Voldemort Goes Back To School

Chapter 1 (Revised)

Author's Intro:

Hi Everyone! This story takes place at the beginning of Harry's 6th year at Hogwarts (so this story takes place instead of the entire 'the Half-Blood Prince' book and after). This also assumes that Draco never had the task he was given in the Half-Blood Prince either. So basically, the only person that has died somewhat recently is Sirius Black. Dumbledore is still alive, and the Horcruxes have either not been talked about yet, or just flat out don't exist, we'll see what I decide.

Author's Note as of September 2, 2012: Hi Again Everyone! For those of you more interested in 'Plot' than 'Smex', you can read the following chapters and still follow the story fairly well. The following chapters that have (*) next to them are in my view, 100% necessary for you to read in order to understand the story. The chapters without (*) next to them I think are 75% necessary for you to understand the story in a fuller scope:

Necessary Chapters: 1*, 3, 4* (necessary smex), 5, 6, 7*, 8*, 10*, 14* (necessary smex), 16, 17*, 18* (clear extreme never before seen original plot begins), 19*.

Story Begin:

Chapter 1:

A New Plan: Becoming a Hogwarts Student

It had finally happened, the Dark Lord's patience in dealing with his incompetent followers had finally expired. No more explaining plans over and over again to fools, no more punishing said fools for their failed missions. Oh no, the Dark Lord was furious… furious enough to carry out his plan himself. Yes, his plan to kill Harry Potter, the Boy-who-had-lived-for-far-too-long.

The Dark Lord smirked to himself as he made his way down the long graveled path leading to Hogwarts. Yes, his plan was brilliant, and would take hardly any time at all. Voldemort had created a fake identity of a young man named Evan Farley who would have been going into his 6th year at Durmstrang. However, due to the tragic death of his parents as a result of the war, he was transferring to Hogwarts, because it was located closer to where his new Guardians lived. Of course, Voldemort had completely fabricated all of this and had forged all documents and records necessary to enroll at Hogwarts. These documents were apparently forged well enough to fool even Dumbledore, who according to Voldemort's sources was away from Hogwarts at the moment and would be for some time.

Traditionally there were only two ways to change one's appearance while still looking like a normal person: 1. using a variation of a powerful Glamour charm, which required concentration and power to maintain, and 2. Polyjuice potion, which only lasted a couple of hours. However, Voldemort's present form of 'Evan' was created by a potion that he had been secretly working on, which had similar ingredients to that of Polyjuice, but instead of using just one part of a person, this potion created only mostly the exterior of a new body from many different parts of the people that were added to the potion, although height and weight differed some. By keeping the majority of his internal body, this allowed the Potion's effects to last extremely long, and so he would not have to take the potion again to maintain the created body for three months. Although, if he wanted to revert back to his original form sooner, all he had to do was drink the Counterpotion. Collected from a variety of people, Evan's form turned out having short straight dark-brown hair, fair skin, blue eyes, medium build, of moderate to tall height for the age of a student in the 6th year of Hogwart's school.

Voldemort arranged to arrive at Hogwarts the day after the welcoming feast by claiming he needed more time to get situated in the country before going off to school. Professor McGonagall agreed to allow 'Evan' to Floo to Hogsmeade and walk to the castle from there. Voldemort mentally sneered at her sheer ignorance, he of course had merely shrunk and lightened his trunk and placed it in his pocket before Apparating to Hogsmeade. Although fairly certain that his plan would be able to be accomplished within a mere day, the boy who lived had far too much luck on his side, and so the Dark Lord had packed as a student would, just in case he needed to extend his stay.

Being met at the grand wooden doors of Hogwarts by McGonagall, Voldemort followed her back to Dumbedore's office, where the Sorting Hat would sort him into one of the four Houses. Of course Voldemort had been sorted once before and knew which House he would be sorted into: Slytherin. Upon the expected news, McGonagall sent a letter by owl, summoning one of the Prefects of Slytherin to show 'Evan' to the Slytherin Dorms.

After waiting briefly, Voldemort and McGonagall heard a knock at the door.

"Come in!" McGonagall called out.

Draco Malfoy entered the Headmaster's Office.

Voldemort recalled Lucius mentioning that Draco had been made a Prefect at some point prior to Voldemort giving Draco the Dark Mark and officially inducting him into his ranks of Death Eaters.

"You sent for me, Professor?" Draco asked as he stepped into the room, looking and sounding as presentable and well-groomed as his father.

"Yes, Draco, meet our new transfer student, Mr. Evan Farley. Mr. Farley was sorted into Slytherin, would you be so kind as to take him down to the Slytherin dorm and get him settled in?"

"Yes, of course, Professor," Draco replied as he studied the new student warily, wondering under what circumstances they could possibly be getting a new student. It was almost unheard of to get Transfer Students. In fact, to his knowledge, they hadn't had a single one since he had been at Hogwarts.

"Wonderful. Oh, here is your class schedule, Evan. I'm sure you'll do just fine at Hogwarts. Off you go now," said McGonagall in dismissal.

