Play the Main Theme to Super Smash Bros. Brawl!

The Universe Rejoices in Light! The New Era Starts Now!

I've heard legends of that person

How he plunged into enemy territory

How he saved his homeland

I've heard legends of that person

How he traveled the breadth of the land

Reducing all he touched to rubble

I've heard legends of that person

I've heard legends of that person

Revered by many – I, too, revere him

Feared by many- I, too, fear him

Now that person…

Stands by my side.

Now that person,

Stands by my side.

Now my friends are with me

Some of them were once heroes

Some, my mortal enemies

And as we face each other in combat, locked in battle

We shine ever brighter.

"Morgan?… Morgan? Morgan, wake up."

Morgan shot her eyes open, finding the emerald-green eyes of her brother looming over her, as did her other siblings.

"Are you okay?" Buddy asked.

"I'm… fine." Morgan helped herself up and looked around. "Where's Gnaa?"

"Gnaa… disappeared." Athena said. "We haven't seen him since the explosion. Aang is okay, though. He and the others are still here."

Morgan looked as the army of heroes/villains all gathered around, facing some blinding light. Morgan stood up completely and gaped. The marvelous golden light of Arceus's form sparkled in everyone's eyes. They all stood upon a clifftop on Planet Poké, staring as Arceus's faced them with his gigantic visage. All around them, the rest of the gods, from Palutena, Medusa, Regigigas, Kyogre, all of them, stood/flew and looked at the heroes with faces of proudness.

"WE DID IT!" Pit, the excited angel, screamed as he soared around the heavens above. "We saved every living thing! EVERYWHERE!"

"We sure did, Pit!" Palutena smiled.

The Supreme Deity spoke, his voice clear of any anger he had beforehand. "For many years… I have lived in anger… and darkness. It has been so long… since I've felt compassion for anything. Even the tiniest speck of light. And now… Kids Next Door, and other heroes. I humbly offer my thanks for rescuing me. Thanks to you, my heart is again filled with light. The universe is restored, and the darkness has been put to rest."

"Ahhh. It was nothin'." Sonic said simply.

"We're really used to this sort of thing." Knuckles said.

"My anger and frustration for the humans has left me, and my darling children are saved. How can I ever thank you?"

At this, Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie flew and hovered before Arceus's face. "Well, there is ONE thing:" Azelf began. "Get rid of these curses!"

"Yeah! They're awful!" Mesprit began sobbing.

"We understand you meant well, but our curses have prevented us from doing what we desired most." Uxie said. "Please, it would be very kind of you to take them off."

"Is that truly what you wish?"

"Yes, it's what we all wish." Nova said.

"Nobody likes going long without hugging." Sonya replied with a pleading look. "Let alone thousands of years."

"Hmm… I suppose I did act rashly. I let my fears get the best of me."

"Yeah, so get rid of the cruddy curses already." Numbuh 4 complained.

"Then as God, Creator of the Universe… I renounce thine fates." Arceus calmly closed his eyes, reopening as they sparked with a new light. The bodies of the Lake Trio brimmed, an energy flowing from each of them into their father's eyes. The glowing soon blinked to a stop, and the trio studied their forms.

Uxie, very fearfully, opened her eyes, for the first time in eons. The world looked very blurry, but her vision returned, her eyes meeting those of Azelf and Mesprit, who stared with wonder. She looked at all the heroes, who gave stares as well. She formed a smile at this new miracle. "I…I can see! And.. I'm not cursed!"

"Hoor-RAAAY!" Mesprit cheered, embracing her sisters in a hug. "We're not cursed anymore! Ohh, GLORIOUS of days!"

"I hear that!" Azelf said, playfully smacking her sisters, who gave smacks back.

"Who is Mesprit, Starfire?" Olive Pioji joked.

"Well, with the universe saved, I guess there's no reason to linger around here." Palutena figured. "Let's return, Pit."

"Awww. Can't I hang out with the Kids Next Door at the party?" Pit whined.

"Don't worry, Pit." Palutena smiled. "We'll have our own little party!"

"I LOVE YOU, LADY PALUTENAAA!" The heavenly light shone on Pit Icarus, and the angel was gone in a blink, the image of Palutena vanishing as well.

Eva Roberts and Manaphy waved happily to the God of the Ocean, Kyogre Neptune. The massive whale dove beneath the sea, leaving a tremendous splash of water. The Goddess of Moon, Cresselia, soared into the heavens, towards the bright moon in the skies above. Yuki smirked at Polaris, the Snow God disappearing in piles of flurries. As the sun rose over the horizon, Solaris, the Sun God, disappeared into the light, with a farewell wave from Nigel and Blaze. Angie grinned and waved good-bye as Regigigas stomped the ground, sinking into the earth. Groudon walked his way to the nearest volcano, disappearing under the magma surface. Sonic gave a gentle, cool wave as Rayquaza flew into the heavens, disappearing behind the clouds.

The Terrible Toxic Four smirked and waved to Hexxus, the Poison Spirit giving a smirk and salute back as he vanished into the woods. Danika, Midna, and Nolan waved to the dragon, Giratina, whose shadow stretched beyond the rising sun as he disappeared into the reflection of the ocean. Mandy only glared as Darkrai, the Nightmare King turned away and disappeared into the heavens, returning to his domain. Dimentia and Jirachi smiled at Palkia, the Space God disappearing into a pink portal. Jagar and his friends also watched as Dialga disappeared into a parallel portal. Finally, Marine grinned and waved as the Mother Wisp flew into the heavens, and disappeared into the light.

"Hmm… gone, eh? Well, I guess I better be off, too…" Medusa decided, her gigantic form turning away. However, she turned back and spoke, "I must bid you adieu, Kids Next Door. Oh… but don't worry." She smirked evilly, "We'll see each other again real soon… Mm, HA HA ha ha ha ha! AHH HA ha, ha ha ha ha!" The goddess slowly disappeared, her cackle echoing to the heavens.

"Hmm. Geez. What's her problem?" Doug asked. Gwen shrugged.

