AN: I normally don't talk at the beginning but I had to warn readers that this the first time I written for this fandom. I am not confident at all on how it will turn out. I just became a fan in the last week. Snake Eyes and Scarlett is all I ship right now. I have a weakness for good romantic sub-plots. That why I wrote this. As of now it is only a one-shot. If anyone likes it then I will continue. This is AU since I don't know where this could take place, and I'm not sure who is supposed to be dead and what time continuity this is. This is more than likely IDW since it's more modern and I'm slightly familiar with what's going on. Sorry if anyone is out of character, I just started reading the comics. (I need to lay off the plot bunnies.)

Warnings: Mention of torture and rape.

Lost Under Deep Cover

I. Orders and Commands

Startling green eyes stared at a wall blankly. The owner of the beautiful eyes didn't even blink when a woman came to stand over her with a smug smile. "Is it complete?" she asked the scientist. He nodded swiftly to the Baroness.

"She should remember nothing but what was programed in to the Synapse Drive. She has had her last relapse. Go ahead ask her." the scientist told Baroness whose attention was on their prisoner. She walked over and looked down at the eyes that held no recognition of the person standing over her.

"What is your name?" she asked the woman who continued to stare unblinkingly. At first the woman on the floor did not answer. She blinked for several seconds and then she sat up and made her way to her feet. "I am Shade, what is my mission?" the woman voice came out crisp and clear. No sign to give away her origins.

"She's perfect. I believe she'll be an asset to Cobra. Get her ready for her next mission. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out." Baroness walked around the woman formerly known as Scarlett with pure glee. Shade would be a great asset to the aspirations of Cobra now that the relapses had ceased. Her last missions cause her to remember things that hindered her performance, but now the memories were locked away permanently, hopefully.

Once Baroness left the room, the scientist helped prepare the woman for her sixth mission. He gave her the clothes she was to wear and briefed her on the mission she was to complete. She stared at the male scientist without blinking. She only gave a replied when one was required.

"Do you understand what you are to accomplish." He asked his experiment and she nodded. He was an ambitious scientist looking to move up the ranks of Cobra. This was his chance, he didn't expect Baroness to give him a chance with his experiment, but she did. This was the first assassination mission for Shade and it was a step forward for him in becoming someone in Cobra. Shade was his greatest creation and he would bring down the GI Joe team with her.

The woman stripped down nude completely unaffected by embarrassment or shame. The hospital-like gown fell to the floor as she dressed in a cocktail dress that was efficient enough for her to use her combat skill if needed, but classy enough to wear to a formal party. She slipped into the five inch stilettos that gave her a height of 5'11. She was given a comb by the scientist. She took it and paid him no mind. The man was short and lanky no threat at all to her.

She continued combing her red locks until he gave her a hair accessory to pull her hair up. She did so without thought. She moved on pure instinct. Once she finished he showed her to a full length mirror so she could fix anything out of place. She stared at the mirror and there was person who stared back. This person was as familiar as a stranger. She didn't know who this woman was, but she supposed it didn't really matter if she did not know. She was Shade. All she needed to do was follow the orders of her superiors. That was what she was created for.

"Go to find a suitable vehicle in the hangar and wait for further orders." The scientist said harshly to her as if he was angry. She ignored his tone because she did not care if he showed emotion. It was not directed to her, so therefore it was not her concern. She left and did as she was ordered.

"Do you really think Shade will be useful, what if she starts remember or one of her former teammates triggers some kind of memory?" the man's subordinate asked.

"It won't work. The device I plant inside of her will suppressed any memories of her teammates and has likely already started erasing her earliest memories. In the next two month she will truth be a shade." The scientist's laugh was befitting for someone who worked in Cobra. His subordinate just stared at him uncomfortably.

Hawk sat reading over the encoded message sent by one of their intelligence agents. Cobra was planning to assassinate Senator Richard Huntington. He was adamantly against one of Cobra's undercover agency. He planned to shut down all operation, which was a good thing if it didn't put his life in danger. It was a simple mission but he had a gut feeling that some was wrong.

