Plot: It's the sane against the insane in 300 Anime Characters, a crossover fanfic loosely inspired by the movie 300. A large force of anime weeaboos and their Mary Sue/Gary Stu characters are invading the anime universe, and a few of the "sane" fans team up with the anime characters to fight off the insane weeaboos and the Mary Sues/Gary Stues. Fueled purely by crack and the blood of Mary Sues/Gary Stues.


You know them well. The bloodsuckers. The things that suck all of the life of the particular fandom they spawned from, and then proceed to suck the life out of the people in the fandom. They make the fandom look bad. They write awful fanfictions with words like "kawaii desu ne" and awful use of the Japanese language. They make babies cry. They make your eyes bleed. Yes, we all know them. The weeaboos. The insane fans. The Mary Sues/Gary Stues. We hate them. So do you. And they know it, boy do they know it!

Unfortunately, things have taken a turn for the worse for us. These bloodsuckers have decided to team up together in their huge forces to try and take us, the normal fans down. Well, we're not going to let them.

I'm writing this letter to you, loyal person. It's time for you to step up and fight to protect the Sane Republic of Anime, and keep us from being taken over by them. It's time for you to take a stand.



Running his hand over the page, the white-haired boy frowned in displeasure. "Well, better tell the rest of the guys about this."