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The Man With The Dragon Tattoo

Itachi was not superstitious.

He was a practical man and rarely believed in hearsay.

But everything changed the moment a friend brought him to an amusement park.

3 days before Christmas

"Come one Itachi, un! Get your lazy ass here quickly. You are the only one not here!" the high pitched voice blaring from Itachi's phone made the raven haired man cringe. He glanced at the black clock on the wall for the time. It was 8 minutes past ten. It was still too early to sleep. He was trying to think on an alibi to say but found sighed "Fine, I'll be there in 10 minutes." he mumbled, earning a loud whoop from the person on the other line. He ended the call right away to avoid more requests. All Itachi wanted to do that night was go to bed and curl up with a good book. He wasn't really fond of partying, not anymore.

He placed his cellphone on the nightstand in order to get dressed. He was glad he already took a shower earlier, since he always does that before going to bed. He grabbed a gray shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans. He didn't feel like dressing up. He decided on wearing sneakers since he was sure the streets were cleared from the snow. He saw a couple of people clearing the streets earlier. He grabbed his favorite leather jacket, his phone, wallet and keys and left the apartment. He slipped in his car, a red Lamborghini Diablo. It was Itachi's baby and he haven't decided on getting a new one since it was still running fine.

He drove towards the Northern side of the city. That was where the Red Cloud was. It was a bar that he and his friends used as a meeting liked the place and usually spend a few odd days there after work to release the stress in his system. The decorations in the bar were smooth and subtle, the lighting set a romantic ambiance and they usually have a live band. The food they served were great too. It was a perfect hang out for single people looking for love or companionship, not that he was looking for one though. He was happy being single and successful. He was young and free. He will take his time in life slow.

When he reached the bar, he was greeted by Deidara. The blonde literally jumped on him exclaiming that he was late. Itachi was used to Deidara being loud, but the other patrons were looking at them with weird expressions. Itachi locked his car and Deidara dragged him into the bar. The gang was seated in one of the largest tables offered. There were already a couple of empty bottles of beer on the table. "Hey,Itachi is already here." Hidan said and the others nodded their greeting. "Sorry if I'm late, I really thought that you guys had personal business to attend to." he explained as he took a seat beside Kisame and Sasori.

Kakuzu snorted "Heh, you are the one always with the personal matters. You should get laid or something. You are too rich... stop working for a couple of months. Enjoy your youth. Why, if I had..." he was about to continue whenPein stopped him "You talk to much Kakuzu." he mumbled and the others chuckled. Itachi had to smile at that. Their group was odd, but they got along fine. Their personalities blended well despite their differences. They became a closely-tied group during college and maintained their level of friendship as the years passed. They always see to it that they would meet from time to time.

"Sorry, but I have a business to run. Love life can wait." Itachi said as he received a poke from Kisame. "You are not getting any younger you know. You better learn to love." Sasori said quietly. Itachi nodded. Their conversation was broken when a woman clad in a skimpy red dress came up and asked for Itachi's order. "Brandy on the rocks." he said and the woman nodded "Is there anything else I can get you?" she asked and Itachi shook his head. Itachi watched the woman who was obviously was trying to flirt with him. He was used to women being very forward with him.

Itachi was the owner of one of the largest electronics company in the country, the Sharingan Corporations. He was the son of the late FugakuUchiha, a world-renowned business tycoon and socialite mother, Mikoto. His parents died in a plane crash a couple of years back and Itachi grew up alone but under the guidance of his father's cousin, his uncle Madara who managed the family business until Itachi was of age. Itachi was smart and learned the business in a short span of time. He took charge of the large company the moment he turned 21, just a few months after he acquired his diploma.

Itachi was serious in life. He was a perfectionist and wanted everything to go as planned. He have had relationships before, but only the shallow ones. Flings as they are called, but never the serious long termed ones. He claimed he was too busy to love. But the truth was, he found them all to be a bore. He never felt excitement in his relationships. He always believed that if you will meet the one meant for you, it will hit you like a bomb. Patience was one of his strongest points. He just shrugged as he feltKisame poking on his side again. He gave the fish-eyed man a glare but just got a cracking chortle.

"So what are your plans for Christmas?" Tobi asked to no one in particular as he swirled the ice in his glass with a finger. "We will be going out of town and visit the folks."Pein answered with a soft smile on his face. Itachi knew they were visiting Konan's parents. Pein and Konan have been an item since college and it made Itachi a wee bit jealous as to how lucky they were to find true love that early. The others were still single, Kisame, Kakuzu, Tobi and Zetsu. Hidan was married and Sasori and Deidara were somewhat dating. Itachi was in no rush to settle down. He actually haven't stopped to think about his love life's future.

"That's nice. By the way, Sasori and I will be going to this amusement park we saw on the way here. Anyone want to come? The sign said they were open 24 hours."Deidara said as he popped a peanut in his mouth. Itachi's order arrived. He took the glass and nodded, motioning the girl to leave them. "I can't, I have to wake up early. I have to accompany my aunt somewhere."Kisame shrugged. Zetsu smiled "Nice of you to spend time with your aunt." he commented. "They are his only family Zetsu, leave them be." Itachi stated. He looked at Kisame and smiled, Zetsu can be very annoying sometimes.

