Three years later...

Elena rolled over with a hearty groan as she scanned the room. The once bright yellow bed sheets were now a shady dark blonde and the pillows managed to find their way to the floor. She unwrapped herself from the thin sheet and rolled out of bed with another groan, pulling the deep red curtains to shade herself from the blinding sunlight. She then stumbled over to the bathroom, starting her usual morning routine.

Elena emerged from the bathroom, feeling much better and refreshed then before, pulled on Damon's oversized t-shirt and walked downstairs. She can to a halt as the sweet aroma of bacon, eggs, and pancakes filled her nose and teased her stomach. She suddenly saw Damon walk across the kitchen, loudly singing the chorus to some five year old pop song that no one sings anymore. She crouched low as he walked back over to the stove with his back to her. She tiptoed down the rest of the steps, not wanting to make her presence known. She moved quietly through the hallway and to the doorway of the kitchen.

"Good morning, my beautiful wife." Damon said as he stopped singing and smirked, with his back still towards Elena. Damon proposed a year ago at Elena's favorite eat out. He got down on one knee speaking the sweetest of words and ending with, "You can't say no; you know too much already." – whispering it to her, of course. Those nine words made the proposal the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for her.

"How'd you-?"

"I used to be a CIA agent." he said as if it were common knowledge, smirking bigger when Elena rolled his eyes when he turned around.

"You and your stupid superpowers take the fun out of everything!" Elena declared as she went to the fridge and pulled out a grape soda. She snapped to can open and took a long sip, the cold liquid feeling good on her dry throat.

"What? Superpowers?" Damon asked as he grabbed her waist from behind, smashing her back to his chest.

She took the soda from her lips and fiddled with it in her hands. "You have these, like, these superpowers you developed from being agent. You have better hearing, you can run fast and-"

The slippery half-filled soda can slipped from her hands, but Damon caught it before it could hit the expensive imported Spanish ceramic tiles. "And quick reflexes." he smirked.

"That's what I mean! Normal people don't do that." Elena returned as she wiggled from his grasp.

"Do normal people do this?" Before Elena could ask anything at all, she was swept into the air and thrown over Damon's shoulders and he was carrying her to the table.

"Damon, put me down!" Elena squealed. "Damon!"

"Sorry, kitten, once you're on the train, there's no getting off." Damon said as he ran all through the house, ignoring her squeals and begging, finally ending in their shared bedroom. He roughly threw her on the bed, the bouncy bed working against her weight.

"And the journey ends!" Damon said as he flopped on the bed next to his wife.

"No, no, no, I want a divorce, sir."Elena said with a short giggle.

"Oh no! But I love you, Elena!" Damon said as he crawled on top of her, trapping her on the bed, and grabbed her hands as she laughed at him again. "And you know too much already." he whispered in her ear, just like he did at their proposal.

"I love you too, Damon." Elena said once she was done with her giggle fit and leaned in to kiss him tenderly.


"WE'RE HOME!" Lexi yelled from downstairs followed by a door slamming. Elena giggled and shoved Damon away. She picked up her favorite skinny jeans and pulled them on.

"I'm going to be taking those off late tonight."

Elena snorted. "Damon, we have guests."

"They're not guests if they come to your house every day, eat all your food, and sleep in the guest rooms, they're more like family." Damon said as he walked down the staircase with Elena.

"Then treat them like it." Elena whispered to him. "Lexi! Tyler!" She went to hug Lexi as Tyler and Damon linked hands and bumped shoulders. They switched and Tyler gave Elena a kiss on the cheek as Damon did the same to Lexi.

"How have you guys been?" Tyler asked as they all made their way to the kitchen.

"Same as yesterday, Tyler." Damon said with a smirk in his direction. He grabbed two tumblers from the dark mahogany cabinets along with two wine glasses.

"Hey, Tyler, you saw that football game last night?" Damon asked.

"So, Lex, how's the house coming together?" Elena asked, starting her own conversation while the men talked. About a month ago, Lexi had spilled that she and Tyler had brought property not too far from Elena and Damon's house. Thanks to Jeremy's great uncle, Zach Grant, his riches, and Jeremy and Anna's generous nature, Lexi and Tyler had a huge six bedroom, four bathroom house built in only two weeks. She said the walls were a light tan color and she had plans on adding beautiful furniture from Italy and hanging expensive paintings imported from Paris; it was only the finest for a girl such as Lexi.

"Ah-ma-zing!"She said, stretching out every syllable and waving her hand in the air. "I just brought the best painting, and I already have an eye on my furniture; it's coming straight from Florence. We should have it in a week or two – you know how that shipping thing works."