Voldemort nodded in an attempt to be polite, and followed Draco out the door.

As they walked down the corridors, Voldemort hoped that Draco would remain silent as his father usually was while in his presence, but of course since Draco had no idea that 'Evan' was Voldemort, his Master, his curiosity of course led him to ask questions of this new student.

"So, what school did you attend before Hogwarts?" Draco asked.

Mentally sighing, Voldemort replied stiffly and shortly in the hopes of deterring more questions, "Durmstrang."

"Oh really? Well, I think you'll fit in just great in Slytherin, you know, fascination with the dark arts and all."

Voldemort actually did smirk at Draco's comment. "Oh yes, I do indeed have a great fascination with the dark arts, and not merely fascination, but ability as well."

Draco shot 'Evan' a wary look, but then smiled. "Good to know. But I wouldn't go admitting that to just anyone, it could lead to… problems, and questions."

"Ah yes, that I do know. But I also know that you're not just anyone, Draco Malfoy," the Dark Lord replied haughtily.

Draco's initial response was feeling irritation at the new student's somewhat arrogant attitude, but puzzled and even more wary that this new student appeared to know exactly who he was, since his surname had not been mentioned in the Headmaster's office before. "You know who I am?" Draco questioned hesitantly as he stopped walking to face Evan.

Voldemort sauntered up to where Draco had stopped in the empty corridor. "Oh yes, I know exactly who you are, Draco," Voldemort replied. "And I also know that you pledged your loyalty to the Dark Lord this past summer and bear his Dark Mark on your arm," he whispered in Draco's ear, while reaching out and grabbing Draco's arm that bore the Mark.

"Wha-What! How did you… What're you doing! Let go of me," Draco exclaimed as he tried to wrench his arm back.

"Shhh, don't struggle Draco," Voldemort replied, holding on to Draco's arm tightly, as he pulled back the sleeve to look admiringly at his Dark Mark on Draco's pale arm. Draco had always been somewhat slimly built, and so even 'Evan's' form was stronger. After taking in his fill, Voldemort released Draco's arm.

Snatching his arm back and rubbing his wrist, Draco glared at Evan. "Don't grab me again. If you do, I'll hex you into next week," he bit out.

Voldemort's eyes narrowed dangerously as he snatched up his wand and pressed it into Draco's neck. "Is that so?"

Draco backed up, but found himself pressed harshly into the cold brick wall of the corridor, Evan's wand still at his throat. Draco remained silent, beginning to feel a coil of fear run through him at the thought that Evan might really curse him badly for threatening him.

Upon Draco's silence, Voldemort smirked and leaned in close to Draco, keeping his voice low. "I will do whatever I wish to you, and you would do well to stay out of my way while I'm here. You see, though I don't myself bear the Dark Mark, that is because I have been given an incredibly important task by Lord Voldemort himself to complete while I'm here. And I happen to know who All of his Death Eaters are at this school. So there's no need for you to be concerned about my knowing where your loyalties lie."

Draco's gray eyes widened as he stared into Evan's blue eyes, shocked by his revelation. Swallowing thickly, Draco finally found in himself the ability to ask, "And what is that task?"

Voldemort's lips curled in a sadistically feral smile, "To Kill Harry Potter, the boy-who-will-soon-be-dead."

Draco gasped at Evan's response. "But, but I thought the Dark Lord wanted to kill Harry Potter himself, personally?!"

Voldemort considered his next words carefully, since Draco's statement was a well-known fact among his Death Eaters. "The Dark Lord has far greater plans than those for Harry Potter. Harry has become a nuisance to our Lord's entire cause, and has given far too much false hope to the 'Light'. As such, the Dark Lord has decided that Harry must Die. However, due to his great plans for the Ministry, he will be personally occupied for some time, and so I was assigned the… lesser task… instead." Voldemort inwardly cringed when he referred to his great plans for killing Harry Potter as a 'lesser task'. He then removed his wand from Draco's throat and took a step back.

Draco continued to stare at Evan as he contemplated Evan's response. Draco was shocked at what he had just learned. Of course he personally hated Saint-Potter, Golden-Boy of the clearly inferior wizarding world, it would be no loss if he were gone… and of course he knew that the Dark Lord intended to kill Harry Potter, but to have the truth of the matter standing right in front of him, it was a shock! But determined to take his place as a fellow Death Eater, even though Evan said he did not bear the Mark, Draco stepped forward away from the wall and replied, "I understand. If there's anything I can do to assist you, don't hesitate to let me know."

Pleased that Draco was taking his duty as a Death Eater seriously, Voldemort tried to stay in character for what a Death Eater teen would act like, and clasped a hand on Draco's shoulder. "Thanks, I'll do that, but I don't anticipate there being any problem. Now let's get down to the Slytherin dorms to put my belongings away and get to Potions, it starts soon. We wouldn't want to be late for when Harry shows up, now would we?" Voldemort shot Draco one last smirk before he whirled around, leading the way down to Slytherin, Draco not questioning how he even knew the way.

