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[End of Chapter 30]:

Of course, no one berated her for her choice of nick-names. Apparently she tended to call everyone by a bird-name based on their status or character. Not to mention that she was the Supreme Medi-Witch! Only 1 Supreme Medi-Witch was elected in each Coven-Region, although there were many Premier Medi-Witches and Premier Medi-Wizards under her direction.

She seemed as old as time itself, her face lined with wrinkles as gnarled as an old tree and her cane equally as old and gnarled. Though, perhaps one shouldn't call it a 'cane', as some claimed to have seen her use this cane to work extremely complex medi-spells – ones that her typical wand could not. Anyway, Gertrude had shrunk with age and generally was seen hunched over her cane, though her eyes remained bright and alert, with a tongue of steel when it came to barking out orders at her subordinates – her no-nonsense attitude and ability to keep her cool in hectic situations was legendary. Her incredible perception of her patients' needs was uncanny, and hinted at an innate magical ability that eluded most other Medi-Witches. As such, she was highly respected, and no matter what the problem, she always seemed to either find a solution, or a way to ease the pain in the coming end days.

Kneeling down, the Info Medi-Witch whispered the news of a male pregnancy into Gertrude's ear.

"Bah! It is probably utter nonsense! There has not been a male pregnancy in over 458 years exactly! What bumbling Medi-Witch determined that status?!" Gertrude announced to the entire hallway.

When the Info Medi-Witch whispered that it was Madame Pomfrey from Hogwarts, Gertrude's demeanor changed like a flipped Galleon. "Why didn't you say that sooner, Goose?! No time to lose!" Looking around the hallway, Gertrude spotted a fellow Medi-Witch loading used bedpans into a cart to be cleaned.

A Medi-Witch has got to do what a Medi-Witch has got to do! Gertrude thought to herself before casting, "Wingardium Leviosa!"

One used bedpan shot towards Gertrude, the other Medi-Witches around her falling back from the smelly bedpan.

Gertrude directed her wand to lower the bedpan, and turned it upside-down. Then, she hoisted herself up onto it, and zoomed off down the hallway, her golden-yellow robes flapping in the wind behind her, her white hair falling free of the bun she wore at the back of her head.

I just hope I'm not too late! And I pray the father has not strayed too far! Gertrude pleaded with the Spirits to give the pregnant boy strength until she could get to him and assess the situation.

Voldemort Goes Back To School

Chapter 31: Part 1:

Competitive Helpers

POV: Severus and Minerva

Severus was cognizant of his patience slipping and a headache building as he stalked menacingly up and down the rows of students while peering into each of their cauldrons. The potion was supposed to be an eggshell-blue color, but he had yet to see a potion that was blue at all, or even green!

Why is it that…. every single year… it seems that First Years possess… less intelligence than… any of my Potions ingredients? Severus thought to himself, mentally alternating in his fast-slow-fast form of speech. He was grateful that it would soon be time for lunch – thereby giving him a reprieve from the frustrations that inherently resulted from teaching. Before he could get any further in his thoughts regarding the incompetence of First Years, a bright ethereal glow leaped through the closed Potions classroom door and caught his attention.

"Professors Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall! A student has a most unusual medi-condition that requires immediate attention! Please report to the Medi-Wing immediately! I am seeking assistance from St. Mungo's and will return shortly! I will explain everything further at that time!" Came the voice of Madame Pomfrey from the gazelle that was her Patronus form before it faded.

It took Severus a moment to assimilate Madame Pomfrey's message into his normal Schema of Reality and Plausibility. I do believe Madame Pomfrey just admitted to needing assistance from St. Mungo's… and possibly needing Minerva's and my assistance as well. I cannot imagine how serious the condition must be!

Dashing into his Potion's storeroom and flicking his wand at various healing and hex-countering potions vials to summon them into a nondescript black leather pouch (leather being used instead of cloth, lest a potions vial accidentally leak and cause harm to the carrier), Severus rushed back out and made for the door. "Class is dismissed!" he barked out over his shoulder to the astonished students, before speedily making his way up the long series of castle staircases towards the Medi-Wing.

