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Ace Combat: Nightmare

Chapter 1

Bleeding Metal

The skies of Florida were calm, with clouds gently moving at the mercy of the wind. The man in the cockpit leaned back, deep in thought. With all that had happened, and all of the chaos that he had been thorough, it was nice to finally have a moment to just fly. Moisture formed on the glass as the F-22 Raptor dipped into a cloud, only to emerge from the opposite side. The man pulled back on the stick to raise the aircraft above the clouds. When he did this, the sun nearly blinded him, so he raised his hand to block the bright light.

He leveled off the plane and stared at his hand. He had seen this before, many times.

When he last saw this image, the hand had been used as a futile defense to protect him from an enemy aircraft hurtling toward his form, which was drifting toward the ground with a parachute. That had simply been a dream, as was the chaos that followed. However, at the end of the carnage, he had been forced to eject, and the same horrible event had replayed.

He felt the panic even after he woke abruptly upon impact.

This, though, He thought, lowering his hand and looking at it as he clenched it into a fist, this is no dream.

He was still deep in thought when the first words broke through the cloud surrounding his mind.

"Hey, Boss!"

He was still attempting to return to reality. The voice sounded so distant.


That one was louder. Bishop snapped out of it and attempted to get his bearings. He responded to Warwolf Two's frantic yelling. "Yeah, Guts, still here", he finally managed to say.

"Oh good", was the reply over the headset. "After all that time, I was beginning to wonder if you had dozed off on the way."

Truth be told, he wasn't too far off.

"'Bout time you shut him up", Warwolf three added. "Guy was giving me a headache"

Surprisingly, Captain Jose "Guts" Gutierrez was silent for a moment. When he finally spoke, it was with a surprising amount of concern. "Boss, you ok? You seem a bit out of it today."

"I'm fine Guts. Just focus on getting to Miami in one piece." Upon saying the name of their destination, a few more images from his nightmare surfaced. Flames rained from the sky, explosions shook the very air, and the shark mouth. The very thing that had haunted his nightmares time and time again.

Bishop once again fought to suppress the images now swimming through his mind. It's just a dream, He thought. He gripped the flight controls tighter. I'm in control now.

They flew in silence as their planes rapidly approached their destination.

When they finally arrived in the airspace above Miami, Bishop keyed the radio. "Warwolf leader to Warwolf flight, radios."

Naturally, Guts was the first to speak up. "Here boss, loud and clear." Bishop relaxed slightly upon hearing his old friend's voice, and waited for the others to respond.

"Roger Warwolf leader, three"


That was everyone. Bishop scanned the skies for hostiles. Suddenly, Magic, the AWACS operator, keyed in. "All aircraft be advised, we have bogies to the east."

Bishop looked carefully, and made out the shape of aircraft in the distance. At the speed the planes were closing, it took only a few seconds for Bishop to make out the distinct shape of Sukhoi aircraft. "Flankers", He said flatly.

Tiger flight leader spoke up, "God there's a lot of them. Where the hell did they fly out of? They sure didn't come from Cuba."

"They didn't come from the Bermuda Triangle", was the sarcastic reply from Guts.

Bishop had a clear shot. But of course, he couldn't take it just yet. He waited for Magic to request that they "state their intentions". Naturally, no response came. Guts pointed this out. "They ain't talking Colonel."

Suddenly, a missile streaked from one of the aircraft and nearly hit Tiger One. That was all the clearance Bishop needed. "All aircraft you are clear to engage"

With that, he immediately picked a target from the group and began firing his gun. The pilot of the aircraft noticed he was being targeted, and immediately dove toward the ocean. Bishop followed with full intent to knock the man out of the sky, preferably in a ball of fire. The Russian leveled off and flew in the direction of the city. Knowing Guts was nearby, he decided to clarify, "He's mine Guts".

An alarm went off as he was giving chase through the buildings. Someone was locked on to him. He still did not give the man he was chasing a moment to breathe, chasing him while at the same time trying to get the other off his six. He jerked his head around to see how close the Russian was to him, only to see the plane engulfed in a flurry of tracer rounds. One scored a lucky hit, and the plane's fuel tank exploded. The pilot never got the chance to eject.

The violent fireball was soon replaced by another F-22 dropping in behind him. "Got your back, boss", said Jose.

"Thanks, guts", Bishop replied as he refocused on the plane in front of him. He was almost shocked that it was still there, but then he realized the whole event had happened in a matter of seconds. Still, he found it disturbing that he was able to unconsciously keep up with the pilot's erratic maneuvers without much thought. Because I've done this before, a voice said from somewhere within him.

He wasted no time in shutting the voice up, and refocusing on the Su-27 in front of him. He lined up the gun, and fired. He had lead off perfectly, and watched with grim satisfaction as the pilot flew directly into the stream of bullets, which smashed his canopy, killing him instantly.

