Hogwarts' Dungeons


Klarion stirred the contents of his cauldron carefully, catching glimpses of his reflection in the dark liquid. The previous night, the professors had announced that a group of exchange students from the United States would be joining the school shortly. Klarion's mind immediately jumped to the Justice League, and he began stirring increasingly vigorously.

"Snape said that you're supposed to stir at a rate of ten cycles per minute until it becomes a deep purple," the student next to him whispered. "You're stirring too quickly."

It was too late. When Klarion looked back down at his potion, the substance had coalesced into globular, orangish brown slush. The potions master, Snape, walked past and observed Klarion's cauldron with a look of disdain.

"This is a bad omen, isn't it?" he asked Teekl, who was seated peacefully on his lap.

Hogwarts' Great Hall

JANUARY 3, 19:00 WET

Klarion frowned deeply. Seven familiar faces stood in the Great Hall, waiting to be sorted. When he had first heard about the new arrivals, he had certain expectations. While he had to admit that he had expected the teen heroes to come in disguise, maybe with some enchantments to appear incognito, he wasn't too surprised to see them standing there in the flesh. What audacity.

Their appearance wasn't too troubling to the witch boy. He just needed to change some plans and work around their interference. They were about to be assigned to houses, and Klarion was certain that they would want to distribute agents to each house. However, the sorting hat based its decisions on personality, not the desire of the person being sorted. Furthermore, many of the heroes showed absolutely no promise in the mystic arts. Klarion felt the corners of his lips twist into an odd sort of smile. Across from him, one of his dorm mates eyed him and inched away in the opposite direction.

He watched closely as the heroes were sorted. Somehow, he managed to be surprised by the sorting. Despite Robin's infuriatingly obnoxious personality, Klarion had never expected the boy wonder to be a Slytherin. There was something too cheerful and optimistic about him. On the other hand, the sickeningly sweet Martian was perfect snake material. There was something about her... Now, the biggest surprise was the sullen teen of steel. Nothing about his personality or mannerisms screamed Hufflepuff.

At least he was one step ahead of the teen heroes. He knew who they were and where they were, while to everyone else, Klarion appeared to be just another Hogwarts , he wondered if it would be to obvious if he tried to befriend the teen heroes.

The plan was simple: he needed to recruit the most powerful and talented students to the side of the Light. The Light could always use the assistance of more magic, and the Light would help the wizards in return. However, Klarion was beginning to have second thoughts. The Hogwarts students were quite unimpressive. They were nowhere near as powerful as Klarion or any magic users he had encountered previously. He chuckled hollowly, imagining what would happen to the teen heroes if he abandoned his mission. They would be on a wild goose chase.

Narrowing his eyes, Klarion stroked his familiar, Teekl. The familiar was also deep in disguise, and the new and unfamiliar texture felt odd to Klarion's long, thin fingers. He was almost familiar with his own disguise at this point, but he was having difficulty socializing with the other students. He didn't have much in common with the boy wizards and girl witches of the school. For some reason, none of them ever brought their pets to class or meals. They were such amateurs. They were so young. Despite having the appearance of a child, Klarion had a lot of experience being a witch boy, many times an average person's lifetime. He fancied himself quite good at it.

The girl sitting next to him elbowed him gently. "You seem very introspective today. Are you all right?"

Klarion stopped stirred his mashed potatoes into paste and looked at the girl curiously. She always tried to make conversation with him, and he had to be grateful for that. He loved talking, and recently, he had only had Teekl with whom to converse. He decided to plant some seeds of paranoia. "Something seems off about those students. Hogwarts never gets mid-year transfers. Think they may be death eaters. What do you think?" he asked.

The girl pursed her lips, turning to her other side, where one of the students in question sat. The girl had probably been friends with the teenager that Klarion had replaced just before the start of the school year. Fortunately, no one had been close enough with the student to notice that he wasn't exactly himself. The girl hadn't even noticed that Klarion didn't know her name.

A few moments had passed, and the girl still hadn't answered, so Klarion interrupted her thoughts. "Never mind. I'm probably being paranoid."

"You've been acting a bit off lately. Are you sure you're all right?" the girl asked.

Klarion froze momentarily and eyed the girl, but she didn't seem to be suspicious. Her face was filled with concern, misguided concern. "I'm telling you, I'm fine," he responded.

"Is it stress?" the girl persisted, "This is your O.W.L. year. You can't let the stress get to you."

Author's note: I realize that this is a short chapter, but it was hard to write from Klarion's perspective while keeping his "identity" a secret. So far, all you know is that Klarion's a 5th year student who has a pet. Klarion could be anyone.

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