It wasn't long before he saw Professor McGonagall round a corner in front of him. Guessing that she must have received the same message via Patronus, he presumed she was also heading towards the Medi-Wing. Not to be outrun by an aging lady about twice his age, Severus increased his pace.

"Minerva," Severus greeted, careful to keep his voice level so as not to reveal any huffing and puffing from having practically sprinted up from the Dungeons.

"Ah, Severus! I see you've been called to the Medi-Wing as well. Never in all my years has Madame Pomfrey sought assistance from another professor, let alone from St. Mungo's! I do hope the student's condition is at least treatable," Minerva informed Severus, her voice as even as his. "Madam Pomfrey must not have known which of our skills would be best for this medi-emergency. But, I am certain I can handle this matter alone."

"If that were the case… Minerva… I am certain that… Madame Pomfrey… would have only summoned you. But as she has summoned me as well… it must be for my… Potions skills… in which case… you must have been summoned only due to your role as… acting Deputy Headmistress… in Dumbledore's absence," Snape replied. He lengthened his strides in an effort to get in front of Minerva, though she moved quite speedily for someone up in years.

Thanks to his longer arms, Severus was able to reach the door handle to the Medi-Wing before Minerva. Eager to win the race, he yanked hard on the handle, and consequently cringed in pain as he almost dislocated his arm – the door was locked!

"Need some help, Severus? I daresay you are becoming weakened in your old age," Minerva bantered.

"The door is locked," you old goat, Severus thought the last three words in his mind as he made a conscious effort not to grab his smarting right arm.

"Well then, it is a good thing I'm here! Transfiguration you know – very very useful," Minerva stated in a smug voice. She waved her wand around the door handle and lock, turning both into a neatly wound spool of grey thread, which she then guided downward to the foot of the door.

"Well, I could have easily used… a Potion… to simply melt the lock… and then use another Potion… to poison the one who locked it," Severus countered.

"Hmpf, as if killing a fellow faculty member is worth going to Azkaban for," Minerva retorted as she waved her wand to open the handle-less door.

Severus walked into the Medi-Wing around Minerva and saw that of all the possible students to be at the center of a medi-emergency, it had to be Evan Farley in one of the beds, and for some strange reason, Hermione sat alongside him in that same bed.

The Potions Master was shocked to feel not one but two emotions surging within himself – flaring jealousy and choking worry. Stomping down on the former, Severus focused on his worry over the emergency at hand.

Severus supposed the medi-emergency could be for Hermione, but with her high intellect, he doubted that she could have gotten herself into any sort of severe trouble. It seemed far more likely that she (being a kind-hearted Gryffindor and a Muggle-born) was helping Farley (a presumably Pure-blood Slytherin), rather than the other way around. That being his conclusion, his thoughts as to what precise medi-emergency could have befallen Farley began to take shape.

Oh Merlin, don't tell me, Draco somehow bollixed up the dilution of the Libido Suppressant Potion Farley was taking! And now Madam Pomfrey is seeking help from St. Mungo's! My involvement will be found out! Dumbledore will surely sack me for this! And if not him, then the board of governors! Severus's thoughts jumped between the possible repercussions of his actions as the two students looked up and noted his and Minerva's arrival.

Severus observed that Farley's eyes reflected a significant amount of shock and even fear. How very un-Slytherin-like for him to display any hint of fear… but I suppose that's because he's not really a true Slytherin – he transferred from Durmstrang after all, if I recall correctly from his student-profile. Regardless, this does not bode well for me, because his display of fear towards me lends credence to my hypothesis that I may in part be the cause of his current condition.

Voldemort Goes Back To School

Chapter 31: Part 2:

Unforeseen Banana Peels

POV: Voldemort and Hermione

Voldemort's attention was ripped from the enjoyable discussion of baby names with Hermione when he heard a squeak of hinges coming from the supposed-to-still-be-locked door! And then in strode the trespassers – McGonagall and… Severus!

No! No, no, no, no, and no! This can't be happening! Of all people, why in Merlin's name does Severus have to be here, right now?! Voldemort freaked out silently, on the brink of having a massive panic-attack.

