Mason/Sheila cuteneess!

Mason Dimalanta just sat on the couch, head rested on his arm, bored out of his mind. Sheila then approached him and said, "'ey, Mate! Wanna banana?" she asked, holding up the fruit.

Mason rose a brow and looked at it. "Huh?"

"Come on, Mate! They're yummy!"

"I ain't a monkey!"

"Yes you ah!"

"I am not."

"Ah too. Humans are moderately evolved apes. That makes YOU inta bananas!"

"Then that makes you a half-raccoon, half-moderately evolved ape?"

"Strewth, Mate! Now eat it!" she demanded, holding it up to him.

Mason just smiled at her playfulness and ate it.

E-yup. Good ol' Mason/Sheila. WHELP, see you for Firstborn. Later. P.S.: Love ya, Morgie. :3