Potions Classroom, 1st meeting: Harry's POV:

"Psst, Hermione, Ron, look up front next to Malfoy. Who is that?" Harry whispered to his friends sitting on either side of him in their Potions classroom while Professor Snape continued scrawling some basic diagrams of what they were supposed to be doing on the board.

Hermione looked up from her notes and followed Harry's gaze. "I don't know. I've never seen him before."

Harry looked at Ron, who just shrugged, and replied, "What's it matter who it is? He's with Ferret-face."

Harry cleared his throat uncomfortably. "Well, it's um, kinda strange. He keeps looking at me," he finished, flushing slightly, as he once again observed this fair-skinned, dark-haired bloke next to Malfoy shooting him what Harry thought was a heated glance.

Ron snorted, "Oy, in case you didn't realize, most people who've never met you before stare at you. Heck, even people who have met you before still stare at you. Look at Collin and his brother for instance! They bloody well can't get enough of you. And that flashing camera thing of theirs, bloody irritating that is. Maybe I'll stick one of my brother's newly developed Exploding Chocolate Pixies in it one day, then I might actually stop seeing bright spots and do better in school!"

Hermione shot Ron a withering look. "Oh Ron really, your grades have nothing to do with their camera. If you paid more attention in class, took better notes, and studied more, you would do better!"

Harry smiled slightly at his two best friends' bantering before getting serious again as he again saw the new bloke cast another glance back at him. "No really guys, it's not like he's just staring at me like, well, most people do, but, he's, I don't know, really staring at me."

Harry saw Ron raise his eyebrows at his statement, "Umm, uh-hu. So…" Ron replied non-pulsed.

Exasperated, Harry just shook his head, and tried to distract himself from the bloke's blatantly heated stare by lowering his head and making it look as if he was absorbed in taking notes. Maybe, he would stop staring.

"Hmm, wait Ron, I think Harry's right. He really is doing more than just staring at Harry. How strange, I wonder why…" Hermione said contemplatively.

This of course made Harry look up once again, meeting the bloke's bright blue eyes, which seemed to pierce straight through him, making him inhale sharply and flush. Why am I feeling like this? He wondered. It's not like it's that big of a deal, right?

Suddenly, Harry heard Hermione suck in a deep breath before she grabbed his shoulder, "Harry!"

Startled, Harry broke eye-contact with the dark-haired boy. "What, Hermione?"

Pausing momentarily to look at Ron who had since lost interest in the conversation and was staring off into space, Hermione leaned in and cupped her hands around Harry's ear so no one else would hear, "Harry, um, I think, that uh… I think he likes you!"

Harry jerked back in shock. "Hermione!" He said loudly.

"Mr. Potter. Once again it ceases to… amaze me… that you would think that your… private affairs… bear such great importance as… to justify… the interruption of…this class," Snape bit out in the alternating fast and slow condescending tone he always used when making a fool out of Harry.

Harry slunk down in his seat, trying to disappear from both Snape's piercing gaze of loathing, and the piercing heated gaze of the new bloke.

"20 points from Gryffindor, and detention, 8 o'clock. Don't be late." Snape said slowly and clearly for the entire class to hear as he sneered down at Harry before turning in a whirl of his billowing black robes and stalking to the front of the classroom to resume the lesson.

"You know, sometimes I think Snape would have made a better Dark Lord than You-Know-Who," Ron whispered to Harry.

Harry nodded minutely, before turning back to his notes. Grabbing his quill, Harry tried focusing on what Snape was saying, but every now and then, Harry could almost feel the gaze of the boy at the front moving slowly across his skin. Irritated, Harry pulled out another piece of parchment, and scrawled a quick note to Hermione: "Do you really think he likes me likes me?" and slid it over to Hermione.

Shifting the parchment so she could write back, Hermione wrote her reply, "Yeah, I've been looking at him out of the corner of my eye. It's as if he can't keep his eyes off of you! And that almost carnal-like gaze, it's almost like he's," and at that, Hermione paused in her writing before looking at Harry and blushing slightly before continuing her reply, "undressing you with his eyes!"

Harry turned all sorts of shades of red. Snatching the parchment back from her, Harry simply wrote back, "HERMIONE! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU JUST WROTE THAT!"

Hermione giggled softly, placing both of her hands over her mouth as she tried to contain her laughter so that she wouldn't get them into even more trouble with Snape.

Harry put his head down in his hands, grasping his hair with his fingers in frustration and embarrassment. Sitting up suddenly, his Gryffindor courage surging, Harry snatched up his quill, and wrote additionally, "Do you think I should try to talk to him after class?"

Looking up, Harry saw Hermione's mouth drop open before turning into a huge grin. Snatching up her quill as well, she scrawled back, almost in a blur, "Yes! And you better tell me what happens!"

At that, Harry flushed again, and nodded slowly in assent.

