"Weavile, use Ice Punch!" Weavile's fist became encased in an ice-blue energy, and he launched himself at Haxorus, lashing out with his ice-covered fist. That was it-Haxorus fell from Weavile's most powerful attack, and didn't move. I smiled teasingly at Cheren, who just raised his eyebrows.

"Wow, your Weavile's powerful," he said, returning Haxorus to his Pokeball.

"Fuck yeah," I said imperiously. "Alright, Weavile, let's give Cheren a break." Weavile returned to my side, and the two of us watched as Cheren sent out his next Pokemon.

"Simisear, let's roll!" he yelled, sending out Simisear, who grinned mischievously at me while I chose my Pokemon.

"Emboar!" I cried, sending out my oldest Pokemon, the Mega Fire Pig Pokemon. The flames around his neck seemed to flare up as he stared at the fire monkey in front of him-after all, what was a huge pig compared to a monkey?

"Emboar, use Hammer Arm!" I yelled. Emboar's arm glowed white, and he slammed it onto the Ember Pokemon, flattening it. He then recoiled, his speed lowered, while Simisear managed to get up, damaged greatly but still on his feet.

Rock Slide!" Cheren ordered, and Simisear flung boulders at Emboar, who was battered greatly. Then, all of a sudden, Emboar's beard of flames grew to an immense height, and his body became encased in a red aura. His Blaze ability had activated, and he was now in an all-out rage. His body suddenly was covered in yellow electricity, and Emboar used Wild Charge on Simisear without consent, only wishing to defeat the fire monkey for me.

As Emboar hit the chimp, there was a large burst of light and smoke, and when it all cleared, Simisear was barely standing, and Emboar had fainted from the recoil.

"He was always a little reckless, you know," Cheren mused. Anger suddenly boiled inside me as I returned Emboar to his Pokeball. "Shut the fuck up," I yelled, and sent out Gardevoir, who glared at the immensely weakened Simisear.

"Oh yeah? Simisear, use Payback!"

Simisear's body was downed in a dark energy, and he launched himself at Gardevoir, knocking her back but not greatly.

"Use Psychic, Gardevoir!" I cried, and while Simisear was still close up to her, she sent a hunk of psychic energy at him, knocking him out. Since she was a little bashed, I decided to return her, and prepared for his next Pokemon.

"Unfezant, let's show what shit you can do!" Cheren yelled, sending out his male Unfezant.

"Glaceon, let's do some more ass-beating!" I cried, sending out my shiny Glaceon, who had already been weakened from her previous battles with Liepard and Gigalith.

"Unfezant, use Air Slash!" Cheren yelled. Unfezant sent large blades of air at Glaceon, who cried out in pain and finally fainted. I groaned; this bastard was making it incredibly tough for me to win. Not only that, but it seemed that Unfezant had found Glaceon's weak spot-right on her belly. And then I realised-

"Your Unfezant has Super Luck, doesn't it?" I asked as I returned Glaceon. Cheren just smirked. "Ya think?" he said.

"You son of a bitch," I hissed. "Go, Electivire!" Electivire came out, his tails sparking furiously, as he stared down his opponent.

"Electivire, use Giga Impact!" I ordered. Electivire's body became downed in a pink and yellow aura and he charged at Unfezant, resulting in a huge impact and a hands-down defeat of Unfezant. That turkey could never have survived.

Cheren just grimaced before returning Unfezant. He now only had one Pokemon left, and I knew who that was. "Go, Samurott!" He yelled. Samurott, his first Pokemon, stood before us, tall and imperious. Unfortunately, as Electivire had used Giga Impact, Samurott got a free turn against us.

"Samurott, use Hydro Pump!" Cheren cried. Samurott suddenly gave a huge blast of water from its mouth, pummelling Electivire but not defeating him. Then, finally, Electivire recharged.

"Electivire, use Thunder!" I ordered, but as Electivire gave a huge hunk of electricity, Cheren yelled, "Dodge it with Aqua Jet, then attack!"

Electivire's huge thunderbolt landed on the ground where Samurott had been, and suddenly the Formidable Pokemon appeared out of nowhere, covered in water, and bashed into Electivire. And the Thunderbolt Pokemon fell, defeated.

"Electivire, return," I said, holding out the Pokeball for Electivire to come back. The battle was close now, but I needed to beat this Pokemon to win.

"Go, Gardevoir!" I cried, sending out my Gardevoir, who was barely damaged from her previous fight with Simisear.

"Gardevoir, use Focus Blast!" I ordered, and Gardevoir managed to perfectly aim her Focus Blast so that the ball of energy hit Samurott square in the chest, flinging him back but just not able to defeat him.

"X-Scissor!" Cheren cried, but I yelled to Gardevoir, "Block it with Psychic!" So, when Samurott charged at her with his two swords out of their "pockets" and aimed at her in X-Scissor, she stopped him in his tracks with her psychic energy, and flung him back again, finally resulting in a defeat.

"Yes!" I cried, hugging Gardevoir. The battle was finally over, and we had won. Cheren just grinned, before offering to take me back to the Pokemon Center at the League. However, when we stepped out of the cave, we ran smack into Marshal, who seemed taken aback at the sight of us.

"Hello, Cheren and Annabelle," he said.

"Hi, master Marshal," Cheren said.

"Master Marshal?" I asked quizzically.

"Marshal is training me, making me stronger," Cheren answered.

"Huh," I said. "No wonder you were so fucking strong."

"Well, Cheren, I was coming over to tell you something," Marshal said. "It seems that the Champion of the Sinnoh region, Cynthia, is currently in Undella Town, and is open to battle any trainer that is prepared to take her on. Her Pokemon are as strong as Champion Alder's Pokemon, apparently, so she is mighty tough. I just thought you might want to take her on."

"Actually," Cheren said. "I might, but I think Annabelle should before she takes on the League again, so it'll be as practice."

"You're taking us on again?" Marshal said, looking at me.

"Yep," I said firmly. "And this time, I'm gonna become Champion!"

Marshal smirked. "Well, good luck," he said. "And prepare for Cynthia. I'm looking forward to battling you in the League." He then walked back up the hill towards the Pokemon League.

I was one more step towards being Champion. All I had to do was fight Cynthia, then I would take the League challenge. It was on.