I miss college. And I wish I had a hot nerd to do dirty things to me. So, in honor of winter break, I present to you, Nerdward... enjoy!


I stare at the luscious mahogany locks covering the back of Isabella Swan's head and try to figure out what the independent variable in this scene is. I've sat four rows above and six seats to the left of her for the past thirteen classes of Professor Banner's particle theory seminar. And today, things seem pretty much as normal as they've always been. Except that she's sitting one seat to the right, approximately five feet and nine inches away from me. That's seven and a half inches closer than yesterday.

"Bro," whispers Jasper, my best friend, nudging my arm with the end of his pencil. "If your eyes were ray guns, Bella's head would be vaporized right now."

"Fuck off," I mutter, pulling my eyes away from the object of my affections and back to the Dirac equation I've scribbled in the margin of my notebook.

I'm not mentally challenged. I'm well aware that lusting after a girl like Isabella Swan is completely useless. But no amount of logical thinking seems to be able to stop my heart from palpitating every time I so much as think about her. I was a goner, as soon as I saw her beautiful milk chocolate eyes during that first class. They were like two dark, pulchritudinous foci, pulling me into an elliptical orbit around her, and the force was too strong for me to resist. I saw her eyes, and to my great misfortune, fell absolutely and completely in love with her.

Why misfortune? Because I wasn't the only man pulled into Isabella Swan's orbit. I took a number and headed to the back of the line.

People notice her, because she's lovely, even if she seems a little rough around the edges. She has a habit of circling her eyes with thick black eyeliner, and she has a few red streaks in her hair. Her clothes are usually black and tight, leaving little to the imagination. But I can look past all that and see the beauty of the girl within. The way she dresses is just an act. She's really kind and sweet… and I like to imagine she's a virgin, too, like me, saving herself for the right guy. Although the way boys treat her contradicts that image.

I'm pretty sure Mike Newton, captain of the football team, only signed up for this class so he could harass Bella for an hour and a half three times a week. He doesn't even carry a notebook. The only things he bothers to jot down during class are doodles of erect penises engraved into his wooden desk. And when he's not doing that, he's folding his failed quizzes into inefficient paper airplanes and aiming them for the back of Bella's head.

There's also Tyler Crowley, the music major, who plays guitar, piano, and sings tenor. He wrote a love song and dedicated it to Bella at the university open-mic night. She responded by dumping her tropical smoothie on his head.

And I'll never forget the time I overheard that Eric Yorkie just walked right up to her after class and tried to grab her breasts. He's still not back from medical leave.

So I'm not going to delude myself into thinking I'll ever have a chance with her. I don't write her any songs, or throw paper airplanes at her, or grope her. I don't do anything. To Isabella Swan, owner of my heart, I am invisible.

But I can't help myself from looking. It's impossible not to. When she walks into the room, it's like she brings her own light with her. Because wherever she goes, she glows. I just like to catch that glow once in a while.

Jasper pokes me with his pencil again. "Just ask her to have lunch with you."

"I'd rather retain my dignity, thank you."

"So you're telling me you're perfectly fine knowing the love of your life has no idea you exist?"

I grind my teeth together. Jasper's right. No matter what I tell myself, I know that just looking at her isn't enough. I want to get closer. I want to talk to her. I want to touch her. She gets into my brain and drives me crazy. Once, I watched her sharpen a pencil—the way she held the long yellow shaft in her soft hands. When class was over, I picked up the pencil shavings and saved them.

I need to speak to her. I need to know, once and for all, if I'll ever stand a chance. And I need to do it today. No more hiding in the background. It's a new day. Today is the day I'm going to make Isabella Swan mine.

Thirty-two minutes later, class is dismissed, and I'm pretty sure my shirt is soaked through with nervous sweat.

My eyes dart to Bella, who's getting up to leave. I stumble out of my seat and hurry across the room.

She's slinging her backpack over her shoulders and shifting her long hair to expose the creamy skin of her neck. And I'm about to explode from desire. I can feel the blood tightening against my skin. I need to release the pressure. I just need an opening, something to say…

"Hey, Swan!" Mike Newton calls, pushing past me. I trip over my feet and brace myself against one of the lab tables to stop myself from falling on my face.

"Go away," she answers flatly.

