Well, this is my second fan fiction, and I have to say, I'm still quite nervous, but whatever. This completely goes into an alternate universe (because my head's full of them) and I figured I'd try dumping them out of my head so that new ones fill their place.

This starts off in Ba Sing Se, and Jet never saw Iroh firebending his tea, and Jet goes separate ways after, because he's trying to start a new life. Also, I dislike strange pairings because I think the ones shown on TV are just perfectly fine.

Well, for those of you reading this, let's just say ... that while in Ba Sing Se, Zuko and Iroh are starting their lives over in Ba Sing Se. Iroh, wanting Zuko to get friendly with the neighbors and blend in with others, forcibly enrolled Zuko in an Erath Kingdom school without his knowledge. But things start getting progressively worse. And what's the Gaang doing while all this happens?

Chapter One: Secrets

"Uncle! Do I really have to go to and Earth peasant's school? I mean, I don't even WANT to start a new life here!", Zuko yelled as his uncle was preparing some sort of disgusting and pale-looking slop.

"Now nephew, we have to blend in with our new neighbors. Their children are almost the same age as you, and you should go and try to make friends with them. Plus, this new life isn't bad. You should enjoy life more and learn to blend in with the Earth Kingdom people. Now sit down, have some tea, and eat some breakfast."

Iroh was clearly enjoying this fine morning, but to Zuko, it was another dreary day. What could be worse than going to school with a bunch of peasants?

Zuko didn't like school or his classmates, and his classmates didn't particularly accept him either. Everyone was annoyed by the superior attitude he carried about him. Well, almost everyone. His neighbors, Suchi and Kenna, quite liked him, knowing that he was quite nice to his own uncle whenever they came to study over at Zuko's house.

However, there was a group of kids that particularly disliked him, hated him in fact. Aiko, her sister, Shina, and their friend Kimiko all terribly loathed Zuko. They called themselves the Yu He, which meant the Jade Cranes in Chinese. They all wanted him to just get out of school and never enroll there again. Every time Zuko came followed by an ever cheerful Suchi and patient Kenna, they glared. Never to get close to us, you freak.

Zuko didn't care. He hated going to school just the same. And although he found Suchi and Kenna annoying, deep inside, he was grateful to at least have someone around him that he could talk to.

What's the point of going to school, Uncle? All I learn here is how to sell things, how to farm, and a bunch of other nonsense jobs that I won't ever need when I go back to the Fire Nation. Everything is so pointless here! I just want to go back home… even Uncle's company would be bett-

"HEY!" Suchi yelled into Zuko's ear, cutting off his thoughts. "Class is starting, right now. So stop zoning out again."

"You still shouldn't have yelled in his ear. Tapping him on the shoulder would have been nice as well", Kenna stated with a sympathetic look toward Zuko, who was rubbing his ear with a scowl on his face.

"Well, I thought I would just wake him up so he wouldn't daydream during class either."

"Making another excuse, are you?"

"Nope", Suchi promptly stated.

"Well, you could have just gone with his suggestion of tapping", growled Zuko, now in an angry mood. He hated learning about Earth peasant lifestyle and the history of the Earth Kingdom, yet he had to listen, otherwise Suchi's questions about the day's lecture would pester him throughout the study session his Uncle hosted every night.

"Alright class, we will begin. I shall begin calling roll. Please make yourself audible. Shina?"

"Here." Shina attentively said.

The teacher continued down the list she had. "Suchi?"





"Here." Zuko growled. He remembered that his new name was now Lee, but they misspelled it, turning his name into Li instead, but to Zuko it didn't matter, and I didn't seem to bother Uncle Mushi either. (What Zuko didn't know was that even in the official records of Ba Sing Se, his name was still spelled as Li.)