He placed the message down and lean back in the chair he was sitting in. Duke sat off to the side of him. "So who are you going to send?" he asked as picked up the message and read over the content.

Hawk gave it serious thought. There had been a lot active in the past months from Cobra. A lot of the Joes were away on missions. "Clutch, Stalker, Beach Head and Snake Eyes will go." He said knowing that at least two of the four wouldn't mind that much babysitting the Senator for a while. It was a short birthday party. It should be easy. Snake Eyes needed to get out. He hadn't been the same since they lost Scarlett. Well not much changed other than he was unstable at times and isolated himself a lot more.

The guilt ate away at Hawk most days. He had recommended her for the undercover operation. He closed his eyes tightly trying not to think about the missing Joe. It wasn't as if they had not tried to rescue her. The problem was they didn't know where she was. She was only going to infiltrate one of Cobra's affiliates for information, but she didn't return to the extraction point instead she disappeared.

Her communication link was dead and any tracking device in her body was disabled. It didn't take long for Snake Eyes to go to the base looking for her. He had leveled the base in a matter of hours with not one clue to her whereabouts. Hawk was sure that Snake had torture enough people, yet they gave him no answer. Scarlett went missing in January. Snake Eyes leveled the base in November after returning from his own mission, it was now December. Almost a full year and there was no information retrieved on the whereabouts of the Joe. She was declared as MIA a couple months after going missing. Hawk was positive she was in the clutches of Cobra but there was no way of knowing which base. It wasn't as if they had a list of all the Cobra bases.

He stopped his contemplating of that situation and went to call his subordinates to the briefing room. He only hoped that the mission would take Snake's mind off Scarlett for a while. He doubted it but he had to try. He was actually surprised that the ninja had not gone AWOL yet.

Once he finished the brief he looked over the Joes who sat at the table. Clutch looked uninterested with the mission. They really didn't need a driver to protect the senator. Snake Eyes didn't show any emotion. He seemed to accept the mission. Hawk could never tell what the man was thinking. The mask and visor really didn't help either. He made a mental note to take up some body language classes.

Stalker and Beach Head didn't complain per se but he could tell they weren't too thrilled to do something so mediocre. "You're the only one capable of handling this task." Hawk folded his arms over his chest knowing he just told a lie no one believed. Stalker looked over to Snake Eyes and then to Beach Head. This mission was pretty much beneath their ability but orders were orders. "Senator Huntington…huh?" Stalker looked as if he was thinking about something.

"Maybe this won't end up too boring. I'm pretty sure the old man's going to have a couple of desserts there worth looking at." Clutch said already thinking about what kind of women would be at the party.

Snake Eyes did not see one valid reason for him to accompany them on this mission other than the fact that Hawk ordered him to go. He sighed inwardly to himself. He would complete the mission for no other reason than something to occupy him. He tried his best not to think about Scarlett but he failed. He felt completely useless. He couldn't find anything to help him fine her. He would have gone AWOL at the drop of a dime if he had any idea where she was, but that wouldn't help him.

At least until he actually found something useful on the whereabouts of the female Joe. For the time being he remained idle which was something he never did. He still was unsure why he hadn't searched out other Cobra bases and tortured every person there until he got the answers he wanted.

Oddly, he knew that if he stayed with the Joes he'd find her faster. Although remaining with them for almost a month since he returned and was told she had went missing, still nothing had turned up. He could feel his patience growing thin. He clenched his fist tightly. He hadn't signed a word since he was told she was missing. It wasn't deliberately he just didn't feel the need to say anything to anyone. He stayed even more to the shadows and out of sight, lest he took his aggression out on someone.

He sat atop the roof of the Senator's house out of sight watching the guest stroll in. He had a feeling that tonight would be boring to say the least. He continued to watch for anything that was suspicious but saw nothing but civilians. No one had any quirks that caught his attention or had body language that showed ulterior motives.

Hours passed by uneventful as more people poured into the three story mansion. Snake Eyes let his mind wander back to the day just before Scarlett left for her mission. He didn't want her to go so unprotected. She was practically on her own when she got inside, which was what bothered Snake Eyes. He couldn't help her once she was inside. It wasn't that he didn't trust her skills but the fact was that he would be too far away to help her.

