New story, first chapter. Enjoy.

Austin's POV:

"Ally, come on. Please? For me? I really need to practice. Please please please please?" I asked her with my puppy dog eyes. "Alright, fine. But just this once. As long as I don't have to try out." She answered. See, I was trying out for the play Romeo and Juliet(1). Not for the lovey-dovey stuff. The play people are going to record it and broadcast it on tv!

"You don't have to. I wouldn't put you through that," I said, remembering her stage fright. I pulled a script out of my bag and handed it to her. "Okay, start from that scene," I said pointing to one in the script. "'Romeo, oh Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo (2)?'" she said. She was actually pretty good. Maybe she should audition.

We read the rest of the act and I said, "Ally, you were actually pretty good. Maybe you should actually audition. You would get the part of Juliet for sure." "Austin, you know I have horrible stage fright. But thanks for the compliment. You know, it was actually a play I played the lead in that made me realize I had stage fright."

"What play was it?" I asked her. "Beauty and the Beast." She told me. "You mean, you played Belle?" "Yeah. That was the best play ever. My first and last," she said laughing. "Yeah, but I got horrible stage fright when we did 'Be Our Guest' (4)." She told me. "When did you do this play?" "In fifth grade." She told me. "Wow, you were pretty young. Maybe you've grown out of your stage fright." I told her, hopefully.

"Do you not remember the Helen Show?" she asked me. "Well it was your first time on tv. Will you at least TRY OUT for Romeo and Juliet? You'd make a really good Juliet." "Alright fine. I'll TRY. But I'm probably not going to get in." she said unconfidently. "Pffft, I KNOW you will." I said.

"Who are you trying out for?" she asked me. "Romeo," I told her simply. She flipped through the script pages. "Austin," she said without looking up. "If I get the part and you get the part… we'll have to kiss…" she said. "Well… it's just a stage kiss, right?" I asked her. She looked down at her feet. "So… you don't think it would be awkward?" she asked. "Of course not. We're best friends, right?"

"Yeah," was all she said before walking out of the practice room. That was weird. I walked out after her. "Hey Austin," Mr. Dawson said as I walked down the stairs. I waved. "Um… Ally? You- uh- you okay?" I asked her. "Yeah I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?" she asked. "Um… I don't know. You just kinda walked out the room." "Oh, you didn't hear?" she asked. "Hear what?" "My dad called for me to come down for my shift," she said with a confused look on her face. "Well, I guess I didn't hear…" I told her.

"Yep," she said, giving a customer her change. "So… you're coming to the auditions tomorrow right?" I asked. "Yes," she said hesitantly. "Oh come on. It'll be fun!" I told her. "Alright alright. I'll go. I promise," she said smiling.

Next Day: Ally's POV:

"Come on Ally," he said trying to pull me out of the room. "You promised," he whined. I finally gave up. "Yes!" he yelled. I followed him to the theater.

"Next!" I heard the director yell and I walked in. "Ah Ms. Allyson Dawson," he said to me. "Um I-I go by Ally sir," I told him. "Okay Ally," he said with a smile. "Who will you be auditioning to be?" he asked me. "Juliet." I said confidently. "Well you're pretty confident. No one else here has auditioned for Juliet! You must be a very confident girl I'm guessing?" he asked. "Actually no," I said giggling. "Usually I have horrible stage fright. But you seem pretty nice so it's easing up," I told him.

He must have been flattered because he smiled very brightly. "Give me your best shot," he told me. I did the act that I had practiced with Austin. He was smiling through the whole thing, apparently amused. When I was finished, though, he put on a poker face and said, "We'll be in touch. Next!" he yelled.

Oh no, directors always say that to make people feel better when they don't get the part. I walked out. "I don't think I got the part," I told Austin. "Why?" he asked me. "Because he told me he'll be in touch." I said. "Um…" he put his arms around me. "I'm sorry…" he said questioningly. I knew he thought what I said was stupid but oh well. "Next!" I heard the director yell yet again.

"It's my turn," he said letting go. He walked in and about half an hour later he came back out. "Did you get the part?" I asked. "I don't know," he shrugged. When we got back to Sonic Boom, I checked my phone. Trish had texted.