I absolutely cannot afford to have one of my own Death Eaters discover my… my… 'condition'! I have to deal with this situation at once! He decided. However, acting upon said conclusion quickly became an impossibility. According to prior Death Eater spy information, Minerva McGonagall was part of The Order. Additionally, Severus was his own Death Eater. Both were formidable opponents. Despite the fact he was thee Dark Lord and immortal due to his Horcruxes, Voldemort was worried that if he engaged them in battle, one of their spells could potentially harm his unborn children, both of which were still very early in their development.

Besides, it would be a smarter choice to wait until Madame Pomfrey returned from St. Mungo's with assistance so he would become aware of anything he needed to do during his pregnancy to make sure his children remained in good health. Up until now, Pomfrey still had not returned.

"Well, Mr. Farley, you appear to be in good health from where I'm standing. Would you or Miss Granger care to explain the nature of the medi-emergency since Madame Pomfrey is presumably still seeking assistance from St. Mungo's?" McGonagall questioned – though it really wasn't a question at all.

Voldemort's mouth dried out. His tongue suddenly felt too large for his mouth, sticking to the surrounding parched flesh. No, he didn't want to explain anything to either of them. They weren't even supposed to be here! His plan to Obliviate the witnesses did not include one Order Member and one inner circle Death Eater.

When 'Evan Farley' remained silent for too long, Hermione decided to pipe-up and try to spare her… new friend, she supposed, from the awkwardness of trying to explain the situation himself. "Well, Professors, it's… well… maybe it would be best if Madame Pomfrey returns before discussing it further."

The Dark Lord latched onto this idea –if we can delay their inquiry, then maybe McGonagall and Severus will have to get back to their usual activities! They will never have find out what's really going on! Then, I will have the opportunity to wipe the memories of Hermione, Pomfrey, whoever accompanied Pomfrey from St. Mungo's, Harry, and Draco! Ok, yes, that sounds excellent!

However, just as Voldemort was about to agree enthusiastically with Hermione and put this plan into action, two loud pops echoed in the Medi-Wing, signaling the return of Madame Pomfrey and help from St. Mungo's.

Voldemort Goes Back To School

Chapter 31: Part 3:

Candyshop – Yes, for real my Naughties ;)

POV: Dumbledore

In another Wizarding Town in Britain, not too far away from Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore made his way down Pixy Lane until he came to a purple-spotted yellow door of a large pink and red striped building. The neon green sign above the door displayed the words 'WizMug Sweets Shop', and it was famous for supplying both Wizarding candies and Muggle candies.

A spell activated a chime the moment Albus opened the door. He walked towards the Wizard behind the counter, turning his head right and left to admire the contents of many wooden bins filled to the brim with brightly colored pieces of candy in all shapes and sizes.

"Good afternoon, Gregor," Albus Dumbledore greeted his friend, who was also one of his trusted informants and his only candy supplier.

"A very good afternoon to you too, Albus! I've just finished filling your order. Why don't you come on back and make sure it's correct?" Gregor replied.

"Ah, I do believe that would be best, considering the quantity… among other things," Albus agreed. "I find I am quite anxious to sample one particular candy," he continued as he began following the waddling gait of his heavyset friend to the back of the shop – his own candies were obviously too much to resist.

Gregor turned his head back to look at Albus and scratched his graying half-bald head in confusion. He opened his mouth to speak, but thought better of it until he and Albus passed through the door to the back and closed it behind them. "Er, sample the candy? As in, actually sample it? Now that's a first – unless you mean your usual Lemon Drops." Gregor knew that with the exception of the Lemon Drops, Albus never habitually consumed the candies himself – those were for others. Albus had only tested the effects of all the candies the very first time Gregor had made them years ago, to ensure they had the desired effect.

Albus chuckled, "No no, I do indeed wish to sample one of the specially-made candies. Nothing too drastic of course, but I do feel an anxiety-reducing and muscle-relaxing Licorice would be beneficial. It has been a very trying few weeks, though I am happy to say, ultimately successful. Oh, may I?" Albus asked, gesturing to a chair set beside the large hardwood table in the room's center.

"Hm? Oh, yes, please have a seat." Gregor said as he summoned many brightly colored striped boxes from one whole side of the room and set them on the table in front of Albus. The remaining three sides of the room were stacked with other brightly patterned boxes belonging to other customers with large or custom orders. Gregor then unwrapped a blue spotted pink box, revealing the Licorice Albus had asked for and held it out to him.

