Chapter 1 – Gabriella's POV

Sharpay pulled her pink convertible into the parking lot of East High. I got out from her car shutting the passenger's side door and waited for Sharpay to finish putting on her lip gloss. Gosh sometimes she wears too much make-up for her own good. Soon enough Ryan pulled up next to us in his scooter and smiled brightly at me. I smiled back as Sharpay grabbed her design bag from inside her car.

"Hey Ryan," I greeted him smiling and hugging him. He hugged me back.

"Hey Gabi, ready for school today?" he asked pulling off his helmet as Sharpay came around her car to stand next to us already texting away on her phone. I rolled my eyes at her.

"Ready as usual," I answered Ryan's question as all 3 of us started our walk towards the school entrance. Suddenly we heard a screeching of tires and turn out heads towards where it was coming from. A black Audi S5 pulled into the parking lot at a fast speed and turned into its normal parking spot. Out stepped the most obnoxious guy I have ever met.

I glared at the back of his head as he stepped out of his car and sling his bag over his shoulder. Troy freaking annoying Bolton was dressed in a black leather jacket with a dark blue v-neck and dark washed jeans.

"Must he always enter school at suck a dangerous speed?" Ryan asked as we started our walk again.

"It's Troy, dangerous is his middle name," I answered as we walked by him.

"Did I hear my name Gabriella?" I heard the cockiness in his voice. Gosh did I mention how much I hate him?

"In your dreams Bolton." I sneered as he cracked his million dollar smile and leaned against the trunk of his car.

"Oh you have been in my dreams many times Miss Montez." I gave him a look of disgust as his smile got bigger and he chuckled.

"Very attractive Gabriella."

"Shut up Troy, gosh do you have nothing better to do than annoy me?" I asked stopping our walk.

"Great here we go again," Ryan muttered I turned to have my usual morning shout match with Troy.

"There is nothing to do but annoy Gabriella. You wanna know why I love annoying you so much? It's because you get all fluster and I think you look hot when you're mad." He winked at me. My face instantly became red. He chuckled again at my red face and I boiled over in anger.

"Fuck you Bolton."

"What time? I'm free after practice." UGH! He is such a pervert. Why do girls throw themselves at his feet? He's nothing but a douche bag. He'll sleep with you then dump you the next day. I glared at him and he kept laughing. Soon a blue camaro pulled up next to Troy's car. Out stepped my best friend and her boyfriend.

"Oh no, looks like Troy got Gabi mad again," Taylor stated grabbing Chad's hand and lacing them together.

"Damn Troy what did you do? She looks like a momma bear ready to tear you apart for trying to hurt her cub," Chad said coming to stand next to Troy. The devil himself chuckled at Chad and pushed himself off his car.

"Gabriella wanted to fuck me so I simply just asked when."

"Oh shut up Bolton, I wouldn't even sleep with you if you were the last man on earth and we had to save the human species. You're disgusting and who knows from all the girls you have slept with, you probably have some kind of STD."

That hit a nerve in Troy I can tell as his jaw twitched and his smile disappeared. But as soon as it disappeared, it came back.

"Gosh Gabriella, that hurts." He feigned putting his hand over his heart; like he has one, that bastard. I ignored his comment and walked over to Taylor pulling her along with me into the school hallway heading to our lockers. As I walked away I heard every single guy come up to greet Troy. Gosh it was so annoying how everyone idolizes the idiot.

He was king of the school, East High's it boy; he's the captain of the varsity basketball game and took them to two championships. What's so special about that anyways? A school should be judged by its academic scores and accomplishments not some sport where a ball goes through a hoop.

I walked over to my locker which was sadly, exactly six lockers down from the 'king's' locker. Taylor turned to me and looked at me with a serious expression on her face.

"You shouldn't let Troy get under your skin like that Gabi," she stated. I shook my head and took a deep breath and pushed out all the anger.

"I know but I don't know why he can do that to me!"

"It's all the sexual tension, that's how," Sharpay commented coming from behind us with Ryan in tow. I turned around and glared at her.

"What? It's true, ask anyone." She stated flipping her sidekick up to reply to a text. I put my hand over her phone and stopped her from further reading her text.

"We do not have sexual tension between us Sharpay. If there's any tension between us, it's all bad."

"Oh please, whenever you guys are in a room together or even close to each other, there's sparks and everything goes up in flames."

"What are you talking about Sharpay?"

"Gabriella I think it's time for you to stop kidding yourself and give into the pleasure of the sex god that is Troy Bolton." My jaw dropped at her bluntness.

"Sharpay Michelle Evans! I cannot believe you just said that!"

"Oh get over it Gabi."

"Number one you have a boyfriend and number two that's really inappropriate for school."

"Okay one, I know I have a boyfriend and hey he checks out girls and I'm totally fine with it as long as he doesn't touch them or they touch him. Second, it's totally appropriate school talk, it's all teenagers talk about. Three, you're just in denial."