That's what I love about Bella. She doesn't fall for idiots like Newton. Mike's used to getting any girl he wants, usually the dumb blond sorority type. But then he set his sights on Bella, and she rejected him. Now Bella's become a challenge, and he doesn't seem to be giving up.

"Are you going to the Kappa Alpha party this Friday?" he asks anyway, throwing his arm over her shoulder.

She pushes his arm away roughly. "Not with you."

"Oh, come on, Swan," he says suavely. "How long are you going to keep up this hard-to-get act?"

She shows him her middle finger, pushes the classroom door open, and walks out into the hallway.

"You're going to give in eventually, you tease!" he shouts after her. "The party! Friday!"

I wait until Mike is safely out of the classroom before moving again. Jasper walks over to me and pounds his fist against my arm. "Dude, you were supposed to talk to her. That was pathetic."

Pathetic, yes. But at least I extracted some very valuable information from Michael Newton.

I have to get to that Kappa Alpha party…

To protect Bella's virtue.

Jasper tugs on his tie again. "Are we doing this or not?"

We're standing on the front lawn of the Kappa Alpha house, which is littered with toilet paper and beer cans. Punk music is blasting, and I can already feel my teeth rattling.

"Maybe we should forget about this," I offer, stuffing my hands into the pockets of my pants.

"No way. You're going in there, and you're finding your girl."

The door opens, and light filters out into the driveway as a pair of girls in miniskirts and see-through tops come tumbling outside. One of the girls runs straight for the bushes and starts to puke, while the other holds her hair.

"Maybe we're overdressed," I say, looking down at myself. I'd picked out some dark pants and a white oxford shirt, the fanciest clothes I had in my dorm. Jasper had gone a step further and included a tie.

"No way," Jasper argues. "We look awesome. Come on, let's go."

We slide past the puking girl and open the front door. My ears are immediately assaulted by awful music with bass beats at such a low frequency my brain feels fuzzy, and the sounds of partiers screaming and laughing. Before I can even step entirely into the house, someone throws an empty beer bottle directly at my head. I duck and wince as it shatters against the wall behind me.

"Hey, look who it is!" someone screams. "It's the dweebs!"

Everyone in the room laughs hysterically.

Mike Newton pushes his way through the crowd to stand directly in front of me. "Get lost on your way to the opera?" he asks, swaying in his spot as he sloppily lifts his red plastic cup to take a long gulp. "I don't know if you realized… no one wants you here!"

Jasper steps in front of me. "He's not here for you," he squeaks. "He's here for Bella."

I don't think I've ever been more tempted to strangle Jasper.

Everyone laughs again, Mike the loudest. "Oh yeah?" he cackles. Then he reaches out and grabs me by the collar of my shirt.

"Hey!" I shout, swinging a fist out to hit him, but I can't reach him and end up looking like a flailing idiot.

"Come on, let's deliver the dweeb to his girl!" Mike shouts. Everyone else hollers in approval.

"Let him go!" Jasper yells, but someone just knocks him out of the way.

Despite my attempts to wiggle my way out of his vice-like grip, Mike drags me across the room to what looks like a bathroom. "Incoming!" Mike bellows, opening the door and shoving me roughly inside. He cackles again before slamming the door shut in my face.

"Fuck!" someone shouts behind me.

I turn around and freeze, because Isabella Swan is staring at me… and I must be hallucinating, because I think she's in her bra.

"Turn around!" she screeches.

Panicked, I throw my hands over my eyes and turn to face the door. "Sorry! Sorry! I… I didn't know anyone was in here. I— I can't believe I just—"

"Did you see anything?" she growls.

"No! Nothing!" I hurry, even though it's a lie. I'm still trying to erase the image of her perfect, lace covered breasts from my retinas.

"Okay, you can turn around," she hisses. Hesitantly, I uncover my eyes and peek over my shoulder. She's fully dressed again in her little black camisole and tight skirt that only reaches mid-thigh. That, combined with her wavy hair highlighted with red, and her black ringed eyes and dark lips, makes her look like Taki from Soulcalibur, the sexy ninja from one of my more risqué video games.

"Uh, hi, Bella. Hi."

She stares at me, scowling. "What the fuck are you doing in here?"

"Um…" I try to think of a way to explain my situation without sounding like a complete loser. "Just… It was kind of an accident."

"Well, get out!"

I turn around again and hastily grab for the doorknob, but it won't budge. "It's locked."