Once Albus had said Licorice in hand, he popped it into his mouth and chewed slowly, savoring the taste and welcoming the near-instant effects of the Potions-laced candy. He reflected on how lucky he was to be alive and well. The reason he had not been at Hogwarts for over a month, was because he had been searching for Tom Riddle's Horcrux Ring. After searching several places, he finally found it buried in a golden box beneath the floor of where the Gaunt Home (or Shack) once stood. However, Dumbledore soon discovered that both the Home and Box were heavily warded with many Dark Magic curses – which literally took him a week to undo safely. While doing so, he slept on a log that he had Transfigured into a bed. He would need to speak with Minerva to improve his log-to-bed Transfiguring spells, because to be quite honest, despite the log's visual transformation into a bed, it really did feel like he slept-on-a-log, rather than slept-like-a-log.

Additionally, Albus still felt jittery about his almost worst mortal-peril-blunder ever. After he had removed all the curses from the Home and the Box, he felt so relieved that in his state of impatience and aching joints, he reached out. He was just about to touch the Ring when a thought struck him that he ought to check whether any curses had been placed on the Ring itself. Acting pursuant to this thought, sure enough, he detected one fatal curse that would have almost certainly killed him the moment he were to touch it.

Clearly, Tom Riddle had become far more protective of his later-made Horcruxes than his earlier-created Horcrux Diary. Albus made a mental note to himself to be increasingly careful in his hunt for the rest of the Horcruxes. In the meantime, he sealed the ring up inside of a nondescript rock laying about the Shack's rubble and cast a variety of concealing spells on it to mask its malevolent aura before placing the rock inside his right breast-robe pocket. He planned to destroy it with Gryffindor's Sword as soon as he returned to Hogwarts.

Prior to having left on his journey to attempt to locate one of Tom's Horcruxes (which ended up being the Ring), Albus had decided to leave Gryffindor's Sword in his office at Hogwarts, G-ds forbid he be killed during his attempt to retrieve the Horcrux. He decided that if and when he recovered a Horcrux, he would return to Hogwarts and use the Sword to destroy it.

Despite being aware of the dangers in searching for Voldemort's Horcruxes, Albus decided not to reveal to anyone what he was doing. Apart from his confidence in his own magical powers and knowledge of spells, he feared the possibility that any person he told about the Horcruxes might be tempted to make their own, and become another dark lord.

As such, he chose to not yet tell any other person about the existence of Tom Riddle's Horcruxes. However, he did leave the vials of various memories concerning them in his office, along with the Sword of Gryffindor, as a precaution for the small possibility of him dying before he could destroy all the Horcruxes. In that event, he hoped that Minerva, Severus, or Harry might discover the existence of the Horcruxes and continue his quest to find and destroy them all.

Of course, Horace Slughorn already knew about young Tom Riddle's plans to create 6 Horcruxes based on the memory that Horace had truthfully provided to Albus over the past summer. Other than the portly DADA Professor, not many people even knew about Horcruxes at all, most likely due to three reasons. The first being that the steps to create a Horcrux were hardly ever documented. The second being even if documented, Horcruxes were apparently incredibly difficult and temperamental to make. Thirdly, others believed that creating a Horcrux would weaken the magic of the creator - which proved to be an effective deterrent.

However, Albus concluded that the superstition about Horcruxes weakening the magic of the Horcrux creator must be false, considering how powerful Tom's magic still felt based on their battle last Spring at the Ministry of Magic. However, Albus suspected that creating a Horcrux may weaken the creator's soul, due to the fact that it involved removing part of that person's soul and placing it in an inanimate object or another's body and in which case the Horcrux creator would not have access to (or full access to) the part of their soul in the Horcrux. This might explain why as Tom created more and more Horcruxes, the less Human (and more Evil) he became.

In any case, after Albus's close encounter with a very painful death (had he not thought to check the Ring itself for any curses), he decided that upon his return to Hogwarts, he would tell someone about the existence of those Horcruxes before going out and attempting to locate the remaining Horcruxes. He still had to decide who he would tell about the Horcruxes, but he was fairly certain that he would choose to at least tell Harry.