*I don't like this* he signed to the redhead. She was looking at the suit she was supposed to wear. It was a standard issued uniform for the base she was going to infiltrate.

"I know." She said looking at the tag for her ID. "But there's no one else who can do this. Hawk thought I was the best choice and I am. I can handle myself you know." She tied her hair in a knot and picked up some training clothes. She never minded when he visited her in her room, which she could count on one hand how many times that had been.

He had closed some of the distant between them in the few years they had worked together. She was still jealous over him choosing Helix over her but she trusted him. They worked together on mission, she had to admit that, but it disappointed her. Most days she felt the need to prove herself to him so much so she'd take mission that were high-stakes, like the one she was taking on in a couple of days.

*I know you can take care of yourself but you have no back up. I won't be able to help you.* his worry showed in his signs. She thought about what he said. It was true. He would be on another mission for a couple of months and no one else had his stealth skills to navigate through the security grid that the Cobra base had.

"You worry over nothing, I can handle this. Just you wait, when you return I'll be here waiting for you instead of you waiting for me. We could even wager on it." She tried to lighten the mood and assure Snake Eyes that she could handle it. They weren't in a relationship and they didn't exactly have a name for what they had between them, but they were close and his worrying over her made her unhappy. She just didn't want him to be anxious over her, when he had an important mission as well.

*Just be careful.* he turned to leave not in the least relieved. She stopped him before he put the mask on. She kept her quarters dark for him. He was self-conscious about his face and really who wouldn't be. She hesitated slightly. She didn't know what she was doing. Things had been shaky for them for a while but now thing were finally smoothing out. She didn't want to ruin it, so she let his hand go and looked at the floor.

"I'll be careful. I promise." She gave him her best reassuring smile. He only nodded to acknowledge her. She could tell he wasn't at all relieved though.

Snake Eyes hadn't even realized that he had slammed his fist against the shingles of the roof. A couple of them where broken. He lifted his hand up and clenched his fist. He wouldn't wait much longer. If nothing turned up soon he would find her on his own. He sat quietly on the roof and continued to watch the guess pull up to the mansion in their expensive cars.

One car caught his attention, only because of the attention the crowd was giving it. It was Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, candy apple red. It stopped at the valet who waited. The scrawny young man opened the door. The first thing out of the car was a red platform stiletto and then came the owner of the leg.

Snake Eyes couldn't see the woman's face since she kept her head down, but he knew who she was. He knew that shade of red hair. He moved across the roof silently to get a better look.

"Check out Poison Ivy." Clutches voice came from the communications link. "I can't see her face though." He said. The red head woman continued toward the mansion looking down to the ground. Once she was close enough to the mansion she stopped walking. The red purse she carried slipped from her hand. She gracefully bent over and picked up the small item and tucked it under her arm. Then she looked around with an embarrass smile. The guests seemed to forgive her blunder and continue with walking to the mansion.

Clutch saw it first from his stake out position. He blurted out her name loudly across the comm link. "Scarlett!"

Shade smiled at the guest sweetly. She needed to fit in, so she went for dainty. She looked around at her surroundings. She was told that the senator would have bodyguards that were unseen. She easily took that in to consideration by scanning the area looking for anyone who seemed too serious. She found none. She continued up the walkway to the mansion, she made sure her walk caught the attention of the men around her. It was unneeded attention but having admiring eyes could come in handy.

She stopped and lightly ran the tip of her ring finger to the side of her mouth as if she was getting lipstick from the corner of her mouth. She wasn't, her communication link was embedded in the tip of her ring finger. "Now commencing with my mission." She said lowly, when she finished she dropped her hand and found her an escort. She slipped her arm under a larger man's arm, who was a guest.

"Miss?" he was confused at first but her smile was disarming. She gently ran her fingertips over his bicep that was cover by his suit.

"I came alone tonight and well you seemed as if you were alone too. I just don't want any of these men hitting on me. Would you mind being my escort for tonight?" she pouted lightly for the effect. The man like any other nodded and agreed to be her escort. Who was stupid enough to reject a woman's advance that looked like that?

