"Are you sure you're okay?" You ask, looking up at Rory. He nods, not speaking. He and Laura broke up again, much less dramatic than the last time but still leaving a mark. You were really happy when Rory called, you hadn't talked to him for a bit and her was one of you best friends. Now here you were, sitting on the floor next to his bed, looking up at him. Rory sighs exasperatedly and falls back, so he's just lying down on this bed. You stand up and lay down next to him, staring up at the white ceiling

"Well at least she's not sleeping with Daniel, right?" The two of you laugh awkwardly at the joke for a minute before you return to silence.

"At least Lucy is trying to be supportive…" It's you who breaks the silence this time.

"Yea…" Rory shifts positions; your shoulders are touching now. The silence continues, but if feels a little less comfortable now. You push yourself up and look down at your friend,

"I should probably go."

"Aw…Okay then," Rory sits up next to you, and at that moment his dad, Paul walks in.

"Rory, have you seen…" He sees you and blinks, "Oh, hi..." You smile at him

"Hi Paul"

"So are you two…" Paul interlaces his fingers and holds out his hands to symbolize 'together'. Both you and Rory burst into nervous laughter, shaking your heads.

"No, no, no, no" You say, bowing your head for a moment, "Rory's great and all but…"

"But what?" Rory looks down at you, eyes curious. You squirm a bit, at times like this you hate the few inches of height that span between the two of you.

"But you're one of my best guy friends, and I've known you since we were little. Don't you think that would be a bit weird?"

"Yea…" Rory's gaze shifts to his hands, which are currently sitting in his lap. You stand up,

"Anyway, I was about to go…"

"Right! I'll see you out!" Rory jumps up and the two of you walk to the door

"Bye Paul…" You say, slipping past Rory's dad, who had just been standing there awkwardly. You and Rory go to the door in silence, and you linger there for a moment.

"Bye then…" Rory says quietly, almost shyly. Your eyes meet and you both just stand there quietly. But you drop your gaze and stare at your feet,

"Yea, bye." You look back up and smile half-heartedly and walk outside, leaving Rory with his mouth open as if he were about to say something. You sigh and lean against the door, closing your eyes. Maybe dismissing the idea of you and Rory being together so quickly wasn't so smart. You sigh and walk towards the street, trying to force thoughts of your and Rory's noses almost touching while the two of you stare into each other's eyes out of your mind.