"Come with us Itachi..." Deidara exclaimed as he looked at the raven. Itachi thought for a few seconds. He was already out of the house so might as well make the most of it, he thought to himself. He then tried to remember when was the last time he visited an amusement park. That was maybe like decades ago. He was already 26, but he knew he had a hidden child suppressed in him. "Okay." he said. He saw the surprised look in Sasori's eyes and the wide grin on the blonde. They decided to end their drinking session and call it a night. Kakuzu was generous enough to pay for their drinks that night.

Itachi trailed behind Sasori and Deidara. A few minutes later, the car stopped in front of a well-lit area. Itachi stared in awe, he must admit that the amusement park looked wonderful against the dark night. He got out of the car and followed the couple towards the entrance. He can hearDeidara's excited chatter about what rides they were going to try. Itachi smiled the moment his hand touched his ticket. Maybe just this once, he can let go of the child in him. His trance was broken when he realized thatDeidara was waving his hand before him "So, which ride do we try first?" the blonde asked him with a cheeky grin.

Itachi and Sasori gave Deidara the privilege to choose their rides. On their third ride, Itachi was already laughing aloud. Something he haven't done in a long time. Sasori was pleased that the raven loosened up a bit. He was worried that their friend was too uptight, though he doesn't voice out his worry. "Itachi, can we meet on the food stand later? Deidara wants to go to the love boat." Sasori said in a small tone. Itachi nodded "Go ahead, we'll meet at the cotton candy stand." he said. He knew the lovers needed some time of their own. He silently watched Deidara pull Sasori towards the slow ride.

Itachi walked around the booths. Some where selling souvenirs while the others were filled with food. He passed by a tent that had a zodiac signs printed all over. He looked around the tent, fighting the urge to touch one of the intricate designs on the cloth. A woman suddenly greeted him that made him jump a bit. She smiled as he blushed a bit. "Are you here to know your future, young man?" she asked, showing a gold tooth. She wasn't Japanese, but she spoke the language well. She was attractive and looked to be in her early forties, Itachi thought. "Uh, no. I was just looking around." he politely rejected, though he was curious.

The woman's eyes twinkled "Don't deny the calling of your heart." she coaxed the raven. "I sense you are lonely, but you try to ignore the loneliness and just wallow in your wealth." she said. The line hit Itachi . He was curious how the woman hit him that easily. He wasn't really into fortune telling and he didn't believe in horoscopes or palmistry. "Come in for a while. I am sensing something good this year. The stars favor you." she said as she opened the tent's door took a deep breath and decided to give it a try. She lead him a chair where a bowl of water was resting.

Itachi wondered why it wasn't a crystal ball, but just kept his mouth shut. He sat and waited for whatever was to come. She sat beside Itachi and reached for his hand. He gave his left hand cautiously. She then ran her fingers over Itachi's palm and got one of the lighted candles and tilted it over the water. Melted wax fell into the water and formed a shapeless watched, almost raising an eyebrow in the process. The woman had her eyes closed and was mumbling something Itachi can't decipher. She then placed the candle down and took the already cooled wax from the water.

"Just as I stated earlier, the stars favor you. This year, any venture you will take will be positive." she said as she caressed the wax with her long nails scraping against it. "You will not be lonely anymore. You will meet someone that will fill your heart's deepest desires... Love... you will fall in love." she grinned as her brown eyes turned darker. "You will know this person is the one meant for you because of a mark." she said as she placed the melted wax into Itachi's hand. "A mark?" he asked and she nodded. "The mark of the year to come. Be off now lad and enjoy." she said as she smiled at Itachi.

Itachi tried to pay her but she refused. He lef the tent with the melted wax in his palm. He took a good look at it and realized that it wasn't shapeless after all. It was formed like a snake, with fringes. He decided to keep it. So he took his wallet out and decided to keep it there. But he realized that the wax was too thin that it might break up. So he decided to look for something to warp it with. He searched for his pockets and found nothing near to a paper. So he took a 1000 yen bill out and wrapped the wax in it. He then placed it in one of the pockets of his wallet and slid it back in his pants.

He then walked towards the cotton candy stand. He wasn't sure how long he was in the tent. As he reached the food stand, Deidara and Sasori weren't there yet. He then suddenly remembered what the fortune teller told him 'the mark of the year to come.' Itachi frowned as he stared at his shoes and wondered what it meant. The year to come... he thought. His deep thinking was cut off when he realized that someone was talking to him. He looked up and was taken by surprise. He was met by a pair of eyes as black as midnight. The man sported a weird spiky hairdo, but it looked good on him.

"Are you going to buy?" the man's husky voice made Itachi unconsciously shiver. He shook his head and stepped aside. He scolded himself for standing near the booth to close, as if he was in line to get the sweet watched the man from behind. He was tall, even taller than himself. He was already 6 feet tall and he guessed the man stood a few odd inches over him. He had a well sculpted body, not too muscular to be scary. His gaze lowered down, resting on the plump ass filling the designer jeans that the man had felt his mouth go dry. Why was he checking out the man? He asked himself.