She found herself staring at the roof of the mansion. She supposed it was a great hiding place for some who wanted to watch the crowd. Not many people would look up there. She settled her eyes back to the mansion as she walked the flight of steps to the door.

"What the heck is she doing here?" Stalker whispered across the comm link. He wasn't expecting an answer. He moved up the steps behind the woman and her escort. She hadn't seemed to notice him and if she did she showed no signs.

He casually bumped into the escort who looked at him. "Pardon me sir." Stalker said to the man. He kept his eyes on Scarlett's reaction to seeing him. She didn't seem to react at all. She just smiled at him with no recognition.

"It no problem at all, is it darling." She asked the man whose arm she held. He shook his head and gave a quick no, completely interested in the deep green cocktail dress Scarlett was wearing.

"It's so crowded here that I'm sure everyone is bumping into each other." She laughed. Stalker was positive that Snake Eyes was losing it wherever he was. This person in front of him was not Scarlett. She looked like her, but her personality was nothing like hers and she didn't have the slightest southern accent.

Stalker stayed a few feet from Scarlett and kept an eye on her. Beach Head kept an eye on the Senator, while Clutch was outside letting Hawk know what they were encountering.

Snake Eyes watched from a different position. He wanted to grab her to make sure what he was seeing was real. Scarlett was there as if nothing was wrong. No injuries or anything of the like, but he could tell something was off. She didn't react to Stalker at all. He was like a complete stranger to her.

He had a feeling that she was the assassin. There was no other reason for her to appear in such a place. He could care less about the mission now. He needed to get to Scarlett.

Shade dance on the floor with the escort and then made her way to the Senator, effectively leaving the escort with a couple of admiring women to keep his attention. The Senator was a tall man who was in his early fifties. She seemed to catch his attention without trying. "Have we met before?" she asked him.

"No, I think I'd remember a hair color like that." He said shaking her hand then introducing himself. It didn't take her long to charm the Senator. He was more than ready to ditch his own birthday party to get to know her better.

"You should at least wait until your blow out the candles." She leaned into him and smiled. He nodded in agreement. He couldn't wait to unwrap his present at the end of the night. She was used to doing this kind of charming.

Elsewhere Snake Eyes watched trying not to kill the Senator with a throwing star to the neck. He didn't want to think about the lack of self-control he had for just contemplating doing that. Scarlett's action was proof that she was the assassin and it didn't surprise him at all. Cobra would use anything means necessary to accomplish its goal. It was better than the alternative things that they could have done to her.

He had to wait until she got the Senator alone before he could make his move. For the time being he had to watch Scarlett flirt with the man. It bothered him more than he would have liked. He understood his feeling for her and had even become closer through much trial and error, yet he still wasn't sure on how to act on those feelings. He wasn't exactly the ideal lover.

As soon as the guest cleared the room and left Senator Huntington was leading Shade to his bedroom. She followed quietly behind the man through the darken hallway. She held his hand with one hand, while sliding her other hand between her cleavage. She grasped the small knife and pulled it out. The senator got to his bedroom and was about to open the door.

Shade quickly went for the Senator's neck, but pulled back abruptly. She looked at the throwing stars in the wall and then scanned her surroundings. The senator had fallen back in to his room scrambling to get away from her. Her attention left him quickly as more of the sharp stars came at her. She dodged by dropping to the floor. She quickly got to her feet and went for the senator but was stopped by a blade in her face. She backed up, and turned her attention to owner of the blade.

Shade was taken aback by the mask. She quickly moved back further. She didn't understand the fear she felt. She had never met this person, but she was fearful. He didn't move nor did he speak he just stood there. Shade was unsure of what to do. She was only ordered to kill the Senator. No orders were given about interfering parties. She needed orders. She could not function without them. None were given to her even as she stood there with indecision.

Shade continued to stare blankly at Snake Eyes. He hadn't moved a muscle only continued to watch her. The senator remained quiet. He was only glad that his life was saved. Snake Eyes grabbed the doorknob without taking his eyes off of Scarlet and closed it with the Senator inside the room.

