Vintage Wine

~He tricked her into drinking a bitter 'poison'~

Cilan settled down in a seat, ready to order a nice bottle of Sagrantino when… she came. No, not Iris nor Langley, but Burgundy. "Why is she here?" he muttered. "I bet she wants to pester me."

"Oh-!" Burgundy spotted Cilan and quickly sat beside him before he could say anything. "Oh… you going to order some wine?"

Cilan blushed. "Yes, do you want some?" he asked in a gentleman-like way. She grabbed his menu and looked at it. She couldn't find anything that she liked. "What do you suggest?"

"Sagrantino," he replied, mentally smirking to himself. "Sagrantino is one of the driest wines," he thought, smirking.

"Waiter, apéritif, s'il vous plaît?" Burgundy asked. A waiter walked up and nodded. "We both want Sagrantino," she spoke for his behalf, slightly pissing him off.

"Coming right up." The waiter nodded and walked off. Cilan sat there with a big smirk on his face, almost as if he were going to burst out laughing.

"What are you looking at?" She looked at him. She narrowed her eyes and smirked back at him.

"Oh, you'll see." He looked proud.

"Hmm. Something's up with you… I'm on to you."

"Me? Hah. I'm never up to anything. That's preposterous!" he replied nervously.

The waiter returned with the bottle and poured some of the wine in the glass. "Thank you. That's enough," Cilan warned.

"I hope you enjoy your wine, sir and ma'am," the waiter stately politely. He walked off. The two drank at the same time. Burgundy instantly gagged and coughed.

"What the hell, Cilan?" she snapped, trying to catch her breath. "You gave me a dry wine, you bastard!"

"I see… You must not enjoy the beautiful flavour of this wine." He smirked. "Have you not drunk as much wine as I have? This is very tasty. I could go for some more."

"You poisoned me, didn't you!" she growled.

"No. Now why would I poison someone, I mean a bitch like you?" He stood up and splashed the rest of the wine on her face, staining her beautiful white dress. "That is what you get for hitting on me. I love Iris."

"Uhhh!" she moaned, stopping out of the restaurant rather child-like.

Little did he know, Iris was watching Cilan, smirking at him. "I love you too, Cilan," she whispered.

A/N: This was a random spur-of-the-moment kind of things. Sorry if Cilan is OOC, he was pissed off, obviously XD. I can imagine him cussing when he's pissed off.