"All aircraft be advised, all bogies are considered hostile", Magic reported. Bishop actually had to suppress a laugh. Now they were considered hostile? He looked at the enemy plane as it smashed into a skyscraper. We might have had a problem here if they weren't, He thought with a mirthless grin.

He scanned the sky, and found another target. An Su-33 this time. He jerked the aircraft upwards and hit full afterburner. "You're not getting away", he said as he prepped a missile.

Again, Magic chimed in. "All aircraft be advised, some enemy aircraft are moving eastward, out to sea." The ones that he was currently trying to shoot down. Still, he felt it necessary to make Magic feel useful. "Roger that Magic, we are pursuing"

He fired a missile and let it do its work. He must have caught the pilot off guard, because the only thing he did was eject after the missile blasted off the rear half of his plane. Warwolf two had similar luck, destroying his opponent with one push of a button.

Six more aircraft appeared, seemingly from nowhere. Guts cursed. "Sorry colonel, we should have realized it was a trap."

Bishop felt no anger or disappointment toward his friend. Only determination filled his senses as he made an important decision. Even if I die, he thought, I'm making sure as many of my men make it home as possible. He was satisfied with that. He wanted to make sure all of Warwolf squadron made it home in one piece. It was only after he thought this he realized an alarm was blaring in his cockpit.

"WARWOLF ONE! EVADE!" Guts' frantic yelling didn't help much. He tried to figure out what he could do, when suddenly he realized, the enemy plane was directly behind him. Bishop decided to kill two birds with one stone.

He pulled back on the stick, angling the nose upwards toward the sky. He gave it a little bit of thrust, and the aircraft gained a bit of altitude. The missile streaked harmlessly underneath his plane, but he continued to suspend the Raptor there for a few more moments, something that was only possible due to the plane's thrust vectoring system and partially automated controls.

He got what he was waiting for.

The Russian Su-35 flew underneath him, desperately trying in vain not to overshoot its target. As soon as it passed, however, the pilot hit the afterburners and rocketed forward. Bishop leveled the aircraft and opened up the throttle. "It's just not your day", he said. With that, he fired the mounted gun and watched as the Sukhoi was enveloped in tracers, and then spiraled to the ground, minus one wing.

"Warwolf, be advised, there are bandits over the city", Magic warned.

"Copy that. Warwolf flight, go west, cover Miami. Guts, you're with me"

"Roger that boss", Guts replied.

The battle intensified, with the Russians calling on reinforcements, and tiger flight coming in to lend a hand. The radio chatter intensified, missile trails flew in every direction, and wreckage rained down into the skyline of the city.

Bishop followed his next target, which he believed to be his fifteenth (he had honestly lost count at this point). The plane bobbed and weaved through buildings, but to no avail. Bishop shot down the aircraft over what looked like a baseball stadium. He could barely tell at this speed. In a final act of defiance, a piece of shrapnel flew from his opponent's aircraft and struck his Raptor.

"Colonel", Guts began, "Your plane."

Bishop's mind flashed back to the nightmare. This had happened in the dream too. Same enemy, same spot, same everything. Then, Bishop had run a full flight check, and had come up with nothing wrong with the plane. He knew that it was fine. "I've dealt with this…" He paused. Now wasn't the time for this. "I… I have control" He said simply. He felt a surge of energy flowing through him. He gripped the controls firmly and sat back in his seat. "Let's do this!"

Magic checked in, and Bishop knew what he would say before a sound came over the radio. "Warwolf One, what's your status?"

For this one moment, he'd play along. "Looking for action"

"Second flight of bandits approaching from the south."

Bishop had already aimed his plane's nose directly at the planes coming in before Magic finished his statement. He was ready now. At this point, adrenaline flowed through his veins rather than blood. He picked a target and latched onto his tail. As the two planes danced through the sky, another transmission came from Magic, for all to hear.

"Incoming message from the commander in chief." He relayed the message to all of the aircraft now participating in the battle for Miami.

"This is President David Hamilton."

Bishop Fired a missile that the Russian avoided with chaff.
"As I speak, our nation is under attack by a group of renegade Russian pilots."

The Su-33 got on Bishop's tail and fired frantically.
"They are determined to kill our innocent civilians with a powerful air-launched weapon."

Bishop desperately evaded the stream of bullets, pushing the Raptor to the limits of its maneuverability.
"I have personally directed the Air Force and other military branches to intercept these criminals."

A missile streaked towards Bishop, but he fired flares and spun with feverish speed.
"They have orders to shoot them all down before they harm our country."

He slowed down as he spun and allowed the enemy plane to pass him.
"This is a dark and difficult day, but at the end we will persevere."

He fired a stream of tracers at the Russian and watched as the plane detonated.

Now above the action, Bishop looked down at the violent storm of aircraft now engaged in an all-out brawl. He looked over to Guts, who had just leveled off close by. His friend flashed him a thumbs-up. Bishop nodded and nosed down, diving into the raging torrent of chaos.
"To the brave men and women defending us… Godspeed."

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