Welcome to "The Books of Umber" by P.W. Catanese. "The Books of Umber" is a fantasy trilogy featuring a storyline never quite heard before. If anything, the story contributes to the unification of Catanese's stories into one world.

In "Happenstance Found,' we meet Happenstance when Lord Umber found him in a cave with no memory of who or where he came from. In "The Dragon Games," Happenstance travels to another kingdom with Lord Umber and company to witness the host's dragon games while at the same time figuring out who he is and what his abilities can do. In "The End of Time," Happenstance finally acquires control of his abilities in time to save his friends and both worlds.

I enjoyed the trilogy, but after I finished it I felt there was still more to say especially after Happenstance returns to the other world. I decided to write about how Happenstance saved Umber's world from complete annihilation since this was left out of the final book. Hope you've read "The Books of Umber" and hope you like this piece.

"The Books of Umber" and other related characters belong to P.W. Catanese, not me.

The Books of Umber: Before the End of Time


Happenstance watched the mishaps and the mayhems plaguing the streets below him. He had just come out of the Neither from the other world to begin his work of saving Umber's world. He listened to the sounds of the filaments. They sounded of much despair and destruction. Hap knew a lot of meddling was yet to come. How he loved the idea.

"That wasn't very fair, but then again what is fair," He said to himself.

"Time to get to work, first to locate the woman Willy wanted me to save," Happenstance thought. Happenstance had promised Willy Nilly, a dying Meddler, he would save this woman who had made Willy care. "How peculiar for a meddler and yet it was not so long ago I once cared," he thought.

Happenstance entered the Neither to search in a earlier time for the woman, in a time when there was peace in this world.

Sorry for such a short chapter, but I wanted to start off slow (especially since I've had this idea for a while, but never decided to write it). I'm also glad "The Books of Umber" have finally been added to this website, thank you fanfiction staff!