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Okay! So in this chapter I'll include an excerpt from the prologue of Tangled in Secrets. And I hope to get the prologue and story up by …. Keep your eyes open for it! Now… how about a few fun facts about Roses in the Dark?

Okay so first, you may have noticed but Adderstar changed appearance in this story. He started off as a tortoiseshell but then I realized how rare it is to have a tortoiseshell tom, so I changed him to a tabby about midway through the story. When I go over the story to fix it I'll make sure he was always a tabby.

Next, do you remember when Rosestar (that's taking some getting used to) was only a kit and she was rescued by RiverClan? That was back before I had this story's plot figured out and I strongly considered making her join RiverClan because she thought her mother didn't love her. I was planning on making her fall in love with Larchwing's brother, Rockthorn. What a twist that would've been huh?

There are many cats that changed gender and appearance in this story…. For example you probably don't know her, but Whiteflame was a RiverClan tom. I was looking for a mate for him and Splashingfire but I was fresh out of she-cats. So, since Whiteflame hadn't made a formal appearance in the story, I changed him to a her.

You also know Rushfall (I hope) and near the semi-beginning of the story she and the WindClan tom Streamfang had several interactions. I intended on them being mates been then I realized that there would be Stonefang and Streamfang who were two major characters' mates. I decided against it, besides Burningstar offers the protection that Rushfall needed, he was a strong character whereas Streamfang was a weaker one, and I believe Burningstar serves as a better mate for Rushfall.

Another Rushfall one, if you look in Chapter 8 under the Allegiances, her name was Rushtail. That was before she became a main character, I changed her name because I've heard it several times before and I wanted her to be more unique.

Burningstar used to be a tortoiseshell and white tom… now he's a ginger and white tom. Why did I make so many tortoiseshell toms? The world may never know… but they aren't torties anymore!

My aspirations for Featherfoot of ThunderClan is to be like Ferncloud… a never ending kit machine.

Remember the black tom ShadowClan apprentice who Rosestar fought when she was a kit? His name is Blackstorm now, and he plays a pretty big role in the next story.

And now for: The summery of Tangled in Secrets and the excerpt!


Bramblepaw knows why he is here. His only reason in life is to protect his small sister, Rainpaw, from the dangers of being a former loner in a Clan cat's world. Bramblepaw has to be brutal to protect his sister; she's the only family he has left. But little does he know that a cat of his past is slinking nearer and nearer, responsible for the outraging murders in the forest framed on Bramblepaw. But can Bramblepaw step up for justice?


"I need to speak with Heatherstar." Dustpaw mumbled in a mouthful of fur, his eyes flickering from cat to cat.

He noticed the blue-gray pelt of his leader as she slid out of the Leader's Den. She flashed her sharp blue gaze towards him and her eyes narrowed, her nose wrinkled in opposition. "What is this Dustpaw?" she confronted as she stormed up to them.

"They're kits." Dustpaw meowed ignorantly. Duh.

"And why are they here?" Heatherstar demanded.

Dustpaw struggled not to crumple underneath her gaze. "I found them." He excused himself, dropping his eyes down to his paws.

"And why you brought them here?" Heatherstar continued, flicking her tail with displease.

"I couldn't let them die in the cold if that's what you would have wanted me to do. It's in the warrior code, you know; never neglect a kit in danger." Dustpaw meowed half-heartedly.

Heatherstar took in a deep breath. "Well what do we do with them now? We certainly aren't taken them in. Unlike ThunderClan, ShadowClan has pure warrior blood. The day we start taking in rogues, Half-Clanners, and kittypets will be the day I die."

Intense right? Haha… I didn't add too much of the prologue though, so you'll still have to read it! The first chapter will include the Allegiances too. I'm still begging you for reviews of course because now I'm just gonna have to start all over with them :)

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