The door seems so ominous; you really don't want to do this. You really don't want to do it. Yet you do, because you want to make things right again. It's really a horrible process to go through in your mind, but you do it anyway. You know it will help you build up that minimum of courage to walk inside that house. Suddenly you're overcome by a rush of memory, the first time you and Rory kissed, the first real date, how special he always made you feel, the first time he said the words 'I love you'. The intense wave of emotion is almost enough to knock you off your feet, but you instead simply stumble back. If brief, the time it takes for the memories to arise and impact you are far more than enough to send you towards the door. Towards Rory's house. It's a relief to find the door unlocked, if it was locked the courage could have vanished and you could have abandoned your efforts. Rory's house hasn't changed, and it feels somehow wrong. You feel like it should have changed with everything else that changed in the past day. Suddenly feeling very intrusive, you slowly walk through the entryway into the hallway. A warning-like answer, actually just a single word, spoken by Rory flashes through your mind as a gangly teenage boy walks in through the doorway from the kitchen. Edwin. He looks around, clearly confused by your presence.

"Did you just walk into my house without knocking?" he asks, slightly dumbfounded.

"You never knock. Anywhere." You scoff, headstrong backbone kicking in. Edwin shrugs,

"Yeah, you're right. I've even done it at your house." You get ready to protest the fact that Edmond has never actually been to your house but his sly smile silences you. "Nice panties, by the way." His smile grows as your attention flies to your lower half, checking for any way he could see your undergarments. Edwin waits until you look up at him, confused, before he continues. "You know, the red ones. With the hearts." Your mouth drops open, and you try to articulate the anger mixed with embarrassment you feel. Before you can get a syllable out the person you came here to see walks in, Edwin's name halfway spoken before he sees you and falls silent again. Edwin looks between the two of you before chirping "We were just talking about your girlfriend's panties." and dashing upstairs. The two of you stare after him until the full meaning of what he said takes root in your mind.

"So you haven't told them yet…" Though your voice is quiet, yet the silence is shattered none the less. Rory nods, and you open your mouth, apology ready to spill out but Rory holds up his hand.

"No. Let me." Closing your mouth hesitantly, you nod and Rory continues, "I'm so sorry, and I know that's never enough. And I have admittedly been thinking a lot more about Laura lately and I might have kissed back a little bit before I saw you, I'm not even sure I just wish I had never even saw her." Your mouth has fallen open again, but in shock.

"No," the word expresses all the anger, pain, sadness, and disappointment building up inside you. "Just…. No." Anger becomes clearer in your heart and voice as you continue "You always said too much…." Rory's confusion is clear; you don't even need to hear his pending question "I came over here to apologize. Laura called me this morning." You step back, glancing towards the door and making your destination clear. Anguish immediately fills Rory's features, "You messed up Rory. Again." Suddenly you are turning and leaving, words resonating in your mind. Both yours and his. Each footfall feels monumental, and you aren't getting away from his house fast enough. It takes a few minutes for the following footsteps to begin, longer for you to truly register them. You want to scream at Rory to get away, but you don't trust your voice to stay steady. The footsteps quicken to a brisk jog, but the person who arrives at your side is such a shock you almost stop in your tracks