Morgan and Aang stood by each other on the cliff's edge as they and Arceus overlooked the horizon. "Avatar Aang… Morgan Catherine…"


"All of you. This world you live in is truly a magnificent place. And it does my heart good… to know that I am a part of it as well." The Creation God turned once more to face the heroes. "It seems we were right to trust our powers to mortals. They've done a better job than we gods have ever done. Even with some dark hearts… I know our realm will be safe if you continue to wield the elements."

"There's… still one thing I don't understand." Buddy said. "When Morgan was.. dead, and her memories were scattered… or something… why didn't Athena, Sophie, and I disappear, too?"

"It seems her belief in you three was strong enough, your demeanor as just imaginary figures has… ceased to exist. Your forms have taken a real interest. You are now part of existence, much like everyone else."

"So, that is why…" Meta Knight discovered.

"But if you have your powers back… does that mean the Avatar will never come back?" Sokka asked.

"Hm-hm, no… The elements are a part of Aang now, as they were mine. The Cycle of the Avatar and Negatar will continue as it always has."

"But you're saying… Gnaa is alive." Morgan said. "Where is he?"

"Gnaa is lost now. But do not worry. He still remains somewhere. Whether you will find him or not… I cannot say. However, if your faith is strong… he will come back to you someday. And now… I must say my final farewells. I will fade into the very fabric of the universe… and continue to ensure life for all living things. Farewell… Kids Next Door… Mario… Sonic… everyone. The light… will always guide you." And with those final words, Arceus drifted into the rising sun. His body and form dispersed into tiny pieces of matter, which spread across all of the realms of Planet Poké.

Fanny's eyes widened, suddenly remembering something. "ARCEUS, WAIT! !" she called out at the top of her lungs. "ARE YE A BOY, OR A GIRL?"

"Boy." His form called weakly and quietly.

"OH YEEAAH! !" Fanny slumped down in defeat as Patton cheered louder than ever. "I TOLD YOU! ! HECK YEAH, BABY! OH YEAH! !"

"Ugh…" Fanny face-palmed.

The many heroes and villains were left to themselves upon the quiet cliffside, winds brushing through the trees, and ocean waves splashing across the shore. "GRAAH…" Bowser yawned as he stomped closer. "Well, I dunno about you guys, but I'm gettin' hungry."

"Always in the mood for eating, aren't you?" Jagar asked.

"And just like that… it's all over." Nolan calmly said.

"It's not over." Nigel Uno spoke as he stepped to the front. "The struggle doesn't end… because the Kids Next Door," the British boy smirked, "never ends."

Sonic smiled and stepped up beside him. "And my stories don't end until I stop running."

"Oh-ho yeah!" Mario fist-pumped, getting beside them.

"Poyo!" Kirby cheered.

"Ooh-OOOH!" Donkey Kong pounded his chest.

"Never ever." Rachel smirked, standing beside Nigel.

"Heh, I guess not." Nolan chuckled, rolling beside them.

And the heroes just stood there. The sun rising over the horizon, made them shine greater than ever. The dawn of a brand new day was upon them. A brand new era. An era… where they would shine ever brighter. (Play the "Ending" Theme to Super Smash Bros. Brawl!)

Legend of the Eight Firstborn: Cast & Epilogues

Benjamin Diskin as Nigel Uno, Hoagie P. Gilligan, Legin Onu, Eigaoh Nagillig, Matthew Garley, and Elijah Frantic

Lauren Tom as Kuki Sanban, Ikuk Nabnas, Angelie Lemange, Virginia Sims, and Uxie

Cree Summer as Abigail Lincoln, Cree Lincoln, Olivia Ravenhearst, and Medusa

Rachael MacFarlane as Rachel T. McKenzie, Lehcar EiznekCm, and Emily Matthews

Rachel, Mandy, and Lehcar stood face-to-face in the KND Sooper Convention Center arena. Azelf waved her arms, and the three girls began to battle it out with their swords. As Rachel clashed with Lehcar, the Master Sword was knocked out of her hand, but Rachel was saved when Azelf clashed against Lehcar's sword with her own dual swords, holding them in her tails. Rachel ran to grab her blade again as Lehcar battled Azelf, then ran in to join back in the fight.

Matt Levin as Patton Drilovsky

Janice Kawaye as Sonya Dickson and Lee Harper

Scott Menville as Paddy Fulbright

MaKayla Rogers as Charlotte MayHence

Jason Harris as Chad Dickson

Candi Milo as Margie Drilovsky and Henrietta von Marzipan

Keone Young as Jeong-Jeong

Tom Kenny as Doug Murphy, Yang Hanamizu Bean, Hannibal Roy Bean, Raimundo Pedrosa, Common Cold, Mumbo Jumbo, Knightbrace, and Eduardo

The wind breezed past Chad Dickson's blonde hair, the teen closing his eyes in peace as Emily Matthews held him in her ghostly arms, flying across the sky. Alongside them, Shaunie Fulbright excitedly rode upon Luvbi's back, having eaten the magic blue apple and shrunk in size. They soared through the Realm of Skypia as the many other Nimbis took to the heavens as well.

Rob Paulsen as Shaunie Fulbright, Sammy, Carl Wheezer, and Robin Food

Charles Martinet as Mario, Luigi, Metal Mario, Metal Luigi, and FLUDD

Kazumi Totaka as Yoshi

Jen Taylor as Princess Peach and Toad

Dee Bradley Baker as Wallabee Beatles, Tommy Gilligan, Herbie MayHence, Ying-Ying, Appa, Momo, Revan Bane Sidious, and Joey Beatles

Numbuh 11.0 and The Terrible Toxic Four sat back and relaxed on the beach, smiling out at the ocean as Eva Roberts, Katie, and Marine surfed across the waves. Eva stood on an ice-made surfboard, Katie rode a regular surfboard, while Marine rode her waterbike as the three went around in circles. The trio of girls surfed up on a wave that Manaphy conjured, all four of them surfing onto the beach and washing over the five boys. Once the water cleared, everyone burst into laughter.

