Author's Note: This is a continuation of my story "Not Your Housekeeper" (http: /www . fanfiction . net/s/6484644/7/Not_Your_Housekeeper), but all you need to know is that Mrs. Hudson writes emails to her cousin Esther about her adventures with the Holmes boys.

"Excerpts From The Diary Of Mycroft Holmes, Butler To The Nation" (http:/www . fanfiction . net/s/7713839/1/) is meant to accompany this story, running parallel to it.

Probably spoilers for Series 2.

Dear Esther,

Oo, that Mycroft Holmes makes me mad! He thinks his little brother's just another soldier, that's what he does. Expendable's the word they use in films. Just throws him out into some dangerous situation or other. Of course I know Sherlock can take care of himself—well, not really, but I mean when it comes to fighting and being clever, but that doesn't mean his brother should get him into danger just because he can. Isn't an older brother supposed to take care of a younger brother? John's more of an older brother to him than Mycroft, if you ask me. How's he supposed to take care of the nation if he can't take care of his own little brother?

Now I think of it, Esther, I don't think I ever told you about Mycroft Holmes. I don't know what I can tell, really. I mean, I don't know anything about him. He's Sherlock's older brother, though how much older I can't say. Sherlock looks young, and Mycroft looks middle-aged. But who is he, really? What does he do? He seems to do everything and nothing. Every time something peculiar and political happens, he comes round, starts a fight with Sherlock, and goes away smirking. No one's ever heard of him—my niece's boy is political, and he's never heard of him, and he's heard of everyone. He's not even on the Internet. I can even find me on the Internet, because John has mentioned me on that blog of his (he writes very sweet things), but no Mycroft. But he does things. Political things. Important things. Can you be so important no one's ever heard of you?

That sounds silly. You'll probably say he's so unimportant no one's ever heard of him. But Mycroft isn't the kind of man who can be unimportant. He exudes significance, and, my dear, he's just as intelligent as Sherlock, in his own way. You can't have a brain like that and not do something with it. You mark my words. Someday we'll find out he was behind Everything.

Maybe he's like a butler. No one ever notices the butler, but he makes everything run, doesn't he? Mycroft Holmes, butler to the nation.

That does sound silly.

But it doesn't mean he can push Sherlock around! He needs to straighten out his priorities.

Love, Mary

Dear Esther,

What do you mean? How can you be worried about me not emailing you when I sent you an email just the other day? Did you check your bin? Where all the nasty adverts you didn't ask for go?

That's strange. I can't even find the email in my outbox. Maybe I accidentally deleted it instead of sending it. John and Sherlock have shown me all kinds of things about email, but that doesn't mean I can't still foul everything up. Tell me if you get this email.

Love, Mary

Thank you to my friend Pickwick12 (http:/www . fanfiction . net/u/1214254/Pickwick12) for coming up with the lovely idea that Mycroft is the butler to the nation.