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Okay, summary time.

Thousands of years ahead of time, Earth is be nothing but an empty planet with nothing but animal life, if anything. Now, Earth's former inhabitants live on a planet called Extrason. It is a safe haven for nearly extinct races, though humanity is by far the largest. This beautiful lush planet is filled with danger, including one young man in particular, publically known as the Moon Shadow. He's a thief, and a killer if absolutely need be. Legend says that strange red fur graces his lithe body, and a tail hangs from his waist. The Princess of the newly evolved human race, a blue haired vixen with a passion for adventure, would do anything to catch and keep him, but at what cost is his imprisonment?

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Pure Insanity

Chapter 1: Speed.


Blades of grass that smoothly blanket the Extrason floor barely have time to rustle before they settle again, the strong forceful wind that disrupted them being long gone in the course of literally two seconds.

He's fast.

He loves the feeling of the wind rustling his fur like the grass underneath his bare feet. Braches never hit him. He makes sure of that. He has enough scars.

Freedom was so beautiful.

Yes, he was finally free.

He smirked as he remembered how he escaped from the Tyrant, Frieza. It'd been pretty funny, especially after the ship blew into a million pieces, courtesy of a few well-placed dynamite sticks and a very large Ki blast.

Ah, the look on Frieza's face when he saw him out the window. Complete shock and fury. He'd grinned at the purple lizard, and with a press of a button and a spark of Ki, put an end to the reign of the Cold Empire.

He'd been hiding his power level for a long time, until he became about four times Frieza's strength (which had tripled to 12x as of lately). The one Ki blast had taken out Frieza himself; the bombs had taken out the rest of them. That way, he got to see a nice pretty explosion without wasting Ki on weaklings.

No more servant work for him; no sir.

After the ship blew up, he took his stolen mini-ship (no, not those stupid little cramped pods, but an actual mini-ship) and flew to Extrason. No one had bothered him here; no one had even acknowledged him. Apparently these people couldn't sense Ki, or he would have surely been investigated for his immense power level.

He'd been glad for that. He didn't know whether or not the inhabitants of this planet were hostile or not, and while he was by far strong enough to take care of all of them on his own, that would leave him in complete solitude.

Saiyans don't do well in solitude.

He knew almost nothing of his heritage; his home had been destroyed when he was barely five years old. He'd been the only known survivor.

Frieza had wanted a pet. Ha. Some pet he made.

He was a fallen Prince, but he'd forced down any childish emotions that would hold him back long ago; hence his strength. He'd killed mercilessly, and he wasn't exactly proud of it, but he had loved the fighting. It was in his blood, that much he knew. He vaguely remembered the faces of his handsome father and pretty mother, their proud voices telling him he'd be great someday.

And he was.

His feet made soft pit pat sounds on the forest floor, the animals peering at him curiously as he flew by.

He smiled to himself. The animals were never afraid of him. They liked him, actually. That was only natural; he was far more in touch with his animal side than his humanoid one.

His favorite animal was a big albino Bengal tiger. It tried to eat him the first they'd met; he liked a bit of sass in his companions. Mind you, the tiger never tried to eat him again after a good swat on the head, but it still had spunk.

He'd named it Zorn.

He remembered Zorn a little. His face, like all the others, had long since faded from his memory, but he remembered that he was a good friend of his father's; He'd been King Vegeta's best friend and advisor.

Well. If his father had a best friend, and he was King, surely he, as Prince, deserved one too. Thus, the tiger was named.

He'd trained Zorn to let him ride him, which he only did when he had just hunted a fresh kill or felt too lazy to run himself…

Which wasn't often.

He gripped his spear, which he didn't really need, but when your Ki is above 6 million, it's a bit hard not to alert prey of your presence when you summon your energy, and he really didn't like getting his hands dirty.

Yes, animals can sense Ki. Not power levels, mind you, but they can sense Ki in and of itself, as well as murderous (or hungry) intent.

Some venison would be nice right about now.

He stopped abruptly, every movement of his landing graceful and elegant. His fur swept past him with momentum, his long, dark brown hair catching the current of wind he created.

His blue eyes flashed in the evening sunlight, his keen sight already glimpsing the meadow he knew was on the other side of the lake he was now facing. It was full of antelope, some animals the Earthlings had brought when they migrated to Extrason.

He slipped into the water silently, his footsteps barely making a splash in the currents. He walked slowly, suppressing his Ki as he waded deeper and began swimming.

He loved water. It was like flying in slow motion. He stretched his arms out in front of him, pulling them back in a long stroke as he kicked his legs.

The only bad thing was that his wet fur would slow him down. Oh well. Those deer were still a couple thousand times slower than him.

He emerged from the water slowly, only letting his eyes show above the surface at first. He grinned underwater.

I bet I look scary, he thought smugly. Too bad no one's around to see it. I probably look really badass right now.

Smirking to himself, he pulled the rest of his body onto the bank, which was higher than the smooth shore on the other side. He hid behind some brush, waiting for his fur, hair, and clothes to dry a little before he began his hunt.

He was average height, about 5'9'', with long dark brown hair that flowed both up into a distinct flame he'd always prided himself on, and at the same time, down into a thick mane that overshadowed his red shoulders and framed his tan face. Red fur covered his lean body, except for his chest, fingers, and toes. His tail was long enough to wrap around his lean waist twice, which was extremely helpful for balance. He was naturally muscular, with blue eyes and sharp, pearly white teeth that he normally flashed with his trademark smirk.

