Author's note: "Letters To Cousin Esther" ( http:/www . fanfiction . net/s/7713833/1/)accompanies this story, running parallel to it.

Probably spoilers for Series 2.

Excerpts From The Diary of Mycroft Holmes, Butler To The Nation,
Kept Scrupulously In His Head Because Writing It Down Would Be A Breach Of Security

Butler to the Nation. A fine title, even if invented by a bird-witted old lady whose ideas are wholly sentimental.

I did not, I admit, expect Mrs. Hudson to write to her cousin about me, nor did I expect her to have any concept of my profession. My tap on 221 Baker Street's internet was primarily a precautionary force of habit. She is more observant than she seems. I will continue to monitor her communications.

However, I do not smirk.

Thank you to my friend Pickwick12 (http:/www . fanfiction . net/u/1214254/Pickwick12) for coming up with the lovely idea that Mycroft is the butler to the nation.