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The Man With The Dragon Tattoo

Itachi was not superstitious.

He was a practical man and rarely believed in hearsay.

But everything changed the moment a friend brought him to an amusement park.

New Year's Eve, almost 10 in the evening.

Itachi was staring at the ceiling. He can still feel Sasuke's kiss on his lips. He closed his eyes as he reminisced that night. That was so far, his best Christmas ever. They went to dinner after the skating venture. His mind was so occupied, not with work which was a surprise. His whole system was screaming Sasuke's name. He gave him his number, he was the one who typed the number into Sasuke's mobile phone before they parted ways after their early dawn dinner. It's been 6 days after Christmas and he haven't heard anything from Sasuke. Itachi was now regretting why he didn't ask for the man's number.

Itachi missed Sasuke. Their feelings for each other seemed mutual on that special Christmas eve. Their kiss proved that theory. But after that, the man vanished from his sight. Itachi had no information as to where to go or how to start looking for Sasuke. He searched the Internet but found nothing on Sasuke Sarutobi. Maybe the man was using a pseudonym for his arts and photos. He was loosing his mind. Where the hell did Sasuke lived? He angrily glared at his laptop. He was fighting the urge to hire a detective and look for the man. He needed to see Sasuke sooner or later or he'll go crazy.

He was convinced that Sasuke wasn't lying when he told him he liked him. He just can't think of any reason why Sasuke didn't contact him. Was it just a fling? A passing challenge? A way to kill time alone? Itachi didn't want to think anything bad about the man. But those possibilities were becoming more inviting as the days passed. He sighed as he threw his head back and landed on his bed. He needed to do something. He had to solve this madness before he starts working. He actually took a holiday leave from work and had his uncle care for the company while he was on vacation.

He turned his laptop off and got up from his bed and stared out the window. The people and the stores were all getting ready to meet the new year. He decided to get some fresh air. He already turned down all the invites from his friends and co-workers. He wanted to be alone. He didn't want anyone to notice how desperate he was in locating Sasuke again. His hair was in a mess. He ran his fingers on his hair and quickly tied it with a red rubber band. He took his wallet and decided to go by foot. He was determined to reach the park where he first met Sasuke. He have been meaning to do that in days.

He took his phone from the table and noticed the case with the melted candle wax. He frowned as he stared at it. "I almost believed in you. But you gave me a riddle I cannot decipher. As I said before, fortune telling is just nonsense." he angrily told the wax. He left his apartment and stormed away. Snow crunched under his boots. He didn't even cared to shield his head from the cold weather. He was fuming so hard that he felt the snow melt the moment it touched his skin. He was never this disappointed with himself in his life. He was so careless and it wasn't like him to be like that.

He passed by a magazine stand and bought a packet of cigarettes and a lighter. He never smoked, but he seemed to need some way to release his stress. He didn't want to go to the Red Cloud, he might actually see one of the gang or someone he knew there. He wanted to be alone and wallow in his loneliness. He walked around and hoped to find the park that was special to him. Kami seemed to have guided him and he reached the place. It was empty. He walked towards an empty bench and sat down. He opened the packet and took a stick and lit it. He inhaled deeply and closed his eyes. Regret filled his being.

He stared at his shoes. His mind was telling him to forget the man. They didn't share anything other than that kiss and that was it. But his heart was telling him something else. And he wanted to listen to his heart more than his brain. He got his phone from his pocket and stared at it. He never even had the chance to take a picture of Sasuke. His memory was the only thing that made him see Sasuke. He never felt like this even with his girlfriend of 2 years. Sasuke came into his life like a whirlwind and left wrecking his life and damaging his heart. He threw the almost finished cigarette away and lit up a new one.

Itachi's deep trance was cut off when a child walked before him. Itachi frowned. The child looked oddly familiar. "My uncle says you shouldn't smoke." she said softly. Itachi's brows furrowed. Realization hit him. He knew this child. "Is that so?" he asked as he removed the cigarette from his lips. He looked at the child "Where is your uncle?" he asked. The child smiled and pointed her finger to Itachi's right. Itachi looked over his right shoulder. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. It was Sasuke. He was seated on a bench, his arms resting on the backrest. He was looking at their direction with a scowl.