The teachers would vary depending on the day of the week. Some days, it would be a merchant, and some days a farmer. Sometimes it was an Earthbender. Some days, it would be a house wife or maybe a survivalist. The two would teach how you make it out in the wild with almost nothing. (It was quite interesting, though Zuko hated to admit it). Most of the time, it was either the house wife or the survivalist that taught the students.

Today it was the Earthbender.

But she was no ordinary Earthbender. Zuko decided to make a mental list of all the things he had gathered about his mysterious teacher.

One, her name was Anko (which sounded vaguely familiar, but he couldn't think of the reason why …).

Two, she was a master-level Earthbender because she could form Earth Golems (but with much concentration).

And Three, She always wore clothing to cover almost every inch of her skin (Zuko suspected it was to hide a scar like his own, except he couldn't hide his that well).

At least I can observe how Earthbenders attack our nation's soldiers, Zuko thought as he watched Master Anko hurl a small rock toward a target 500 meters away and blow a hole right through it.

Zuko had been ignoring Suchi all morning, and it really irritated Suchi. He couldn't stand it anymore; he exploded.


"Yes, I do talk, but you are annoying, and I was purposely ignoring you." Zuko stated. He had just recently stopped calling Suchi "Earth peasant", but even he himself didn't realize this fact.

"Well sorry for being Mr. Talky Talk. I just wanted you to stop being all up-tighty. I mean, have you seen how our classmates look at you when you pass by. I'm just being defensive for your sake, 'cause you can't seem to do that yourself."

"I can do that perfectly fine myself, Suchi", Zuko growled.

"He's right, you know. I have seen him defend himself", Kenna stated as he watched Suchi make strange gestures in the air.

"Sure, sure. You've said that a million times. I get it already, but you're my friend and neighbor, and I look out for you. You're kinda like our family now, you know?", Suchi said shyly.

Kenna nodded in agreement.

Zuko just looked away, and focused back on the lesson. Who needed a family here. I already have one, and once I capture the Avatar and his friends and regain my honor, I will leave this place for good. But deep, deep down inside Zuko's mind, he couldn't stand it when others made fun of Suchi and Kenna, but Zuko wouldn't admit that he was glad to have them as friends.

"Look at how they talk to that irritating guy. I mean, how can you talk to someone who always has that superiority complex and who always addresses you as "peasant"? I mean, who does that?" Aiko said sourly toward her sister and her friend Kimiko.

"I know what you mean, but complaining won't help get over him" said Shina as she watched Kenna politely listen to Suchi's constant jabbering and Zuko's constant scowls toward Suchi. She wished that Zuko would just disappear. She didn't want Zuko anywhere near Suchi or Kenna.

"Well, at least the guy hasn't done anything to them yet", Kimiko stated quite optimistically.

"Yet", Shina said. "Quit being so optimistic all the time. If something's negative, then it's negative. Don't try to find the bright side of things all the time! But he won't be next to them for very long." Shina said with a sneaky look on her face. "At least, not after today, he won't."

"Our plan has already commenced."

"And that guy won't ever come back to school again!" Kimiko stated energetically.

It had been three months since Zuko started school, and he could remember his first day there. The Yu He had made their plan two weeks after. What they didn't know was the horrible consequences that would follow. No ever imagined what would happen next.

- ... -

And that's Chapter One: Secrets. I'm not really good at hinting flashbacks, but a flashback of Zuko's first day and the Yu He's secret plot will be elaborated more into detail in Chapter Two. Just a head's up, I might make several chapters pretty short. Might.

I appreciated any suggestions and comments, and I would like if others could critique my writing and any grammar and spelling errors. I'll try to change those.

If anyone wants a small profile on any of the characters, you can request one. All of them are original EXCEPT for Anko the Earthbender, which I got from the story Shattered by Magnusrae (.net/s/2703657/1/Shattered). It's a great read.

Thanks, and hopefully the next chapter should be up next week, but finals are coming for high schoolers in my area, and I have this Japanese book report to type.

Just expect one within the next two weeks.

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