What The Hades Is That Doing Here?

I had a tail. It was beautiful, yes, but dude my legs were gone. I had a tail, not the tail that comes out of your rear like a monkey or a tiger but a real honest to Zeus tail...like a mermaid's. We all stared at the silver tail that glistened in the moonlight...and the LED lights, but moonlight is sounds so much more poetic. I looked at all the eyes that were popping out of their sockets.

"Uuuhhh,"Warren stated, "Why didn't I know that you were a mermaid?" I myself wanted to know that. Seth then blurted out,

"Can I add you to my fish collection," He had a hopeful face that was so innocent...like a puppy. So I put it as gently as possible,

"Hell, NO!" Bracken just looked mystified. Gavin stared. Rather rudely if I might add. Vanessa being the only (mostly) sane one in the room said thoughtfully,

"Could this be what Agad meant when he warned us that you could manifest powers?"

"I don't know but I am not on a good mood with my favorite jeans ripped and my legs scaly. I mean will this happen every time I touch water? I'll never be able to shave my legs again!"

"Wow, rant much," Elise muttered and I shot her The Look. Getting mad at everyone staring, not to mention the fact that I am a 15 year old girl so I'm bound to have mood swings, some force caused me to hold out my hand.

The vase that held some lilies in a corner rattled and the water came rushing to my hand where I threw it at her with enough force that she fell backwards soaked, then the water came rushing back to my hand in a little ball that I stared at in wonder. I willed it back to the vase, and then began apologizing.

"Okay I usually would be upset about that but…That. Was. Awesome!" We all laughed. Then the door swung open to reveal Grandpa and Grandma. Grandpa took one look at my tail and yelled,

"What the hades is that doing here?" Grandma yelled something that ended somewhere along the lines of,

"What the #$&%ing !#$)& is that thing doing on my granddaughters body!"


After some serious explaining, Mara was an angel and got me a towel to dry of with. But by drying of I kinda sorta maybe got my legs back. Yeah, great right? Not so much...I wasn't wearing panties! I was butt naked from the waist down as soon as the sparkles cleared.

"Ghaaaaaaa," was the cry from every male in the room as they all turned around so they couldn't see me. I snatched the towel and held it around my waist as I ran upstairs to gets some undies and pants on. I busted open the door to my room then pulled on some underwear, skinny jeans and ran down the stairs to the living room. We all sat down. I began playing with my new found power freezing and unfreezing the water then bending it making shapes and whatnot. Stan then stated,

"Agad set up a place where Kendra, Seth, Warren, Mara and the Sphinx can get their guardians. Then, the day after that, we go to the Institute and meet the mutants. Any questions? Complaints?"


"Oh, sorry we ran out of time for complaints. Now go to bed."

*Much Later… About 10ish*

It was happening again. I was at the lake it was peaceful and serene. I was leaning on the railing when the sky darkened and the pond boiled, an ear splitting scream filled the cold dry air. A gigantic goat horn rose out of the water then the head then the body. The screams from The Demon King stopped but were replaced by my own. He reached out an ugly hand ...

"Shhhhhhhh, Kendra, darling it's okay you can stop screaming. I got you. It's okay, no one will hurt you, not with me around shhhh." It was a dream, no, a nightmare. The same one since I killed that thing. Hhhhmmmmmm. He smells nice. Spice, mint and leather. That man smell that one just can't describe. I turned my face into his chest that was hard as rock. My hand coasted up to feel silky longish hair. The mystery man groaned and quietly said,

"You don't know what your touch does to me."

"Who is this?" I mumbled.

"The sexiest dragon you have and will ever have the fortune of meeting," came the cocky reply that was no longer soothing and quiet. I jerked back from Gavin and realized a little too late
that he had placed me in his lap and was cradling me.

"What the hades are you doing here?"

"You were screaming" he said in his 'duh' voice. I gave him The Glare.

"Get out of my bed if you value your man parts and don't want them cut off." I threatened only slightly kidding. He gulped and slid out of my bed.

"Go" I commanded, pointing to the door. He turned around and started to leave. I slid under the covers and whispered,

"Thank you," I didn't think that he heard me until he said,

"Of course Kendra I will always be there for you when you're scared." Then he closed the door. I had just enough time to curse his excellent hearing and wonder what he meant by that.