Hermione observed Harry's face a moment longer, before continuing her written message, "Do you like him?"

"What?! I- uh, No!" Harry burst out aloud, his quill snapping in half from grasping it too tightly.

"Mr. Potter! Since you… yet again… have failed to appreciate the value of… an education… and furthermore… respect for other people's time… you will have detention with myself every night this week, same time… and 40 points from Gryffindor," Snape ground out nastily, ending in a smirk.

Harry groaned softly, especially as his other Gryffindor peers shot him dark looks for causing Gryffindor to lose 60 points already and only the second day! They might even be in the negative digits for points!

Slowly dragging the parchment towards him, and beckoning Hermione to let him use her quill to reply, since he had accidentally snapped his, Harry wrote back, "No! I'm Not gay! I don't even know Who he is! I just want to know Why he keeps looking at me like that!" Feeling his face flush, he pushed the parchment back towards Hermione.

Reading his last message, Hermione looked at Harry, smiled, and simply shrugged, before pulling her notes back towards her and continuing to take down their Potion's lecture notes.

Harry was too absorbed in trying to figure out what to do at this point. Should he talk to this new bloke after class? What would he say? How would he get around Malfoy? The new boy didn't actually like him in that way, did he? Harry spent the rest of class coming up with a plan for figuring out why this bloke was looking at him, and whether he really did like him like him.

Potions Classroom, 1st meeting: Voldemort's POV:

"Evan, you might want to stop staring at Potter. I think he's noticed that you're looking at him, because he keeps looking back over here," Draco whispered to Evan.

"Oh?" The Dark Lord replied. He looked over his shoulder once again, but this time meeting Harry's blazing green eyes before the Gryffindor turned away to look at the curly-haired girl next to him, whom he thought he remembered being called Hermione Granger.

"Yes! And if you don't want to alert him to your mission, you should stop!" Draco insisted.

Voldemort chuckled under his breath before replying, "Being the Gryffindor that he is, even if he suspected me of being one of the Dark Lord's followers, he would likely come and find me first, thus making my task that much more convenient," he finished with a smirk before turning back to stare at Harry.

Voldemort was astounded by how much Harry had grown up. First, he had seen him when Harry had been a mere baby, the last thing he saw before losing his body. Then, seeing a scrawny little kid while he was attached to the back of Quirrell's head while seeking the Sorcerer's Stone, and again at the end of the Triwizard's Tournament at his Resurrection, and then the following year in the Department of Mysteries. It didn't seem that long ago that Voldemort had last seen Harry, but although Harry looked a bit worn around the edges, especially after losing Sirius Black, he seemed to have grown up and looked more full of life than he'd seen him in the past, especially with that flushed face.

Voldemort smirked, his staring must be making Harry uncomfortable. He observed Harry further, noticing that what appeared to be a piece of parchment kept being passed between Harry and his mudblood friend, Hermione. I wonder if he fancies her, Voldemort thought to himself, wondering if the parchment could be a series of endearing exchanges of love-notes. Well, no matter, He'll be dead soon, and She will soon follow.

A Parting: Gryff's POV:

At the end of class, Harry quickly stuffed his things into his bag. "I'll see you later!" He shouted over his shoulder to Ron and Hermione as he rushed to the front of the room and left through the classroom door, but not before casting a lingering glance at the new bloke.

"Where's he going in such a hurry? And why did he go that way? He's headed farther into the dungeons, towards the Slytherin dorms, right?" Ron asked Hermione.

"Hmm, well we'll find out later, now won't we?" Hermione answered cryptically.

"But weren't you talking to him during class?" Ron pressed.

"Yes Ron, and if you had cared to listen instead of spacing out, you would know what was going on!" Hermione sighed exasperatedly.

Ron just huffed as he finished packing away his things and followed Hermione out of the classroom back in the direction of the Gryffindor Dorms.

Misconceptions?: Slyth's POV:

"Huh, well that's a bit… strange," Draco voiced aloud to Evan, as he slowed his pace a bit.

"What's strange?" Evan (the Dark Lord), questioned.

"Potter's heading towards the Slytherin dorms, he never goes this way, there's no reason for him to. Oh! And look, he just paused to look back at us! I knew it! I think he's on to you. You'd better be careful. The Dark Lord does not take failure lightly," Draco hissed urgently to Evan.

Voldemort couldn't help it any more, the situation what completely ludicrous! Here Draco was, talking to him, the Dark Lord, but didn't know that he was really talking to the Dark Lord, and talking to the Dark Lord, about the Dark Lord's intolerance for failure, as if the Dark Lord would curse the Dark Lord for his failure!

Voldemort burst out laughing, stopping in the corridor and trying to catch his breath.

"It's not funny! You might have been sheltered away at Durmstrang, but here, the Dark Lord could be right around the corner!" Draco replied indignantly, crossing his arms.

"Ahhh haaa, ohh, indeed. I'll do my best to keep that in mind, Draco," the Dark Lord replied chuckling, especially since he, the Dark Lord wasn't 'right around the corner' he was more like, right in front of Draco's face.

