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An boy about 18 year of age with raven black hair wearing a black shirt and pants with two silver cylinders on his belt, with a black cape that flowed from his back onto the floor with brown eyes.

The hall that he was walking though had windows on both sides and was light in color. Browns and gold were the normal of the hallway. However, the boy had a mission in his head and nothing more and couldn't look at the hall. He was heading to the room at the very end of it. As the boy walked up to the door at the end of the hall, it suddenly opened on its own and he walked in.

"Welcome, General James, have something to say you do?" One of the other generals said seated in his chair. James looked around and saw that all of the council was there as if they were expecting him.

Of course, they were, He thought as he walked around and sat down in his chair. The council room was circular in design with the chairs at the edge of the room that created a roundtable just without the table so the generals could see each other with no problem.

"Yes, Master, and as you all know of by now, I have discovered another of our kind,"

"Yes," Another master said. This one was an older woman wearing the robes of ancient kung-fu masters with white hair braided into two long ponytails that framed her face. A black small hat topped her head and a brown staff was close by. To her right was a huge bear clad in belly armor with the red claw mark of Master Chu-Hui on it, this was her strongest protector and was always there for her protection only. In truth, while Chu Hui was of an older age, her skills had not lessened by any sort of fraction.

"We are aware of what you have found." She said.

"Then Master Chu-Hui, this will not come as a surprise that I request that I take the boy as my Padawan learner," James said much to the shock of the council.

"Our own council will be kept on those who should be trained, the boy is…"

"Is what? Garth, is what? Is hurt, abused, and like us gifted with power?" James asked turning to look at the raven haired boy wearing a blue and black suit.

"The boy does not want our help" McKnight said. A halfa, similar to James and Danny, but was half human, half hawk. The white wings that he had grown from when he was a kid were laid almost flash to his back, but James and the other masters could see it.

"He has a home, a friend whose family has already informed the Alliance that they are more than willing to help young Daniel."

"But for now long," James asked. "His powers are dangerous if he doesn't train to use them and worst I feel that the lasting effect of what those monsters put him though will not allow him to heal," He finished looking at the council members, hoping another would speak for young Daniel.

"I doubt if what his parents did to him is that troubling"

"I do not think you do, Kang, you were not there when I went to talk to him about it," James said remembering that night.

Flashback: A few hours ago

A young boy about 14 years of age was hiding from his parents as he run into the furthest corner of the living room. The two people who he was hiding from were both dressed in jumpsuits. One was a female and had blue on; the other was a large male and was wearing orange. The female had a needle in her hand while the male had a bat in his. The boy gasped as he saw them closing in on him. The man swings his bat over his head and the boy expected pain, but after several seconds, nothing happened.

"You both are under arrest for child abuse charges, surrender now or less," A voice said as the boy opened his eyes and saw a boy holding back his father from his attack and three men clad in white armor pointing weapons at his mother and father. The woman just smiled sweetly at the hiding boy.

"Danny, tell them that we're just going to play ball like an normal family"

"Shut you worthless mouth, Mrs. Fenton or I will order Cody to remove it. We have more than enough evidence to convict you and your husband."

The woman hissed at that as the boy who spoke then forced the bat out of Mr. Fenton's hands and then looked at them both. "Daniel, are you ok?" He asked kneeing down to Danny's level.

"Who told you?" He asked.

"DANNY!" A new voice said as Tucker ran in seeing the crashed in door and then running over to Danny. He had seen everything, from the threats of Danny's parents to the Alliance's saving him.

"Are you ok, man,"

"Cody, get Daniel and his friend out of here and arrest these two," James said as he looked at the bat and saw a hint of blood with green mixed in. He arched an eye-brow at that as two shadows moved from the basement and appeared to be two troopers clad in black armor.

"Sir, were you right. There is a portal to the zone here and we found something very interesting. The boy here is like you sir, a ghost halfa," James's eyes went wide with that.

"So, you dare to take blood samples from your own son."

