Chapter Eleven

Riku was awake before his eyes were opened. He felt the small, warm body in his arms and squeezed his eyes tight, trying to trick himself into falling back asleep. Soft lips were on his, waking him up fully. Beautiful, blue eyes, shone with smiles in them and Riku pulled him closer.

"Good morning Sora darling. I hope you enjoyed your birthday," Riku said with a light laugh. Sora winked and kissed him again. He buried his head under Riku's chin and yawned.

"It was magical and I want to relive it," the smaller one yawned. Riku laughed again and kissed the top of Sora's brown spiky head.

"Now, shower or breakfast first?" Riku asked, pulling Sora back so he could look at him. Sora pondered for a moment before a light clicked in his head.

"Shower with me first, then I'll make scrambled eggs and you can fetch Roxas and Axel from outside. I heard them leave last night," Sora replied, smiling broadly. Riku nodded and they slipped out of the bed, grasping each other's hands and strutting into the bathroom. Riku peeked around the corners before shutting the bathroom door. Sora's giggles were still audible through the door and soon water could be heard pouring down.


Roxas was in that state of sleep where you were not sleeping, but not yet awake. That part where you could be woken up easier. The vibrating sensation he felt on his thigh was what woke him up fully. After a few moments of vibrating, a loud, chirping noise came from Axel's pocket. He groaned and noticed that Axel was still sound asleep. The bear could sleep through a war. Roxas fumbled around in Axel's pocket until he felt his fingers touch the phone. How it managed to stay intact with all of Roxas' tossing and turning on it amazed him. Maybe he wasn't as heavy as he thought.

He was still too asleep and the sun was still too bright for him to see who was calling that morning. Not really caring who he would speak to, Roxas pressed the talk button and put the phone to his ear.

"Hello?" Roxas yawned, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. His head moved with each breath Axel took and that was starting to make him fall asleep again.

"Uh, is this Axel? I know I dialed the right number! Zex, do you have Axel's phone number? I must've put it in wrong or something? Hello?" rushed a voice. Roxas raised an eyebrow and had to think for a moment. Zex? Was it the two friends that they were expecting on the Fourth of July, days away?

"It's not Axel. I'm his… boyfriend. Name's Roxas. He's sleeping at the moment, what do you want?" Roxas said, irritated that they woke him up.

"Hi Roxas! Axel's told me all about you! You're the one brother, right? The calm, super quiet, supposedly good looking blonde one, right? My name's Demyx! Uh, well, can you wake him up? I've got news to tell him! Look, I know it's not a good idea to wake the sleeping bear, but can you? It's kind of important!" squealed the man named Demyx. Roxas already knew he wasn't going to like him. Sora seemed more of his type of friend. And Roxas hadn't even met him in person. He slapped his hand to his forehead and debated whether he should really wake Axel. Axel was an absolute bitch when you woke him from a deep sleep.

"Yeah sure, give me a sec, 'kay, uh Demyx?" Roxas said, not sure if that was his named. His brain wasn't fully functionally at the moment. Roxas tried to turn around and shook Axel, yelling for him to wake up. He slapped the red head's cheek, but not enough to hurt him. Axel moaned and slowly his emerald eyes started to open. Roxas shoved the phone in his face, Axel slowly reaching for it.

"It's Demyx or something. Said it was something important," Roxas said, throwing the blankets off him. Carefully he tried to get out of the hammock, without knocking Axel out, to stretch out his body.

"What is it Dem? I was sleeping so great until you woke me and Roxy up!" Axel growled sleepily. His eyes looked dull, but after a few moments passed, his eyes were full of life and a smile lit up his face.

"Axel? What is it?" Roxas asked, curious as to what made him smile.

"No way Dem! Today? That's great! Dinner time sound good? Excellent, I'll tell Riku. He'll be just so ecstatic! And we finally get to officially meet Zex, right? Sweet, alright I'm going back to bed. 'Night Demyx," Axel said, hanging up the phone. He slid it back into his pocket and out his hands behind his head, eyes shut and smiling.

