I was going to make Elena jump him but I felt like that wasn't her so this just a very short shot of what might of happened if Elena wasn't in shock about him kissing her and not just stood there while I was shouting at my tv for her to go after him. (She totally kissed him back by the way!)

I might write more on this maybe. It can be easily turned into a story. :)

"If I'm going to feel guilty, I'm going to at least feel guilty about this." Damon said as he walked back up the few steps toward Elena. "Damon," She whispered as he grabbed her face with his hands and pulled her face toward his. Their lips met, and Damon didn't even care that she wasn't kissing him back. He didn't think she would, but when he was about to pull back from the kiss he felt something that he thought he would never feel. She was kissing him back.

He pulled back slightly, and opened his eyes slowly and looked into her eyes. "Goodnight," He gave his trademark smirk and let her go and headed toward his car.

Elena watched as he walked down the stairs. "If you already going to feel guilty about kissing me, then I should feel guilty with you, Damon. . . We're in this together." She told him as she followed him down the steps and placed her hand on his shoulder and pulled him around so he would look at her. "Don't feel guilty about what you want." She whispered to him as she pulled him into the kiss this time.

Damon slowly kissed her back, almost as he was scared that if he pushed her too far she would take off into the house and run from him. "Elena," He muttered against her lips.

"Shut up, Damon. You talk too much." She got out between kisses. She heard him laugh and felt him wrap his arms around her. "You don't want to taunt me; I'm not a good guy."

"If that after you just saved my brother for me, or after you saved Alaric?" She looked at him and he pulled back slowly from her and let her go.

"Don't be a fool." He told her and kissed her forehead. "Elena, I love you, but I am not a good guy. I take what I want and I always get what I want."

"Except you want me and you haven't taken me yet. You're a good guy. Goodnight."

Damon watched her as she shut herself into her house. "Goodnight," He whispered slowly to no one.