*This is an idea I've had in my head for quite a while. It's not so much of a crossover as it is a fusion of Glee and Hunger Games. It's set in the Hunger Games universe, but all of the characters are from Glee. I own neither Glee nor the Hunger Games series, I just play with them. I'm really excited to start this, so here we go. Happy Reading!


Shelby ran as fast as she could through the thick brush, trying to outrun her last two competitors. She knew that she had no chance against them in a fight. Both boys were large, strong, and much older than she was. Shelby's only chance was to hide from them until they got fed up and finished each other off. The more likely option was that they would catch and kill her. This thought spurred Shelby on faster, taking her into familiar territory; the area of the forest where she'd spent most of the Games. She passed the spot where the boy from District 4 had bled to death right in front of her, her stomach turning at the memory.

Shelby was nearing the tree where she'd set up camp for the majority of the Games when she heard crashing in the thickets behind her. She turned to check on her pursuers' progress and then tripped on a large branch, twisting her ankle and rolling into a ditch with an involuntary shriek.

Shelby struggled to get out of the small creek she'd landed in quickly, but her injured ankle buckled under her weight. She collapsed back into the water with a splash and a whimper of pain. She heard two more splashes further down the creek, and her heart skipped a beat when she saw the two large figures advancing on her in the darkness.

She scrambled backwards in the ditch as far as she could go until her back hit earth. Shelby looked up and caught sight of a berry bush growing down into the ditch. She grabbed onto the nearest branch and tried to haul herself up, but it broke off in her hand. Desperate, Shelby dug her fingers into the ditch wall and tried to pull herself out.

Shelby was almost out of the ditch when a hand grabbed her ankle and pulled her back down. She landed on her back in the water, the force of the fall leaving her momentarily dazed. Her eyes focused on the two boys above her and the glint of moonlight on metal just before the spear plunged into her chest.

Almost instantly, it was twice as hard for Shelby to draw breath. Blood was pounding in her ears, nearly blocking their triumphant laughter. She tried to pull herself up on her elbows, but the most she could manage was raising her head for a fraction of a minute.

The boys had found the berry bush and had started to plunder it. The larger of the two held out a handful to Shelby mockingly. "Want some?" he asked, tossing them at her.

A few of the berries hit her in the face, and she turned to glare weakly at him. He popped a handful of berries into his mouth, smirking. As he swallowed the berries, his eyes bugged and he dropped to the ground. A second thud, moments later, told Shelby that his companion had indulged as well.

The blood pounding in Shelby's ears almost drowned out the sound of two cannons going off, almost simultaneously, as well as the drone of the hovercrafts that appeared moments later. Her vision turned to black as she heard a far-off announcement.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to present the victor of the Fifty-second Hunger Games, Shelby Corcoran! I give you…the tribute of District Six!"

*This is just a little taste of what's to come. The actual story will focus mostly on Rachel, but I wanted to give Shelby a little back story, as well as an excuse to go to the Capitol with Rachel. Hope you enjoyed!