"Do I even want to know Ax?"

"Dem and Zex are going to be here a little early. Like, today at dinner early!" Axel said simply. Roxas hit his forehead again and fell backwards, landing in the soft green grass. Great, more headaches were heading his way. He shaded the blinding sunlight from his eyes and lay there, unmoving. The very light breeze moved the grass this way and that. It was a lot warmer than yesterday, but still had a strange chill to it.

"Axel! Roxas! Get your butts inside! Sora's making breakfast!" Riku shouted from the house. Roxas snapped his head up and hopped to his feet. Axel groaned from the hammock as Roxas snatched all of the blankets. The growls coming from the blonde's were loud and painfully. Roxas' body decided it would wake up starving. Axel rolled out of the hammock and into the grass. He was rubbing his eyes and was not happy that his sleep was interrupted again. Roxas threw one of the blankets at him and ran right for the house. Axel was still a little groggy and couldn't comprehend what had happened until he noticed he was alone.


Sora carefully went around to each plate, putting a certain amount of egg on it. Riku and Roxas preferred theirs with cheese on top, Axel with ketchup and himself having plain eggs. A ding signaled that the next batch of toast was ready. Sora set the frying pan back on the stove and grabbed the plate already full of golden pieces of toast. Four newly cooked slices popped up, just waiting to be eaten. Sora licked his lips and snatched them up. He set the plate down on the middle of the table. Jars of jelly and peanut butter sat next to it. Next to them was Axel's ketchup. Four empty glasses waited next to steaming plates. Sora thought quickly about what he was missing and ran to the refrigerator. He grabbed the two nearly empty orange juice cartons and slammed them onto the table. His perfect breakfast was nearly done. All that was left for people to eat it.

One amazing hour in the shower, a little over an hour cooking breakfast for everyone. A little over two hours. In two more hours, he planned on taking Riku to the grocery store to pick up a few more things. A few hours after that, he'd prepare dinner. Sora felt like making everyone a delicious steak dinner. It was currently eleven-sixteen in the morning. He expected Riku to return in three, two…

Warm arms wrapped around him from behind. Sora grinned slyly and turned his head to kiss the boy behind him. Riku chuckled and knew he was already expected. Sora was good with time and having things set on a schedule like system.

"Right on time Rikki Kins! Just as I thought, you never fail to disappoint," Sora smiled, leaning against him. Riku squeezed him in response and they listened to the sound of footsteps walk inside. Sora unwilling broke away from Riku and took his seat at the island. Riku sat down next to him and they waited for the other two.

"Yum, I can smell it from over here Sora!" Roxas called out. Sora smiled at the weak compliment. It was rather obvious who the chef was in their family. The brunette even planned on going to college for the culinary arts while his brother was off doing something to do with literature or whatever.

"Hurry up boys! It'll just get cold and gross," Sora yelled back. He licked his lips eagerly, but his mother taught him better than that. A person must wait until all are seated before this person may eat. His stomach growled and he held it, trying to be as polite as possible. Roxas was really making that hard. The other two came strolling in, an arm wrapped around each other's waists. They slowly took their seats, and without knowing it, slowly got on Sora's last nerve. Screw being polite.

"Looks good little brother! Hope it tastes awesome," Roxas said, picking up a work and diving into the steaming eggs. Sighing with relief, Sora reached out for a slice of toast and spread a big lump of peanut butter on it. Axel shook the ketchup bottle before squirting way more than necessary over his eggs. Riku and Roxas were enjoying their cheese eggs. To Sora, both of them were rather odd. Cheese on eggs disgusted him and high pulp orange juice grossed him out.

"So guys! Demyx called me and guess what? He and Zex are coming early! As in, tonight around dinner. Who's cooking? Ha, as if I should have asked! Sora, can you make extras with whatever it was you had planned?" Axel asked, shoveling large amounts of egg into his mouth. Sora froze and thought. The early arrival of Demyx and Co. was bound to mess up his whole schedule. Sora absolutely despised surprises and last minute changes. He cracked his neck quickly and turned to speak.