'Wat r u doin with auuuustin?' she had texted about an hour and a half ago. I texted back, 'Trish… NOTHING. We just auditioned for Romeo and Juliet.' A few minutes later she texted back, 'ooooh lemme guess. U tried out for juliet and austin tried out for romeo?' I texted back, 'well yes but it's not like that. I probably wont get the part.'

She texted back, 'yes it is. Cuz u two r in loooove!' I texted back, 'shut up Trish. I gotta go. Austin wants to practice the song and for the play if we get in. not a word Trish. Not ONE word about it.' I said and put my phone in my back pocket. We decided to work on the song first. As soon as I sat down on the piano bench, my phone vibrated. It made my butt feel so uncomfortable.

I jumped up. Austin looked at me weird. "My phone vibrated," I said before he could ask. I took it out of my back pocket. "New email," I told him. I opened it and my eyes widened with shock. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't speak. "Ally, are you okay?" I handed him my phone. "You got in Ally! Or should I say 'Juliet'?" he said jokingly. I fainted.

"Ally? Ally?" I heard Austin's voice say while shaking me. My eyes fluttered open. He was right above me. "What happened?" I asked him. "Oh you fainted when you got an email saying that you got the lead in the play." My body threatened to make me faint but I stayed conscious. "I-I'm going to be… Juliet?" I asked. He smiled and nodded.

You're always on my mind. I think about you all the time. Um… no. Let's not talk about it. Drama: we can live without it. Catch a wave if we're bored. There's a clock we'll ignore. Find a way, around it. Hey girl, I can tell there's somethin'. We searched for Austin's phone. Even when you say it's nothin'. When you're playin' with your hair like you just don't care. It's a tell, you're bluffin'.

Now please don't take this the wrong way. I love the things you do, it's how you do the things you love, but it's not a love song, not a love song. I caught Austin singing with it as we looked for his phone. i love the way you get me but correct me if I'm wrong. This is not a love song, not a love song. He started dancing a little too and I giggled quietly.

I love the things you do, it's how you do the things you love. The way you sing it with me through it, I guess I always knew it. I love the way you get me but correct me if I'm wrong. This is not a love song, not a love song(5)The song ended and started over and Austin was still dancing and singing to it.

Finally we found it. Why it was under a bunch of pillows, I will never know. He smiled really, really big. He handed me his phone. He got the part as Romeo. He looked at me and started jumping, probably expecting me to jump with him. "Um… Austin?" I said. "Yeah Ally?" he said still jumping. "We- um… we have to… kiss now…" I told him. He immediately stopped jumping.

"Well… like I said, it IS just a stage kiss right?" he said. "Yeah. Um… let's- let's work on the um… song now." I suggested. "Okay." "You okay with a love-ish song? Because I have an AWESOME one." I asked. "Um…" he thought about it for a second. "Sure." "Yay!" I said. I started playing the piano.

If you ever leave me baby… leave some morphine at my door. 'Cause it would take a whole lot of medication, to realize what we used to have we don't, have it anymore. There's no religion that could save me. No matter how long my knees are on the floor. Ooh. So keep in mind all the sacrifices I'm makin' to keep you by my side, keep you from walkin' out the door. 'Cause there'll be no sunlight if I lose you baby. And there'll be no clear skies if I lose you baby. And just like the clouds my eyes will do the same if you walk away, everyday it'll rain-ain-ain-a-a-ain. (6)

"And that's all I got." I told Austin. "That's a really sad song. Did-um… did you just get in a bad breakup or something?" he asked. "No, I wrote this when I was five years old and I had a HUGE crush on this guy named Austin and he took my juice box and I got really upset so I wrote this." I told him. "Um… Ally? You had a crush on a guy named Austin? And he stole your juice box? I had a crush on a girl named Ally and I took her juice box," he said laughing.

I smacked my forehead and then put my head down on the piano, making it let out an awful sound. "So I just told you that I had a crush on you in kindergarten. Nice going Ally," I said. "Nah, I think it's pretty funny how we had a crush on each other and we didn't even talk to each other a lot. Then we grew up to be the best friends in the world," Austin said. I blushed. "Yeah that is pretty funny," I said pulling my head up. "Yep, if we were in this play at that age we would be really excited about this kiss," I said laughing again.