He was unsure of what to make of Scarlett. She stared at him with no recognition. Staring into her blank eyes told him all he needed to know. She was brainwashed. He needed to capture her if he had any hopes of finding out what happen to her in the last elven months.

Shade continued to watch the ninja. She moved her hand slowly upward, but before she could even as for orders the ninja was coming at her. She attacked out of instinct, which he easily evaded. She realized he was faster than her, but she continued to attack. He blocked every move she made.

She was quickly being cornered. Capture was unacceptable that order was given without words. She abruptly turned from the ninja and ran. She looked back and he was already gone. As soon as she turned he was there, she could barely stop herself. She did though, just short of his arm reach. She quickly grabbed the small caliber pistol she had between her thighs.

She only needed a distraction as she unloaded all but one of the bullets at the ninja. He quickly dodged and sprinted at her while doing so. Shade didn't see a way out. She quickly turned the gun on herself which cause the ninja to stop sharply. She was confused by his actions. She stepped back slowly, yet he still followed slowly.

"You will not capture me." she didn't hesitate at all. Snake eyes could tell she would do what was necessary not to be capture. He couldn't get any closer, but he couldn't let her get away either. Shade's attention was fully on him as she backed up. Her green eyes stared at the black mask. Before she knew what was happening the pistol was knocked out of her hand and she was tackled to the floor. She tried to move but she couldn't, two people were holding her while the ninja came over. Before she knew what was happening everything faded to black.

Shade opened her eyes to a blinding light above her. She lay on a metal bed without moving. "Understood." She said out loud to herself as she received her order through the interface in her brain. She sat up and inspected her surroundings. She was in a holding room. Her orders were to return to the base by any means necessary.

She looked down at the clothes she was wearing. It was nothing but a gown. She had no weapons or any way of escaping until someone entered in the room.

Snake Eyes stood outside of the room with Hawk and Duke. What they had found was disturbing to say the least. "I call for a neurologist. Some of our medical technicians informed us that there was something abnormal about Scarlett's MRI. Something none of them is familiar with. " Hawk said looking at Scarlett through the glass window. She had just awakened. She was looking around and spoke to herself which caught Duke and Snake Eyes' attention.

"She's receiving orders." Duke said. Snake Eyes quickly left the room and entering the holding room. Scarlett looked at him and quickly attacked, throwing her body though the air at him. He caught her foot before she landed a blow. She went for a punch but was also stopped. He realized that she wasn't fight at her full potential. It was as if she didn't know how. Her moves were smart but lack ferocity. He knew for a fact she could do better. He threw her back toward the bed and grabbed her hand holding her down with his weight. He looked at her right finger easily noticing the different in her fingerprint. It was a surgical scar, tiny and almost insignificant. Duke gave Snake Eyes a small pocket knife. He proceeded to remove the comm link from her finger. She said nothing as he cut into her finger she just remained still. She could probably receive orders but not relay anything else.

Shade watched as another blonde haired man entered the room. The ninja finally go off of her and she sat up looking at her bandaged finger. Her attention went to the man who entered. He had and air of superiority around him as if he was in command. He stared at her as if he knew her.

"You want to interrogate me?" she said looking at the other blonde that was also staring at her as if he knew her. She found no use in trying to escape with someone far more skilled than she was in the room. She glanced at the ninja.

"No Scarlett, I'm not here to interrogate you." He said folded his arms over his chest while Snake Eyes moved to the corner of the room. He observed her while Hawk continued to converse with her. Her attention moved to the ninja. He was a threat.

"Scarlett? My name is not Scarlett. I am Shade." She said but hesitated slightly. She stared unblinkingly at Snake Eyes until she looked to be in a trance.

"Hello Scarlett, or should I say Shana?" the voice that spoke was unfamiliar to Scarlett. She didn't respond to the question. She had to control her breathing. They knew her real name, with that they could find her family. They would kill them. She could feel herself starting to panic, but she held on. She couldn't allow them to know that was a weakness for her. They would torture her with that.