They continued walking; apparently Harry was going in the same direction. Suddenly, the Gryffindor turned and entered what looked like an old abandoned classroom.

"Why's he going in there? There's nothing in there…" Draco whispered softly to Evan.

"Hmm, excellent. Perhaps he's going to study alone. If he's alone, I'll have no difficulty killing him, and no difficulty leaving Hogwarts unchallenged. I'll be back by the Dark Lord's side long before anyone finds his body," Voldemort reasoned aloud. "Draco, go back to the Slytherin dorms, Harry Potter is my task alone."

Draco nodded with a slight smile, "Good luck."

"I don't need luck. I have power, and skill," the Dark Lord replied with a sneer.

"You might have power and skill, but Potter has the best freaking luck I've ever known anyone to have," Draco insisted, "You need all the luck you can get!"

Voldemort quirked an eyebrow, thinking to himself some ego adjustments were in order for his Death Eaters, which would take place as soon as Harry was dead and buried… unless he wished to cast a spell to preserve Harry's body and hang it outside the Ministry once he took control of it.

"I see. Well noted," Voldemort replied, bored with the conversation with Draco. "Go now."

Draco nodded again, before swiftly passing the classroom that Harry had entered, walking down towards the Slytherin dorms and out of sight around a corner.

Voldemort eagerly approached the closed classroom door. Slowly drawing out his new wand he had acquired, so there wouldn't be any incompatibility with their wands again, Voldemort kept this wand at his side ready to bring up in the unlikely event Harry attacked. Voldemort doubted that Harry would be on to his plot just from his prior staring. The Dark Lord figured that with Harry's hectic life, that he just wanted a quiet place to study, alone. How Unfortunate, Voldemort thought to himself with a feral smirk. He then reached out his other hand to turn the classroom's doorknob and stepped through the door.

Closing the door behind him, the Dark Lord saw Harry leaning back against the nearest desk, as if he was waiting for someone.

The sheer power rush that was coursing through Voldemort was incredible, he was about to kill Harry Potter, and from the looks of it, the boy looked entirely defenseless. Voldemort nevertheless still stood with his wand firmly grasped in his hand, ready to raise it at any moment. He then considered whether he should let Harry have a sporting chance, and allow him to face him in a duel once again. It wouldn't be a problem now because they had different wand cores. However, before Voldemort could think about just how he wanted to kill The-Boy-Who-Lived-Only-Until-Now, Harry interrupted his thoughts.

"So, you kept staring at me in class," Harry said, breaking the silence between them.

The Dark Lord smirked, "Very true."

"One would wonder why," Harry continued as he slowly leaned away from the desk and approached Voldemort.

"Yes, indeed," Voldemort replied with a low chuckle. He remained where he was, not too far from the door, waiting for Harry to come closer, before he either chose to strike or gave Harry the option of having a duel to the death.

Voldemort observed Harry swallow, before next speaking. "It seemed like quite a, uh, heated, uh stare," Harry commented, flushing slightly, but still continued forward.

"Ohh, I would quite agree with that statement, Harry, and do you know why?" Voldemort asked him smiling. His eyes were glinting in glee at the thought of finally being rid of this brat, this thorn in his side.

"I, well…" Harry paused, flushed, and took a deep breath before continuing in a rush, "I'm pretty sure I know why, and now talking to you, I'm even more sure. I figure you're a Slytherin because you were sitting with Draco. I don't care what House you're in, but I do things the Gryffindor way, and as such…" Harry paused again to breathe, "I'm going to find out, so prepare yourself."

Voldemort only had time to smirk, thinking that Harry had surely figured out his plot, or part of his plot if he didn't realize who 'Evan' really was, and figured that Harry was about to draw his wand and duel wizard-to-wizard.

But that expected wand-draw to duel never came.

Harry covered the space between them in a few speedy strides, grabbed Voldemort's shoulders and shoved him up against the solid brick wall behind him.

Voldemort was temporarily shocked. This was not how wizard's dueled! What were they teaching the students here at Hogwarts these days?! There was practically no room to cast spells at each other! This wasn't some Muggle brawl! Voldemort seethed, with the single thought that Muggles and their backwards ways will Not taint My victory over Harry Potter!

At that moment, Voldemort began to open his mouth, intending to shout derogatory statements at Harry for being a Half-blood and for his sheer incompetence in dueling, which must have gotten even worse than when they had been at the Department of Mysteries. He intended to reveal his true identity to Harry and demand a proper duel to the death; but all of Voldemort's intended statements were cut off before they even started—when Harry's mouth all but crashed into his mouth, sealing their lips together and cutting off any breath Voldemort had.

Wh-What? was the only thought the Dark Lord had, before all conscious thought vanished from his mind as Harry Potter, his worst enemy, the one he had intended to kill, continued to kiss him.

Harry kneaded his lips against the other boy's, coaxing his mouth open more, and slipping his tongue inside, tracing the inside of the boy's mouth.

