The Swan and the Rhino

~He may not have been the best looking guy, but Macy didn't care~

"Hi," the gruff man, Clay said shyly to Macy. With his uncombed hair and pale skin, he looked like a beast. But this beast was a kind as a Deerling. "Your name is Macy, right?"

"Hello. Yes sir, it is." She wasn't frightened by his pale, years-of-mining-underground appearance. A few cuts lined his face, but not enough to be apparent unless close-up. "Your name is Clay, true?"

"Indeed." He nodded, smiling. His smile always showed off a gold tooth where a Zebstrika had bucked him. "So what do you do for a living?"

"I study the dream smoke given off Munna and Musharna." She grinned. "It's hard to explain, really. I'm thinking about studying the Dream World next, which would mean I'd have to somehow get into a Pokémon's dream."

"B-but… How is that possible?" He stared at her, flummoxed. "W-what in tarnation you talkin' 'bout?"

"Never mind… You're making me look like an idiot. What do you do for a living?"

"I mine whenever I can, usually iron or bauxite. Sometimes I come across silver or fossils." He smirked. He looked dignified.

"May I take your order?" a waiter asked. "Might I suggest the wine of the day?"

"Yes sir," Clay replied.

"Today's wine is trousseau gris," he replied. "Have you figured out what to order yet?"

"Fried scallops please."

"I'll have what he's having," Macy replied hesitantly. The gentleman nodded and walked off. "I-I've never had scallops before, are they any good?"

"Oh, they're wonderful." He grinned. "They taste like mushrooms when they're alone, but once they're soaked in oil, it's as if you're in heaven. The subtle flavour is amazing… Like shrimp or lobster. Mmm…," he said hungrily.

A different waiter brought a bottle of wine. "Thank you," the two said, echoing each other.

The waiter simply nodded. "Profitez," he said in French. The waiter didn't know any English. He walked off.

"What did he say?" Clay asked.

"He said enjoy." She smiled. "Do you not know any French?" she asked teasingly.

"Ich kenne Deutsch."

"'I know German'. Very impressive." She then noticed the food was coming. "Well, that was fast." The waiter set the delicious fried scallops on the table. Macy took a bite. "T-this is amazing…" She ate some many; it felt as if she was going to explode.

Clay eventually finished, wiping his chin delicately. "I love that hair clip."

"T-thanks… I love your hat."

"Thank you, ma'am… My grandpappy gave it to me. See this is a pure emerald." He pointed. "And the band is fourteen carat gold. This hat is very special to me. My grandpappy was a miner and my father was a miner. So… Where'd you get your Munna flower stylised clip?"

"I made it myself. I just glued a bunch of pieces from a broken pot and glazed it. It was fun to do."

"That's an interesting idea…" he mused. "Well. I have to go home now. I need to get up early. I have jury duty." He got up.

"Ah. I guess I'll go now as well. Thanks for dinner."

"No problem." He grinned. She watched him walk off.

"Wait…" She caught up to him.

"Yes?" He turned around. She kissed him, taking him aback.

"Bye," he whispered.

"Bye, Clay. See you later, right?"

"I'll cya later." He put his hat on and walked out of the restaurant. She stood there, watching him like a horny schoolgirl.

A/N: I love this pairing so much. I don't know why.

Oh yeah, her name is Macy because, back before the characters got English names, hers was Makomo. So yeah, I decided to choose a name that was similar and it stuck. (Clay's original name was Yanick.)

I also find it kinda hard to write in a Southern accent, even though I have one.