"Do not worry too much. We're not going involve your family in this." He said. She didn't show relief at him telling her this. She wasn't to show any emotion. "Just like a good soldier." The man said as he came into view. He was wearing a white lab coat and had an assistant beside him.

Scarlett looked around herself. She was restraint to a metal table. The only thing that covered her was a thin sheet. She was freezing but that was unimportant. She tested her binds even as the scientist spoke to her.

"You see you're my chance to impress the higher ups. I'm not going to waste this once in a lifetime chance with useless threats. I'm going to break you. Then I'm going to take away everything you care about without kill anyone." He tapped her forehead with his index finger. "All I have to do is rid you of those memories." He smiled at her.

Scarlett felt her heart sink, but she was taught never to show weakness even if it was her last breath. She said nothing to the man who stood over. She didn't even look at him anymore, instead she focus on remaining calm and detaching herself from the situation. It wasn't the smartest thing she could do, but at the moment she was sure she needed to do so.

Shade didn't respond to the question Hawk had asked her. She continued to stare blankly at Snake Eyes. He continued to watch her knowing that she wasn't aware of anything but whatever was going on in her head. Hawk moved closer the woman who sat completely still.

She mumbled to herself. Everyone listen but her words seem almost incoherent. Words like orders, duty and mission spilled forth in sentence that were like a mantra. She slowly rocked back and forth while chanting. "Orders take precedence." Scarlett started to unravel in front of them.

She stood abruptly and looked at each one of the men in the room. "Commencing mission." She said to no one but herself. She attacked Hawk who was behind her at first. He side stepped her first attack, but she landed the second, which was a swift kick to the groin. He was expecting such dirty tactics. He tried to prevent himself from doubling over but the pain was too much.

"General Hawk?" Duke called as he tried to take her from the back. Shade turned in time to avoid his tackle. Snake Eyes could tell she was going at her full potential now. She was like at cornered animal attacking anyone who was a threat. He didn't help Duke; instead he continued to observe her while they fought. She pulled no punches, while Duke did slightly. She used her feet expertly as she blocked Duke's punches with her forearms. It was an interesting fight to say the least until Duke gained the upper hand by grabbing her leg and yanking her forward.

She was caught off guard and fell forward on to Duke. "Been a long time hasn't it red." He said as if she was supposed to know what he was talking about. Shade didn't like the tone he used. It was too familiar to her. She tried to blind the blond Joe with her index and middle finger. He pulled back in time and she turned the eye-poke into a punch. She hit him dead in the nose effectively breaking his nose and temporarily blinding the arrogant overly familiar fool.

Shade was shocked by her thoughts and anger. She wasn't order to care about such things. She turned to the ninja who still hadn't moved. He just observed her with cold calculation. "I-I am…" she wasn't sure what she was supposed to say. She didn't want him to think she care about the blonde. He'd have to have known that she did care for the blond from the moment she broke his nose without a second thought.

Shade shook her head as her thoughts jumbled. Why did she care about what Snake Eyes thought? Snake Eyes? Why did she know that name? She stumbled away from the two men who were getting up. Her thoughts were not important. She had to follow orders. Nothing else should concern her except for commands that were given. She suddenly screamed in pain as what felt like fire traveled down her spine and electricity through her brain.

The pain exploded in her head with enough forced to send her staggering back into the wall. She could hear her superior screaming at her to obey but she didn't want to. She didn't want to be weak in front of him. She could feel something against her spine. It was under her skin causing her so much pain. She grabbed her head in excruciating pain. She was taught to obey, yet she couldn't. She didn't want to.

"Someone please, help me!" she cried out and the man who had stood silent was by her side before she could blink. Blood leaked from her eyes and nose as the pain became blinding. Shade screamed out in agony as she felt like her insides were on fire. She tried to claw out her own throat, but the man who was by her side stopped her by grabbing her wrist.

He couldn't let her continue on so he knocked her out. She went limp in his arms while. Duke was trying to get a look at her and keep himself from bleeding all over the floor. Hawk opened the door and let the medics in. The interrogation wasn't broadcasted like they had with Scarlett the last time. This one was private. Hawk had made sure that medics were waiting outside Scarlett's room like guards just in case she had tried to suicide again.