After all the stress of the past week, Albus decided a short trip to his friend's candy store was necessary before he returned to Hogwarts, not only to calm himself down, but to also obtain the most recent information regarding Voldemort's newest diabolical plans.

Swallowing the last of his piece of candy, Albus addressed Gregor. "I am curious to learn more about what your employee, Dolton, has revealed about Voldemort's recent plans."

From what Albus had learned over the years, Dolton had the unfortunate fate of not being the brightest-wand-in-the-shop. Shortly after he began working at Gregor's shop many years ago, it became clear that he was a low ranked Death Eater who liked collecting information (or gossip) about the goings-on in the upper Death Eater ranks and about Voldemort's instructions and plans. He also had the unfortunate vice of not being able to keep a secret to save his life (literally if he kept spewing Death Eater secrets to everyone).

Thus, a while ago, Gregor had deliberately told Dolton of his [fake] Pureblood values, and how he was not able to join the Death Eaters due to his poor health, but longed to be kept up-to-date on Death Eater activities so that he could live vicariously through Dolton. Dolton's ego had apparently soared to epic heights, and he was more than thrilled to spill all secrets to Gregor who would then inform Albus of the same.

Unknown to Dolton, Gregor was pro-Muggle and pro-Muggleborn rights, and to top it off, was also a member of The Order of the Phoenix.

Incidentally, neither Dolton nor the Death Eaters who knew of Dolton's employment at WizMug Sweets appeared to know that the store's name was obviously short for Wizard-Muggle Sweets. If the other Death Eaters had known the store's full name, one would think that they would have questioned Dolton's loyalty. However, it did not surprise Albus that the Death Eaters were unable to differentiate Wizarding candies from Muggle candies, as they chose to be segregated from Muggles.

Gregor paused. "Er, yes about You-Know-Who and his Death Eaters' activities. It has been surprisingly quiet. Apparently You-Know-Who instructed all his Death Eaters to lay-low other than the tasks he had already previously assigned them. Seems that You-Know-Who was going to personally embark on some journey that may take some time, though no one knows where or why. He also packed a trunk to take with him. No one has heard or seen him since he left."

Albus felt unease beginning to form in his gut. He couldn't fathom what sort of terrible plot Voldemort was hatching personally such that none of his Death Eaters even knew the specifics of said plot. "And when is it said that Voldemort left?"

Gregor cringed at his name, but answered. "The last anyone saw of him was August 30th or 31st, the Death Eater Dolton spoke to couldn't remember the precise day," Gregor said as he too took a seat beside Albus.

Albus tried to think of anything important that correlated with those dates that could be potential leads for where Voldemort had gone and what he intended to accomplish. Really the only things he could come up with were Mabon (the Fall Equinox) and Samhain (the day where the veil between the Living Realm and the Spirit Realm was at its thinnest, allowing for communication between the living and the dead… among other possible things), which had both taken place in September. In the magical world, the Solstices and the Equinoxes could be used to magnify the potency of certain magical rituals. Most had fallen out of use or had been outlawed for various reasons, including drawing on the large amount of magical power released during those times that if drawn too heavily on, could disrupt the natural world around them and cause death to many innocent creatures.

Albus felt the blood drain from his face at the thought of Voldemort inventing some sort of new horrific ritual at such time. There were no other events that came to his mind for the month of September – well, other than Hogwarts' new school year beginning on September 1st of course, but everything had been quiet at Hogwarts to his knowledge. Minerva, Severus, or Pomfrey were to contact him if anything related to Voldemort were to occur or any other dire emergency that they could not fully handle on their own.

I do wonder what in Merlin's name Voldemort could possibly be up to at this moment… Albus pondered silently before turning his attention back to his friend.

"I see. I greatly appreciate this information and your having toiled endlessly over so many delicious candies that are sure to be useful in our fight against Voldemort," Albus reassured his friend. "Should you discover anything about Voldemort's whereabouts and intentions, please contact me at once."

