clearly afraid. "Don't be afraid." Klaus stepped up to the girl and put his hand on her shoulder. "See, I wanna make sure you honor our deal." He brushed some hair from her neck and I had a feeling what he was about to do. "That you'll be of use to me." I closed my eyes and took a deep breath when Klaus bit into the girl's neck. He lifted his head from the neck and I forced myself not to look at the wound he created. "I could have compelled her to behave, but a real ripper enjoys the hunt." He let the girl go and she started to run away screaming. Klaus must have known that Stefan was going to go after her because he turned his attention to me. I found my eyes looking at the blood that was still on his lips. Klaus must have noticed it because the next thing I knew he had pressed his lips on top of mine, holding me against the crates that I was leaning on. I tried to push him away, but he kept his grip on me. When I heard the body drop to the ground, Klaus slowly pulled away and looked me in the eyes. "I'm not letting you slip away again." He whispered in my ear before stepping away from me and towards Stefan. I could still feel the sensation of his lips on mine, but I had to tell myself that we only kissed because I was still weak from the vervain. I had to focus myself to pay attention to Stefan and Klaus rather than what Klaus and I had done. "Now we can go." Klaus said to Stefan just as I started to take a few steps towards them. I noticed Stefan had blood around his mouth and I made myself to ignore how hungry I still felt. As Stefan wiped the blood from his mouth, Klaus turned to me and held out his hand.
"I'm not taking your hand." I said to him before he brought it back down to his side.
"Time for us to go." Klaus said before he started to walk out of the warehouse. I found myself letting out a sigh before following him with Stefan behind me.

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