Snake Eyes sat in the room alone with Scarlett after Duke and Hawk had left. All he could think about was the anger she showed when Duke had spoken to her. She then looked so scared, when she looked at him. As if she was afraid of disappointing him. He already knew of her and Duke's former failed relationship. It was one reason he tried to keep their relationship platonic. He knew Scarlett's feeling for him, but he wasn't ignorant about his looks versus Duke's. A blind person could tell who would be the better choice.

She was deeply sedated and probably in an induced coma until the neurologist got there. Snake Eyes stood up and left the room he went to meet Mainframe. The man sat at a computer hacking into the microchip he took out of the comm link from Scarlett. He looked up the ninja. "I know, I know. I'm working as fast as I can. This is pretty complex. Nothing I've seen before." He said turning back to the computer screen.

Snake Eyes stood off to the side looking at different things. Mainframe stopped for a minute and looked back at Snake Eyes. "You're hovering." He said.

Snake eyes looked at him but that was all. Mainframe sighed lightly and then went back to work, while under intense pressure from the idle ninja.

Scarlett sat looking at the wall in front of her. She had her fist slightly in her mouth so she wouldn't cry out. She was breaking. She was breaking quickly. She hadn't slept in what felt like weeks. No windows to tell her the time, nothing but the freezing temperature of the room that fluctuated between extreme hot and cold.

The torture had started out light, poison that wouldn't kill at the small dosages. She was sick for long period of time and that was bearable, but then came the insomnia. They wouldn't let her sleep. Noises persisted every time she was close to sleep, always when she was so close to being fully sleep.

She was unsure of how long it went on, but after a while she had fainted from sleep deprivation. That neither was long lived as the scientist pumped her veins full of adrenaline. The beatings began shortly afterwards. She was held down and beaten by Cobra grunts and even Baroness had fun making her bleed. She had broken bones and deep cuts in her back, but no wound were ever in places like her legs or arms.

From there she was moved to actually torture. From dry drowning to electro shock she endured it without breaking, but now she sat in the small room breaking down from the last torture. Being violated was the last straw in her sanity. She felt dirty and there was no cleaning it. She wanted to carve out her own guts as she remembered the filth she had been touched with. Then there was humiliation of being watched by several others as well. She couldn't recover mental from the tortures because she wasn't ever given reprieve. At that very moment she was so tired she could have fainted but she was full of adrenaline.

Scarlett knew she didn't have much time left. She needed to get a message to the others but she was unsure as to how. She was in a locked room with no one allowed in. She felt the helplessness sink in. She was going to give in soon and wasn't going to be by choice. She could barely think straight anymore. All she wanted to do was curl up and die but that would not happen.

The door opened and the man that had at some point introduced his self as Puppeteer entered the room. In his hand he had a syringe and with him there were four men. "Now, now Scarlett, I think it time we get to the actually breaking of your psyche. All this up until now was just the entrée." His smiled was what gave her nightmares and she could do nothing but fight futilely. She screamed and fought the men who held her down and it was all useless in the end because once the syringe was in her back she was unconscious, helpless to do anything.

When she had awakened she was on a metal table. She tried to sit up but the pain in her lower abdomen prevented her from doing so. She couldn't move. Her back though was worst. The pain felt like her spine was on fire. She could feel it all the way to the base of her head. She screamed in frustration.

"Good morning Scarlett." The puppeteer said laughing lightly as he stared down at her. "I'm surprised to see you've awakened after such rigorous surgery. Performing a hysterectomy was interesting slightly, but attaching the Synapse Drive to your brain and spinal cord was much funnier." He tapped her abdomen sending shockwaves of pain through her body. "You'll be used for the rather dirty jobs, so we can't have any little surprises running around. Even I didn't want to go that far, but hey, it's for the better."

Scarlett anger brought her body off the table but the restraints kept her in place as she screamed. "I'll kill you, I'll kill all of you!" she bucked up and fought the restraints even though they cut into her wrist. She could feel the tears as they sprung to her eyes and leaked down her cheeks. She screamed until her throat was raw.