"What?" Bella hisses, walking over and pushing me out of the way. She jiggles the doorknob, but nothing happens. "God damn it! What did you do?"

"It was Newton," I blurt out. "He's just trying to play a prank on me. I'm sorry."

Bella narrows her eyes and looks me over from head to toe, taking in my appearance. "Why are you dressed like that?"

"Like what?"

"Like you're about to go out to dinner with the Governor."

I can feel my face turning maroon. I knew I was overdressed. Embarrassed, I scramble for something that will distract her. "Why were in your bra?"

If possible, I think her face flushes a bit too. "I was cleaning my shirt. Someone spilt beer on me."

We both stare at each other, unsure of what to say next. Bella gives up first, sliding to the floor and sitting down with her legs sprawled out in front of her. "Fuck," she mutters.

I try to look appropriately upset about our situation, but I can't bring myself to frown. I'm stuck in a bathroom with Isabella Swan, the object of my fantasies. I'm trapped in a room with the loveliest woman in existence.

"So…" I say, sitting down on the floor as well. "Nice party, huh?"

She barks out a laugh, raising a dark eyebrow at me. "What are you even doing here? You don't seem the frat-party type."

"Neither do you."

She laughs again, sarcastically. "I don't?"

"Well…" I stare at her openly. I guess she does fit in with the sort of crowd that gathers here. But I know her better than that. She's smart and kind and good. "I figured you were… above this sort of stuff," I say honestly.

She snorts and rolls her eyes. "Whatever gave you that impression?"

"Your physics grades."

She looks up at me sharply. "What?"

I replay the last thing I said in my head, trying to figure out what made her react like that. "Your grades…?" I repeat slowly, bracing myself for her to yell at me again.

She stares at me, recognition dawning on her. "You're that kid in Banner's class."

"The particle theory seminar," I clarify, nodding. "You always get A's."

"Yeah, well…" Bella mutters awkwardly. Then she suddenly changes the topic. "We should be trying to get out of here."

I watch as she picks herself up and starts banging on the door. "Hey! Hello?"

She bangs continuously for the next five minutes. No one answers.

"Damn it!" she grumbles, sitting down again. "Fucking Newton!" She looks at me with narrowed eyes. "Why did he do this? Does he have some sort of vendetta against you?"

I blink at her, not understanding her question. "He hates me."


"Because… I'm a… geek."

Bella's brown eyes trail over me for a long moment. I shift awkwardly in my spot, hating the fact that she's judging me. A minute passes before she sighs in exasperation and drops her chin to sit on her folded legs. "Why did you come tonight, really?"

I look at her hesitantly. She's not as intimidating as she was before when I barged in on her. Her scowl has faded into an inquisitive frown, and her eyes are softer. She's… beautiful.

This is the first time I've ever really talked to her. This is the first time I've ever even registered on her radar. Who knows when I'll ever get another chance like this, to really be with her? If I don't use this opportunity, then I'll lose my chance forever.

So I take a deep breath, hunch my shoulders, and say, quietly, "To see you."

"What?" Her eyes are wide, and I know she heard me.

"I came to see you," I say again, more confidently.

She shakes her head. "Why would you do that?"

"I…. I wanted to get a chance to talk to you. So I guess, in a way, getting stuck in this bathroom was kind of lucky."

Her face is blank. I immediately regret saying anything. I've freaked her out. I've ruined my chances.

"Oh," she says, and then closes her eyes and covers her face with her hands.

Idiot, idiot, idiot!

We fall into silence again. I try to think of something, anything to pass the time. Anything that doesn't have to do with Bella's breasts. I can't get them off of my mind. I'd never before in my life seen an actual breast, attached to an actual living girl. I almost want to ask Bella if I can see them again, purely for observational purposes, but I bite my tongue. I've messed things up enough already.

"Would you stop thinking about my tits?" Bella says suddenly.

I flinch. "What? Are you crazy? I didn't—there's no way I—I wasn't…"

Bella rolls her eyes. "Please. You've been staring at my chest for the past fifteen minutes."

My face must look like a tomato. "I'm sorry. It's just…" I scramble for something to say that will make me seem less creepy, but come up blank, so I settle on the truth. "You're just very beautiful. And I'm not really an expert on females."

She raises an eyebrow. "What you mean is that you've never seen a boob before, right?"

"Well, um, no. Not really."