"Yep, but it's about 11 years later and we don't like each other anymore, right?" he said. "Right," I said feeling a little disappointed. But I would never let Austin know that. To be honest, I'm REALLY excited about this kiss. I just don't think Austin is. So I act really upset about it.

Next Day: Austin's POV:

"Ally, we gotta go to the theater," I said to Ally when I walked into Sonic Boom. "Why?" she asked. "You didn't get an email?" "No I don't have my phone." she said. "Oh well we got an email saying that we need to meet at the theater for a rehearsal." I told her, grabbing her hand and pulling her out of the door.

We rehearsed with everyone and I was wrong. This play was really, really boring. But it was going on tv so more publicity for me. Unfortunately, we didn't get to rehearse Ally and me's kiss. I would never let Ally know I was upset about that. She seemed pretty upset so I didn't want her to know that I still have a crush on her after ELEVEN years. That seems kind of stalkerish… right?

When we got back to Sonic Boom, I took over Ally's shift so that she could go work on the song. Why did I volunteer to help? How does Ally do this all day? It's hard! I whined to myself. Finally it was closing time and I went up to see how Ally was doing with the song. Wow, now that I think about it, that song was written about ME. She was upset that I stole her juice box.

But I couldn't help it. Grape was my FAVORITE and my mom had packed me Hawaiian punch which was ALLY'S favorite… or it was at the time so I just switched it. It was actually pretty sweet if you ask me. I walked in and Ally was asleep on the couch with her songbook in her arms. Maybe I could just take a peek. I squatted down beside her. I reached for her songbook and she mumbled, "Don't touch my book." I looked up.

What the…? She was still asleep. Whoa, that's kind of creepy. I stood up and went over to the piano. I played the tune that had been stuck in my head all day. I just made up random lyrics to go with it.

It's a beautiful night. We're lookin' for somethin' dumb to do. Hey baby. I think I wanna marry you. Is it the look in your eyes? Or is it this dancin' juice? Who cares baby? I think I wanna marry you. Well I know this little chapel. On the boulevard we can go. No one will know. Oh come on girl. Who cares if we're trashed? Got a pocketful of cash we can blow. Shots of patron. And it's on girl. Don't say no, no, no, no, no. Just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And we'll go, go, go, go, go. If you're ready like I'm ready. Cause it's a beautiful night. And we're lookin' for something dumb to do. Hey baby. I think I wanna marry you. (9)

"That was really good, Austin." I heard Ally say. I looked up and she was rubbing her eyes. "Thanks," I said smiling. "Did you write it?" she asked before yawning. "Yeah, just now actually." I told her. "For your girlfriend?" she asked. This question caught me off guard. "Um…" I thought of something clever. "She may be my girlfriend soon. Now go to sleep Ally. You're definitely tired."

She dropped to the ground. I gasped. She was okay though. I picked her up and carried her to the couch. I set her down then went back to the piano bench to work on the song that I just wrote. I looked over at Ally who was already fast asleep. She looked adorable when she was sleeping. I had the urge to walk over to her and kiss her.

But if I did that she would wake up and be really mad at me. So I resisted the urge. But I COULD NOT, I repeat COULD NOT resist the urge to go over and caress her hair. She woke up but was still half asleep so she just situated herself more comfortably and fell back asleep.

"I can't wait for when we finally rehearse the kiss," I told Ally even though she was sleeping. "It will be the best day of my life," I said before falling asleep with my head beside Ally's but the rest of my body on the floor.

Ally's POV:

Director Smith says that we're supposed to rehearse the kiss today. I'm really, really nervous. What if I realize that I'm in love with Austin? Wait, no. No, no, no, no, no. Puh-lease. I don't even LIKE Austin that way. I mean, if I do love him then I love him in the brother-sister way. I giggled nervously at my thought.

Austin, hearing my laugh, became nervousish and walked over. "Um Ally are you okay?" he asked me. "What? Oh, yeah. I'm fine. I'm GREAT actually. I'm just… um really happy. Yeah, that's it. Happy as can be," I said giggling nervously again. "Let's talk about you now. How has your day been?" I asked him, changing the subject.

"Pretty good… until just now. Come on, Ally, what's wrong? We're best friends. You can tell me," he said. I decided to tell him. He was telling the truth. In all honesty, we ARE best friends and we can tell each other ANYTHING. "Well, I'm just a little nervous about the kiss, that's all," I mumbled just to where Austin could hear me.