"That's fine, but Riku has to take me to the store so I can get some groceries. Do we still have some money that your parents gave us?" Sora asked, trying to calm his voice. Axel nodded and reached out for a piece of toast.

"When do you want to leave Sora?" Riku asked, grabbing the orange juice carton.

"In a couple hours! It gives me time to clean up! You know, the rest of you can take down the decorations while I clean the kitchen," Sora said. Riku and Roxas grumbled, upset that their work of perfecting the house wasn't going to last long.


Sora was twirling the car keys around his finger as he waited, leaning against the car. Riku grabbed some money from Axel and jogged off the porch. He waved goodbye and ran up to Sora who was tapping his foot impatiently. The silver haired boy was throwing Sora's schedule off. Instead of only two hours of waiting and cleaning so he could go to the store, it took three. The three idiots got into a thumb tack war, throwing them at each other and what not. Sora was not exactly happy that he had to deal with the bleeding fools.

Riku took the keys from Sora and kissed his cheek quickly. The brunette rolled his eyes and ran for the passenger seat. Riku strolled casually for the driver's seat which only made Sora even more impatient. He reached over and honked the horn twice which startled Riku, but he caught on and ran for the driver's seat. Sora sighed, buckled his seatbelt and crossed his arms over his chest. Riku was grumbling to himself as he buckled up and started the car.

As he turned around to look out the back window so he could back up, Sora stole a kiss from his cheek and sat back, content. Riku smiled as he pulled out of the gravel driveway and onto the road. Sora turned on the radio and bobbed his head to whatever catchy pop song was playing. Riku tapped his hands on the steering wheel as he drove, looking around for deer or any other animal at the same time.

"So, my birthday was freaking awesome," Sora smiled. Riku looked at him and grinned widely. Sora winked at him and rolled down the window, letting a nice cool breeze in. The weather was perfectly fine, not too hot and not too wet. It was just how Sora liked it.

"I hoped it was! Roxas worked really hard on that cake and oh! I see you're wearing the ring," Riku said, looking at Sora's hand. The brunette looked down and played with the beautiful graduation ring on his finger. He laughed softly as he remembered his shock when he saw Riku hold that little box. His mind was thinking it was something else and he got extremely scared, but when he found out what it really was… Sora couldn't help be feel relieved.

"They thought you were going to propose. How silly of them to think that, right? We're not going to get married! Marriage just ruins everything. Just look at my family. I think the only marriage that hasn't resulted in divorce or death is my parent's, but they won't last much longer," Sora chuckled. Riku's grip tightened on the wheel and Sora thought he hit a nerve.

"So, you really don't ever want to get married? Like, never?" Riku asked slowly. Sora felt the twinge of hurt in his voice and felt really bad.

"Well, I don't know. I don't want to get married this young. I just turned eighteen! I've got to go out and live my life first before I settle down. Got try new things," Sora explained, but it only made it worse. Riku was shaking a bit, but he shook his head and stopped.

"By what you're saying, you're going to get bored with me? Just toss me aside and try some new guy?"

"No! Riku, I love you so much. You'll always be mine and I'll never grow tired of you. I just… can't marry you. At least, not yet. If that sounds just about right."

Riku didn't say another word after that and Sora had really hurt him. Sora just sat with his hands in his lap, twirling the rather larger ring around on his finger. He wanted to apologize to Riku, but he wasn't sure how. Sora just looked at the window and watched as the car drove out of the forest. The town was only a good ten or fifteen minutes away after that. He'd make the trip to the store quick and productive, an hour or two tops. Then the twenty minute drive home to take a half hour to get all the groceries inside and put away properly to Sora's standards.