Itachi threw the cigarette away. He took the child's hand "Let's go to your uncle, shall we?" he asked and the girl nodded. Itachi felt uneasy. What would he tell Sasuke? He felt his heart race. He was loosing his breath. He then stood before Sasuke and watched as the young girl scrambled to sit on Sasuke's lap. He sat on the other end of the bench. "Hello Sasuke." he whispered but he didn't look. "I see that you are fine." Sasuke mumbled. Itachi gritted his teeth. Fine? With all the dark circles on his eyes and his ruffled hair, he looked fine to him? Itachi knew he had to calm down. He had no rights to snap at Sasuke.

There was silence after that. A few minutes of dreadful silence. At the corner of his eye, Itachi noticed a woman with bright red hair walking towards them. She was petite and was wearing a pair of tortoiseshell glasses. She was pretty and had an air of confidence as she walked. The child jumped up and ran towards the woman. "Mama!" she squealed happily. "Let's go home Yumi. Sasuke... are you coming?" she asked. Sasuke grunted "No, ai have a few things to take care of Karin. You go ahead." he mumbled. "Okay. Sugeitsu parked the car on the other side. When you are done with your affairs, just go home okay?" she said.

The child ran towards Sasuke and hugged him "Happy New Year uncle Sasuke. You really don't need to tuck me to bed. Daddy can do it. You need to make your friend happy, he looks sad." she whispered as she pointed at Itachi. That line brought a small smile on Sasuke's lips. He kissed the girl's forehead and bid her farewell. The women left. A few minutes passed by but the silence remained. Itachi wanted to break the ice, but he didn't know what to say. He then decided to continue smoking. What else was he supposed to do? He placed a stick in between his lips and lit it up and inhaled deeply.

Suddenly Sasuke moved and pulled the stick out of his lips. His movement was so swift that it caught Itachi by surprise. "I told you earlier to stop smoking." he growled. Itachi gritted his teeth "Who are you to stop me from what I want to do?" he spat. Sasuke threw the cigarette on the ground and stomped on it angrily. "Damn it!" he cursed loudly. Then there was silence again. Itachi stared at his shoes and waited. He knew Sasuke was pissed off. "If you didn't want anything from me, you should have told me at the start." Sasuke finally said. The line made Itachi wonder. What did he mean by that?

"What are you talking about?" he finally asked as he faced Sasuke. Sasuke got up and fished his pocket. "If you didn't want to hear from me, you could have just told it to my face. Do you know how many times I tried calling that number before I realized it was not even existing?" He pulled out his mobile phone, gave it a few touches and threw it towards Itachi. Itachi caught the gadget with both hands and looked at it. His eyes grew wide with surprise. He stared at the number on the screen. He was the one who typed it in but hell, it missed a number! He typed the number incorrectly for heaven's sake!

Now Itachi wanted to die. All this time he had no one to blame but himself. "I..." he said but stopped. Would Sasuke believe him? Itachi guessed the man wouldn't. "You what? You gonna tell me you're sorry and that's it? Damn Itachi when I told you I liked you, I meant what I said!" he blurted. Itachi felt miserable but opted to remain silent. Sasuke needed to vent out. "When you didn't react when I kissed you I thought that we can have something special. Something beautiful. But fuck, you are like all of them." Sasuke said as he sat down and buried his face in his hands.

"I looked for you." Itachi silently said. "You never gave me your address, so I had no clue where to start. I spent days looking for you, but we knew no one in common. I stayed home and wallowed with my pride. I thought that you were just wanting a diversion." Itachi said. He heard Sasuke give out a pained laugh "Diversion? From the moment I saw you at the carnival, I knew I wanted you. I actually went back after I got my godchild home but you were gone. I thought I would never see you again. You just don't know how happy I was when I saw you again at the cafe." Sasuke confessed.

Sasuke got up and stood before Itachi and leaned over. "And the moment I tasted your lips, I wanted you to be mine." he whispered as he stared into Itachi's eyes. Itachi grew breathless, his whole body trembled with excitement. "I was a fool Sasuke. I should have hired a detective to look for you. But I had no picture of you. The only thing I had of you was my memory." after saying that Itachi reached up for Sasuke, cupped his faced and kissed him. Sasuke kissed him back. Their kiss was filled with so much passion that it erased all the doubts and frustrations in their hearts and as well as in their minds.

