Okay, I've been falling behind on the E/O Challenges, which I hate to do, cause I love to drabble. I know that Red was one of the challenge words within the last week or so. Hope you like this!



White-faced and shaking, Sam watched as the EMTs worked frantically to save his brother's life.

"He's flat-lining!"


One of them quickly positioned the defibrillator pads.

"Clear! Hit it!"




"He's back!"

"We've got a normal sinus rhythm!"

"About goddamned time."

Sam sagged against the wall with a sigh.

The techs moved quickly to ready Dean for the trip to the hospital.

"Sir?" One of them touched Sam's arm tentatively. "Hey, dude, you coming with us?"

Glassy eyes fixed on his brother's pallid face, Sam slid bonelessly to the floor, leaving a red trail on the wall behind him.