"You'll marry me, I'm sure of it. Even if you dump me for some odd reason, I'll always be in the dark, ready to be your angel again. To save you when you fall and lift your spirits high. Surely, I'll keep my distance, but I'll be waiting. Sora, you are the one that completes me even if that sounds cheesy. You're my damn soul mate and its fate your brother introduced me to you. How else would be together? I'm sure I would've seen you around and fallen in love with you, but we're meant to be. I love you Sora," Riku said after a very long silence. They were almost at the store when he finally spoke. It surprised Sora and he jumped up when he heard it. It made his head spin and his heart weep.

"There's no reason I'd ever leave you. Well, maybe if you become abusive or cheat on me, then I'd have to dump you. I don't tolerate that stuff," Sora said.

"I promise to thee Sora Strife, that I shall never even think of anyone else like the way I think of you or you may crush my heart into dust," Riku said, raising his right hand. Sora took his hand and kissed it sweetly. Riku smiled and took the small hand in his as he pulled into the parking lot. He only let go of the brunette's hand to park and get out of the car, but he immediately ran back for him and grabbed it tightly. Sora leaned against him, inhaling his sweet smell.

"C'mon, let's shop and go home already!" Sora yelled and Riku ran with him into the store.


The cashier was moving too slow for Sora. He was tapping his foot impatiently as his eyes flicked between the turtle of a cashier and his gorgeous boyfriend waiting for him by the door. Riku just looked so hot while he leaned against the wall with his hands in his shorts pockets. Sora gnawed on his lip and really wanted to move as quickly as possible. He only had one item left to scan so he could pay and leave. Already his set schedule was messed up, so his mind was just telling him to rush. It was stressing the poor guy out!

"Your total today will be one hundred and forty-four dollars and fifty two cents," sighed the bored sounding cashier. Sora whipped out the wallet and ran his fingers over the bills, pulling out one hundred and fifty dollars. He nearly threw the money at the poor guy, so anxious to leave. The cashier pushed a few buttons and the drawer opened up with a cling and slowly he grabbed Sora's change. He snatched up the five dollars and come cents from the guy, took the cart and ran for Riku. The silver haired boy perked up and moved for Sora, ready to help him out, but he didn't need it. Sora charged out the door and Riku tried to catch up with the eager Sora.

"Easy there boy! Don't crash into a car or anything! Here, let me help you," Riku laughed, helping Sora put the bags into the trunk. There were so many he knew he'd have to tell Axel and Roxas to come help. Sora was moving faster than a cheetah as he put bags in. Riku could only get his hands on two bags. He offered to put the cart away, but as Sora saw how slow he moved, he bumped him aside and ran it back. Riku shook his head, closed the trunk door and jogged for the driver's seat. He was ready to go just as Sora got into the car. Riku started to pull out as Sora clicked on his seatbelt.

"Drive as fast as you can! It's nearly dinner time and I still have to cook a whole meal before Axel's friends arrive! I'm not used to cooking for more than four! Mom only let me cook when you weren't around so it wasn't too big. We both eat too damn much!" Sora spat out. Riku just laughed loudly and sped away, right at the speed limit.

"Remind me to tell Axel he's going to need gas for the next time we go out," Riku said, looking at the needle. It was getting closer to empty and it worried Riku. He never liked running low on gas. His car always had a full tank of gas when it got way too low. Riku never chanced it. He really didn't feel like pushing his car to the nearest gas station.

"Yeah! I think we're heading to his folk's hour again sometime soon. They absolutely adore me! I don't get why Roxas is always talking crap about them. They're really nice people honestly," Sora smiled. Riku nodded with a small smile.

"I know, they liked me too. They just don't like Roxas at all. When I was there with him and Axel, they were so sweet to me, but Roxas was just dirt to them," Riku sniggered.