"Sharpay-" I got cut off by said boyfriend of hers, Zeke Baylor.

"Zekey!" she exclaimed and leaned up to kiss him and pull him away from us before I can yell at her again.

"Can you believe her? The nerve," I turned around to talk to Taylor.

"Sorry Gabi but I have to agree with Sharpay on this one."

"Is everyone against me on this?"

"I'm not against you," Ryan piped her. He was quiet the entire time I forgot he was standing there.

"See now that's a true friend."

"Gabi just forget what Sharpay said okay and try to have a good day," Taylor said before walking away to find her locker. I sighed and pulled out a few books before slamming my locker shut before turning to walk down the hall with Ryan.

"Don't get upset over what my sister said Gabi, you deserve someone way better than that jerk," Ryan stated smiling at me. That made me feel better and I returned his smile. Kelsi came up to his side and Ryan smiled turning all his attention to the petite girl who was the coordinator of all the school plays. I smiled at them, they were totally flirting. We all turned into Ms. Darbus's room. First class of the day was theater and unfortunately all seniors have to take a theater class which means Troy was in the class as well.

We all settle in as all the boys (except Ryan) sat in the back and the girls sat in the front. Everyone filled in the middle. The school was well aware of my hatred towards Troy. Ms. Darbus sauntered her way into class as the late bell rang and we waited for her.

"Good morning young thespians. Today we are going to go over a new play that we are incorporating into this year's schedule of amazing plays."

Sharpay, Kelsi and Ryan perked up at the news of a new play. I rested my chin on her hand as Ms. Darbus started to explain the new play.

"This year we are going to have our first ever Seniors' Play. All seniors are required to take a part in this play. You can consider this your final exam. The show will be put on for an entire week and weekend. If you fail to play a part in this production you will not be walking at graduation."

The class all groaned in disappointment but the 3 theater geeks screamed in anticipation. Great…a play.

"Now I know that we usually let Sharpay and Ryan take the leads in musicals but this time around we are going to allow auditions for the two leads."

"What!" Sharpay screamed making everyone cover their ears.

"Now, now Sharpay we might find new talent in all these new faces. Besides you'll get a chance at auditioning as well."

"Ms. Darbus, ma'am?" We heard Jason asked from behind us as he sat with his basketball buddies.

"Yes Jason?"

"What if we can't sing?"

"Well then its better you hear from me now rather than later on in life when you audition for a play." Everyone looked at each other in confusion.

"Ms. Darbus?" Chad asked raising his hand in question. Ms. Darbus sighed and turned to Chad.

"Yes Mr. Danforth?"

"No disrespect to you or the theater of arts but ma'am may I add that us guys have basketball practice every day after school with being so close to the playoffs and all. We won't have time to be in a play."

"You won't have to worry about that Mr. Danforth because we will be having auditions and practices during this class in the auditorium from now on. Also the rest of you will stay after school and help paint and practice as well. The boys will have their practice as scheduled. Coach Bolton and I had already settled this with Principal Matsui."

The guys groaned in a fail attempt of trying to get out of this play.

"Okay now everyone to the auditorium."

Everyone got out of their seats and the girls walked towards the auditorium as Sharpay rant about how this wasn't fair to her talent. We all agreed to whatever she was saying trying to avoid controversy. We all sat in the seats as Kelsi and Ms. Darbus walked on stage with a clipboards in hand.

"Okay first we are going to pair off and start auditions tomorrow. Now let's see." She looked through the roll call sheet as we all sat by. The boys were sitting behind us messing with Chad's hair.

"Okay, Sharpay will pair up with Zeke, Jason with Martha, Chad with Taylor, Ryan with Kelsi." Kelsi looked up from writing down names as she heard her name called. Ryan smiled in excitement at his new duet partner.

"Wait Ms. Darbus I can't be in the play," Kelsi interjected.

"None sense, you're a hard worker Kelsi, also you're a senior who deserves to star in her own play."

"Moving on, Richard with Rachel, Mike with Chelsea, Troy with Gabriella."

My heart picked up pace as I heard our names together.

"Wait Ms. Darbus you can't put Troy and Gabriella together," Kelsi interrupted. My eyes grew wide as the guys snickered from behind us.

"Why not Kelsi?" Ms. Darbus asked obviously not aware that I hate his guts. Kelsi explained to Ms. Darbus why we couldn't be partnered up. Ms. Darbus seemed to agree and was about to change her mind when the devil spoke.

"Wait Ms. Darbus, I'm sure Gabriella and I can put aside our differences for this one play. Besides the theater can probably bring together two people who hate each other and make them friends," Troy said smiling through it all. I was frozen in my seat. I had no idea what to do. I turned around and was about to yell at Troy for his idiocy but Ms. Darbus beat me to the punch.

"You see now Troy has the right mind set for this play. Troy and Gabriella will stick together. Moving on!"

She called out the rest of the names as Troy stared at my shocked face.

"Cheer up Gabriella, this will be fun." He smiled. My senior year has just been ruined.

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