"He is not our son, he is a ghost and nothing more," Maddie yelled at him, "And it is our right to use him to destroy all ghosts…" James had moved so quickly that no one could have seen him and punched Maddie right in the chest throwing her against the wall.

"Mads," Jack yelled attempting to break free only to get shock by the trooper holding him.

"Have you or your husband ever met a ghost before and animal ghosts do not count." Neither of the two talked,

"No, then how in the world could you know what a ghost really is? You have no right to destroy anything, human." James hissed at them. "How do you know?" Jack asked. James started to laugh,

"If you think that your son is the only one of his kind, then you were wrong," A clear blue ring appeared at his mid line and expand across him revealing a boy with white hair, silver eyes wearing a white shirt and black pants with black shoes. A black Raven with a full moon behind it was on his chest and a sense of power beyond anything that Danny had ever sensed came from him.

Jack and Maddie gasped as they looked at the ghost, but then hissed. Suddenly Jack broke out and ran over to Maddie freeing her as well. The troopers aimed their weapons and aimed but James's raised hand stopped them from firing. Jack and Maddie immediately pulled out anti-ghost blasters from who knows where and aimed at James.

"Dude look…" Too late, Jack and Maddie had fired, but suddenly the two blasts stopped in mid air. Jack and Maddie looked on in shock as James started to laugh,

"You truly have no idea who or what I can do," He's hands glowed green as did Jack and Maddie. They screamed as James picked up them and then knocked them out. "Troopers make sure that they do not escape this time,"

"Yes, sir," The troopers said as they bind Jack and Maddie's hands and feet up. With that, James turned to the dark armored troopers.

"Get the portal and all research in that lab and then destroy it."

"Yes, sir," The two troopers said in a dark, smugly voice as they laughed and headed down to the lab.

"Cody, let's get Daniel to the medical bay of the ship,"

"Sir," Cody said as he pointed at Danny and Tucker who were both looking at James shocked. James sighed and then turned human and said

"Did you really think that you were the only one like you?"

"Yeah, I mean…" Danny suddenly groaned and then collapsed. James, Tucker and Cody grabbed him and stopped him from getting the floor.

"Cody," James hissed. "Yes, sir, Accelerator, we need a beam out."

"Sir, yes, sir," A controller onboard the Accelerator said as James, Cody, Tucker and Danny suddenly vanished in a bright light. It was after that, that James had told the ship to head directly to the Alliance Temple.

End Flashback:

"And Virgil, Richie, he is like us. A person who was given powers he didn't want and that he had no hand in at all. Doesn't our order, our way of life, the Jedi Order, say that all those that have been betrayed and hurt and hated only because they have powers will be allowed in the Alliance, into our life as Jedi or am I wrong?" James yelled at the council of 13, the high generals and masters of the Jedi Order, and the council that would decide the fate of young Daniel. Master Kang and Master Yoda, the two high masters of the council both looked at James as they thought. Several minutes passed without a word from the two and James was beginning to worry,

"If I must I will train the boy without the approval of the council." He finished causing the two commanders that were standing on either side of his chair to look at him shocked. Unlike many of the council, he was the only one that actually used the army and to the fullest extent having many commanders and clones under his command.

The other masters, like the commanders, were equally shocked. General James was one for playing loss on some of the rules but never for the like of him would he go against the council, this was a serious matter. Master Yoda looked over at Master Kang who was looking directly at James. The two had been in a staring contest since James had opened his mouth about taking Daniel as his apprentice.

Suddenly, Kang sighed and then turned to Yoda, nodding at him. Yoda nodded back,

"My own council I will keep on who will be trained, James, remember that, but the council agrees with you on this matter. Your apprentice the boy will be." James's eyes went wide with happiness

"Thank you, my masters." Yoda and Kang smiled and nodded and then turned to the others.

"If that is all, I will call this meeting to an end, may the Alliance be with us all," With that, the other masters and James began to leave the council room. James sighed as he left and then headed to where his flagship was to see young Daniel.