"That's so great! I can't wait to see it!" Elena said as she grabbed the wine and the bourbon one of the bottom cabinets. She pulled the cork and poured Lexi and herself wine then she poured the whiskey in Damon and Tyler's tumblers.

"Elena! Damon!" She heard Anna call her from the living room and the door slammed.

"In the kitchen!" She replied. Less than a second later, Anna and Jeremy stood in the doorway, huge smiles on their faces.

"Hey!" Lexi said as she and Elena stood to give them both a hug, the other men doing the same.

"Been ok?" Jeremy asked both couples.

"I found the perfect furniture and paintings and I just can't kill enough time until they get here!" Lexi said, squealing at the end.

"Oh my gosh!" Anna screamed and jumped up and down as she clapped her hands. Her smiled looked so wide that it looked like it was going to fall off her round face.

Jeremy suddenly spoke up, glancing at the three girls and two other guys. "How about we take this party outside?"

Damon shrugged while everyone nodded.

"Let's go then!" Anna declared, racing out the front door, Tyler and Elena right behind her.

Tyler grabbed one of the two occasional chairs and Anna plopped down in a small French settee, while Elena sat in the swinging loveseat. Lexi, Damon, and Jeremy strutted out, closing the door behind them.

"So, who won the race, kids?" Lexi asked sarcastically.

Elena glared playfully. "I think you're spending too much time with Damon."

Everyone snickered and Anna leaned forward to give Elena a high-five.

"Oh!" Anna said. "We forgot the drinks!"

"I'll get them. Tyler, come help." Jeremy said. His smile was still evident on his face as he waved over a laughing Tyler.

"We can help too." Lexi said, quickly tilting her head over to Anna.

"I'll co-"

"Nah, we got it." Jeremy said, immediately hushing Damon.

"Ok then." Damon said, settling on the swing with Elena instead. The two couples went inside, shutting the door again.

Elena breathed in and out, and her eyes snapped shut. She loved the smell of the air right now. The faint aroma of a freshly-baked apple pie filled the air, the air was crisp and had a hint of lavender, and then there was the intoxicating tang of Damon's aftershave. A small breeze blew past, tickling her nose and making her sliver with delight. It was indeed perfect, no air freshener or fragrance could ever compare. She wished she could capture the scent that way she can keep it forever.

"What are you thinking about?" Damon whispered in her ear, leaning close. He had his arm wrapped around her shoulders and he was snuggled close to warm her.

"The air." She replied simply, her eyes still closed.

Damon sniffed. "Smells like apple pie." He paused, taking a moment to inhale again. "And-"

"And lavender." She finished for him. "You too. Your aftershave."

Damon didn't reply. Instead, he leaned closer, pulling her chin in his direction. She finally opened her eyes. Steely, soulful blue eyes met hers and she closed her eyes again, focusing on the fingers on her chin and the pair of eyes staring at her soul. She captured the moment, hoping that every minor detail stays with her forever. She leaned in closer, feeling him lean in too. He breathed, blowing his cool, minty breath over her nose – it felt just like the breeze from a few minutes ago. After what felt like a century, their lips finally touched and she still felt the same sparks and romantic rush that she got the first time they kissed. She wished this moment could last forever, but every good thing must come to an end.

"I love you, Elena." Damon said, panting breathlessly.

"I love you too." Elena replied, pushing her forehead against his. Her forehead was hot and sweaty, but his was cool and comfortable. The mixture was perfect together. They sat in silence for what felt like a long time, but was actually only a few minutes.

"Lexi, you better not drop those glasses!" They both jumped, snapping their heads to the opening door just as Lexi and Tyler came through.

"I won't!" She yelled back. She was balancing the three wine glasses and two of the three tumblers in both hands.

"I offered a hand, but she's stubborn." Tyler said, just holding one tumbler. "This one's yours Damon." Damon took his tumbler form the man and took his seat. Lexi smiled as she safely sat all the glasses on the wooden table next to her chair. Anna and Jeremy emerged from the house, and they sat in their own chairs with smiles sitting on their faces.

"Told you I could carry all those, Tyler!" Lexi said proudly.

"Well, I never said you couldn't!"

"But you shook your head and told me to be careful!"

Elena turned the arguing couple out, glancing at Damon once. He smirked at her, making her insides churn again and her cheeks turn a light crimson. She wished she could read his mind, just to know what he was thinking about.

Though, never once did neither individual, Elena nor Damon, think maybe, just maybe, that the two couples had been listening in on their conversation from inside the house.

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