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Chapter One: Just The Beginning

I could feel sunshine on my face and I smiled in my sleep, happily snuggling into the puffy blankets surrounding me. I honestly never remembered how good sleep felt till you went to bed completely exhausted. I was still tired, having had a late night with Riley- we had seen a movie, gone to dinner and then went home, followed by a… um… well… late night. Speaking of Riley, due to the fact I felt no body heat behind me, he had already woken up.

I tucked my hands under my pillow, and set back in for more sleep. I felt pressure on the end of the bed, but I ignored it, curling up more. I then felt the pressure inch up the bed and lay down behind me, and the blankets lifted up briefly. I scrunched my eyebrows and shifted again. I felt someone place a kiss on my bare shoulder.

" Morning, love. Time to get up!" I heard Riley say. I groaned and rolled onto my stomach.

" No…" I muttered into my pillow.

" You really do have to wake up. It is a very important day." Riley said with excitement in his voice. I had to smile.

" I know it is. But, could I please get some more sleep? Please?" I asked.

" No. By the way, if you were going to try and make it to Ben's history seminar thing or whatever it was, you aren't going to make it." Riley told me. I finally opened my eyes and turned my head to look at him. He had gotten his deep brown hair cut shorter a month ago and had it trimmed yesterday, and he had shaved his goatee off, saying he wanted to 'look more professional'.

" I've heard the story before, and I let Ben know that I wasn't going to make it because of your book signing." I explained. Riley grinned at me.

" I think that might just be a convenient excuse, because methinks that even you get a little tired of some of Ben's stories!" Riley teased me. I smacked his arm.

" Ben is still very much like my older brother! It's just that I know most of the stories by heart, and I don't think that going to a lecture this morning would be very good- I'm still tired." I told him as I began to play with the hem of the sleeve on his cotton t-shirt he had put on. He smiled and kissed my forehead.

" So am I. So. What do you say to breakfast?" He asked. I rolled my eyes.

" Let me guess, you were too lazy to even prepare cereal, so that is one of the reasons you're waking me up"?" I asked, beginning to sit up.

" Arabella, are you accusing me of- well, actually, you're right. It's just that I love your cooking!" Riley said sitting up and getting out from under the blankets. I rolled my eyes.

" I know, when we first met, you ate the scrambled eggs I made in two minutes flat- and I gave you a whole plate." I reminded him. " Could you hand me a shirt?" I asked.

" Um, yeah." He said going to the dresser in the corner of our bedroom. He pulled out a plain navy blue v-neck t-shirt and tossed it to me.

" Thank you!" I said pulling it on. After getting dressed, I walked out of our bedroom and towards the kitchen. Shortly after returning from Cairo, we found an apartment that was bigger than my old one- this one actually had a kitchen. Not a kitchenette, a kitchen. It also had a small guest room, and a nice sized living room.

I yawned as I walked over to the faucet and grabbed a glass of water. I sipped at it, beginning to gather what was necessary to make pancakes. I tied my hair loosely and lazily back as I began to mix the batter. I glanced at the fridge and saw a picture of Ben, Abigail, Riley and I all standing outside Trinity Church after we found the treasure. I smiled at our excited faces.

It had been about a year since we found the treasure, and it still only felt like it happened yesterday. Riley kept trying to point out that he had a tiny scar on his finger from that splinter that had been stuck in his finger from falling onto the staircase. My arm had taken about four weeks to fully heal. I smiled and found myself remembering all of the adventure.

I was only snapped back into reality when I realized that the skillet was hot enough to start cooking the pancakes. I poured small pools of batter onto the skillet and grabbed a spatula, waiting for the first side to be finished cooking.

I heard Riley rummaging around in the bedroom closet, obviously trying to find what to wear to his book signing. After the book had been published, I finally got to read it- he wouldn't let me read the drafts because he wanted it to be a surprise. I absolutely loved the book- he talked about our adventure, and also talked about other things like Area 51 and other supposed 'urban legends'. He also sent a copy to Ben, Abigail and Patrick.

" Riley! Breakfast is done!" I called out, and immediately heard him run towards the kitchen. I rolled my eyes, setting down the pancakes onto our small table, and put out butter and syrup as well as forks, knives and two plates. Riley slid into his seat and smiled up at me.

" Smells good!" He told me, piling three pancakes onto his plate.

" Why thank you. I hope it tastes just as good." I commented, smiling and sitting down next to him. As expected, Riley devoured most of the pancakes- I only ate two, but then again, that's usually the maximum amount of pancakes I could ever eat.

After breakfast Riley helped me clean up.

" If you're still wondering what to wear, why don't you actually wear that suit you bought last month?" I suggested. Riley froze.

" You know what, that is a good idea." Riley told me. I rolled my eyes.

" You were the one who told me that you wanted to wear it to the signing." I reminded him.

" Oh. Right. Well, thanks for reminding me." Riley said walking over to me, smiling. I smiled back, wrapping my arms around his neck, smoothing out his hair. He grinned, his bright blue eyes sparkling. He wound his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him. Riley kissed my forehead, letting his lips stay against my skin.

Riley always made me feel special and beautiful. I always thought my fair skin that barely tanned made me look like a weirdo, but he said it was a lovely shade of ivory. He told me he never thought I looked bad, and that I was always either, beautiful, gorgeous or stunning, and that even if I did look horrible, he'd still love me. He also told me that he enjoyed the fact that I had a passion for history, and appreciated I didn't always launch into stories like Ben did, and only talked about what I knew when it was needed- like when trying to figure out a treasure map. He loved my laugh and my hair and my eyes and my personality. And I loved absolutely everything about him.

I loved that Riley was a nerd like me, but loved that he was a computer genius as well. I loved the way his voice would drop to a monotone when he was trying to prove a point, or when he was annoyed. I loved how excited he got at the tiniest little things. He was also the most handsome man I ever met.

" You know I like it when your hair is down." He told me. He pulled my hair out of its ponytail and moved it so it rested around my shoulders, then tucked it behind my ears. He smiled. " Much better." He whispered. I giggled quietly and rested my forehead against his.

" Love you." I said.

" Love you too." He replied before kissing me. I kissed back, leaning against him more. As the kiss got more heated, Riley pulled me even closer and toyed with the hem of my shirt. I internally rolled my eyes and pulled away, Riley sighing and opening his eyes.

" Now why did you do that?" He asked.

" Because you have a book signing to go to in… nineteen minutes." I informed, him, pointing at the clock.

" Shit!" He said running to the bedroom to get dressed. I began to laugh as I heard him scramble around the room. I walked in and calmly avoided his panicked running as he got undressed, and began to get redressed, fumbling with buttons and trying to tie his tie. I got dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans, a white lace blouse with a white tank top beneath and the pair of converse Riley found for me back when we first met. I brushed through my hair, loosening the already loose curls and wavy locks, and watched as Riley continued to panic.

" Riley!" I said. He froze and looked at me. " Come over here." He walked over and I knocked his hands away from his grey suit jacket. I straightened his tie and hair and fixed the buttons on his grey vest. " Relax, it'll be okay. You'll sign books, then come home, and we'll figure out something else to do, mmkay?" I asked. He smiled at me.

" God, you're amazing." He told me.

" Don't forget your glasses again." I said pointing to the bedside table. He rushed over, grabbed them and slid them into his pocket. " Good to go?" I asked.

" Yeah." He said with a smile. I smiled back.

" Well then, Mr. Author, let us go." I said taking his hand. We both headed to the door, having no idea what the end of the day would bring.

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