Tara Strong as Eva Roberts, Ava, Angelie Granite, Mushi Sanban, Gwen Tucker, Yin Hanamizu Bean, Harvey McKenzie, Yevrah EiznekCm, Scarlet Vargas, Raven, and Marine the Raccoon

M. Knotz as Manaphy

André Sogliuzzo as King Bumi

Victor Brandt as Pakku

Robert Patrick as Piandao

Amber Hood as Jessica

Scott Burns as King Bowser Koopa

Dolores Rogers as Bowser Jr.

Chris Seavor as Kammy Koopa and Gruntilda Winkybunion

Jennifer Hale as Fanny Fulbright and Luvbi

All of the Koopalings and Bowser Jr. worked tirelessly to haul the fallen Bowser's Castle back up onto its mountain peak. When they finally had it stationed back on its perch, they sighed in relief and brushed the sweat off. Bowser smiled and gave a nod of approval. However, it was only when a single tiny bird decided to take land atop the roof. The castle shook and slid down the hill again in an instant, the Koopas staring wide-eyed as it quaked the earth upon landing. Bowser only shook his head in disbelief.

Veronica Taylor as Wendy O. Koopa

Lani Minella as Morton Koopa Jr., Larry Koopa, and Lemmy Koopa

Mike Vaughn as Ludwig von Koopa

Dan Falcone as Iggy Koopa

Brad Jackson as Roy Koopa

Big the Cat sat along the edge of a lake, laughing joyously alongside Froggy as they patiently waited for fish to bite. Behind them, Sonic, Shadow, Blaze, Sonia, and Manic raced across the lush green fields. Tails and Amy flew overhead in Tails' airplane, letting the wind breeze through their hair as they watched the speeding animals.

Jason Griffith as Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog

Amy Palant as Miles "Tails" Prower

Dan Green as Knuckles the Echidna, Mephiles the Dark, Customer Service, and Mewtwo

Lisa Ortiz as Amy Rose

Oliver Wyman as Big the Cat

Mike Pollock as Dr. Eggman and Eggman Nega

Jaleel White as Sonia and Manic

Bella Hudson as Violet McCleary and Blaze the Cat

Andrew Rannells as Decoe and Bokkun

Darren Dunstan as Bocoe

Amy Birnbaum as Charmy Bee, Nova of Harnita, and Azelf

Kazuko Sugiyama as Celebi

Wally Wingert as Cubot and Tallest Red

The Kong Family members all worked hard to carry the lot of Golden Bananas back into their cavern. Kami Drilovsky and Ava both struggled to bring in the massive Rare Banana, the two each holding a side as they limped their way through. They watched as Diddy Kong hovered overhead on his jetpack, holding a banana by a rope with no trouble. Chunky Kong used his incredible strength to lift a giant Gold Banana above him, with Dixie and Tiny Kong both sitting on top of it, one foot dangling over the edge. Kami and Ava just decided to set the banana down and sit down to catch their breath. They saw no way of getting this banana there anytime soon.

However, that's when Kweeb jumped onto the banana, the girls looking at him as he gave an assuring smile. Kami and Ava exchanged nods and smiled, the two holding the banana up by its sides again while Kweeb held it up in the middle. The three of them successfully brought it to the Kongs' Banana Horde and tossed it straight to the top. The Kong Family stared as the pile of golden fruit sparkled beautifully. Team Alien exchanged smiles once more and continued to stare.

Emma Mason as Kami Drilovsky

Rickey Collins as Kweeb

Ben Campbell as King Kroctus Rool

Mark Hamill as Kaptain Kruckers Rool, Stickybeard & Candy Pirates, and Negatar State Gnaa

Frank Welker as Baron Kolamitous Roolenstein

Takashi Nagasako as Donkey Kong and Cranky Kong

Tress MacNeille as Dixie Kong and Tiny Kong

Peter Cullen as Lanky Kong

Cather Cathcart as Vector the Crocodile

David Wills as Espio the Chameleon

Wallabee Beatles happily pushed Kuki Sanban on the swing at the park, listening to the girl's joyous laughter. Suddenly, a twinkle appeared in the corner of Wally's eye, the blonde Aussie turning to see it came from the grass beside the tree. Not watching Kuki, the Aussie ended up kicked away when she came back on the swing. Wally rubbed his head as Kuki laughed, the two turning their attention back to the sparkle. They slowly approached and looked down, and Kuki picked up a tiny golden box engraved with centaurs. Kuki opened the box and took out a tiny glass slipper, similar to what Cinderella wears. Wally reached in the box and pulled out a small figurine of a phoenix. Wally watched in amazement as the phoenix transformed from a fully-grown bird to a glimmering pile of embers to a darling baby, and repeated the cycle. He exchanged glances with Kuki and shrugged, the two placing them back in the box as they took it. From the Spirit World above, Lucinda Talzin looked at the couple and smiled in joy.

Scott McGregor as Jagar King

Olivia Hack as Misty Greene and Ty Lee

Hynden Walch as Olive Pioji, Madame Rouge, Starfire, Mesprit, and Wicked Godmother

Peter Bayham as Yuki Crystal, Matthew Dimalanta, and Jeremiah Heartly

Susanne Blakeslee as Lucinda Talzin and Maleficent

Walt Dohrn as Rumpel Stiltskin

David Carradine as Clockwork

Sanae Kobayashi as the Ice Climbers

Team Spirit looked to the starry heavens, stars shooting across the dark blue sky. They looked to Yuki and the Ice Climbers as they watched in sadness. The spirits looked equally glum as they turned and approached Clockwork, the Time Ghost awaiting by a portal to the Spirit World. However, before they could enter, they heard a cough and about-faced to find the Grim Reaper. The cloaked skeleton smirked as he pulled a tiny, glowing stone out of his pocket. Jagar, Misty, and Olive smiled with delight, as did Yuki, and the Ice Climbers jumped for joy.

Seth MacFarlane as Roger Smith, Peter Griffin, and Glenn Quagmire

Mike Henry as Cleveland Brown and Consuela

Jensen Ackles as Nolan York

Cricket Leigh as Danika Anderson and Mai

Jessica Di Cicco as April Dickson

Cheech Marin as Leopold Anderson

Corey Burton as Cad Bane

Jamie King as Aurra Sing

Glenn Shadix as Monsieur Mallah and The Brain

Xander Berkeley as General Immortus

Terence McGovern as Gary, Dan, and Stormtroopers

Tim Curry as Prof. Calamitous and Demon Train

Star children everywhere flew about the Star Haven as Dimentia sat with Numbuh Infinity along the river of Dream Water. Both their feet dipped in the water as they stared up into the starry heavens. As their heads leaned closer, Jirachi popped up between them, pushing their heads together. They both blushed as Jirachi shot to the sky. The two then spared a glance to an empty patch of land several feet from them. They both exchanged smirks and nodded. That was where their house would go.