He wasn't sure why he'd started growing fur. Frieza had insisted it was merely puberty, but he knew that was a lie. Maybe he didn't remember his home world, but he did know that no one, no one, had fur except for on their tails.

Oh well. He rather liked his fur. He figured it made him special. Maybe it came with the awesome power he possessed.

His father would've been proud.

The red fur made him beautiful, he thought. He wasn't naturally vain, mind you, but sometimes he couldn't help staring into rivers to look at his reflection. Sometimes he couldn't believe it was him staring back in the waters. He was not only the last of his kind, but the first.

That made him special, he was sure of it.

He was handsome, though he wasn't truly aware of it. He thought his fur and long hair had made him beautiful; Saiyan hair wasn't supposed to grow. He had a strong jawline, with sharp, piercing blue eyes and long lashes, though much of his face was hidden underneath his long bangs if he tilted his head.

He was 17 now. He'd been on Extrason for 2 years…although, he hadn't mentally matured with his body, as he hadn't ever interacted with any humanoid life forms. Earthlings ruled the planet fairly, and let almost anyone stay on the giant orb they'd claimed. Apparently they though that since it was so much bigger than their homes, they needed neighbors…or subjects.

He didn't mind that. The Earthlings weren't tyrants; they let the alien refugees keep their ways of life. They made sure no wars broke out, although they sometimes had a few among themselves, but those never lasted long. They'd slowly gotten stronger over the thousand years they'd been on Extrason; the habitat made sure of that. Of course, to him, they were still weaklings, but they were impressive nonetheless.

He wore tattered blue pants, which he desperately needed to replace, and no shoes.


Satisfied that he was dry, he began his hunt.

His fingertips trailed on the ground, the soft dirt retrieving the vibrations from the moving deer he was stalking. He advanced closer, finally stopping in a crouch. He bounced softly on his toes, grinning to himself. He hadn't needed to get that close, not by a long shot. As far as he could throw his spear, he hadn't needed to advance past the bush he'd hidden behind. Still, it was amusing to see how close he could get to the creatures without alerting them…or ruining his fun.

Faster than the speed of at least sound, he jumped up and threw his weapon. It sunk deep into the flesh of a buck, and it fell immediately. The herd screeched collectively and took off. He didn't bother chasing them. The one he'd caught would be enough until Zorn came back with his own kill, which he always happily shared with the Prince.

He walked calmly over to his kill, his perfect nose wrinkling in disgust when he realized it was still alive. His mark had been slightly off. The creature was suffering from a horribly punctured lung, rather than dead form a splintered heart.

He sighed, withdrawing a knife from his belt. He killed it quickly, not a drop of blood splattering onto his hands as he sunk the blade into the tender flesh and removed both weapons. If there was one thing he couldn't stand, it was seeing creatures suffer. He'd dealt with that enough first hand.

He flew back over the river, spear in one hand and his kill in the other. He had a special place he stayed in; an enormous, beautiful cave, almost like a cavern with a roof, full of stalagmites and stalactites that sparkled with diamonds and obsidians.

He couldn't really remember the last time his eyes had been obsidian. The twin scars on his face had always made him avoid looking at his face. There were scars on his chest too, but those were different. They were battle scars, not cruel punishments. He rather enjoyed those scars. It made him a man, in his opinion.

He used the pretty stones to make his spears and knives, although he preferred diamond since obsidian broke easily.

There were a few emeralds in the caves too. Whenever he was lucky enough to find some, he made them into jewelry, like the kind he remembered his father wearing. He always strung them into necklaces, or used Ki to force the jewels into beads to string in his hair behind his ear. Strangely, it gave him a wild look…not that he cared, or noticed. All he knew was that they reminded him of his parents, so he kept them.

He sat outside his cave and skinned his kill, roasting in over a fire and sinking his sharp canines into the juicy meat.

Ah, venison.

After he finished, he glanced at his clothes again. His pants really were tattered…

A few minutes later, a scream could be heard from a nearby village.

"Zenor! The Moon Shadow! He's stealing our clothes!" a purple skinned woman shrieked.

"Hush, woman! I know! I'm trying to get something to catch him with! Princess Bulma wants him caught!" a male voice shouted back.

He grinned as he fled, changing into his new clothes after he'd gotten a satisfying distance away. He now wore new blue pants, brown boots, green wrist and ankle gi wraps, and a beautiful golden sash tied around his waist.

He'd been deprived of anything pretty his entire life. He found no need for material things, and was happy in his cavern with his tiger, but still, his father had always worn a long red cape around his shoulders, but since the sash was too short…

Besides, gold was prettier. He'd wear it when he wasn't hunting.

Now, back to the subject at hand.

Moon Shadow? Who in Extrason named him that?

It had a nice ring to it, he supposed. Made him sound like a famous thief.

Well, he was. He figured his parents would be disappointed in him taking things, but honestly, he never kept anything but clothes. Those were necessary. He just liked seeing people's faces with their things disappeared. Every so often, he'd let someone see him before he returned their items. But, he'd still been labeled a famous thief. It was amusing. And now he had a bounty over his head? The Princess herself wanted him? Interesting.

This would be fun.

Still, Moon Shadow wasn't his name.

It was Vegeta.


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