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Chapter 2: The Wonders of Being a Kit

"Please? Oh please can we go outside Morningfeather, I am begging you!" Morningfeather sighed and rolled her emerald eyes.

"Yes Rosekit, of course, but only after your littermates wake up."

Rosekit blinked up at her mother. "But Morningfeather, I could get some of the other kits to come with!"

"Flightbreeze's were born yesterday." Morningfeather argued. Rosekit just sighed and looked up at her mother with pleading eyes.

"The kit needs to see the camp sometime, Morningfeather." Flightbreeze, another queen who was lying drowsily in the corner pointed out.

Yes! Rosekit thought. Flightbreeze is on my side! She noticed her mother's brown and white fur bristled after Flightbreeze's comment. "Okay Rosekit."


"But don't bother any of the warriors." She said sternly. Rosekit rolled her eyes.

"I won't!" she meowed as she raced out of the nursery.

The wind almost blew her back into the nursery when she got out. She slid out her tiny claws and tried to dig them into the ground. "Help!" she yelped, flinging her head back into the sky. She noticed a brown tabby tom turn toward her. His fur blowing in the breeze as well.

"Are you okay there?" he asked, giving her a curious look.

Oh no! I am making a terrible image of myself to the Clan! She blinked at him before straightening herself and giving her creamy brown chest fur a few embarrassed licks. "Yeah I am fine." She squeaked.

The tom still looked at her puzzled. "Okay." He meowed. "I am Forestpaw by the way; I take your one of Morningfeather's kits?" Rosekit nodded.

"Yeah I am Rosekit." She mewed, wrapping her tail around her paws.

"Oh, is this your first time outside of the nursery?"

Why does he have to ask so many questions? She wondered. I just wanna explore! "Yes it is." She meowed quickly. "Now if you don't mind," she said casually. "I have got to go see… my father!" With that she raced away into a large barrage of bushes. She peered out to see Forestpaw look after her for a heartbeat before turning away.

"What are you doing in here?"

Rosekit turned around and smiled. "Grayblaze!"

"Hush, Rosekit. You need to be quiet, this is the warriors den, you already woke me up, let's try and keep it that way."

"Sorry." Rosekit apologized shortly.

"Where is your mother?" Grayblaze asked, raising his furry gray hair to look around for her.

"She is in the nursery with Brightkit, Shinekit, and Lionkit." Rosekit explained.

"You are out here all by yourself?" Grayblaze inquired.

"She said I could!"

"Well, look what you did being out here alone?"

"Well… I woke you up but that's okay because you're my father!" Grayblaze cast a hard glance at her. Rosekit boldly returned the gaze.

"Let's get you back to Morningfeather; you are too much trouble out here alone.

Rosekit nodded. "Okay, but I gotta go make dirt!" She didn't really know what that expression meant, but she had heard her mother use it before, and had seen the place where she went off to when she had.

"But Rosekit- Rosekit drowned him out as she entered the dirtplace.

She wrinkled her nose. "Yuck!" she hissed. She saw her father patiently waiting for her outside. I gotta find a way out of here! She found a small crack in the barrier and slipped through it. Phew!

"Another kit?" a snappy voice meowed. Rosekit froze. Who was it now? She met the eyes of a dark gray tom lying on a perfectly arranged nest. Rosekit just nodded silently. "Well come here than." The tom hissed, flicking his tail for her to come over.

Reluctantly, Rosekit walked over to the cranky tom. "What do you want?" she asked quietly.

"What's your name kit?" he mumbled.

"I am Rosekit, daughter of Morningfeather and Grayblaze." She said, straightening up at her heritage.

"I don't care about who your parents are." The cat growled. "That's not how I judge a cat."

"Oh." Rosekit mewed, sitting down. "Then how do you judge one?" The tom's cloudy eyes glinted. "I judge a cat from their actions and words."

"How have you judged me so far?"

"Too soon to tell." The cat grumbled.

"So who are you?" Rosekit asked, twitching her tail at this interesting cat.

"I'm Troutclaw." He meowed. "I was deputy after Birchclaw died in the Battle with WindClan."

Rosekit's eyes widened with interest. "What battle of WindClan? How come you aren't deputy anymore?" she asked, her kitten-blue eyes sparkling with excitement.

"Well you see I retired from being a deputy, I was too old for the role, so now I am an elder with Squirrelfang."