Akiko Koumoto as Dimentia Z. Winkiebottom and Midna

Kerry Williams as Jirachi

Dave Wittenberg as Numbuh 74.239

Phil LaMarr as Numbuh Infinity and Wilt

Ned Beatty as Wesley Dodds

Dan Schneider as Larry Oldman

Demi Moore as Mrs. Kyla York

Ian McDiarmid as Palpatine

Bill Rogers as Darkrai II

Ahmed Best as Jar Jar Blinks

Nolan York calmly rolled to Dillon's grave in the Quahog cemetery, a mourning look on his face. Wesley Dodds stepped up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder, making Nolan look up at the heavens. Nolan smiled and nodded to his mentor. The crippled boy noticed as a tiny ant made its way across his lap. Nolan calmly caught the ant on his hand and carefully released it onto the ground.

A few feet away, Gwen and Doug stepped up to another grave as Gwen dropped a bouquet of flowers. They both stood before Corey Sanderson's grave with regretting looks. Gwen and Doug exchanged nods before the two began to walk away with Nolan and Wesley. From behind the tree, Anakin Skywalker's spirit smiled and nodded at all of them. Corey stood and watched with him, while Dillon leaned against the tree, nodding his head to music.

Makiko Ômoto as Kirby

Kenichi Ogata as King Dedede

Ted Lewis as Escargoon

Eric Stuart as Meta Knight

Grey DeLisle as Lizzie Devine, Eizzil Enived, Mandy McKenzie, Azula, Gramma Stuffum, and Mikaela Corella

Kōichi Yamadera as Mew

Amanda Bynes as Penelope Taynt and herself

Billy West as Numbuh 13 and Francis Powalski

Sean Schemmel as Lucario

Flordeluna Martinez was having herself a leisurely walk across Sector V's neighborhood. She suddenly took notice of someone passed out in the bushes. She helped the boy up, gasping at the sight of a Delightfulized Bruce. The bowl-cut boy rubbed his sore head and noticed Luna, the girl asking how he got there. Bruce explained that he and his siblings were simply enjoying their lunch until a mysterious bright light swallowed their home. They then looked as a little girl helped herself up from the bushes, claiming to be Blythe Uno, Bruce's sister. As both siblings were riddled with questions, Luna gently rubbed Bruce's head and led the boy toward Delightful Mansion. Blythe only shrugged and followed behind them. Luna spared a glance to the camera, smirked, and winked.

Frank Welker as Monty Uno

Breckin Meyer as Boba Fett

Estelle Ellis as Khryssa

David Hayter as Solid Snake

Grant Goodeve as Wolf O'Donnell

David Skully as Leon Powalski and Panther Caroso

Marc Thompson as Brett Gunkan

James Garner as Lyle T. Rourke

Brian Beacock as Marx

A strange man in a long, brown overcoat and phony mustache quietly walked across the town of Langley Falls. Puppet King and XL Terrestrial peeked through their disguise; Puppet King on top, and Terrestrial under the coat. They kept going until they accidentally bumped into Yarael Poof at a hotdog stand. The disguised Jedi frantically apologized to them, but the disguised villains shook it off as Puppet King uttered his own apology. Yarael waved good-bye as the villains hurried off, neither of them noticing the other's clever disguise.

Greg Eagles as the Grim Reaper

Keith David as Dr. Harvey Facilier and Thrax

Jenifer Lewis as Mama Odie

Hironori Miyata as Ganondorf Dragmire

Anri Katsu as Lord Ghirahim

Maurice LaMarche as Father

Violet McCleary and Scarlet Vargas scampered around the fields near the Nugget River. Both cats playfully tackled each other repeatedly, exchanging laughs. Bruce and Yang exchanged smiles with each other, laughing at their playfulness. Suddenly, both boys were tackled by their respective crushes, and they all continued to laugh.

Kevin Michael Richardson as Malladus Uno, Kyogre Neptune, Gaul, King Bulblin, and the Lion Turtle

Martin Jarvis as The Chronicler

Takashi Ōhara as Link

Megumi Toyoguchi as Zelda

Yu Shimamura as Fi

Takashi Nagasako as Demise/Satandorf

Antony Del Rio as Pit Icarus and Dark Pit

Ali Hillis as Palutena

Nicholas Klouse as himself

Zachary Guiles as himself

Jared Warner as himself

Morgan Catherine as herself, Athena Utsukushii, and Sophie Utsukushii

Zachary Tyler Eisen as Avatar Aang, Negatar Gnaa, and Phantom Gnaa

Mae Whitman as Katara

Jack DeSena as Sokka

Jennie Kwan as Suki

Jessie Flower as Toph Beifong

Dante Basco as Zuko

Greg Baldwin as Iroh

Héctor Elizondo as Wan Shi Tong

Tom Wayland as Arceus

(Now play the Ending Theme to Kid Icarus: Uprising!)

