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Just so I don't confuse you, this very beginning paragraph and then at the very end Eugene will be starting/finishing telling the story to the kiddos, but the whole middle is just an account of what happend, but not what Eugene's telling(Hopefully that isn't confusing!). Enjoy!

Eugene couldn't help but smile as he watched his children's faces and wide eyes light with anticipation as they awaited the beginning of a story. He looked up at his beautiful wife, who was leaning in the doorframe watching casually. They locked eyes for a moment. He could tell by the look in her eyes that she knew what story he was about to tell; and he wasn't surprised, she'd been there, after all. But the eager children in front of him didn't know - they only knew that any story from their father would be a good one. He did hope they liked it, though – after all, it was more tender a story than the infamous story of how he died that they liked so much…

Nevertheless, he took a deep breath and began.

"This…is the story of how I married my princess."


Weddings were always a commotion, but they were always such a joyous, happy occasion. There was so much planning involved: the bride's dress and accessories to plan and make, the rings to get, the groom's outfit to make, the flowers to arrange, roles to assign, decorations to make, cakes to bake, there were those little but oh-so-important details that men never seemed to notice. This particular wedding also sparked much commotion and excitement and required more planning than most would even dream, but was the reason for much elation, pride, laughter, happiness, and good wishes for the couple, even in many other far away kingdoms - as any royal wedding should. Especially for Corona's formerly lost Princess.

The princess sat at her bedroom vanity the early summer night, rolling her hair around strips of fabric and fastening them with a knot so that her hair would curl into ringlets by morning. She paused, thinking about the next morning. It wasn't just another day.

No, tomorrow was not a normal day – she was getting married to Eugene tomorrow. She couldn't help but beam and let out a small giggle at the thought. Tomorrow. It was less than twenty-four hours. It was so close she could almost taste it! She couldn't wait. She couldn't wait to marry him, her new dream. He would be her husband. Husband – she giggled again at the word. It seemed strange, thinking of Eugene as her husband, even though she'd known him for nearly three years now. But it was so right, and she loved it so much.

Husband…maybe she should try writing that out.

Abandoning the strips of fabric at her vanity, she scrambled across the room and grabbed a notebook and tore out a page. At the top, in swirly writing, she wrote "husband". She thought a moment. It wasn't such a strange word by itself. She heard the word all the time – lots of women had husbands. She supposed it was the fact that Eugene was going to be her husband that seemed strange – no one else had Eugene as a husband. With that in mind, she doodled his name next to the word husband.

Hmm. Her husband, Eugene…

Then again, he wasn't her husband yet.

So above the two words, she wrote "future". She smiled. That looked quite lovely, if she said so herself. But she couldn't wait for tomorrow when he wasn't just her future husband anymore, and he would really be her husband. It would be the start of their lives together. It was true that they'd been a huge part of each other's life for quite some time now, but now they would be committed to each other – forever and ever! They would live the rest of their lives together, and she couldn't think of anything she'd rather do.

She thought a minute. Though she didn't know how many times since their engagement they'd talked about being married, she wanted to talk about it with him again, because new emotions were bubbling up within her, and it all seemed just so real. Warm and real and bright, that's what it was. It was special, because she knew she wouldn't feel this way again. Tomorrow she would know what it felt like to be married to him.

She turned to look at the clock behind her, beaming, to see if it was midnight yet. If it was, that would mean she was getting married today. And to her delight, it was. But it just didn't feel like today, so she decided to keep calling it tomorrow.

Then a sudden thought struck her, and she turned back around and squinted at the clock in the darkness. Was that clock right? Or was it too late to go talk to Eugene? Normally, this wouldn't have mattered, and she would've bounded into his room regardless of the time to tell him whatever it was she wanted to tell him, but now it was their wedding day, and she couldn't go see him. At least, she didn't think she could. It was commonly known that the groom couldn't see the bride on their wedding day until the wedding. She also wasn't supposed to sneak into his room at night, and the security in the palace had increased the past several days due to the hubbub of the wedding.

She smiled impishly, biting her lip as an idea struck her. Maybe tradition and guards wouldn't allow her to see him, but that didn't mean she couldn't tell him what she was thinking right now. And maybe tomorrow she could sneak a moment with him. She picked up the pen she'd been doodling with and starting writing again, below the three other words she'd written.

I'm getting married to you tomorrow, Eugene! It's gonna be the best day ever. I can't wait! I'm so happy. I couldn't be happier! I hope you know how much I love you. I can't even say how much! I'm so thankful you climbed up my tower that day and I knocked you out with my frying pan. What would've happened if that hadn't happened? If my dream was always to see the lights, but I never got to? You're the best dream that I've ever had. I want to get old with you. I want to see you next to me every morning when I wake up. I want you to tell stories to our children (because you're the best storyteller ever, and can we have lots of babies?). I want to see you try and smolder me into anything and everything for the rest of my life.

I can't believe after everything we've been through together, we're finally gonna get married. We're gonna get married! And we'll live happily ever after, won't we? We will. And have lots of adventures. I can't wait to see all of them we'll have together! I love you so much.

Love, your Blondie and bride-to-be

P.S. I love you. You were my new dream.

When she was finished, she carefully folded the letter and tied it with a small light pink ribbon. She cracked open her door and quietly slipped into the dark hallway, hoping to avoid an encounter with guards. The night seemed perfect as she soundlessly padded with bare feet down the hallway to Eugene's room. The May night was warm, but there was still a gentle breeze. She hoped that the weather would feel this perfect tomorrow. Tomorrow. She couldn't stop thinking about it, but rightly so. It isn't every day you're about to marry your new dream.

Arriving at Eugene's door successfully without attracting any guards, Rapunzel knelt and slipped the letter under the crack of the door. She hoped he found it himself and read it before someone else had the opportunity to find it and give it to him. She didn't really want anyone else to know about the letter, even if they didn't know what it said. Only Eugene had to know. It could be one of their little secrets. She liked secrets with Eugene.

As she crept back to her room, Pascal joined her and scurried along behind her.

"Oh, hello, Pascal!" she said quietly to her friend, bending over and cupping her hands so he could crawl into them. She continued to coo to him as she placed him on her shoulder. "Are you ready to be a flower chameleon tomorrow? Yes? Oh, I'm sure you'll be a good one! I'm getting married tomorrow."

Pascal snorted at her last statement. As if he didn't already know that.

Not long later, after she was done with her hair and felt that everything was in place, Rapunzel curled up under her covers. She held tightly to her favorite blanket – one Eugene had given her. The squares of fabric in the quilt were from the lanterns sent up every year on her birthday. When he'd given it to her, he told her that he hoped it would make her feel "warm and real and bright" – even when he wasn't there. But soon she wouldn't have to worry about that. He would wrap his arms around her on sweet, quiet nights like these that she liked so much, though she absolutely adored celebrations in the kingdom, such as there had been the past several days leading up to the wedding.

The wedding.

There was no possibility she could ever stop smiling.

She felt like the absolute luckiest and happiest girl in the world.

She was getting married tomorrow.

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