She smiles sardonically. "Don't you watch porn?"

I choke on my breath. "I, uh—"

Bella bursts into giggles. I almost forget to be humiliated, because she's so lovely when she laughs.

We fall into silence again. Bella lies back so she's completely on the ground, staring at the ceiling. I settle back against the wall and close my eyes.

"Why do you like me?" she whispers suddenly. When I don't answer, she adds, "I mean, you don't even know me."

"I know you're kind and smart and beautiful."

She doesn't say anything. I open my eyes, and she's staring at me, her lips thin. "You really think that about me, don't you?" she asks, disbelieving.

I look at her dubiously. "Of course I do."

She shifts her gaze to the ceiling, deep in thought. Then she sits up, smiling slightly, like she's recalling a private joke. She meets my eyes, and her smile grows. "Come here."

I stare at her in confusion. We're only two feet away, and there's not much space in this bathroom. Then she pats the floor directly beside her, so I scoot closer, until our knees are touching.

"Go ahead," she says boldly.

I don't understand what she wants me to do. "What?"

"Touch them."

I blink at her. "What?" I repeat blankly.

She sighs, frustrated. "My tits. It's okay. I'm giving you permission."

My face suddenly feels like it's about to burst into flames, and I'm pretty sure I'm about to have a heart attack. "Wh—what?"

"It's okay. Just do it. Before I change my mind."

I can't will myself to do anything but gape at her in shock. She rolls her eyes again, grabs my left hand, and abruptly presses it against her breast.

My mouth falls open, and I suck in a sharp, embarrassingly noisy gasp. Black spots start dancing in front of my eyes. I close them tightly and try to regain control of myself.

I must be dreaming. Except I can still feel the roundness of her breast under my palm, and Bella's hand holding me there.

I slowly open my eyes and look down at Bella's face. She's smirking. "Wow, you weren't kidding," she says nonchalantly.

I look back at my hand and examine the situation. Her breasts aren't huge, but full enough that they fill my hand. I want to wrap my fingers more tightly around her, but I'm afraid to so much as twitch my pinky. This has to be a hallucination. This can't actually be happening.

Bella seems to understand my dilemma. Her hand, which is still holding mine, presses my palm more snuggly against her, and starts to move my palm in a slow, circular motion. The tips of my fingers graze the skin just above the top of her camisole. We both suck in a breath at the same time.

"Will you be okay if I let go?" she asks quietly.

I nod, surprised by her strangely considerate question, given the absolute insanity of the situation. Bella smiles and releases my hand, letting me continue to touch her on my own. I feel like I'm fumbling, completely unsure of what I'm doing, but she doesn't seem to mind. She closes her eyes and leans her head back against the wall, giving me time to explore.

I run my fingers over the exposed skin above her shirt again. She has such perfect, pale skin. And it's soft. I shudder, even though I'm not cold.

"It's okay," she promises me, even though I haven't said anything. I feel like we're weirdly in tune with each other. She knows what I'm thinking, and she's not laughing at me for it.

Bella covers my hand with hers again and I freeze, afraid I've done something wrong. But she drags my hand lower, down her chest and stomach, until my fingers are catching on the end of her shirt. She quickly grabs her camisole and lifts it over her head.

"What do you think?" she asks, gesturing towards herself. "Is it everything you'd thought it would be?"

I stare at her red, lacy bra, and the little bow in the middle. "You're—you're perfect."

Bella laughs quietly. "Well? Are you just going to sit there?" She throws her arms out at her sides and grins, waiting for me to go on.

I don't need to be told twice. I reach out again, this time with both hands, and cup her breasts. It's so much better like this. I can touch more of her skin, and her bra reminds me of frilly wrapping covering a present. I graze my thumbs over where I think her nipples are, and Bella gasps, her eyes snapping open.

"Sorry!" I croak, drawing back.

Bella hurriedly wraps her arms around my waist and pulls me back. "Do that again," she orders.

Eager to obey, I rub my thumb against her again. "Mmm," Bella moans. "Damn. You learn fast."

I think I could die happily in this moment, but my body is starting to want more. Sensations I didn't even realize were possible are taking over my brain. I have the strangest desire to flip her onto her back and rub my hips against her.

"Do you want to take it off?" Bella asks, opening one eye to peek at me. She's smirking.