In loving memory of the Bosses:

Boss fight: Death Egg Robot

"Normally, people have the honor of witnessing my latest creations. But this time, let's get a look at the improved version of one of my older ones." –Dr. Eggman

Boss fight: Earth Scorpion

"KIDS! Dat t'ing's an Evil Crystal. Destroy it quick, before that t'ing comes back!" –Grim Reaper

Boss fight: Boba Fett

"Get ready for your trip to the Land of the Dead, assholes." –Boba Fett

Boss fight: Mama Odie

"When we get that evil, foul crystal off you. You'll see no more foe. But a friend that is true." -Dr. Facilier

Boss fight: Anizore

"As I recall… Link and Zelda got married and had kids. As a result, their Triforce marks were passed down to them, and every generation that came after that. I believe that the blood of the Hero… now runs in that of the veins of the McKenzie Family." –Malladus Uno

Boss fight: Mumbo Jumbo

"Welcome, Kids Next Door, to the carnival of danger and fantastication! Please, enter the marvelously wonderful circus, owned by the one and only amazing… MUMBO JUMBO!" –Mumbo Jumbo

Boss fight: Ineptune

"AAHHH! NOO! ! How could a puny pipsqueak, SO insignificant and tiny, I need a MICROSCOPE to see him, POSSIBLY defeat ME? ?" –Ineptune

Boss fight: Lord Ghirahim

"I can sense the blood within your veins… The blood of the Hero that caused the demons so much grief. And yet you have the nerve to date the so-called Demon Prince. You truly do have the nerve, Girl." –Ghirahim

Boss fight: Team Chaotix

"And together…" "We are…" "TEAM CHAOTIX!" "The toughest Kremling Klub in K. Rool's Krew." –Team Chaotix

Boss fight: Baron K. Roolenstein

"Dahh! Look what you've done! That robot was made from the finest pots and pans and technology! How DARE you treat him like a heap of bolts and wires!" –Baron K. Roolenstein

Boss fight: Wendy O. Koopa

"It's time my true awesomeness has been unleashed. Thanks to a little help from an old friend of mine, the Green Thunder known as Mr. L is awakened!" -Mr. L

Boss fight: General Immortus

"Brute strength is nothing… without the brains to make it work properly. And this brain has been around for quite a while, and it grows ever so fluently with knowledge." –General Immortus

Boss fight: Dogadon

"Being remembered for ages… not a bad idea! Enslaving the human race and all my friends: not so much." -Kami Drilovsky

Boss fight: Lyle T. Rourke

"You stupid kid. It's inhuman freaks like you that are ruining, not only the seas, but this whole world. I will be saving the marine life, by destroying all of you! AHH!" –Lyle T. Rourke

Boss fight: Crackjack

"He said you would tell me more about my fearbending. Will you?" "There's hardly any reason to. You seem to be pretty attached to it already. Even that monster gave you quite the chills." -Mandy and Darkrai

Boss fight: King Dedede & Escargoon

"My apologies for attacking you. It was all part of my selfish desire to wield the sword. For ages, I've always dreamed of being the greatest warrior in all of Galaxia… it seems I'd've even go to attack the innocent." -Meta Knight

Boss fight: Groudon

"We created the oceans and landmasses. But it was the Earth Spirit, Regigigas who used his incredible earthbending to shift them around throughout the years. Of course, he did need my help to control those convection currents in the Earth's mantle. I believe it's how, what you humans call 'tectonic plates', are able to move." –Groudon

Boss fight: Dimentia

"The time of lies and deceptions truly is over. Clockwork has given you a second chance. Whether it was for destiny or not. If you help us, people will forget the old galactic dictator. And the Kids Next Door legend to all will be redeemed. Dimentia… please… I've always had faith things could change… if you were just given the chance. And the friends…" –Numbuh Infinity

Boss fight: King Vapus

"The Yellow Fear is the most dangerous type of Fear Energy ever produced by the first Nightmare King. Too dangerous even for him. So, he trapped the source of the fear within the heart of our king. As a result… our whole planet became a Nightmarish wasteland, and we became a tribe of cannibals who desperately crave electricity, and destroy any other creature who appears in our sights. But thanks to you kids, our curse has been lifted, and we can begin rebuilding our lost civilization!" –Vaporian citizen

Boss fight: Iggy Koopa and Tubba Blubba

"Before you, there have only been 2 other Halfas. First, there was Vlad Plasmius. A traitorous ghost who's been dead for months now. …Then there's him." –Ember McLain

Boss fight: Wesley Dodds and Larry Oldman

"Firsst… don't let the poisons in yourself. It doesn't matter what others think about you. All that matters is how you feel about yourself. And besidesss… you have friendss. The four of you will always have each other. And friendship… is a healthy little poison that can heal any wound." –Hexxus

Boss fight: The Terrible Toxic Four

"I've always thought that poison was good for nothing but destruction… but lately, I've been thinking… maybe there can be good in them. I feel like they've only come from my negative emotions. Maybe if I had good feelings… nicer feelings… they could be more than destruction." –Matthew Dimalanta

Boss fight: Molgera

"Before Malladus was created by the Supreme God, Arceus, there was another Demon King before him, known as… Satan." –Solaris

Boss fight: Darth Maul

"I heard that Darth Maul was one of Palpatine's greatest apprentices. He fought against Obi-wan Kenobi and was killed. But many years later, he was revived by an evil space witch called Mother Talzin… then all he sought was revenge."

"Then my guess is, I had the dream with him, because we relate in that sense." –Danika and Nolan

Boss fight: Magolor Soul

"I am… the Magolor Soul. With the ultimate powers of this scepter and Jirachi, I will RULE all the known universes! ! I will be the supreme Emperor of Nightmares and all children will KNEEL before me!" –Magolor Soul

Boss fight: Kaptain K. Rool

"I didn't even ask to be teamed with a bunch of aliens in the first place! Let alone hairy apes. You know what, take me back, I want off this garbage truck." –Kami Drilovsky

Boss fight: Rayquaza

"The only truly powerful beings are mortals. We spirits give you our bending powers and we live forever, sure. But we lack true experience. The way you mortals struggle and fight to stay alive, or even to help others, the way you create friendships that grow and prosper. We spirits could never know such things." –Rayquaza

Boss fight: Regigigas

"Sorry, Mika, but I had to lie to you. I made up all that stuff about winding up with Watto. The truth is, not too long ago really, my parents were arrested by the military for reckless earthbending. The Commander here saw my exceptional battle skills and wanted me to join his group. So I did." –Rainier Chariton

Boss fight: Team Brotherhood

"What you superheroes fail to realize is evil always prevails in the end. I admit that my past mistakes caused me to fail before, but it will not happen again. Just when things are looking up, darkness will rain down and destroy all good. The Brotherhood of Evil will wipe the good from this universe, and I will be remembered as the greatest Sith Lord of them all." –Darth Genious

Boss fight: Weegee

"Hm hm, nay. Pray, thou hast been much of a coward during our first moments. But it seems thou art past that. 'Tis just like Tommy said about being a Prospector, to channel thine weaknesses into being thy strengths. Methinks thou gains strength from thy friends. If they art in danger, thou wilt risk anything to save them." –Luvbi

Boss fight: Yuki Crystal

"It must be quite a gift… holding the power of time in your hands. Why, with a power like that… you can change history to make it any way you wanted… You could even change time so that Yuki never meets his fate, or even that you or your spirit friends never die. That sounds like a marvelous deal, does it not?"

