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Prologue: Dawn of the Benders

Since the beginning of time, there have been gods and spirits: powerful beings that watch over and protect our worlds and work to keep balance and keep away evil in the universe. Each of them played a vital part in making sure the Balance was stable. Whenever unfortunate events happened to the mortal beings of this universe, the spirits did their best to protect them. But after many eons of doing so, the spirits eventually became tired. So one day, the gods decided to lend the mortals their own power: the Powers of the Elements. The mortals would be able to use these powers the gods possess to protect themselves and keep balance in the worlds, and the gods would no longer have to worry about the danger that could befall them.

But while the other gods were satisfied with their solution, their leader was not so sure. Even with the mortals having been blessed with their great power, he didn't think they could keep the Balance all on their own. So, the gods' ruler, Arceus, decided to place his own powers into a sacred gem: the Jewel of Light. He then searched for a mortal being worthy enough to use as an Avatar for the jewel, someone to use its power. He found the one: Theodore Turner, and entrusted to him the Jewel of Light, thereby granting him the powers of the Elements of Light: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air.

After mastering his powers, Ted Turner took the name "Captain Planet," because of his elements. He wisely used his great powers to keep balance in the worlds, and ensure peace and prosperity. Arceus thought his choice was the right one… but:

There is another world, parallel to ours, inhabited by the shadows of the people that live in ours. Its denizens were opposite in nearly every way to their counterparts. Despite this, each Negative shared a spiritual bond with its counterpart: if something were to happen to someone, their opposite would be affected as well. So, when Ted Turner was given the Jewel of Light, his Negative counterpart was given his own powers: powers of evil and darkness. The Dark Elements: Poison, Shadow, Psychic, and Fear.

This evil counterpart used his newfound powers and gathered legions of other elemental benders… and laid siege upon the spirits. His power seemed too great… but eventually, they were somehow saved by the remaining power Arceus still had. But despite his noble effort to defeat this evil being, whom the spirits called the "Negatar"… Arceus was destroyed.

But while Arceus' physical form was destroyed, no god can truly die. The spirits knew that Arceus still lived on somewhere. They figured this somewhere was the Jewel of Light, which now lay dormant within Captain Planet's soul. After Captain Planet's death, the spirits thought that the Jewel of Light would return to them with his soul… but it didn't.

While Captain Planet's soul ascended to the Spirit World, the Jewel of Light instead remained in the Mortal World, and searched for another worthy vessel to use its power. As generations went on, more Avatars came and went, and the Jewel of Light chose a new one every generation. The same fate became of the Negatars as well. And the power of Arceus still lived on inside those mortal beings… who share the same lifetime.

However, there is another story: a story that tells of Eight Child Spirits directly descended from Arceus. It is told that these spirits each contain great powers similar to his. And whoever were to find these Eight Spirits would have the greatest power in the universe…

The top of the Spear Pillar seemed rather quiet as Dialga & Palkia stood high on top, looking down to the world below. "Ugh… where are they?" Dialga asked impatiently.

"What's wrong, Dialga? Your apprentices not on… time?" Palkia remarked.

"Shut your mouth, Brother. At least they're still more reliable than any apprentice YOU could ever have. I just wish they'd…"

"Surprise, surprise." came a voice from behind.

The two gods immediately turned and noticed Clockwork, the Ghost of Time. "You're late, Clockwork." Dialga said.

"My apologies, Master." Clockwork bowed. "Being the loyal apprentice of the God of Time doesn't make things move any faster for me."

"Where are the others?"

"Misty, Jagar, and Olive are waiting down below. Even timebenders need to save their energy."

"Very well. I suppose you know what's happening?"

"Indeed I do. The Dark Master is returning. When he does, the Quest for the Eight Firstborn will begin at last."

"And it is your job to make sure the Kids Next Door get to them first." Dialga ordered. "And make sure the Eight Guardians are with them."

"The Guardians have already been found. They only need to find themselves first."

"That means two things!" Palkia joked.

"Uh-huh. Anyway, when the Guardians find the Firstborn," Dialga continued, "you must make sure they catch them in these." With that, eight balls appeared out of thin air around Dialga and drifted down to Clockwork. "These are Spirit Balls: Pokéballs specifically designed to capture the Eight Firstborn, and to be used by their respective Guardians. Without the Guardians, the Pokéballs will not work. Nor will the Firstborn cooperate with them. You must ensure that that happens, and get them delivered to the Guardians."

Clockwork nodded. "I understand. But with many Guardians so far apart from each other, my colleagues and I will have to split up. After all, there's going to be much adventuring these next few weeks."

"Understood." Dialga spoke. "But whatever happens, the Dark Armies must not get the Eight Firstborn. You must retrieve them as soon as you can."

"I think we BOTH know what the future holds, Master." Clockwork replied. "And I ensure you… I intend to make it happen." He smiled.

At this time, the other three timebenders joined him up there as well: Misty Greene, Jagar King, and Olive Pioji. "Are we ready to go?" Olive asked.

"Indeed." Clockwork said. "We must split up and assist the chosen ones in their quest. Jagar, you'll be accompanying me. Time Warp." With that, he waved his staff and opened a clock portal. The four spirits proceeded to drift inside.

"Bah. How come YOU get four apprentices when I don't even get one?" Palkia whined.

"Perhaps because the first two mortals YOU entrusted your powers to nearly destroyed the Balance." Dialga said.

"I would have had Dimentia on my side, had she not fallen into depravity. And the only reason you would not let me contact Dimentio is because of some 'unseen force beyond your comprehension' or some bologna. You may be the God of Time, but you can't really know your little helpers will succeed."

He was silent. "Maybe not. …But that's what the future holds."

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