They had to end their kiss for they needed to breathe. Itachi stared into Sasuke's eyes. "I'm sorry." he whispered. Sasuke finally smiled "I am sorry as well." he responded as pulled Itachi up and wrapped his arms around him. They remained in that state for a few minutes, the only thing they can hear was the synchronized beating of their hearts. "Go home with me Sasuke." Itachi whispered. Sasuke looked at him and smiled "Are you sure?" his eyes glittering. Itachi nodded. "I finally found you again, I am not letting you go. Not anymore." Itachi murmured against Sasuke's cheek.

They stared at each other for a couple of minutes. Their eyes talked of the passion and love that their mouths failed to state. Itachi pulled Sasuke and led him. Their feelings were mutual. Itachi have never been this sure in his life. He wanted Sasuke and nothing will stop him. They quickly covered the distance from the park to Itachi's apartment. Snow was falling again. When they reached the door, Itachi quickly tried to unlocked it. His trembling fingers took the task longer. He felt Sasuke's arms snake around him. "Easy, I am not going anywhere." he heard him whisper huskily in his ear.

The door was finally unlocked and they walked into the dark. Before Itachi could move farther away, Sasuke reached for him and pulled him. He landed on Sasuke's chest. "Are you sure about this Itachi?" he whispered. Itachi nodded though he wasn't sure if Sasuke can see him. "Yes..." he whispered back. He felt Sasuke's lips crash unto his own and kissed him with so much passion that he felt he could die right there and then from arousal. Itachi backed a bit and hit a stool. Luckily they both fell on the couch. The crowd outside were cheering over the last hour countdown for the new year.

"Sasuke..." Itachi moaned as Sasuke diverted his attention to Itachi's neck. "You can tell me to stop now while I still can..." he breathed against the warm skin. Itachi was getting delirious. He was all together frightened and excited. This wasn't his first time to taste the art of sex. but this was his first time to be passionate with a man. He had enough knowledge about this, but it didn't stop him from fearing that he might not please Sasuke. He was inexperienced with this so he decided to let Sasuke teach him the beauty of this kind of love. "Don't stop. I want this." he firmly responded, earning a gentle suck from Sasuke on his collarbone.

"Is this your first time?" Sasuke asked as he slowly removed the band that held Itachi's hair. "With a man you mean?" Itachi asked as goosebumps started to grow all over his body. He heard a soft chuckle from Sasuke "Yes." he responded as he gently nipped Itachi's earlobe near his lips. "Yeah..." he responded with a loud exhale. Sasuke ran his fingers through Itachi's hair "Kami, you're so beautiful." Sasuke's voice was coated with desire. Itachi had to smile. Nobody ever called him beautiful before. It surprisingly sounded wonderful, especially coming from Sasuke.

"Sasuke..." Itachi gasped as he felt Sasuke's hand roam inside his shirt. The calloused covered fingers gently caressed his skin. It felt undeniably good. "I want to see you..." Itachi requested. He finally had the will power to remove Sasuke's teasing hands away and pulled him towards his room. "Do you have anything against open lights?" he asked with a smile and Sasuke shook his head. They reached Itachi's room and Sasuke slowly looked around. "Your room is really nice Itachi. I would love to take a picture of you in here." he smiled. Itachi smirked "I was thinking of doing something else with you here..." he teased.

Sasuke laughed "Really? Let's see what we can do with that idea." Sasuke whispered as he moved towards Itachi and kissed him again. This time his hands moved without hesitations. He unbuttoned Itachi's shirt and threw the discarded clothing away. His lips left Itachi's mouth and travelled towards his neck. He heard Itachi moan out as he licked his neck. Sasuke gently made Itachi lie down. His silky long hair was spread out and covered his pillow. Sasuke gave into his urge to touch Itachi's face. "I never wanted anyone the way I wanted you Itachi." he whispered as he gathere a few stray locks and kissed it.