"Don't even try to tempt me. I already promised Clockwork and Mama Odie that I wouldn't use my powers for the wrong reasons." –Lucinda Talzin and Jagar King

Boss fight: Buffo Mech

"Hehehe. Call me… Buffo Mech." "…That's even lamer." "Ugh. Just start the boss music." –Boba Fett and Buddy

Boss fight: Brett Gunkan

"Ah think Ah finally understand, now. Why we hunt these metahumans. It ain't because they're monsters… and we ain't afraid of them either. It's the unknown we're afraid of. There are just some things in this universe… that are just too great for human eyes to comprehend. And we just automatically assume the latter and lock 'em up. But it doesn't have to be that way. We don't have to treat 'em like criminals. Because… they just like us." –Boba Fett

Boss fight: Gnaa's Puppet, Harvey

"Harvey… Where's the little boy… that always wanted to sleep in my bed because you had a nightmare? The boy… who always ran straight for me when a pack of bullies was chasing him. The one who always looked up to me… and wanted to be just like me." –Rachel McKenzie

Boss fight: Parallax

"Behold… These are the Heartless. And they will be the ultimate cause… of your doom…" –Negatar Gnaa

Boss fight: Masked Dedede & Escargoon

"It is true that darkness exists within every person's heart. Eventually, that darkness will grow and overtake the heart. But the light will come and put it back to sleep. Such isn't the case for every person. Some people will continue to follow Darkness. They will continue to do evil things. But… eventually… the darkness will destroy them." –Darkrai II

Boss fight: Gaul

"Using your incredible powers of imagination, you spawned three identical siblings out of the blue. And one year hence, you've even created a younger sibling. Then you even mind-tricked your mother into believing they were real. Such is the extent of your… limitless power of Psychokinesis. The Force is strong with you, Morgie. You didn't even need that waste of a cloned spirit, Mewtwo to help you see that. And you most definitely deserve a far higher position than some Sith Lord's… apprentice. With powers like yours, you deserve to rule it all… as my queen. Whaddya say. Hm?" –Negatar Gnaa

Boss fight: King Bowser Koopa

"I spent my whole life cowering in fear behind my friends or my sister whenever someone comes to bully me. But now: I came here. I came here to stand up to you, despite how scary you look, and to rescue my friends! That's a better reason for this than kidnapping a princess!" –Shaunie Fulbright

Boss fight: Egg Series

"You've wrecked my wretched plans FAR too often! The only reason I came to this dimension in the first place was to get away from you. It was bad enough running into those Kids Next Door, but I will not have YOU wrecking everything again! I'm going to make sure you never follow me to ANY dimension EVER again!" –Dr. Eggman

Boss fight: King K. Rool

"So what? Who really cares about any of that stuff? Sure fish aren't able to breathe on land, we humans can't fly, and Kweeb is very easy to squish… but people are supposed to be different! I mean, the differences in people, cultures, and even animal habitats is what makes the world so unique. It's what makes people… y'know… special. And you will NEVER get away with taking away what makes people special." –Kami Drilovsky

Boss fight: Hama

"To insert your dominance over the fools who dare to think themselves more powerful. This is the only way to make them see the error of their ways! It's the only way to make them learn!"

"No! I don't need other peoples' approval. I'm good just the way I am and I don't care what bullies think. So I won't use bloodbending to force their respect, and I won't bloodbend PERIOD." –Hama and Eva Roberts

Boss fight: Crystal Colossus

"Do you promise… after using these timebending powers to establish said changes… that you will bring that necklace, and those powers, to another timebender who so rightfully deserves it?"

"I will." –Jagar and Lucinda

Boss fight: Lucinda Talzin

"Lucinda… I command you… to SEE THE LIGHT!"

"Good lord… is this what I've been doing to people?" –Jagar and Lucinda

Boss fight: Olivia Dragon

"You know what your problem is, Olivia? You're too obsessed with 'good looks' and popularity to realize what really matters is on the inside. Danika may look like a freak, but deep down she's sweeter than you could ever be. And even if looks DID matter… she's prettier than you could ever be, too. All you are is a pig." –Nolan York

Boss fight: Madame Rouge

"I can still remember his face. His sad, impudent childish eyes, losing all of the joy and life they possessed. If I vanted to, I vould do the same thing… to his Siamese freaks." –Madame Rouge

Boss fight: The Brotherhood of Evil

"Heroes: TOGETHER!" –Nolan York

Boss fight: Darth Genious

"Ohh… don't look at me that way. You ALWAYS looked at me that way! Oh… why couldn't I just have fun, Daddy? WHY couldn't I be the operative I always wanted? WHY, Daddy, WHYYYY!" –Revan Bane Sidious

Boss fight: Demon Lord Ghirahim

"You are just… a mere human! And yet… you possess the strength of a hundred demons. How…How does one… carry that much power? !"

"Because… we humans have heart." –Ghirahim and Rachel

Boss fight: Thrax

"You don't need some silly, magical golden triangle to give you courage. That Courage, that true power, is inside you. You didn't earn the Mark of Courage just because you were… 'Link's descendant'. You earned it because you were strong… and brave… and never willing to give up. And if any person deserved titles such as 'Hero of Time' or 'Supreme Leader', it's you." –Nigel Uno

Boss fight: Ganondorf Dragmire

"Ganondorf!" "Rachel!" "Ganondorf!" "Rachel!" "Ganondorf!" "Racheeelllll!" "Ganondooorrrrrf!" "IT'S ON! !" –Rachel and Ganondorf

Boss fight: Negatar Gnaa

"Gnaa… there's more to a heart than just… anger or hate. It has all kinds of feelings. Love. Happiness. Care for your friends. Don't you remember?"

