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Alright here is Chapter 3! By the way, this story takes place at the Lake Territory. I was going to make it in the Old Forest, but then I would have to make it before Firestar showed up, and eventually it would have to lead up to that, so it takes place several moons after the battle Between the Dark Forest and the Clans, but anyways! Here is the Chapter:

Chapter 3: The Forest

Rosekit watched in horror as he ran to Iceblossom. "Oakstar?" Morningfeather looked after him before following slowly. I have to see what they're doing! Rosekit thought. She looked behind her to see Bluedove licking her kit, Dawnkit, intently. I can get out!

Quietly, she slid out of the nursery. "Rosekit, what are you doing? You aren't allowed out of the nursery?" her sister, Brightkit asked loudly. "Quiet!" Rosekit hissed, flicking her reddish tail in irritation. "Okay, Great StarClan Rosekit, calm down!"

"I have to see what they're talking about!" Rosekit explained. "You can't let Morningfeather or Bluedove know I'm out here, okay?" "Sure thing Rosekit." Shinekit meowed, watching her with interest. "How do you plan on getting in the medicine cat den?" Lionkit asked.

"I don't know… I'll sneak in, I'll think of something, just leave me be!" Rosekit snapped, speaking harsher than she intended to. With that, she raced across the clearing, to stand by the edge of the medicine cat den. "There is something about her." Oakstar was saying to Iceblossom and Morningfeather.

I've got to get closer! I can't hear well enough! Rosekit crouched down; her light brown coat would blend in with the dusty ground of the medicine cat den. Pressing herself to the floor, she crawled forward, into the den.

"There is something terribly familiar about her." Oakstar meowed. "Something terribly familiar of her name…" "How dare you call my daughter's name terrible!" Morningfeather hissed at the elderly leader of ThunderClan. Morningfeather must have some courage to stand up against Oakstar.

"Morningfeather, relax, I'm sure Oakstar has a perfectly good explanation for this." Iceblossom meowed, resting her tail on Morningfeather's shoulder and glaring with her icy blue gaze. "I… I really don't." Oakstar confessed. "But she seems dreadfully familiar." Morningfeather hissed again.

Oakstar's eyes lifted from his paws and out of the den. Rosekit's heart beat rapidly. Does he see me? But she relaxed when she saw his gaze flicker to a dark gray tabby she-cat. "Stormwhisper!" he called to her. The she-cat looked at him and padded over.

"Yes Oakstar?" she asked, sitting down and wrapping her tail around her paws. Oakstar's voice dropped to a whisper as he spoke to her. "I want you to keep an eye on the Rosekit, from Morningfeather and Grayblaze's litter."

Stormwhisper looked confused but just nodded. "Of course Oakstar." But Rosekit knew it wasn't a question, it was an order. She felt fear prickle her pelt. Why didn't Oakstar like her? Would he make her an apprentice? Worry filled her.

"Stormwhisper, there is really no need to watch after my kit." Morningfeather meowed apologetically to her. "I will keep a fine eye over her." "I am sorry Morningfeather." Stormwhisper meowed. "But it's my duty."

"Is it that serious to have the deputy of ThunderClan watch over my defenseless kit?" Morningfeather meowed, her voice almost rising to a yowl. That's our deputy? Rosekit thought, her eyes widening in amazement. I must really be a threat if the deputy has to watch me! Rosekit thought proudly.

"I don't know Morningfeather." Oakstar continued to conversation. "For now, yes. You need to keep an eye on her." "She already got herself stuck in the nursery." Morningfeather meowed. "So it really won't be difficult."

Rosekit frowned at the reminder of her punishment. Oh no! Bluedove can't still be cleaning Dawnkit! Rosekit slowly rose to her paws and crept out, going unseen to them. She headed to the nursery, passing by her siblings again.

"How did it go?" Brightkit asked. "The deputy of ThunderClan has to keep an eye on me." Rosekit meowed. "Wow, you must really be dangerous! I bet you still can't be me in a fight thought!" Lionkit meowed, dropping to a crouch, his tail wavering.

"I would fight you." Rosekit meowed. "But I am stuck in the nursery. Speaking of which I better go there now! Seeya!" "Bye Rosekit." Shinekit meowed with a sigh. Rosekit took off for the nursery. She walked inside to see Bluedove playing with her kits gently.

Good, she didn't notice that our left. Rosekit thought, walking over to her mother's nest to curl up. She quickly fell sound asleep.