"What an ill display for a soldier. It's fine no one outside this room will ever know you broke down so badly." The puppeteer walked away from the metal table and stopped at the door. "You will not have to worry much longer. Soon you won't worry about anyone or anything anymore." He said as he left the room.

Hours passed and soon Scarlett could hear the voices in her head. Orders. She was being given orders, orders that she was compelled to follow. She was told to forget her past. She was commanded to forget her life as Shana and Scarlet. She was to become a blank slate, to obey, to never question the orders given. She was to become Shade. Scarlet was to fade away.

"No…" Scarlett cried out. Her thoughts were failing against the programing of the Synapse Drive. She was succumbing to the device. She didn't know what it was but it was destroying her mind. She had to stay strong. She had to because she wanted to see him again. She wanted to be with him. Who was it that she wanted to stay strong for? Scarlett panicked as his name eluded her. "No!"

"My name Shana O'Hara… I am- I am Shana…" she cried out. "I am Shana…Shana…" she could remember what she was doing there, but she continued to say her name. "Shana… I'm Shana…" she gasped out as the pain in her body heightened. "I-I…am…sh…sh…-" her voice broke as tears slowly ran down her cheek. Her face became blank as her memories were locked away.

"I am Shade. What are my orders?" The woman asked waiting patiently for her commands.

Shade stared blankly at the bright light above her. Her hand went to the scar on her abdomen. Tears rolled down her cheeks and dripped on to the sheet of the bed. "I need orders…without them…I –I don't know what to do." her voice broke the silence of the room. "I am…Shade." She said unsure of herself. "I am Sh… sh… Shade? Right? I am Shad- …Shana?" the distressed woman cried out in pain.

The dream was real and she could not ignore the effort that she had put forth not to completely lose herself. Shade didn't ignore the name. She embraced it. "I am Shana…" tears streamed her face as she said it louder. That was her name and she knew it like that back of her hand.

"I am Shana!" she screamed out despite the pain that wanted her forget that fact. She wouldn't succumb to it. "I am Scarlett!" she cried out slamming her hands into the bed. "I am Shana, I am her that is who I am…" she smiled to herself as blood came from her eyes and nose. Medics filled the room but she fought them as they tried to sedate her.

"Please, I'll forget if you do this. I know I'm Shana O'Hara. Please don't do this. I don't know anything else but I know I'm Shana, I'm Scarlett. I don't want to forget…" she swayed a little.

"Don't Sedate her." Hawk said entering the room. "Leave her alone. We don't know the consequence if we do sedate her." the medics moved away and gave her some space. One of them gave her a sterilized cloth to clean her face with. The medic asked Scarlett if she wanted a mild anesthetic to which she told the medic no.

"I don't know anything else." She wiped the blood tears from her face. "When I try to grasp at memories I'm assaulted with pain. I don't know anything other than my name because that's what I had chanted in my dream. You called me Scarlett. I only vaguely remember that but Shana I remember." She stared down at the bed. "I'm sorry to have hurt you earlier."

Hawk could tell she wasn't lying. He never did tell her, her true name. "It's okay." He said looking at the lost look on her face. She nervously pulled at the end of her gown. "Something is bothering you?" he asked her knowing of course something was wrong.

"There is a kill switch built in to the Synapse Drive. The puppeteer should have already used it." she looked at the General.

"While you were asleep we installed an electromagnetic field in this room to prevent any kind of contact between you and Cobra. You're safe." he said glad that they had erected the field. Scarlett would no doubt be dead if they hadn't.

"For now…" she said looking at her shaking hands.

"Huh?" Hawk said not hearing what she said.

"I'm safe... for now. He'll find a way. He always finds a way to break me." she said wrapping her arms around herself.

AN II: Sorry if it's really long. I'm also sorry if any of the characters are weird. I don't have the personalities down yet. Except Scarlett who personality has to be weird for a while, hence the way she talks. I read some of the marvel comic and I like Snake Eyes personality but the IDW one is more aloof and mysterious. So I tried to write him like that. Which I'm pretty sure I failed at. Review if you want.

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