Unintentionally, Voldemort groaned into Harry's mouth. He hadn't had such contact with any other person since the time before he gave Harry his scar, and so the sensations running through his body evoked by Harry's ministrations pulled both sounds and shivers from him, causing him to drop his wand to the ground.

Smiling into the kiss and satisfied that he had discovered the reason behind the other boy's heated stares, Harry figured that he should probably pull back now and talk about the other bloke's feelings. He should of course also mention the fact that he was not gay. However, this thought fled his mind when the other boy's hands came up to bury themselves in Harry's wavy hair, bringing their mouths more firmly together, tongues sliding insistently against each other.

Excuses and purposes forgotten, Harry acted on impulse and let his hands slowly slide down the other boy's shoulders to caress his chest.

"Uhhh!" Voldemort moaned as he reflexively threw back his head when Harry's hands slid over the two pink nubs which lay beneath the thin fabric of Voldemort's robe.

The Dark Lord's vocalization of the pleasure he was feeling sent a shock of arousal through Harry. Ever the brash Gryffindor, he immediately leaned forward to place slow open-mouthed kisses along the side of Voldemort's throat.

"Ahh, uuuhhh, H-Harry," Voldemort gasped, mind still reeling from what was happening.

Emboldened again by this vocalization, Harry slipped his hands further down to the buttons of the boy's robe, quickly undoing each one as he continued to kiss and suck at the smooth pale neck beneath his lips.

After undoing the last button, Harry leaned back slightly as he shoved the material apart, causing the robe to fall partially off of the other boy's shoulders, and leaving the pink buds on his chest visible for Harry to see.

At this brief reprieve, Voldemort was about to say something, anything, to call a permanent end to whatever it was Harry was doing to him, but upon seeing Harry's heated gaze as he looked up from staring at his bare chest, the Dark Lord found himself without a voice as Harry again lowered one hand to the left pink nub on his chest and brushed against it with the back of his knuckles. A rush of breath escaped the Dark Lord as his fingers tightened in Harry's hair.

As Harry felt the other boy's fingers tighten in his hair, this gave him another idea. Placing both hands on each side of the boy's chest, Harry tentatively leaned forward, slowly dragging his tongue along the pink nub before taking it into his mouth firmly and sucking.

"Uhh, bbyy thh gddss!" Voldemort groaned between clenched teeth as Harry continued sucking on one nipple and shifting his left hand to roll the other between his thumb and forefinger.

"D-Do you, like this?" Harry questioned softly as he pulled back slightly from Voldemort's chest.

Voldemort continued to breathe hard even as his more conscious mind began to come back. He had no idea what to say, but the thought that he should really Avada Kedavra Harry before he could ever tell another soul about what happened in this room briefly crossed his mind.

Harry however, took his breathlessness and speechlessness as further encouragement, and so leaned forward to take the other nub in his mouth, sucking briefly before biting down slightly.

"Ahh! Fuck! Uhhhmm," Voldemort exclaimed and keened.

Before Harry could think of anything else he wanted to try to do to this bloke to hear more of the enticing sounds he could make, they both heard the sounds of voices and steps of many feet coming towards them.

Harry pulled back abruptly and stood, looking the bloke he had pushed up against the wall in the eye, while the realization of what they had been doing began to dawn on him. Instead of voicing any of it though, Harry stated the obvious regarding the noise, "Ohh, hah, other classes must have just let out, probably for dinner," he said a bit breathless.

Voldemort just stared back at Harry, almost incomprehensibly. What in the Divine's great name just happened?!

"I, uh, I should uh, just, go. I guess, I'll uh, see you around, yeah?" Harry stuttered out, face flaming as he took in the still exposed chest of the bloke across from him, realizing that he had left a few souvenirs of their recent activities on his smooth pale body.

The Dark Lord could only find it within himself to nod silently, while trying to even begin to contemplate how his plan could have possibly gone so wrong.

Harry turned to the door, grasping the doorknob before turning back suddenly to the bloke he had just done, whatever, with. "Er, what's, um, your name?"

Voldemort stared incredulously at Harry for a long moment, before finally remembering that: 1. Harry had asked a question, 2. He did not look like his true self presently, 3. He was still trying to kill Harry, 4. It appeared Harry had absolutely no idea he was trying to orchestrate a plan to kill him, 5. It further appeared that Harry had not a clue in the universe that he was actually Voldemort, the Dark Lord, the one entirely bent on annihilating Harry from this world, and 6. That for whatever reason, he did Not want Harry to know who he was, especially when he was partially shirtless and unarmed, since he felt that his wand was no longer held in his grasp.

"Umm, Evan. My n-name is Evan," Voldemort said softly, still shaky from their previous activities.

"Evan. It's, uh, nice to…er, meet you. I see you… already know who I am, so I'll just uh go now. I'll see you, er, soon?" Harry said as a question, but didn't wait for a reply as he flung the door open and dashed out, now that he heard that the hallway beyond was silent.