"I don't." –Morgan and Lord Gnaa

Final boss: Arceus

"This world you live in is truly a magnificent place. And it does my heart good… to know that I am a part of it as well." –Arceus

(End song.)

KND Moonbase

Everybody had now gathered onto the Moonbase, heroes and villains alike. Party decorations and refreshments everywhere made up the interior as the universal saviors chatted amongst each other. Buddy, Athena, Sophie, and Beckah approached Morgan Catherine as the psychokinetic stood before the window and stared into the galactic heavens. "You okay, Morgan?" Athena asked.

"Huh?" Morgan turned at them. "Oh… I'm fine." she answered before returning to stare out the window. "Do you think if Gnaa just… had one friend, none of this would've happened?"

"Maybe." Buddy replied. "But in the end, I guess that's all he needed. Still, if all this didn't happen, none of these good things would've happened, either."

"Besides, he's got Phantom Gnaa now. Just like he's always had." Sophie replied.

"Hm-hm… I guess so." Morgan chuckled. "I hope we'll get to see him again…"

"Sure we will!" Beckah smiled as they all wrapped arms with each other. "He's alive out there somewhere. Now come on, let's grab some pretzels."

Bowser the Koopa King was chewing away at a piece of meat as Shaunie Fulbright walked over. The spiked-shelled turtle noticed him and asked, "You want some?"

"Mm-mm." Shaunie shook his head 'no' and pulled out a smaller piece of meat. "I have one, thanks." He smiled.

"Okay." With that, both of them continued chewing their chicken. "…A little softer, next time, huh?"

"Heehee. Okay." Shaunie grinned.


"Grah?" Bowser cocked a brow as Princess Peach walked over.

The pink princess gave a smile and said, "Thanks for helping us back there."

"Aw, it was nothin', I-" Bowser silenced himself when he suddenly earned a kiss to the nose from Peach herself.

"See you later, Bowser." Peach smiled as she walked away to join the Mario Bros..

Shaunie only stared as Bowser's expression was dumbstruck. "…AW, YEAH, BABY! SCORE! !"

"Heehee!" Shaunie laughed. "You silly Bowser!"

Dr. Eggman was inspecting some Moonbase monitors as Sonic, Amy, and a few others of Sonic's crew walked over. "So, Eggman… what now?" the hedgehog asked.

"Oh, Sonic… seeing everyone this happy… puts a special feeling in my chest. It reminds me… how precious life is."

"Oh, really? Well, workin' with me, you would learn that kinda lesson, wouldn't ya?"

"I'm just so happy the universe is saved… Now I can conquer it and establish my empire all over again!"

"Uh! Oh, Eggman. Don't you ever change?" Amy asked.

"Nnope! I'm still the big, bad scientist I always was! …But it really was a great experience. Oh, I'm sure, even now, my grandfather is looking down on me. Proud of the great, evil scientist I have become."

"I guess we all have somebody special guiding us." Tails said with a smile as he looked into the starry heavens.

King Kroctus sat at a table and got himself drunk on swamp water as Kami came to sit beside him, cracking open a soda can. "So, whatcha gonna do now… Animal King?" Kami asked.

"Oh, I dunno. They stopped making games with me… I'm not sure I have much left to do in this world. I'm an old croc… I may as well retire. What more is there for the Kremling Krew?"

"Eh, don't feel that way." Kami smirked. "Ya still have a shot at becoming one of KND's enemies."

"Perhaps… I may as well go back to stealing bananas. It's what I'm best at."

Kami then took notice of Jeremiah Heartly, the scarred poisonbender slumped over a railing. "Um.., you do that. I'll be right back."

The Drilovsky approached the black-clothed child and stood beside him. "What's wrong? Aren't you happy to be on the good side?"

Jeremiah sighed. "I'm not sure… I should be happy the universe is saved… but what's the point if I don't have a family to celebrate with?"

"You have the others…"

"I guess so. But still… I'm not sure what more I can do now. I've never had anyone to… teach me how to do anything. I can barely read or do math…"

Kami smiled and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Hey, I'll help."

"You will?" he rose a brow.

"Hey. I like helping people at stuff."

"Hm, should I take advice from someone who hangs out with monkeys?" he smirked.

"Don't forget, we're monkeys, too. Just… moderately evolved. …But you're more of a rat."

"Then I guess you're some kind of alien gorilla."

"Aw, get a room, you two." Kweeb remarked, sticking out from Kami's pocket.

"What the-" Kami angrily grabbed the alien and kicked him away. "Ugh… annoying bug."

"Let's eat 'im." Jeremiah said.


Meanwhile, Jagar King was gently rubbing his hands and studying his form, amazed at what had happened earlier. "I…I don't believe it. We're alive."

"Oh, WONDERFUL." Rumpel sarcastically exclaimed as he drank a bottle of beer. "You all get to endure ANOTHER lifetime of crap like me."

"Maybe…" Jagar smiled as Misty, Olive, and Yuki came beside him, "but at least I'll have friends to endure it with. You probably have some, too. Call that Gruntilda chick." With that, the four friends walked away. The drunken elf just stood there and continued engulfing his beer.

Nolan York stared out into the stars as well, sitting calmly in his new, wooden wheelchair as Mr. Dodds approached him. "Ya did good, Nolan m'boy."


"Not trying to sound like Hyrule King. Still… it's too bad your father couldn't be around. He'd be proud."

"Well… at least I have you to fill his shoes." He smiled.

"Aw, I don't deserve it." He replied sheepishly.

"Sure you do. You've been more of a father than Revan Sidious ever would. I mean… he's just a brat."

"Oh, it's really nothing. Heck, when you get older, you'll probably be a better father to your son, too."

"Heh heh… nah…" Nolan was slightly filled with worry at this.

Boba Fett, Solid Snake, and Khryssa were buying hamburgers. As Snake took a few bites, the military man used a toothpick to pick crumbs from between his teeth. "Hope you saved room for us." The three turned as Wolf's team entered the Moonbase. Rattlesnake Jake used his tail to flip the grill, flinging three burgers into the air, and catching them in his mouth.