Rosekit blinked open her light blue eyes. Her mother and her siblings were in the nursery with her now, fast asleep. She peered outside to see only darkness; it was in the mist of night. She looked around the nursery, seeing Bluedove, Dawnkit, and Stonekit sleeping, as well as Flightbreeze with her young kit, a long-haired ginger tom named Flamekit.

Everything was silent. Mostly. A gray shadow rose up from Bluedove's sleeping form. "Stonekit!" Rosekit mewed, leaping up to her paws, and making a lot more noise than intended. Oops.

Stonekit whipped around to face her; she could practically hear his heart beating in fear of being discovered. "It's okay Stonekit," Rosekit whispered padding silently up to him. "It's just me." Stonekit's fur lay flatter on his shoulders.

"Oh," he meowed. "But I didn't say that you could come!" "I know," Rosekit meowed, shamefully looking down at her paws. Her eyes glinted. "But you can't stop me now." "Yes I could." Stonekit argued. "I could go tell Morningfeather what you are doing."

"And I could tell Bluedove the same." Rosekit countered. Stonekit sighed. "I guess you're right." He mewed. "Let's go then." He led Rosekit over to a tiny hole in the corner of the nursery. "We can get out here." He explained. Rosekit nodded. "Okay, you first."

Stonekit dove under the brambles and disappeared from sight. I can't go back on it now. Rosekit thought, looking skeptically down the hole. "Are you coming?" Stonekit whispered from the other side. "Yeah, on my way."

Rosekit crawled under the hole to stand beside Stonekit in the dense of the forest. "Wow." Rosekit murmured, looking around. The trees raised high above her and spread out with glimmering green leaves. The quarter moon hung above the woods, it sparkled white and glowed in the midst of the utter blackness.

"This is amazing!" Rosekit cried, leaping into a pile of leaves on the ground. "Careful Rosekit." Stonekit warned. "We aren't far out of camp yet." "Oh, sorry." She whispered, clamping her mouth shut. "Follow me." Stonekit mewed, leading her farther away.

"So how often to do you go out into the forest?" Rosekit asked. Stonekit's whiskers twitched. "Every night." He admitted. "That's why I am always tired during the day; I spend all night out here." His green eyes gleamed with excitement. "I want to be the best warrior ever." He meowed.

"Not if I can help it!" Rosekit yowled, tackling Stonekit to the ground. "Ha!" Rosekit scoffed. She wavered her tail playfully. "Let's see you do better!" Stonekit smiled and crouched down, diving at her paws.

Rosekit tumbled over him, leaping back to her paws immediately and turned around to give a battle cry as she leapt herself on top of him again. Raking her paws down his back, claws sheathed. Stonekit laughed, bowling into her.

The wind knocked out of her, Rosekit was an easy target for Stonekit now as he advanced on her. Rosekit jumped up, whacking him with her paws to keep him back. This is more fun than I've had in moons! Rosekit thought as she leapt out of the way. But then again I am only a moon old.

Stonekit huffed in exhaustion. "Okay, you can be the best warrior ever." He meowed, lying down on his side. Rosekit breathed heavy too. "Come on Stonekit!" she meowed. "Now that we're done fighting you at least have to show me around!"

"Fine." Stonekit mewed, getting up. "We'll start with WindClan." He meowed. "How do you know which Clan is which?" Rosekit asked. "I don't really." He answered. "But I've heard stories about how WindClan lives on the moor. And I know where the moor is on the edge of our territory, so I'm just assuming." He meowed as they walked downward.

Rosekit sucked her breath in when she saw the lake. The moon glimmered on it perfectly reflecting its image in the black waves. "Water!" Rosekit meowed. "I've never actually seen a puddle of water before, can we go see it?" Rosekit asked.

Stonekit nodded "Sure, but be careful, I've heard that cats have drowned in there." Rosekit rolled her eyes. "We'll be fine." She meowed. "I'll race you!" she meowed, taking off. The wind buffeted her fur back; it felt good on her face.

Stonekit raced after her, nearly catching up. Rosekit put on another burst of speed, but Stonekit was already past her. He came to a rough halt at the water's edge. "Beat you!" He boasted. "Okay," Rosekit meowed. "You can be the WindClan cat."

"So this is the lake?" Rosekit asked. Stonekit nodded.


"Have you ever swam in it?"

"No, I'm the WindClan cat remember? Not RiverClan?"

"Fine, then I'll be RiverClan."

Rosekit put a paw into the water. She liked the way it waded around her paw. Rosekit smiled. "You're not actually going to swim in it are you?" Stonekit asked. "Hey," Rosekit mewed. "The best warriors, are very well rounded, are you going to come with?"