Voldemort remained exactly where he was, as he was, for several moments after that. Finally, rational thought began to fully reawaken within him, telling him he needed to fully put his clothes back in their proper place, and since Harry was still alive, to continue to go about as a Hogwart's student until his goal could be accomplished. Trying to push aside the earlier events with Harry until he could get back to Slytherin and think, Voldemort hastily straightened his robes, wandlessly summoning his wand back into his grasp as he also opened the door but turned in the direction of the Slytherin dorm.

Voldemort made it back to the Slytherin Dorm without crossing anyone's path, thinking they must all be down for dinner in the Great Hall. Voldemort continued down the side hallway to the boy's 6th year dorm room.

Upon opening the door, Voldemort spotted one person who had remained behind, Draco.

Draco had been attempting to read a book, trying to ease his nervous energy which surfaced when he realized that someone was going to actually do Potter in. He reflexively swallowed and tried to think what life at Hogwarts would be like without Saint-Potter. Bloody Boring actually is the thought that came to mind. Ron was an unsophisticated blood-traitor idiot who had no sense of wit, while Hermione, the mudblood, though intelligent with some wit, was too nice on a day-to-day basis to provide any real source of fun. Draco sighed to himself as he looked up, realizing that someone had entered the room—it was Evan!

"E-Evan, you're back! How did… wait, what happened to you?" Draco finished, entirely puzzled by what he was seeing.

"What, Draco?! I am Not in a good mood right now, so either get on with it or get out before I curse you!" Voldemort said with a sneer, wand twitching dangerously in his fist.

"Umm, well, ok, why are there purple marks on your neck and why are your, umm, robe buttons done up wrong?" Draco asked hesitantly, flushing as he figured out the approximate answer to his own questions.

"What?!" The Dark Lord shouted, rushing into the adjoining bathroom to see what Draco was talking about. "Gindelwald's dark powers! Harry Potter you are dead the next time I see you! No! Only after I Crucio you! Then you are dead!" Voldemort shouted at the mirror.

Draco slowly approached Evan where he was shouting in the bathroom, but keeping a hand over his mouth as he approached so he wouldn't completely burst out laughing and end up getting cursed by a clearly pissed off and ranging Evan Farley, the unmarked Death Eater.

Draco cleared his throat, "So, still don't think you needed the luck?" Draco managed to get out before bursting out into gusts of laughter as he stared at Evan's reflection in the mirror. Evan was a right mess, he had several purple marks along his neck, and at least two of the buttons on his robe were done doubly wrong, making his robe entirely skewed. Draco looked up to meet Evan's face as it glared back at him with such fury that Draco would poke fun at his obvious failure.

Figuring he would curse Draco later, after he had fixed his robe and cast a glamour to hide the bite and suck marks that Harry had left all along his neck before anyone came back, Voldemort began to unbutton his robe.

As he did so, Draco's eyes were transfixed on the reflection of Evan's chest in the mirror. It was obvious to him that someone had sucked at both of Evan's nipples and some of the surrounding area as well. The contrast between the slight marks and Evan's pale skin was surprisingly enticing, perhaps even more enticing than Pansy's, shockingly so as to cause Draco to force his eyes away from the sight to look at the side of Evan's head instead while the boy continued to stare at himself in the mirror and fix his robes.

"Sooo, did Golden Boy's little girly fan-club all pour into that empty classroom and have a mass orgy session for Saint-Potter and his guest or what?" Draco spoke suddenly to fill the silence and his curiously.

"Tch, if that was the case, I could have slaughtered them all. As it were however, I, apparently, got, uh, distracted," Voldemort ground out, flushing slightly, which was insane, because Dark Lord's didn't flush, even when they were in potion-produced bodies that weren't their own.

"Really… So then, how exactly did you get all those marks?" Draco questioned slowly.

Voldemort's patience had almost completely expired, forget that Draco was his own Death Eater, forget that he was the son of one of his right-hand-men, if he said one more stupid imposing remark or question, he would Crucio him, dismember him, and send him back to his good-for-nothing screw-up of a father in his Quidditch broom box!

"Harry Potter is what happened to me!" Voldemort replied for the last time, seething, his fingers shaking with rage so badly, they had difficulty doing back up the buttons on his robe.

There was silence between them as Draco stared back in the mirror, watching Evan struggle with the buttons as he continued to seemingly curse and mumble under his breath. After several long moments of Draco trying to process what exactly Evan had said, Draco finally responded.

"So… you're saying that it was, uh, Harry Potter himself who gave you those marks, and who, uh, is the cause of, um, the mis-done buttons?" Draco asked in a shocked, disbelieving voice.

Voldemort's resolve to Crucio or Dismember Draco had been put on hold since he was still clearly struggling to do up the buttons on his robe that Should Have Already Been Done By Now! Instead he just chose to answer snidely, "Indeed. And he shall pay dearly for marking up this-my-body!"