Itachi's heart was overwhelmed. Sasuke was opening his eyes to another world of love that he never knew existed. Maybe that fortune teller was partially right. He was willing to fall in love with Sasuke today, tomorrow and forever. "Love me..." Itachi whispered. He wasn't ashamed to voice out his needs and wants with Sasuke. Sasuke smiled, his dark eyes softening. "Itachi, I might hurt you..." he whispered as he took his place beside Itachi. "Just go easy on me..." Itachi said as he slowly pulled Sasuke shirt off. His fingers gently traced the contours of Sasuke's body, embedding everything in his mind.

Sasuke began kissing him again, no urgency this time. He trailed small kisses on Itachi's face, lingering on his lips. Sasuke's hands were everywhere, touching and caressing him here and there increasing the already formed arousal even more. Sasuke gave out a contented sigh when Itachi's fingers brushed against his nipple. Sasuke pulled Itachi's pants off and freed himself from his as well. Itachi can see the bulge formed between Sasuke's creamy thighs that was covered by the skimpy silk boxers that left no room for imagination. Itachi bit his lower lip to ease the anticipation building in his mind.

The lights suddenly went out, the only source of brightness was from the lights outside that seeped throught the window. Itachi cared less as he pulled Sasuke into another lip lock. Their tongues danced with the melody of their beating hearts. Itachi felt Sasuke remove the last thing that covered him. Sasuke ended their kiss and went to lick his nipple to life. Itachi arched his back as he groaned loudly. "Sasuke..." he whimpered as Sasuke claimed the neglected nub. Their bodies burned. Sasuke went further down. He then felt Sasuke's hands on him, one cupping his balls and the other caressing his erection.

"Sasuke..." he groaned as he felt Sasuke hot breath fanning before his pride. "You are beautiful Itachi. So beautiful..." the words faded off as Sasuke's mouth came down on him. "Haahhh..." Itachi half-screamed half groaned from the sensation. He couldn't compare what Sasuke was doing to him from all the intimacies he had before. Every touch was different, every kiss was new. He felt his body tremble as his knees grew weak. Sasuke was giving him the best blowjob he ever had. Sasuke continued to suck and squeeze him. Itachi knew he will explode. The tight feeling in his groin was threatening to go.

"Sa-aahhs-ke..." he screamed in surrender. Itachi came, filling Sasuke's mouth. The young man smiled as he wiped his mouth. "You taste delicious too..." he grinned. Itachi still had his eyes closed. He could swear that he saw stars. "Do you have condoms, Itachi?" he asked. Itachi nodded and pointed at the furniture on the corner. "Second drawer to the left, below my watches..." he said as he tried to stabilize his breathing. His knees were still weak, but he felt extremely good. He knew there was more to come and he couldn't wait. He opened his eyes and saw Sasuke get off the bed and walk towards the vanity mirror.

Itachi noticed something that caught his eye. Despite the dark, he knew he saw something. As Sasuke moved back to join him in bed, he sat up and positioned himself behind Sasuke. "What?" Sauske asked as he wondered what Itachi was looking at. "What's that on your back?" he asked as he tried to make Sasuke's back face the light from the window. Sasuke chuckled as he looked at Itachi. "Oh, that? It's my tattoo." he responded as he ran his fingers through his hair and gave Itachi a boyish grin. Itachi was not against body art or piercings, as long as it was nice to look at.

"You've got a tattoo?" Itachi asked as his fingers traced the marked skin. Sasuke nodded as he positioned his back towards the window to illuminate his back. Itachi watched as his fingers brushed against the sweaty skin. On Sasuke's back, on the exact opposite to his right breast nestled an intricate design of a fiery blue dragon as big as his open hand. "Oh, it's a dragon..." Itachi whispered. Sasuke nodded "Yup. It is my lucky charm. I had it done 2 years ago. And now since it's the year of the dragon, it's supposed to bring me luck." he explained as he faced Itachi and tilted his chin up for a kiss.

Itachi kissed Sasuke back. "I love you Sasuke." he said after their lips broke apart. Sasuke smiled at him "You better not take that back 'coz I'm staying. " he grinned. Itachi nodded "I meant what I just said." he smiled as they kissed again. The fireworks started outside. It was already new year. So that fortune teller was right all along. He finally understood the riddle-like line she gave him. Here was his soul mate. He will indeed fall in love. The stars did seem to favor him this new year. He did fall in love with a man that has a mark of the year to come. He fell passionately and deeply in love with the man with the dragon tattoo.

The End

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