"I don't know Rosekit, it could be dangerous." Stonekit warned. Rosekit shrugged. "We won't find out unless we try!"She encouraged him. If he doesn't come, I'll do it by myself anyways. Rosekit thought. But it'd be more fun if he came.

"Fine." Stonekit sighed. "Let's go." He took a few paw steps into the water, Rosekit saw his fur fluff out in bewilderment. "Yeah! Let's go!" Rosekit bounded in. until it was up to her neck. "This isn't so bad." She meowed, twitching her whiskers.

"Okay…" Stonekit stepped a bit further in. So did Rosekit. "Look Stonekit! No paws!" Rosekit meowed, wading in the water as best as she could. Stonekit's eyes sparked in excitement. "I dare you to go swim to that island."

"Sure thing!" Rosekit meowed, trying as hard as she could; she pushed her paws through the water. She felt her paws slide through the water without catching anything to keep herself afloat. Oh no!

She scrabbled her paws harder as she tried to keep her head above the water. "Stonekit! Help!" She cried as her head went under. She kept trying as hard as she could, but she knew it was pointless. Suddenly something grabbed her scruff. She let out a squeak of surprise as she was brought above the water.

She tried to turn around to see what had grabbed her, but it was useless. She looked on the shore to see that Stonekit was gone. So much for helping me out. She thought. Whatever grabbed her swam to the shore and spat her on the ground.

Rosekit whipped around to see a sleek tabby she-cat towering over her. Her blue eyes shown in anger and worry. "What are you doing out here kit?" she meowed softly. "I… I…" Rosekit coughed out some water. "Never mind that, you are coming with me for now." The cat grabbed her by the scruff again but this time Rosekit protested.

"Let me go!" she hissed, swinging her tiny claws at the she-cat. "You know it is against the warrior code to attack a medicine cat." The she-cat growled. Rosekit's eyes widened. "You're the medicine cat?"

"Yes," the cat answered. "But not of ThunderClan, I am Minnowbreath, medicine cat of RiverClan." Rosekit froze for a moment. Then began to try and wriggle out of her grip again. "That doesn't give you an excuse to kidnap me!"

"I am not kidnapping you! I just rescued you from drowning!" she hissed. "Not to mention, you are on RiverClan territory." Rosekit looked around. "Oh," she mewed. "We what are you going to do to me?" she asked.

"I am going to bring you back to my den and make sure you are well." Minnowbreath answered. "What were you doing out in the middle of the night though?" Rosekit asked. "Gathering herbs." Minnowbreath answered nervously. "Now we are going."

Rosekit was brought to RiverClan camp, met by a few cats peering out of their dens at her. "A ThunderClan kit?" A ginger queen meowed, looking at her nervously. Minnowbreath nodded, setting Rosekit down. "Yes, I found her drowning in the lake."

"ThunderClan cats trying to swim," a brown tabby scoffed. "Does ThunderClan have bees in their brains?" "No!" Rosekit spat, feeling defensive over her Clan. "This one has a temper." The tabby hissed again, glaring at her.

"No she doesn't Splashingfire." The ginger queen came to Rosekit's defense. "She's just scared." "I'm not scared!" Rosekit meowed in the bravest voice she could. "I… I can look after myself." To her surprise the ginger queen's eyes glowed in amusement. "Of course little warrior." She meowed.

Splashingfire snorted and headed off to what Rosekit guessed was the warrior's den. "What are you planning to do with her?" the ginger she-cat asked Minnowbreath. "I don't know quite yet Flutterfur." Minnowbreath meowed.

"I still need to consult it with Streamstar." Flutterfur nodded. "Of course." She meowed. "But is she staying for the night?" Minnowbreath nodded. "Yes she is." "Oh okay." Flutterfur meowed, before turning away and heading into the nursery.

"Come on kit." Minnowbreath meowed, flicking her tail for Rosekit to follow. "I have a name you know!" Rosekit hissed. "Oh what would that be?" Minnowbreath asked. "My name is Rosekit, my father is Grayblaze and my mother is Morningfeather."

"Morningfeather?" Minnowbreath meowed flicking her tail in thought. "She was a good friend of mine when we were apprentices." "Why aren't you anymore?" Minnowbreath sighed. "War takes everything away from you Rosekit, now let's go."

She led Rosekit to the medicine cat den and flicked her tail to an old nest. "You can sleep there for the night." She meowed before curling up in her own nest. Who knew I'd end up in RiverClan tonight? She wondered as she lay down and fell asleep

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