Draco just stared back at him incredulously, completely silent before going back into the other room, collapsing back onto his bed, and bursting out laughing. Trying to catch his breath to speak, all Draco managed to get out was: "Harry Potter! The boy-who-lived-to-be-gay-and-snog-the-fuck-out-of-the-death-eater-who-was-sent-to-kill-him! Muahahahaha!" Tears of mirth were pouring down Draco's face as he rolled back and forth on the bed absolutely besides himself at the hilarity of the situation. "Once again, the Boy-who-lived wins against the Dark Lord's forces by sheer dumb luck by deciding it's a great idea to snog some random bloke he just met! Ahahaha!"

The Dark Lord however, was not laughing. He was angry, absolutely livid. Sure partially at Draco, but mostly at Harry! How dare he do this to him! How dare he do that to him! He was the Dark Lord! Yet in the face of Harry Potter doing all those, those things to him, he was absolutely powerless! He even let go of his wand! What in Salazar's name was wrong with him? Harry Potter was his sworn enemy! Even if he did end up killing him, if anyone ever found out what had happened between them, his reputation as the Dark Lord would be ruined! And not just that, but it got worse!

Although he knew he pushed many things to the corner of his mind that were unpleasant, including his own blood status, Voldemort was not so blind as to not realize that the things that Harry had done to his body had felt unimaginably good. Better than anything he remembered from even before he lost his body the first time! If Harry so much as touched him like that again, it would likely completely distract him from his task of killing him! Well at least one good thing came out of this situation, it wasn't going to be as if he'd Crucio himself if he failed at his own self-assigned task! As absurd as the situation was, Voldemort could not help but chuckle under his breath.

Draco heard this chuckle from the bathroom, where Evan had finally finished doing up the buttons and stepped out. Getting his breath back, Draco spoke, "Well, I suppose you getting close to Saint-Potter might be a good thing. You could kill him whenever you want, and if you get him to trust you, you could probably find out a whole bunch of secrets about that Order he's part of."

Voldemort considered this idea carefully. Yes he could do that, and gain more than he ever thought he could. Not only would Harry be out of the way, but it would be much easier to take over the rest of the wizarding world.

"Excellent suggestion, Draco. I dare say, your father had better watch his place by the Dark lord's side, otherwise you may soon replace him," Voldemort told Draco.

"Oh, uh, thanks, Evan," Draco said uneasily as he reached back to rub his neck.

Voldemort nodded once in acknowledgment. "So, courting Harry Potter, I wonder what that will be like…" he said aloud in wonder.

"What? Wait you're going to actually court him?" Draco spluttered.

The Dark Lord paused and considered Draco further, "Well, isn't that what you suggested?"

"I said something along the lines of getting closer to Potter, that doesn't actually mean courting, like love-notes, chocolates, flowers, so on and so forth that usually come with courting!" Draco justified.

"Hmm, I don't know, it might be amusing to see his reaction to getting certain things," Voldemort replied.

"How do you know it'll be him receiving things?" Draco asked.

"What do you mean by that?" Voldemort questioned.

"Well, what if Potter ends up being uh, more the 'man' in the relationship and sends you things? After all, he did put all those marks on you and seems to have taken the lead, at least from my perspective, unless you did more to him than he did to you?" Draco replied.

Voldemort felt his face heat as the truth of what Draco was saying began to sink in. Realizing he had just stood there, in a most un-manly like manner, and let Potter do whatever he wanted to! "That won't happen again," Voldemort argued.

Draco's eyebrows rose. "So you're saying that you want to be the one who puts the marks on Potter's body?" Draco finished with a smirk.

"I, uh, Yes-No, uh… none of the above…?" Voldemort replied.

"Very convincing. So does that mean you'll share each other with each other?" Draco pressed, laughing at how uncomfortable he seemed to be making his new, uh, friend.

Voldemort picked at a stray thread on his robes, delaying answering the question. "Draco, I don't know. The thing with Harry, it was… just so sudden, I have no idea really how to respond. This wasn't part of my plan. Fuck, it wasn't even part of the anticipated response to my plan!"

"Hmm, right, I suppose not, since it was a pretty freaking unlikely outcome. Well, while you think on it, do you want to go get dinner?" Draco suggested.

"Dinner? Uh, yes," Voldemort replied hesitantly, knowing that now he had to remember to eat, because he wasn't mist anymore as he had been for about a decade.

Draco nodded, and rose from the bed, leading the way to the door, but paused.

"Oh you might want to uh, cover up those," Draco gestured awkwardly to his neck, reminding Evan of the love bites Potter had left.

Draco immediately noticed Evan's face flushing red as the boy's breath sped up, and quickly raised his wand to case a glamour that would hide the marks on his neck.

Something about Evan's flushed demeanor sent a shot of something through Draco, but he quickly squashed it, shaking his head, thinking it had been far too long since he'd been laid if he was feeling all weird like this, around some random guy he had just met no less.

Turning back to the door, Draco opened it and stepped through, Evan right behind him.

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