"The kiss? Trust me Ally. No one is more nervous about that than I am. Take my word for it." He told me looking around the room. "Why? What has you all nervous? It must be really important since you never get nervous," I told him, concerned. "What? I never said I was nervous. Pfffft I NEVER get nervous," he said NERVOUSLY.

"Come on, Austin tell me. After all, we ARE best friends. And best friends don't keep secrets from each other right?" I asked, playing his own best-friend card on him. He glared at me a little playfully. "Alright fine. But you have to promise- no, scratch that- you have to SWEAR that you won't laugh or tell anybody. I mean, DEZ doesn't even know this," he said to me. I said "I swear" then imaginarily zipped my lips closed. He leaned in and lowered his voice.

So low, in fact, that I almost couldn't hear him when he said, "I've never kissed anybody." "What? You haven't?" I asked, shocked. "B-But you're AUSTIN FREAKING MOON!" I yelled. "You can get any girl you want yet you haven't kissed any one of them?" I said, lowering my voice with each word.

"Well, I guess I've just been waiting for the right girl. I know the girl. But she'll never want me. She's not like those other fan girls. I might get her one day but I doubt it," he said before walking out of the store. "Austin wait!" I called after him but he was gone. What was that all about? Right then Trish walked in.

I expected to hear the words but they never came. "No new job?" I asked her. "Nah, I just got fired so I came here." she said laughing. "So did you get into the play?" she asked me. "Oh, yeah. I'm going to be Juliet," I said absentmindedly. Out of nowhere she grabbed my hands and started jumping up and down. "And Austin's gonna be Romeo." I said, absentmindedly yet again.

Suddenly Trish stopped jumping and dropped my hands. "Ally you're going to have to kiss him," she said promptly. "I know. Austin and I are both nervous. He even told me that he… never mind," I said, catching myself before telling Austin's dirty little secret. "He what?" Trish asked. "Nothing," I told her. And it really was nothing. It's not like it was important or anything.

"Come on Ally, tell me," she said. She better not play the best-friend card on me. "Trish, it must be really important. Because he made me swear and he's never even told DEZ! His best friend since KINDERGARTEN, Trish, KINDERGARTEN! But I'm his best friend enough that he told me. So if he ever decides to tell you then you will know because you're not hearing it from me," I told her in one breath. "I didn't want to have to do this Ally but," she said, pulling out her phone," I do still have the pictures. There was one that you didn't delete." Oh God. WHAT pictures?

She touched her screen a few times and then showed me. It was the picture of me and Austin the day that we couldn't get up. So he got up and it looked like we were about to do some sexual things. "Alright fine. But you have to swear, cross your heart, pinky promise, AND swear on my SONGBOOK not to tell!" So Trish said, "I swear on your songbook, I cross my heart," before tracing an x over her heart, " and I pinky promise," and she extended her pinky to me. I shook it and said, "Fine, Austin's never kissed anyone."

This actually turned out pretty good if I do say so myself and it was EXTREMELY long… if I do say so myself… hahahaha. Haha. And yes I remember saying that my new story would be up soon but Monday I was busy, Tuesday I wrote it and my internet was down, yesterday I didn't feel good so I couldn't upload it so I SOWWY! Pweeeease forgive me.

1. Romeo and Juliet is a real play.

2. That's an actual line from Romeo and Juliet.

3. Beauty and the Beast is an actual play (it's also a movie).

4. Be Our Guest is an actual song from Beauty and the Beast.

5. This is an actual song from Austin and Ally. It's called Not a Love Song. Ross Lynch sings it.

6. This is a real song. It's called It Will Rain. Bruno Mars sings it.

7. This is an actual song. It's called Marry You. Bruno Mars sings it. It's funny that the first time I heard that song was when R5 did a cover of it. Ross Lynch is such a sexy singer ;)

8. I was reading another Austin/Ally fanfic and I saw this and everytime they tried to get up, the just fell back down. So Austin suggested that he get up with her in his arms and it worked but Trish had taken some pictures of it at the dirtiest moments.

Alright so here's the story and if you're the author of number eight please review and tell me because I would LOVE to give you credit. Kay thanks. Byyyye. Sees yous nexts times. Hahas.