"Hey, Wolf, good to see ya!" Boba Fett greeted.

"So, Boba, have you thought about our offer?" Khryssa asked.

"Whuh? Oh, if I wanna join the Secret Organization of Metahuman Freedom? I'm not sure…"

"Nah, he's gonna be a bounty hunter, right?" Wolf asked.

"Well, it is what I'm good at."

"Oh, he can decide on his own." Khryssa said.

"Yeah. But anyway, I need to get back and check with Samus." Snake said.

"You sound like you fancy her, David." Khryssa smirked.

"I told you… it's Snake." The man replied coolly. "It's always been Snake…"

Mika currently sat with Rainier and Lucario at a table, having cake. "Happy birthday, Mika." Rainier smiled.

"Aw, you guys remembered." Mika grinned.

"Lucario told me."

"Foxes have good memory." Lucario replied.

"So, Mika, where're you gonna stay?" Rainier asked. "Are you gonna keep staying with Mewtwo, or…"

"I think she should still remain at her house." Lucario suggested. "Even though she is an orphan, it is still her house."

"I guess so." Rainier shrugged. "Still, if they say you can't, and you can't mind-trick them, you can always move in with us."

"Awe, you're really sweet, Rainier." Mika grinned.

"MEW, Mew Mew!" the catlike Firstborn popped up between them, playfully circling around them.

Rachel McKenzie sat upon her throne above the bridge, staring intently at her Master Sword. The blue spirit, Fi jumped out and spoke, "Something is on your mind, Master?"

"Huh?" Rachel was snapped out of her thoughts. "I-I was just thinking… with the universe saved and all, what about the Master Sword? A-And the other Sacred Treasures…"

"There may come a time when the Master Sword will be needed again. Whether that time is very near, or very far, I cannot say. It may be wise to keep it with you at all times. Before it must be used, you should keep it in this." Before Rachel's eyes, a rectangular shaped box with a purple gem on a lock appeared.

"W-What is-"

"A Sacred Casket, which can only be opened by those with the hero's blood. It will be the safest way to keep them out of evil's hands. Not that evil could touch it anyway, Master." At this, Rachel made a light chuckle.

As Jagar went to pick up a cookie, the boy was approached by Clockwork. "Jagar. May I have a word with you?"

The two went to a dark room away from the party. Clockwork's form changed to that of an old, bearded man as he turned to Jagar. "What is it… Clockwork?"

"Jagar… I can't be around forever. One of the most important lessons about time is that all things must come to an end. Including the era of an old spirit. And that is why…" he held his staff out to Jagar, "I pass my work on to you."

Jagar's mouth dropped open. "M-Me? But-"

"You've learned what true power is, Jagar. You learned how precious power is. You know it is not the true strength. Even while your powers aren't the strongest… they are still some of the greatest. That is why… I entrust to you my staff."

Jagar shook his head and immediately backed away. "N-No. I can't, I…I won't! I'm not ready…"

"You've always been ready… in my eyes." Clockwork smiled. "I know… you will carry on my work… and ensure peace for all."

"But I…I don't know." Jagar's head slumped in doubt.

"Perhaps… but I do… I know everything."

Jagar looked up to face him again.

"You're my new heir, Jagar. I know… that you will use my powers wisely. Take it… and carry on my work."

Jagar still felt doubt in himself, but knew, if Clockwork could trust him, maybe he did have a chance. Jagar extended his arm, and took the Chrono Staff in his hand. Clockwork's body immediately faded away, disappearing into millions of pieces of Time Dust. The Time Dust flowed onto Jagar's body as a long, purple cape appeared along his back. Jagar felt the power inside him as he held the staff. He calmly closed his eyes as Misty and Olive stepped in. "Jagar? Where's Clockwork?" Misty asked.

Jagar glanced at them and held up the staff, and they knew what had happened. "So…?" Olive looked questioningly.

Jagar smiled and aimed the staff upwards. "Let's see what the future holds."

The staff started to glow, and the three kids stared as a vision began to show. Lots of future children frolicked happily in a park. There were two girls sitting under a tree and reading a book. There was also an alien girl with yellow skin and a purple dress, an alien girl with purple skin and green hair, and a tiny alien boy with white skin. A five-year-old girl in a brown sweater and bare feet tackled an older boy with buckteeth, both of them laughing. A boy in red glasses and a red jacket was playing on his Nintendo 3DS, competing with a girl with an orange shirt and frizzy black hair. There were two werecat five-year-old girls, scampering and chasing each other across the park. There was also a boy in a black sweater and black clothing, having a burping contest with a girl in flip-flops, raccoon ears, and a raccoon tail. And many other children as well.

Jagar, Misty, and Olive smiled at this vision, already looking forward to the future.

"KIDS NEXT DOOR!" Numbuh 362 announced as she raised her sword skyward, the blade brimming with energy. "PARTY STATIONS!" She unleashed a Skyward Strike into the air as confetti and streamers were thrown everywhere.

Dungeon deep beneath the Underworld

In the deepest, darkest pits of Hell, a towering, shadowy woman with snaky hair watched with disgust in her reflecting pool as the children partied away. Beside her, a blue ball of fire hovered over, a huge mouth of sharp teeth and pail, white eyes on her face. "They saved the universe… yay…" she exclaimed with no enthusiasm.

"They sure did, Pandora."

"Ooh-hoo-hoo!" exclaimed a single snake on the woman's head, lowering itself beside her face. "What's the plan now, Medusa? You know I prefer honey to VINEGAR!"

"Patience, Thannypoo…" Medusa said to her snake minion. "Let them have their fun and cheer. Let those brats party their faces off. Arceus's defeat, and the universe forming back together, marks the beginning of a brand new era! It'll only take 13 years before I'm finally FREE of this unholy prison. The darkness will rise… when I finally begin my search for the 20 Keys! And CREATE the New World as this one falls! Pretty, PERFECT Palutena… your time is COMING. Ha ha ha ha, HAA HA HA HA HA HAAAA!"

Within the reflecting pool's image, the Eight Firstborn flew around the ceiling, lining up in a circle. They channeled each of their colorful energy into the circle, spelling out words…

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