Michelle Hegle 'Mimi'

Kendall Schmidt

"Baby," his voice rang through the door, "Are you ready?"

"Almost," I called out, slipping on my wedges. I checked my reflection in the mirror and fixed my curls. Soon after, I walked out the door, meeting an embrace by the boy I loved.

"Ready for an amazing night?" he asked, his voice muffled in my hair.

"Mhmm," I moaned, "As long as your there."

We leaned away and I felt his lips press onto mine with the same passion as always.

"I love you, Michelle," he said as he pulled away.

"I love you too, Kendall," I replied, smiling.

"Shall we go?" he asked, sticking his bent arm out.

"Yes," i said and slipped my arm into his.

He pushed open the door and I was met by the warm atlantic breeze. The night sky scattered with stars and the moon bright beautiful. The water glistened as if clear glass and the rooftop was lit by dozens of candles, a projector and screen in the middle of the roof.

"Kendall Francis Schmidt," I gasped and turned my head towards him, "What's this?"

"Well," he said, tightening the hug he had me inform behind, "I thought you would like to watch a movie."

"Oh really," I said cooly, "You thought?"

"Okay, Okay," he said as if defeated, "I knew you wanted to because of your bucketlist."

My face froze and I moved out of hi hug, "Where did you get my bucketlist from?"

It's true. I have a bucket list but I wrote when I was like 14 with my best friend and I had some of the stupidest things on it. Quite embarrassing actually. We had very dirty minds. Numbers 8-16 consisted of meeting famous people. Random ones but number 3 was "Be kissed by Kendall Schmidt." and number 28 was "Get to third base with a celebrity."

"I found it like a month ago when I was in your room and you were in the shower," he said, "I didn't mean to- should I not have found it?"

"How much of it did you read?" I said, ignoring his question.

"I only got to number 7 and number 6 was watch a movie on the roof with the person I love," he said, a little worried.

"Well, it was sweet of you to do this," I said, softening my attitude, "But next time, ask me about it before reading it."

"I'm sorry," he said and picked up my hand, "I promise I will. I meant no harm."

I sighed, "I know you didn't, just... That bucketlist is really embarrassing."

"It's okay," he said with humor laced in his voice, "I've seen you drunk, hungover and sick. I don't think anything is more embarrassing."

"Gee thanks," I said.

"Mimi, you know I didn't mean it like that," he said, "Seriously, how embarrassing could it be?"

"Oh, it is definitly embarrassing," I said.

"On a scale of 1-10?" he asked.

"23," I answered without hesitation.

"How could it-" he paused and his face went into the 'Oooohhhhh' face.

"Yup," I said, "Subject switch?"

"Sure," he said, "Wanna guess what movie we're watching?"

"Ummm," I thought for a second and it came to me, "... Scary Movie 2?"

"Yeppers," he said.

I laughed and hugged him, "No way! You didn't!"

"I did!" he said and kissed my head.

I pulled away and looked him in the eyes, "You're the best, you know that?"

"Ahh," he said with sarcasm, "I've been told."

I laughed and we walked over to the various pillows and two beanbags set up.

We laid down and Kendall pulled out his phone, texting of course.

"What are you doing?" I joked, "Put it away, this is a date."

"This includes the date," he hit send and look towards the door we had come through.

"3...2...1," he said and a waiter appeared through the door, carrying a large bag and a cooler. The waiter looked about 35 and had black, short hair and wasn't very tall.

"What's this?" I asked as he set it down in front of us.

"By request, Passionfruit Iced Tea, sweetened. Beef Tacos with chips and salsa and for dessert, New York cheesecake with rads berry sauce. Also, various candies for during the movie."

"Thank you," I said.

"You're very welcome young lady." he said with a smile and turned, walked back through the door and closed it.

"It's so beautiful out tonight," I said, my head tilting to view the sky.

"Not as beautiful as you," Kendall said and I blushed.

"This feels like romantic comedy," I said, "When do the fireworks appear?" I laughed.

"Well, I don't have fireworks, but I do have another surprise. But we have to wait a little while for it." he said, a smirk on his face.

"Okay, we'll can we start the movie?" I asked.

"Yes," he said and pulled a small remote from his jacket pocket. He hit play and the screen illuminated with images from the projector. Scary Movie 2 began to play and I scooted closer to Kendall and began eating my food.

I heard an alarm go off and my eyes slowly opened. I felt myself being shakes a little and Kendall's voice whispering, "Wake up. It's the surprise!"

I sat up slowly and rubbed my eyes. We had fallen asleep once the movie ended and now Kendall's phone was buzzing.

He silenced and looked to the sky, searching.

"What?" I asked, curious.

"Look!" he pointed to the sky and I focused on where he was pointing.

It was amazing. So big and beautiful. It trails of lights blazing through the sky like golden streams. It was a meteor.

Suddenly, one by one, a million burst out from the darkness and it looked like a shower of sparks.

"Oh my god," I said, amazed at the sight twinkling through the sky.

"We are watching a meteor shower," he said.

"Make a wish," he said a moment later.

I closed my eyes and wished. But, the problem was, I didn't know what to wish for.

"I don't know," I said.

"Come on, there's nothing?" he asked.

It took me a second to think, "I don't need to wish for anything else." I said, "I have everything I want already." I looked to him and he had a smile on his face.

"Me too."

I leaned in and kissed him with the same passion we always had, but this time, I deepened it. I felt his arm wrap around my waist pull me closer. He started to lay us back until we were laying on the roof, making out.

After what seemed like forever, we broke apart and smiled at each other.

"So, you have to wish for something," he said, smiling.

"Okay, okay," I laughed.

I closed my eyes and thought of the perfect wish. I counted to three in my head and wished. I opened my eyes and saw the meteors starting to slow. Fewer streaked across the diamond-like sky until all were gone.

"So," I said turning to Kendall, "What did you wish for?"

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