"It's probably because he's such a pessimist. He should try to be a bit more optimistic! I swear, I'm surprised all his negativity and wild imagination haven't conjured up some… some demon to haunt his dark mind," Sora ranted. Riku froze at the mention of demon. He thought of the dream he had the night he woke up to Roxas screaming and crying. That monster that killed Roxas and Sora. His head hurt and Riku started to feel sick as he pictured those awful images. Roxas was bleeding out and Sora was completely broken. The two people he loved most… dead.

Riku inhaled deeply and tried to just focus on driving. He didn't have a nightmare last night, but last night he barely got any sleep. Sora was rambling on and on about Roxas and his pessimistic ways, but Riku wasn't listening. His mind was switching from the night with Roxas, to his unforgettable night with Sora and then finally driving. He was too distracted. Roxas, Sora and driving clouded his thoughts.

'Why am I still thinking of Roxas? Oh right! I was supposed to talk to him. Well, better take care of that later. I'll help Sora cook tonight, which sounds fun!' Riku managed to think as he drove. He nodded to himself and smiled.


Riku sniffed the wonderful smelling air and wrapped his arms around Sora's waist. He leaned in close and pressed his forehead to the shorter boy's. Sora was giggling away and he lifted his head up to press his lips to Riku's. They hadn't got much cooking done, but they did get a lot of cuddling in. You'd think they're still in the 'newlywed' stage in the relationship when they had actually been dating for years rather than weeks.

"You're such a distraction! Go find Roxas and Axel and go bug them or something! I think they're watching a movie. Why don't you join them? I have it planned that I finish dinner before our guests arrive!" Sora said, pushing Riku out of the kitchen.

"Fine! But you're mine right after dinner. That's what I'm getting out of this," Riku unwillingly agreed. Sora hit him on the head and shoved him off. Riku laughed and walked into the living room. Roxas and Axel were cuddling on the couch, watching that movie he and Roxas tried a couple nights ago. Axel must've made him watch it because Riku knew Roxas disliked that movie. He made his way to the chair and plopped down. Four eyes were glaring at him, but he didn't care. He placed his feet on the table and his hands behind his head.

"This movie seriously blows. The dude is obviously dead and she needs to get over him," Riku sighed, stretching out his back. Axel threw a pillow at him, but missed greatly. It went way over Riku's head. The silver haired boy stuck his tongue out, but watched the movie anyway. They all could hear Sora singing to himself in the kitchen which made them laugh.

"He's off in his own little world when he cooks, I swear!" Roxas chuckled. Axel's throaty laughs made Roxas shake with each boom. The blonde snuggled up close to him and shivered as a breeze came in through the open window. Axel just squeezed him tighter and watched the movie.

"Probably going to storm sometime soon," Riku said, looking out the window. It wouldn't surprise him if it started to pour at that moment. Axel nodded in agreement, but he never looked away from the television. Riku sat in there awkwardly, not wanting to watch the dumb movie and really wanting to go back into the kitchen. The Queen of the Kitchen had already kicked him out and probably would behead him if he tried to walk back in there. Sighing, he just stared at the ceiling.

A car pulling up could be heard from outside and Riku looked over to see Axel grinning madly. Roxas sat up from him and the redhead leaped off the couch and ran for the front door. Riku watched him leave and got up to go talk to Roxas. The blonde's big blue eyes watched him, eyes like his brother's.

Riku sat down next to Roxas and looked at him with the most serious face he could manage. Roxas was a little confused, but turned to face Riku. Riku took in a deep breath and tried to remember why he wanted to talk to Roxas anyway.

"Look Roxas, I really need to talk to you. I'm so confused. Like, later tonight. Meet me at the hammock, say ten? That way I can talk to you in private," Riku said quietly.

"Wait what did I do?" Roxas whispered back. At that moment, the front door busted open and two new people walked in.

"Hello beautiful people! I have arrived!" called out a sing-song voice. Roxas could literally hear his brother just drop to the floor with whatever he had in his hands.

"No! I wasn't done making dinner! This is a disaster! My whole schedule is ruined!" cried Sora. Riku hit himself in the forehead and shook his head. Here's to a lovely night.

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