Albus then reached into one of his many robe pockets and retrieved a leather pouch. He used his wand to remove and to Engorgio 70 Galleons back to their normal size to pay for his extensive purchase and levitated them to rest upon the table in 14 neat stacks. "I do believe this will be enough, is it not?"

"I'll be sure to inform you of any further information. And yes, that is more than enough to cover your purchase. You are very generous, Albus," Gregor said with a big smile.

Albus then began Reducio'ing his purchases and placing them in various robe pockets. In the midst of doing so, a wispy image darted through the store-wall.

"Headmaster Dumbledore! I apologize for disturbing you, however, although there has not been any sort of attack, I feel that your presence at the Medi-Wing is imperative as a student has a most unusual medi-condition that requires immediate attention! If you are able, please report to the Medi-Wing immediately! I am seeking assistance from St. Mungo's and will return shortly! I have also sent similar messages to Professors McGonagall and Snape, who should be arriving shortly. I will explain everything further at that time!" Came Madame Pomfrey's voice from her gazelle Patronus before disappearing.

Upon the initial arrival of Pomfrey's Patronus, Albus started to sweat and feared the worst, considering he had just been pondering Voldemort's puzzling disappearance. However, at the news that it simply involved one student (though unfortunate as that student's condition may be if it necessitated Pomfrey to seek additional assistance), he heaved a sigh of relief before apologizing to his friend for his hasty departure.

"No worries, I hope your student is alright and gets well soon," Gregor said in parting.

"As do I," Albus replied. With a final nod, he Apparated out of the Candyshop and reappeared inside Hogwarts in the hallway just a few feet away from the Medi-Wing's door. He hurried towards it, wondering what in Merlin's name could be wrong and wondering which student it could be, before he was struck with a terrible thought.

I just hope it isn't Harry Potter! Anyone but Harry Potter, please G-ds! Albus prayed silently, feeling his heart begin to accelerate as he drew closer to his destination.

Hi Everyone!

In case you were wondering, here are some changes I made to the canon:

Severus Snape is still the Potions Professor (whereas in canon, Severus becomes the Defense Against the Dark Arts (DADA) Professor).

Albus Dumbledore is not fatally injured in obtaining Tom Riddle's Ring Horcrux (whereas in canon, Albus injures his hand, which will spread to the rest of his body and would have been killed by it eventually had he not been killed first).

Albus leaves the Sword of Gryffindor at Hogwarts when he goes to find the Horcrux Ring. (In canon, there are conflicting sources regarding whether Albus took the Sword of Gryffindor with him to the Gaunt House/Shack or whether he left the Sword in his office at Hogwarts. Ultimately for more than 1 reason, I chose to have Albus leave the Sword at Hogwarts while he attempted to retrieve the Horcrux Ring. The sources I consulted were 2 different sections on Harry Potter Wikia: 1) Marvolo Gaunt's Ring (appears to suggest Albus took the Sword with him to the Gaunt Shack), and 2) Horcrux (appears to indicate that Albus left the Sword in his office). I also consulted a 3rd source, Wiki Answers, for the question: Where was Marvolo Gaunt's Ring destroyed?

Albus can Apparate in and out of Hogwarts (whereas in canon books, Albus can't Apparate in and out of Hogwarts – no one can).

Horace Slughorn is the DADA Professor presently and was also the DADA Professor years ago back when Tom Riddle was a student at Hogwarts (whereas in canon, Slughorn taught both times at Hogwarts as the Potions Professor).

Horace Slughorn tells Albus the truth about what he told Tom Riddle all those years ago about the Horcruxes. Slughorn also gives Albus a copy of the real memory of telling the truth to Tom Riddle about the Horcruxes. (Whereas in canon, Slughorn refuses to tell Albus the truth about what he told Tom Riddle about the Horcruxes, and Slughorn purposely tampers with his own memory and provides a false memory to Albus about the conversation he had with Tom Riddle about Horcruxes. In canon, Albus asks Harry to try and get the real memory of what Slughorn told Tom Riddle).

Obviously, I made several additions to the canon, and created a few new Original Characters as well. My story really replaces the Half-Blood Prince (it's not a mere retelling of the story), thus my story will end up being pretty different from the canon of the Half-Blood Prince – but you all probably guessed that already! XD

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