He flicked his tail over to a light brown she-cat sleeping in the corner of the den. She didn't hold Rosekit's attention long. "So tell me about the battle!" she meowed. She had heard of battles before, where cats fought eachother for glory, or territory…

"Well WindClan invaded us in the dead of the night. They brought their whole Clan, they did."

"The kits too?" Rosekit asked hopefully.

Troutclaw shook his head vigorously. "Of course not! That is against the warrior code!" he meowed.

"What's the warrior code?" Rosekit mewed.

Troutclaw sighed. "Maybe I should wait to tell you this story for another day young one." He said.

"Why?" Rosekit asked, leaping to her paws. "I want to hear about the battle and Birchclaw!"

Troutclaw shook his head. "You are too young, it will give you nightmares."

"No it won't!" Rosekit protested.

Troutclaw shook his head. "Go back to the nursery, Rosekit, I am tired myself."

"Please tell me Troutclaw!" Troutclaw shook harder this time.

"No is no." he meowed. "Now go back, I need to catch up on my sleep." With a sigh, Rosekit turned away and walked out of the Elder's Den.

"Rosekit!" she flashed her head up to see her mother racing towards her. Before Rosekit had time to react, Morningfeather scooped her up in her jaws.

"Morningfeather, stop, this is embarrassing!"

"Where have you been?" Morningfeather hissed with clear motherly rage.

"I went to visit the elders!"

"That is no reason to ditch your father! You are staying in the nursery for another week before I let you out again!"

"No! Morningfeather! That's not fair!"

"It is perfectly fair Rosekit!" With that, her mother plopped her down on the ground. "Bluedove will keep an eye on you while I go and watch your littermates while they play outside!"

Rosekit hissed in frustration as her mother stormed out of the nursery. I didn't do anything wrong! It's natural for a kit to explore, isn't it? She thought angrily.

"Are you okay?" Rosekit whipped around to see a big gray tabby kit looking at her with bright, leaf-green eyes filled with curiosity.

"I am fine…" she meowed, noticing her light brown fur was fluffed up she licked it down. "I just have to be in here for a whole week!" she hissed.

The gray tom blinked. "Who are you." He asked.

"I am Rosekit, my mother is Morningfeather and my father is Grayblaze."

The tom nodded. "I'm Stonekit." He meowed. "My mom is Bluedove… but my dad…" Rosekit cocked her head curiously.

"Who is your dad?" she asked.

"My dad… is Birchclaw." He meowed.

He doesn't think I know who Birchclaw is. Rosekit observed, seeing that he held his head high, his green eyes giving nothing away.

"Oh Birchclaw." Rosekit nodded casually. Now wouldn't be a good time to tell him what I know. I just met him. She figured. "I wish I could go outside." Rosekit mewed, looking longingly at her littermates, playing with eachother.

"I'm a big WindClan warrior!" Shinekit squeaked, her silver and white pelt glimmering as she rose onto her back paws to crash down on Lionkit.

Stonekit nodded silently. "You know…" he murmured quietly. "I know a place where you can escape the nursery."

Rosekit's eyes widened. "You do?" she asked.

Stonekit nodded. "Yeah, it's in the back corner underneath the brambles." He meowed. "Promise not to tell anyone though, I have been sneaking out every night and going into the forest."

"The forest?" That was a whole new level! "Oh can I come Stonekit! Please!"

Stonekit shrank back a little. "I don't know Rosekit, it's kind of dangerous."

"Just let me come along! You'll barely know I am there!"

"I… I will think about it." He meowed.

Think yes! Rosekit begged but just nodded in agreement. "Okay." She meowed.

"Oakstar, have you met my kits yet?" Rosekit turned at the voice of her mother to see the brown and white tabby queen speaking with a pale brown tabby tom.

That's Oakstar! She thought in bewilderment.

Oakstar shook his head to Morningfeather's question. "Not yet I haven't." he meowed. His green eyes sparked with delight as he looked over them. "What are their names?" he asked.

"Well, this ginger tom is my son Lionkit." She meowed, laying her tail briefly on Lionkit's head. "The little silver and white she-cat is Shinekit, and then the light ginger one is Brightkit."

Oakstar nodded. "Wonderful names," he commented. "But is that all of them? Grayblaze told me you had four kits." Morningfeather must really hate me. Rosekit thought desperately as she watched.

"Oh yes." Morningfeather answered. "That long-furred light brown she-cat with the red tipped ears and tail is Rosekit."

Oakstar's eyes darkened.


He took off for Iceblossom's den.

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