I reach behind her and fumble with the clasp, but I can't get it undone. I bite my lip and try to concentrate. I have a 4.0 average; I should be able to remove a simple article of clothing.

Bella giggles at my pathetic efforts. She reaches behind her back and in less than two seconds, her pretty bra is loose. I slide the straps off her shoulders and throw the thing behind me.

Bella laughs and drapes her arms over my shoulders to bring me closer. "Eager, are we?" she teases.

I stare down at her perfect, pale breasts, and feel a rush of sudden confidence. Without Bella's permission, I quickly lower my head and take one of her breasts into my mouth.

"Oh my God," she gasps, her hands sliding into my hair. I smile, knowing I must be doing it right. Remembering her reaction when my thumbs brushed her nipple, I let my teeth graze over the same place. A strange, strained sound escapes her throat.

I kiss and lick and bite, not very sure of what I'm doing, but feeling encouraged by the obvious enjoyment on Bella's face. Her cheeks are flushed pink, and her lips are darker. I think she's even starting to sweat.

I switch to the other breast, and Bella suddenly tenses underneath me. She gasps loudly, her hands pulling my hair so hard I think she's going to rip a chuck off of my scalp. "Oh my God, oh my God," she murmurs.

"What?" I ask, panicked. I move my hands to her face and force her to look at me. "Are you okay?"

Bella stares at me with an odd combination of awe and confusion. "Do you even realize what you just did?" she asks in amazement.

I slowly shake my head.

She gapes at me, stunned. "You didn't even go under my skirt. I didn't even think that was possible."

I don't really know what she's talking about, but she looks sort of happy, so I stop panicking. A wave of pride washes over me. I did that.

Bella rolls her eyes at my expression. "You're feeling really smug, aren't you?"

"A little," I say, and reach out to touch her again, but Bella shakes her head.

"Hold on," she whispers, her voice low and seductive. She pushes on my shoulders and guides me down until I'm lying flat on my back.

I watch her, confused, as she pulls one of her legs over my hips and straddles me. I try to keep my eyes on hers, except her bare breasts keep distracting me. They jiggle whenever she moves, and it's driving me insane with desire.

Bella's hands suddenly flick open the button of my pants. I jolt back into a sitting position, nearly flinging her off of me.

"Hey," she complains. "What are you doing?"

"You can't— I've never…"

Bella sighs. "For God's sake. I know you're a virgin, if that's what you're worried about."

For a moment, my pride is wounded, but then she's reaching into my boxers and grabbing a part of me no female has ever touched before. I think I black out for a second.

"Whoa there, big boy," I hear Bella say. "It's always the quiet ones."

She pulls my boxers out of the way and wraps her hand around me, slowly stroking me from base to tip. It occurs to me that she's definitely done this before, but I can't even bring myself to care. As long as she keeps doing exactly what she's doing.

"Oh, fuck," I moan. I think my eyes roll into the back of my head.

"You're not going to blow your load yet, are you?" she asks. "I'm not done with you."

It takes a moment for her words to register. Bella's asking me about jerking off. Damn, that's hot.

"Holy—" I start, feeling myself falling over the edge, but Bella suddenly let's go of me and covers my mouth with her hand.

"Don't you dare," she hisses.

"Bella, I… I'm gonna—"

"No!" she shouts. I flinch, afraid for a moment that she's going to slap me. "Think of dead puppies!"

She eases herself off of me and stands up, leaving me on the floor, panting like I've just run a marathon, my penis pointing in the air towards her like it's a north pole magnet and Bella's the south end.

I watch her through hooded eyes as she runs to the sink and opens the medicine cabinet, flinging it open. "Come on, come on," she mutters, grabbing random things and throwing them into the sink.

"Bella," I pant, "I—"

"Dead puppies!"

I close my eyes and try to picture the cutest puppies I can, lying in a pile of blood. Fuck, I can hear Bella moving around above me. I squeeze my eyes tighter and focus. Dead puppies. Dead puppies.

"Got it!" Bella cries. I open my eyes, and she's holding a little package in her hands. She grins at me triumphantly and grabs her skirt and underwear, pulling them down all at once.

"Fuck!" I can't even control my own mouth anymore. She's completely naked above me, and I'm about to lose it. And I thought vulvas were supposed to have hair.

