"Once more, Gardevoir!"

Gardevoir unleashed a large Shadow Ball, and it flew straight into Chandelure's face, knocking it out. The man in the black coat just stood there, astounded, before smiling and clapping.

"Well done," he said. "Congratulations on beating me, Ingo, the Battle Subway Boss, on your 49th consecutive battle. As a prize, you get these Battle Points." He took my Battle card and swiped it in a machine on the side; the machine beeped and glowed green.

"There you go, you have now received your 30BP." The train car suddenly started to slow and stopped. "We have now reached the Nimbasa City Station. You may depart now." I saluted him as I stepped off the train and onto the smoke-covered platform.

At the Exchange Service Corner, I gave in some of my points for a Focus Band and a Protein and was about to exit the Gear Station when I accidently bumped into a boy, falling down from the impact. The boy, who had managed to stay on his feet, gave me his hand to help me up. He was about 18, like me, with ruffled brown hair underneath a red cap. Behind him stood a Bisharp, who stared menacingly at Weavile, my best Pokémon who always followed me around.

"Sorry about that," he said as I got up. "Hey, you're Annabelle, aren't you? The one who just beat Ingo?"

"Er, yeah," I said. "Why do you ask?"

"I was watching your battle from a TV in the PokéCenter," he said. "My name's Jack. I'm an elite trainer like you."

"Yeah, right. Tell me if you ever beat Ingo or Emmet with only one Pokémon like I did," I said sarcastically.

Jack laughed. "Are you going to challenge the Pokémon League?"

It was my turn to laugh. "I can beat them in my sleep. Mind you, I think Caitlin was asleep when I beat her last time…"

"You've beaten the Elite Four before?" Jack gasped, making me suspicious as he had done so a little too easily.

"Yeah, but I had to save the world then, and didn't manage to challenge the Champion," I said, and suddenly had a flashback of Zekrom standing beside me, facing N and his Reshiram…

Jack laughed again. "Oh really? Well, I'll see you then," he said, and walked down into the station.

Back in the Nimbasa City Amusement Park, outside the Ferris wheel I had once ridden with N, I released my Pokémon from their Pokéballs. All of them were extremely happy-especially Gardevoir, since she had just beaten Ingo hands-down.

"Ok, guys, listen up," I said. "We're going up against the League soon, so we better train up. Weavile," Weavile stopped his conversation with Gardevoir and looked at me, "You're strong enough, you'll be fine. Oh, and you need to hold this Focus Band." I handed him the red and yellow band and he tied it around his neck, handing me back the Shell Bell. "Gardevoir," Gardevoir smiled sweetly at me, "Judging by your performance today, you're perfect. And keep holding that Twisted Spoon, Ok?" She nodded, clutching a bent spoon that was from when she was a Ralts. "Electivire, you're good, and holding the Magnet is good, just make sure your Thunder doesn't miss." He nodded, passing his Magnet playfully between his tails.

"Kingdra, you need Weavile's Shell Bell, and you need to use Rain Dance when I tell you to, alright?" Kingdra glared at me before taking the Shell Bell. "Glaceon, you're good." Glaceon flicked her light-blue tail gracefully, sparkles shooting off the end. "And Emboar, you're good, you've got your Quick Claw, everything should be fine. In fact," I took the Protein from my bag. "Here, buddy, drink this, it'll boost your Attack." Emboar, my first Pokémon I ever got, smiled and took the drink, gulping it down in one. I grinned. "Ok?" I asked, and he grunted. "Alright then, team," I said, taking their Pokéballs out and returning them (except Weavile, of course), "How about we pay Cheren a visit before we take up the challenge?