He bit his inner lip to awaken him. The man bought two sticks of cotton candy and walked towards him. The next thing the man did made Itachi catch his breath. The man smiled and whispered "It's almost Christmas. Smile, you look good with it". After saying that the man walked away. His dark eyes followed the man until he disappeared into the sighed, why did that man had an effect on him like that? He wasn't against same sex relationships. But the last time he checked, he was straight. He dated and bedded women. Never did a man caught his attention or wander in his list. Not until now.

His mind recalled the man. He was good-looking, the spiky hair framed the porcelain face. Thick lashes curtained the midnight eyes. The man looked young, maybe in his early twenties or late teens. He looked around again, hoping to get a glimpse of the mysterious Adonis somewhere. He knew that all he can do was look at the man. He was sure he will never get a chance to get to know even his had no problems with women, his good looks said everything he wanted. But with a man, especially someone who could make male models take a run for their money...Itachi didn't know where or how to start being friendly.

He then walked away from the booth and decided to go to the souvenir shop. He bought a red bear from the displays and paid for it. He carried it in one arm and went back to the cotton candy booth. He glanced at his watch and saw that it was nearing midnight. He decided to wait for another 5 minutes. If he didn't see Deidara or Sasori anywhere, he will call them. He placed his hands in his pocket and waited for any signs of his friends. He got a couple of smiles from the women who passed before him, to which he graciously smiled back. He was here to enjoy himself after all.

He then heard Deidara in the background. He turned around and found Sasori and Deidara wearing equal grins. "What did you do while we were away?" the blonde asked. Itachi shrugged "I just looked around." he said. The three of them decided to get something to eat and drink. They headed towards the hot dog breath halted as they neared the booth. The man from the cotton candy stand was there again. He remembered he got two cotton candies. Maybe he was with a girlfriend. The man was already paying for his orders when Itachi stepped into the line. Itachi silently watched as the man pocketed his change.

Much to his surprise, when the man left the line a small girl was holding unto his belt trailed along. He handed the child the hotdog and was rewarded with a big toothy grin. Itachi looked as the man knelt and cleaned the ketchup off the child after she took a hearty bite. Itachi felt his attraction towards the man increase. A man who knew how to care for a child was a trophy. So the man was married, he thought. Well, any woman would corner him anytime. He then realized that the man was looking at him now and was smirking, his face looked away and tried to ignore the man.

"Itachi... um, someone is coming over." he heard Deidara whisper. Itachi frowned and as he was about to ask Deidara what he meant, he heard someone clear his voice. The same husky voice earlier. "Hi, I was just wondering..." the man said as he trailed his words. "Yes?"Deidara answered for him. "My godchild wants your bear." he said his eyes crinkling as his gazed locked at Itachi and pointed at the bear the raven was carrying. "Can we trade?" he asked as he held up an identical stuffed animal, only blue in was speechless that he was just able to nod and handed the bear to the handsome stranger.

The man smiled as he took the bear. Their fingers brushed a bit and Itachi had to blink a couple of times. The man handed him the blue bear "Thank you. She throws a tantrum if she can't get what she wants." the man said as he tried to swallow the lump that formed in his throat "It's okay. She can have both if she wants to." he voiced out. The man shook his head "No, keep the bear. Your girlfriend might want it." he said as he turned to his companion who was hiding behind him. "HereYumiko, now what would you tell the nice man over there?" he asked as he pointed at Itachi.

The girl walked towards Itachi and smiled. Itachi bent down towards the girl. "Thank you." she said as she stood on her tiptoes and kissed Itachi's cheek. He heard the man chuckle. Itachi patted the girl's head "Now, be good to your uncle." he said. As he stood up the man placed a hand before him "Sasuke by the way." the friendly smile made his eyes crinkle. Itachi took the hand and gave it a firm shake "Itachi. This is Deidara and Sasori. Nice to meet you." he responded as he pointed at his companions. He was pleased on how firm his voice came out. Sasuke smiled as he released the handshake.

"We have to go, it's way past her bedtime. Nice to meet you all." he said as he bowed. Itachi bowed as well. The pair left and Itachi's dark eyes followed the man until he disappeared into the crowd. Sasuke's warmth was still in his palm. "Itachi... he is good looking." Deidara commented as he gave the raven a nudge. Sasori chuckled "And did you see how he stared at you?" as Itachi shook his head. "He obviously likes you." they said in unison. Again, Itachi wasn't against same sex relationships but he was a novice in this area. He just smiled and shook his head "Both of you are insane." he said as the line moved.

They became silent again as they waited for their turn. A small smile appeared on Itachi's lips as he thought of Sasuke. He decided this was just a crush and will fade off as soon as work will start to pour in. But while it's here, he wanted to enjoy the feeling. He shook his head as he tried to concentrate on what was happening as of the moment. But his sub-conscious mind brought Sasuke back into the picture. He took a deep breath and sighed. He realized that he missed this feeling. The feeling of being attracted to someone and the thrill of pursuing that person. He felt light again for the first time in many years.


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