She settles back on top of me and rips open the little package with her teeth. It's official; she is the sexiest creature that has ever lived. She takes out the condom and grabs my penis again, sliding the latex over me as quickly as she can.

"Okay," she pants.

"Bella, I—" But then suddenly I'm inside of her, and it's the most fantastic, glorious, incredible thing I've ever felt in my life.

Bella lifts herself up and slides back down, surrounding me with her warmth. Her eyes slide closed and she moans. "Yes."

She lifts her hips again, and it's too much. I try everything. I think of dead puppies, I think of car crashes, I think of the time I accidentally walking in on my grandmother peeing. But it's no use. Bella slides back down, and I explode into her, pulsing uncontrollably.

Bella gasps and stays still until I finish. Then we both sit silently, still attached at the hips.

"Damn," Bella mutters. "That was, um…."

"Sorry." I squeeze my eyes shut. "I'm sorry. I couldn't help it. I swear I can last longer than that. You're just so sexy and beautiful and—"

I have to stop, because her tongue is suddenly in my mouth. I kiss her back, and it's fantastic. I can almost start to feel myself growing hard inside of her again.

She pulls back and smiles. "You're really something, you know that?"

"Sorry," I repeat, looking away from her.

She grabs my chin and forces me to look her in the eyes. "Edward," she says firmly. I stare at her, shocked. I don't think she's ever said my name before. I just had sex with her, and I didn't even think she knew my name. "You just gave me a mind-blowing orgasm. Don't say sorry. Say, 'You're welcome'."

"You're welcome…?"

She bursts into giggles again, and the way her body moves makes me slide out of her. Bella quickly bends over and pecks my lips with hers. "Come on, let's clean you up."

We stand up together, and Bella watches with amusement as I pull off the used condom and wash myself with water and toilet paper. I try not to be embarrassed, because I'm still completely clothed, while she's naked. But she doesn't seem to notice. She just leans against the wall like she does this everyday.

And then it hits me. What if she does do this everyday?

"Hey, Bella," I say, and she looks up, eyebrows furrowed at my tone.

"Yeah?" she asks.

I clear my throat. "I, uh… I know we really don't know each other that well… even if we just…. Uh…." Her gaze penetrates through my skin like UV radiation. I can feel my cheeks heating up again. "But, uh—" I stammer. "But I was wondering—well, that is… if you would ever considering going out with me somewhere—together. If you want."

She looks at me inquisitively. "You mean, like a date?"

"Uh… yeah."

"And you asking me this has nothing to do with the fact that I'm currently naked?"

"No… Well, mostly no. So, um, what do you say?"


Did I really expect her to agree? Everything that just happened must not have meant anything to her. Here I was, being all sentimental when she thought it was just a casual fling. I try not to let my expression show my extreme disappointment.

"Okay," she says casually, reaching for her skirt.

"I don't— what?" I blink at her, stunned.

"When?" she asks. She grabs her bra and camisole and starts putting them back on.

I think my jaw drops a little. "Oh, um…"

"Saturday?" she offers for me.


"Saturday," she repeats. "If you're not busy."

I shake my head furiously. "No. No! Saturday's great. Saturday's perfect. I mean, the only thing I ever do on Saturday is play Halo with my friends, but you're much prettier than them." I can't believe I just said that out loud. "So, um… seven o'clock?" I squeak.

"Seven," she agrees. "But I have to be back by Sunday afternoon, okay?"

"Okay, but…" I start, and then I realize that she's just invited herself to stay the night with me. "Okay," I repeat.

Bella, now fully dressed, goes to the door and jiggles the knob. "Fucking Newton," she hisses. "I'm going to kill that bastard when I see him."

"It's okay," I try to soothe her. "I'm sure someone will need to pee eventually and—"

Bella kicks the bottom of the door hard with her heel, and the whole thing easily pops open. "Let's go," she says, smirking at me over her shoulder.

I gape at her for a moment, and then follow her outside. There are still some people partying, but the music has been lowered and everyone seems too drunk to function anymore.

"Wait," I call, running after her. She looks back at me with a raised eyebrow. "Did you know the entire time it would open if you did that?"

Bella turns around and grabs the collar of my shirt. "I had a feeling," she whispers before pressing her lips against mine again.

I don't know if she means a feeling about opening the door, or a feeling about us, but I don't care anymore. Isabella Swan, owner of my heart, notices me, and I won't stop until I have her heart too.

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